Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exchange Stiching...

No picture today of stitching. :(
I was working on an exchange last night. (Boy I have a lot of commitments lately)

The movie was "The Girl Next Door" - 1953 with Dan Daily and June Haver. A bright and really watchable musical. Very different kind of musical for 20th Century. It is about a single widowed dad raising a son alone with a beautiful nightclub singer next door. Wonderful musical numbers that are not typical of the 50's musical machine. Very good movie and worth seeing. I had never heard of it and it was a great surprise for me!!

I really need a snap of something here.... how about a sweet puppy shot????

It's The Peach.... you know what they say -

"mess with The Peach and you get the Pit!!" :)

She thinks she is ferocious, but is really just a love bug!!
I have had a hard time lately getting to all the blogs I usually read so don't think I have forgotten everyone - it has just been so busy around here!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care!


  1. My Daisy had to have shots yesterday and now today she is hiding from me! I'm devastated because she's my baby. Thank you so much for the pattern, I couldn't remember if I thanked you are not!
    Peach is the cutest!

  2. I read the "mess with the Peach and you get the pit" before I truly looked at her picture...what a fitting caption Edgar...you make me LOL on so many occasions :) Thanks for letting me start this one off with a hoot! :)

  3. Hi Edgar, just saying hello - you've been doing some wonderful work lately!
    The Peach is adorable. :)