Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday chicken and an exchange

On Tuesday I received a list of things that my nephew wanted for his birthday, as I haven't got a clue in this world what a 10 year old boy might want or enjoy. At Christmas I usually get together either a hoodie, t-shirt and some books and candy. I try to get things he night not be able to get in up-country South Carolina. When I got Pam's (my sister-in-law) email about what Tucker might enjoy she did mention that the hoodie I sent last Christmas was a real hit and he wears it almost everyday regardless of the weather!! I love hearing that a present is a hit!! So, last night Rico and I went back to the bookstore and picked up some Naruto inspired things. Tucker specifically wanted the Vol 6 DVD set so that is the main present. Here is a snap -

I certainly do not understand the attraction for the Manga Genre, but I know how popular it is with the teens and tweens. We also, once again had dinner at the Mall - don't you love that orange chicken from Panda Express!!! Now they also have a new Beef something and Rico got some of that - it is pretty good also. When we eat at the food court, we either eat at Panda Express or at the Hot Dog on a stick place. Not just for the hot dog but they yummy lemonade!!

I also finished the SBEB - Spring House and Garden and have that sucker packed up ready for mailing tomorrow. It has a really long way to go so I am mailing a bit early, I hope my partner enjoys it as I really enjoyed making it up.

Last night the movie was "Broadway Melody of 1936" - 1935 - with Eleanor Powell and Robert Taylor. A really nice musical which is short on story BUT long on music and dance!!! I really liked it and will watch it again. The Vaudeville brother sister team of Buddy and Vilma Ebsen were really something to watch. It is interesting to imagine what could have come of Vilma if she had pursued a career in film and hadn't retired from after this one.

The stitching evening was spent on the search for a pattern and stuff...I spent over an hour an 1/2 looking and re-looking through stuff for a chart. I did eventually find it stuck into another kitted up chart. I would look, get frustrated and then sit and think of where it could be!!! Doesn't that just drive you crazy!!!!! I knew I had put it up for safety as it is an important chart, in fact it was my chart, notes and recharting for the QFRR that I am in. After I found the chart it was so late and I was in no mood to stitch I just sat there a finished and enjoyed the movie!!

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  1. Haha...I am the same way shopping for the neice and nephew. The neice is fairly ok but the nephew...forget about it! Have no clue what pre-teens are into.

    And I hate it when I misplace things and can't find them. For some reason, I can find things amongst clutter but not when things are nice and tidy. Why is that?!


  2. I don't mind buying gifts for children - must be my "Peter Pan" syndrome! I hate buying gifts for men - apart from clothes and gadgets what do men really want?

    As for mislaying things I am usually able to find most things as long as I put them away but I did lose a pair of Gingher scissors while I was using them. I searched high and low and could not find them. Thought maybe they had gone down the side of the sofa never to be seen again and then found them a few hours later tucked into the pages of a book. I'm glad you found your chart though!

  3. It's hard to imagine Jed Clampett got his start in musicals! I saw a clip of him on one of the "That's Entertainment!" movies and I had to make sure that I heard the name right.

    Haven't seen all the Broadway Melody series yet (just "The Broadway Melody") but I'm waiting for them to make the rounds on TCM again so I can catch them.

  4. Great job - Tucker is going to LOVE those gifts - you got 10 year boy down perfectly!

  5. You're going to have a very happy nephew :)

    Orange chicken, mmmm. And I love anything with snow peas too :)

    Glad you found your pattern :)

  6. What great gifts for your nephew :)

    Have a wonderful day, Edgar :)

    hugs :)

  7. That manga stuff is very popular, even my boys read it. Your nephew will love all the stuff you got him!
    Thanks for that pattern, I ordered my linen yesterday from Elegant Stitches, I think that's the place! Can't wait to start my QC! You are the best!

  8. I am the same way with my stash... I know I have it, but where? I really need to take about a week, and just get organized!

    My son just moved out, and I found a whole bunch of 'stuff' that had gotten 'moved around'. It was like finding a treasure!

    Have a great day! (I too enjoy old musicals!)

  9. I'm with you all the way on Panda Express orange chicken, Edgar!! Gosh, now I'm wanting to run out to get some. :D I took my son out to lunch at PE and tried the new, was it Beijing Beef? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the orange chicken of course!