Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family "Tree", exchange stitching and movie acquisitions

I worked exclusively with an exchange last night and will for the next few so no pictures of that , yet. I do like to post stitchy snaps so here is something I made almost 20 years ago when I first stated to stitch.

I have always liked those family registers and I think this chart was in a magazine. It is done on Aida (I had not even heard of linen at that time) and with DMC floss. It shows my brother sister and I then my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. If I was to redo this now I would make many changes, but at that time I was a slave to the chart. I also would frame it differently, but them's the breaks!!

The flicks last night were a tribute to 1933 and the 75th anniversary of King Kong (which I did not watch as I do not care for that picture) But, I did watch "Dinner at Eight" such a wonderful picture and a follow up to "Grand Hotel" the year before. This was followed by one of 3 incarnations of "Little Women." I really like this story and find that this '33 version very superior with Katherine Hepburn as Jo, the 1949 version with June Allison playing Jo is good but not as good.

I also got the Volume 3, Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory.

There are some great movies and some wonderful double features. I also received, from a friend who knows I really like Bette Davis, the second box release for her birthday from 20th Century .

Wasn't that a nice thing to do!!!!! I was wondering if I really needed the second box, and probably would have gotten it at some point, but now I don't need to worry about not having to go out and get it!!!

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  1. It was fun catching up on your blog.

    Your family tree is a lovely piece.

    I enjoyed reading your posts have a good day.

  2. I think it was an old Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine- I just went thru all my old issues and I think that design was a cover photo. Very pretty!

  3. Love your family tree.

    You must have a huge collection of dvds - so do we - I have databased them so I do know exactly what we have but storage to make them easily accessible is a nightmare!

  4. I have that Classic Musicals Volume 3 on my wish list...there are some great movies in that set! I got Volume 2 for Christmas...it's got some great ones, too.

    I started watching "Dinner at Eight" last night, but didn't get to finish it. My TiVo is loaded up with things from TCM today...it must be a Lucille Ball and/or Red Skelton day, as either one or both of them are in the flicks.

  5. Your family tree is wonderful :) I remember well the days that I knew only Aida and DMC...imagine my surprise (and delight!) after taking a 10 year hiatus and finding all of the new stitchy goodies available :)

  6. I have that ancient "Cross-Stitch and Country Crafts" magazine with that family tree. Love that design, but never did get around to making it.
    The 1933 version of 'Little Women' is great, but then again I am a total freak for historical costume dramas....'The Piano', Gone With The Wind', 'Enchanted April', 'Out Of Africa' Howard's End'.....oh, don't get me started!

  7. Loved seeing the old stitching from the early days! Very nicely done.

  8. I have really enjoyed your posts about Bette Davis and I too have a collection of her movies....Not as many as you, though LOL I find her a truly amazing actress and wish there were more like her