Thursday, April 17, 2008

A crown and some stars

I worked on "This and That" last night.
Working along the top of the piece here is a progress snap -

I set as the goal last night the half way point and finishing the crown - and achieved it - woo hoo!!

The movie last night was "Broadway Melody of 1938" - 1937 - another installment from the vol 3 set of musicals. The pantheon of movie stars that are included were - Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor, Sophie Tucker, Buddy Ebsen and Judy Garland ( the year before Oz made her a superstar!!) This "Melody" installment again was pretty thin on story,
too many subplots and some silly dialogue....
but the musical numbers and outrageous costumes are fantastic
and that is why we watch them!!!

The on-line Needlework show opened yesterday and my list of greed grows and grows!!!! There are way too many things I want and way too little time to ever stitch them. I will throw them on to the wish list just to keep up.... but where will I ever find the time to stitch them??? Going through the list of exhibitors and on their sites it is amazing how much variety there is out there. I don't like everything but then I don't think anyone could with all different styles, colours and subjects...I think there is just about something for every stitcher available.

I am posting my exchange today and it should arrive in a week or so.
On to the next exchange, Feathered Friends......

Mary from over at NIAH was over yesterday helping Rico with a costume and brought over the greatest little Singer sewing machine from the 1930's... I need to acquire one of those tabletop, built to last marvels!!! The machine we have is so modern and plastic that it has of course broken or I should say the peddle arm has frozen up and we need to get WD40 to hopefully loosen it so that we can use it again.

On to eBay and the search...... Singer 221.........

I hope this finds everyone well, thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. And I'm sure it only does forward and backward stitching, which IMHO is all most of us need. Plus the tension probably doesn't get screwed up. PLUS it's so much more decorative and cool looking than the plastic ones. I have a newish mechanical Bernina which I really like, but if I didn't have it, I'd be on there bidding too.

  2. It does only do backwards and forwards stitching. I have one that used to be my mother's. She bought it after lugging her Bernina to a quilting camp. She said at first she felt sorry for the women who had these types of machines, thinking it was their only one. Then she realized they were lighter and really all she needed while she was at camp. Check with the quilt shops too.

  3. This and That is really coming along.
    Good luck with your ebay search for the Singer 221 - they were definitely built to last and who needs a machine that does fancy embroidery when we can do that ourselves??

  4. My Granma has one of those old Singers...she found it before they got popular again, so she didn't end up having to pay and arm and a leg for it. She loves it and uses it quite a bit for her quilting. She has her big fancy-schmancy computerized quilting machine for some things, but never fails to use her little Singer.

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  6. I have the fantasy of owning one of those sewing machines that can be hooked up to the coputer and do all sorts of custom embroidery. I'd make a fortune doing all the emroidery work for the gym....they farm it out now for mucho$$$$$$. Then reality hits and I realize how happy I am with my 1959 Singer. It was a graduation gift for my mother when she finished teacher's college. In the early 70's my mother got my grandmother a then state-of-the art-sewing machine, updated her own to a 1965 model and retired the 1959 model. Well, my grandmother hated the 'computerized' machine. She said she wasn't any rocket scientist so she couldn't program that space ship of a machine. She went back to her 1939 Singer, Mom got the the 1970 model for herself, the 1965 went to my cousin and I got the 1959. Grandma has since passed on, but all sewing machines are still alive and well.

  7. This and That looks great. I love this piece. Hope you find the sewing machine you want ;)

  8. A personal visit by "Sweet Mary"?!? Lucky guy. I love the sewing machine. My mom still has her old Singer in cabinet which looks similar to this one but much bigger. We gave her a new Singer and she doesn't even crack it open. It's interesting seeing a 78 year old work the pedal on the ancient Singer. I guess I should learn as I'd most likely acquire it.

    Don't you love those See's lollipops?! My fav is the butterscotch and the chocolate. Yummy!

  9. That sampler you're working on looks stunning! I love the colors!