Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stitching, SBQ and a movie....

I worked on two things last night. One of them was an exchange so there is no snap of that yet, but I also worked on the BPC a little and here is a progress snap -

(something is up with the blog-o-matic today, I can't load a snap, sorry)

The SBQ this week is -

How do you handle blended threads? Do you kit the blends up before you
start a piece, or do you grab what colors you need and blend when the
need arises? If you kit up the blends beforehand, how do you store
them? Do you have another option for blends to share?

For me whenever I need to use a blended thread I will blend as the need arises and use them up as I go. If I do save them it is only for the duration of the project and they are in little floss-a-way bags.

The movies last night where - TCM saluting mystery train flicks and started the evening off with a humdinger - "Murder on the Orient Express" - 1974. This was followed by a Netflix DVD - "The More the Merrier" - 1943, with Jean Arthur and Joel McRea. On Monday evening TCM showed a really great movie called "Easy Living" - 1937 another Jean Arthur flick with the premise of a sable coat falling on her and changing her life......
who couldn't use a sable coat from heaven !!!!! :)
Both Jean Arthur films are comedies and a lot of fun to watch -
since both are now on DVD they are easily accessible.
Also after "Murder" was released and made a ton of money it was followed by two more super star mystery flicks - "Death on the Nile" - 1978 and "Evil Under the Sun" - 1982. All three are super movies are packed full of real movie stars from the golden age of film.
All worth seeing over and over!!!

Sorry about the "no snap" but I will try again later or tomorrow morning.
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. **gasp** No photos! I love your pictures...

  2. Finished the stitching on my Quaker Inspired Workbasket Quaker Animal exchange. I haven't decided how to finish it though. Maybe I should see who's name I get and then finish it according to their tastes. How does that usually work? Do I contact the exchange manager and say I am done?