Monday, February 27, 2017

A Little Stitching

Gentle Friends, I've been stitching away on Fragments and here's where I left off last night....

... I've made a few small changes as I've gone along.  It's a fun and quick piece to work on and seems to be stitching up faster than I thought.... so now I'm looking about to see what might be my next piece to stitch from the pile o'stash.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Baking

Gentle Friends, for the past couple of weeks I've been without an oven so there has been no baking at my house.  The story starts two weeks ago when I got a wild hair to make some Biscotti.  I found a recipe and whipped up the dough.  I got ready for the first bake and found that my oven wasn't preheating... on closer inspection, I found that the element had broken.  So.... I slapped the dough in a ziplock bag and into the freezer it went, at that point I had no idea what freezing the dough would do, but I really had no choice.  We eventually got a new oven (instead of just replacing the element) in place of the old one this past Saturday.  I thawed out the dough and baked it up Sunday and they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.....

...  I think the main reason I wanted to make some is I could make them crunchy without being so hard you could break a tooth.  I found the recipe at Serious Eats - Serious Cookies: Pistachio - Cherry Biscotti.  I swapped out the Pistachios for Pecans, but the rest of the recipe I left alone.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

A Little Stitchy Start

Gentle Friends, after finishing up Sarah, I had a couple of things I was waffling about starting and finally decided on....

"Fragments in Time - Sampler Motifs" by Summer House Stitche Workes
36ct Barn owl - Using the called for GAST Floss
I got busy with the border and am really enjoying the limited palette - it seems to be stitching up quickly so I'll need to start thinking about what to stitch up next.....

It's a very rainy Monday morning here by the Bay and for the next couple of days, we're going to be wet!!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Little Finish

Gentle Friends, well, I finished up Sarah much quicker than I thought I would so here's a final snaperoo of my finish...

"The Sarah Maddock Sampler - 1810" from Simply Samplers
11/20/2016 - 2/14/2017
36ct Barn Owl 
Stitched using my conversion from charted DMC Floss to Belle Soie 
(Classic Colorworks Overdyed Silk)
... I thoroughly enjoyed this piece from the start to the last stitch.  Not only was the border really fun to stitch but the different alphabets each with a different stitch and colour was lots of fun.  I love the use of different colors for the trees and the "blue" spruce trees in the signature line is a great addition.

Here's my conversion from the charted DMC to Belle Soie (Classic Colorworks Silk) and HDF Silk

DMC 224 - Terra Potta
DMC 422 - Scarecrow
DMC 500 - Enchanted Forest
DMC 829 - Limited Edition Brown 
DMC 841 - HDF Jackalope 
(an overdyed silk that is no longer made)
DMC 924 - Mer Blue
DMC 926 - Ocean Tide
DMC 927 - Puritan Blue
DMC 928 - Eiffel Tower
DMC 3053 - Fern frond
Grass - Ivy League
Grapes - Elegant Eggplant

I've started another piece and will Post about that on Monday.  
That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Happy Valintines day

Gentle Friends, Rico surprised me yesterday with some lovely ...

... was a total surprise as we had agreed to NOT do anything for Valentine's Day.... oh well.. so much for agreeing.... I'm taking us out to dinner tonight so no kitchen duty tonight!!  Hope your Valentine's Day is special, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle friends, well, I've finished up the grassy yard....

... and to do so was to make another 'executive decision" about colour.  As you may remember I've converted all the called for DMC floss to Belle Soie overdyed silks and the called for floss for the yard was the darkest blue-green.... will I started to stitch and it looked like a lake. That's not what it is by a long shot... so I frogged all the BG floss and dug around in my bag of green silks and found a green I could live with.... "Ivy League."  I 'm happy, the ducks are walking on grass and the little trees are planted in the ground.....only a week or so of stitching left and I'll have this sucker finished!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks frp stopping by dos top gain!!

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Monday, February 6, 2017

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Freinds, thanks so much for all your kind messages.... I'm at about 74.9% back to my normal 96% ... I'm never at 100% normal...... still a little achy and I still have a cough, but this to will pass....  here's an updated snap of Sarah...

... the snap is a bit wonky but you get the idea.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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Friday, February 3, 2017

A Little Under the Weather

Gentle Friends, I've been ....
Out Sick 23/03 - out sick

...home for the past three days... looking quite a bit like Homer.  
I'll be back next week, have a super weekend!!

Take care,

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