Monday, July 29, 2019

A Couple of Little "Blackbirds"

Gentle Friends, I wrapped up the sampler I was working on for Christmas and have done precious little on the Alphabets Book so I thought I would show two more older pieces...

... from the Loose Feathers series  #'s 31, 32 33 & 34 (the LF Series I loved by the way!!) came this long "Mystery" sampler... it was the most fun to stitch, as are all of Alma and Barb's things... Love me some BBD!!!!!  

... and I'll wrap up my walk down memory lane with this great Christmas piece.  It didn't photograph that well, but I do love it and see it every day!  It's another Loose feathers piece, #6.

That's the last older piece for now... I also wanted to mention that there are only 149 more days until Christmas, I know can you believe it!!

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Monday, July 22, 2019

A Lookin' Back at the Past

Gentle Friends, still looking back at some finished pieces... the first two were a couple of Round Robins I was a part of ... such fun!!


This piece I remember was from the French magazine "Mains & Merveille" January 2007. I changed up most of the floss colours. A loose translation..."Every Tree has its way to Welcome Spring."  I had seen it completed on another Blog and just had to stitch it... I loved every minute and really enjoy seeing it on the wall now...


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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Little Brunchin'

Gentle Friends, we had a super brunch with friends last weekend.  At a well know Dim Sum restaurant here in the City down by the Embarcadero... called Yank Sing... 
located in the Rincon Center...

... this is the 200-foot tall atrium and if you look at the skylight features a "Water Column" installed int he 1980's expansion designed by artist Doug Hollis.  It's a continuous 85-foot column of water drops, coming from an eight-foot by eight-foot acrylic glass box with 4000 holes placed at the ceiling level... it's a really nice a relaxing sound to have in the background while you enjoy the food...

... we checked in for our reservations - you need them here as they are always busy, busy, busy!! - 

... and then got sat out on the main dining room in the atrium... it was really a nicer place to sit than inside the main dining room...

... so how it works...there are these carts laden with food that whisk around and stop at each table. You just point at what you easy...

 ...we started off with some steamed pork buns... Cha siu Bao...  and I've had lots of these things and I had to say that these were the best I've ever had, fresh, fluffy and the BBQ pork inside was perfect!!

...then other things started showing up... like these tasty Shumai..

... crispy spring rolls...

... some potstickers...

... and we had to have some sticky rice in lotus leaf... Lo Mai Gai...

... opened up and out poured a delicious filling...

... and also some Phoenix Tailed Shrimps...

... and then the dessert cart came by and we had to have...

... Sesame balls.. deep fried and filled with yellow bean puree, lightly sweet ... and really good!!!

.. they are known for the Peking Duck, and they kept whizzing by, we passed on this every time... I would certainly recommend this place for a Brunch or Dinner anytime.  There are lots of Dim Sums places here in SF, but this has to be the top of the heap!!

After lunch we walked over to the Embarcadero and had a stroll along the waterfront... this shot is looking at the Bay Bridge and towards Treasure Island.  There you go sports fans, super food and super friends!!!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Monday, July 15, 2019

A Couple of Stitchin' Oldies

Gentle Friends, I'm still stitchin away on my Christmas present piece so I'll post a couple more pieces from my stitching past... these two Quakers I really enjoyed stitching and still love seeing every day...

... my version of the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler... 

... and the Companion Beatrix Potter Quaker... I really like how the second one is framed much better than the first.  I like a really tight framing and since the "Historic" Quakers were framed tight, that really appeals to me... and if I could go back I would tighten up and have no "white" space between the stitching and the frame.... but hind site is 20/20!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, now that I'm back from a loooong weekend I have a snaperooo of where I left off on the Alphabet book...

... for the near future, I'm going to put this piece aside... the reason is that I see Christmas looming and need to get a move on a couple of things I want to stitch and get framed for gifting. So I'm going to post a few "oldie but goodie"  pieces hanging around the house.... first up would have to be a sampler I really enjoyed stitching...

... (sorry the snap is a bit dark) from Sheepish designs, this long OOP piece is actually three samplers, "Alpha Bird," "Alpha Menagerie" and "Alpha Sheep"... I stitched together.  I remember even at the time I worked this piece - 8 years ago - I had a hard time getting all the parts to stitch this piece.  

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Monday, July 1, 2019

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle friends, I've finished up the alphabet with the little vines and here's a snap...

... it was a fun alphabet to stitch!!  I've started working on the next two pages and that alphabet is constructed of Algerian eyes'... a bit repetitive but interesting.  

I also wanted to mention that I've made some changes to how a comment can be left.  For some reason, I've been getting spammed by odd comments for a few months usually a few at a time but in the last couple of weeks they've jumped up to 80+ spam comments a day - which sucks!!  So, for now, no anonymous commenters, sorry, and I've put a number checking system is in place.   If this fails to curtail the unwanted spam-comments then I'll have to shut "comments" off altogether, which I don't want to do, as I enjoy getting feedback.  Oh well, I'll see what happens.  If you can't leave a comment and want to get in touch with me there's always the email route...

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by!

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