Friday, August 29, 2008

Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club - 2009

The membership is now open - if you would like to sign up just send me an email.
All the info you will need is at the SBBC Blog
- I am taking memberships from now until September 26th - 12pm PST.

The Club will run the calendar year form January 1st until December 31st.

take care,

Resistance was futile!!!

I have thrown in with the "MM&IRR" that Vonna has set up. I spent a giant portion of the day yesterday sitting at my desk and sketching out ideas..... I think I have a grip on the overall theme - Winter/Christmas - that will give me a lot of avenues to work and pull together something that I'll like - I seem to have a lot of charts with a winter and Christmas feel to them. Now I need to solidify the plans .....
since I have nothing else to occupy my stitching time!! Ha - Ha - ha!!!

Last evening I worked on Carol's RR and I really like the way it is coming along
- kinda dark and creepy!! - here is a snap -

I am using WDW Caper as the secondary colour (one of my favs) and and GAST Black Coffee for the roof. This linen is just great and stitches a dream - I keep thinking of swirling foggy evenings the whole time I am working on it.

The flick last night was "Let's Make Love" - 1960 Just two years away from her death Marilyn Monroe stars in this light musical with Yves Montand. A nice movie - not the best and there are way worse films to watch but overall it is a nice piece of fluff and very watchable.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Labor Day... I'll see you on Tuesday!!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday was quite interesting

It was a really nice day here in the city so yesterday at lunch I just started walking towards the Civic Center and ended up at the Asian Art Museum - A gorgeous reuse of the old library building.

I knew there was a temporary exhibit called Ming Dynasty that I wanted to see - so in I went - and it is a lovely exhibit with such special and rare things - worth seeing if you are in SF before September 21st.

After leaving I walked through the weekly Farmers Market behind the museum -

This is the first guy you see as you walk into the area - then there was tons of great fruit - especially some lovely strawberries -

and some great veggies -

What's so nice about these sellers is that a majority of this produce was just gathered this morning and is just so fresh!!!

Last night I was working on Carol's Halloween RR and made the decision to restart the house I was stitching. the first pattern I chose was turning out to be way out of proportion to Carol's first house. Sop I pulled that what I had done out and went for another house instead.

I am really liking this much better as the other house was really grey and now this one I switched out the called for floss for "Cinders" and it looks really great!! It has quite a way to go but you get the idea. I am thinking of joining up with Vonna's MM&IRR -(I think this is a great idea!!) I have some ideas and have already made some sketches of the design... I am weakening......

The movie selection last night was a TV production called "All Passion Spent" - 1986 - with Wendy Hiller and Harry Andrews. It is a real tour de force production - adaptation of a Vita Sackville-West novel. The single DVD has all three parts of the story and is really worth seeing if you get the chance.

Have a great rest of the day!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And the week continues -

I was a stitching fool last night an finished up another exchange - that I can't show just yet. So that is three exchanges in the last couple of weeks which puts me ahead of schedule - I just can't believe it.... as I felt I was way behind. So that I keep it all straight and on track I keep a list with the mail dates in my stitchy basket at home and I have my "Black Sheep Bits " notebook - which is a composition book that has ALL of my ongoing projects, the SBBC, exchanges past, present and future - all in this book....

(and I thought I wouldn't have any pictures today) I have to write it all down as I have such a bad memory sometimes - If I didn't have this notebook I would be completely lost!!!

I think I need to do a "Fabulous Fall" drawing from
those singing and dancing Chihuahuas are getting out of practice....... so ..... let me see what I can come up with - stay tuned -

Last night the movie was a Netflix pix - "Schindler's List" - 1993 - a movie I hadn't seen in a long time and it is still just as powerful as ever - The brilliant use of B&W to set the tone and the superb acting of Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. A line from the movie says it all
" Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world." Isn't that a great thought - that one person against a whole evil world can do some good!!

I would like to send out a warm thanks to all the new visitors out there!!! and - Thank you to all the regulars - you know who you are!!!!!! Come back often - I might just surprise you!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday brings...

...another day of possibilities and wonderfulness - birds singing and sparkle sunshine .... see I can do positive!!! It often seems that I tend to ramble on in a less than positive and uplifting vein of thought - or so I have been told by certain persons who shall remain anonymous...but you know who you are - orchid man!! :) I know I do tend to dwell on the negative - but it is just a part of the charm that is me!!! :)

The mail brought some really nice goodies - starting off with my receiving Carol R's re-stitched QFFRR - the colours she chose are just lovely!! Included in the package are a set of the best floss tags with my name and little black sheep's all over them - here is a snap -

Those tags are just the cutest!!!

The mail also brought my first installment in the acquisition of silk for "Shores of Hawk Run Hallow."

Since there is very little re-use of silk between the VoHRH and Shores I am needing to get quite a few skeins so I am breaking up the spending across a few purchases. I am still in the way back thinking about what linen I will stitch it on - and think should I go for the yellow that is recommended....I have read how well the colours of the silk just pop on it but can I work on a piece of yellow/gold fabric for months.......

I also said that I would show a snap of the little print I got over the weekend -

It is an old print in a old frame that is probably original together as the paper backing looks to never have been disturbed. It is hanging in our stairway landing where all of my icons and things hang together, and fits right in.

Two of the movies that I saw over the weekend are - "The Darjeeling Limited" - 2007 - about a journey of three brothers in search of the wandering mother played by Anjelica Huston. Along the way the brothers work on themselves and each other. The trip is taken across India on a train (and we all know how I love a good train movie) There are some really spectacular moments in the film. It is a visual feast and the score is great also. Another movie was "Stage Struck" - 1958 a remake of an earlier the film "Morning Glory" - 1933. This version with Susan Stasberg, Henry Fonda , Joan Greenwood and Herbert Marshall had some interesting moments - but overall the overacting and chewing up of every moment she was on screen Susan Strasberg made this film almost impossible to watch. This is one film that I would not watch again.

I have tweeked the SBBC info and posted it on that Blog - I will be taking sign ups starting on August 29 and close them on September 26th with partners names/info being sent out the following week - If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday morning begs the question -

- where did the weekend go??? - It always amazes me that when Monday rolls around I look back and think "that two day break went really quick." I guess it is a metaphor for life - speeding by like a locomotive out of control and then the rides over - your ticket is punched and you get off. Now that is pretty dreary for so early in the week - wouldn't you say!

Dale, Rico and I rode around on Saturday morning all over the Sunset District with a list of Garage Sales - and it was quite a bust - at least for me - Rico lucked into an estate sale that had some Day of the Dead accoutrement so he snapped that stuff up - and Dale can always find something to buy and he loaded up - I came away with one tiny little print in a great little frame from around 1915-1920 or so - I'll post a snap tomorrow
- why I didn't get one for today I just don't know -

I did a ton of stitching but it was all for exchanges so there is not a snippet of a snappit! But those will come at some point never fear. We also had to make a run to the craft store because no matter how many DMC colours I have I always seem to not have some crucial one that I need and can't do without - now what's up with that!! Is it just me or what!

Now I'll let you in on a not so secret - secret - I am not a real cookie fan - except for shortbread - and the other day at the store Rico picked up what to us is a new cookie - well no matter -he got'em he can eat'em!! They are are "Fudgies" by Nabisco -

I was sniffing around in the kitchen on Saturday evening and thought let me try one of those suckers - and they were pretty damn good!!! This odd cookie is a long Oreo cookie with a chocolate filling - but the cookie part is a tad thinner and crisper than an Oreo (a cookie I really do not care for) and the filling is a milk chocolate and NOT dark chocolate - and they are STILL good - If you need a recommendation then here is one - try 'em you like'em!!!

As you know Rico is the green thumb at our house and he really enjoys orchids - There is one plant that he got a few years ago that blooms every now an then and it is in bloom right now and is simply beautiful - here are a couple of snaps -

that is really close to the colour and here is a close up of the actual flowers -

This second one makes them look really red and they are darker than that - most of the time it is a pretty ugly little plant and looks half dead to me but when it throws out these spikes of lovely I guess it is worth it!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank god it's Friday...... whoop whoop!!

I don't know why I feel that way as the weekend is not that big a deal - but for some reason I am really needing this one! The only plans are to go out garage sale-ing with Dale in the morning - and then a ton of stitching - exchanges mostly. Riding around with Dale is a trip - he already has the whole of the Sunset and Richmond districts all mapped out from matching addresses off of Craigslist and then slapping them into Google maps - that way we have streamlined the event without backtracking. He is very organized when pushed!! His Mom back in Grifton, NC (the home of the Shad Festival) - is the Queen of garage sales - and I have seen her and his sisters in action - truly an amazing site!! The only thing I am really looking for is another great basket - The three I have already are just brimming over with all my stitching treasures from the wonderful exchanges and gifties from all over. But you never really know what you might find out there so I am pretty open to looking around.

Last night I finished up one of the exchanges I have been working on - and even Rico said I need to make one for us!! That is a real vote of confidence as I sometimes think he pooh-poohs some of the things I make with my "sewing." I thought I would have to make a trip to Britex from some trim but in digging around in my stash I had the perfect match AND enough to finish it out with!! There have been times when I have a great match but it is usually a couple of inches short of the amount I need. After the finish I moved back to working on VoHRH for
the rest of the evening as I had an hour or so
- Here is the little bit I got done -

The second dogs eye looks weird without the stitch in it!!

The movies last night where a Netflix pick and an TCM pick - The Netflix selection was "Pygmalion" - 1938 with Leslie Howard (the year before he was Ashley Wilkes in GWTW) and Wendy Hiller - what a gorgeous picture and so well done!! This was the filmed version of George Bernard Shaw's play and the basis for the musical "My Fair Lady" - 1964. While watching the film it was hard not to be expecting the songs to pop up at the appropriate spot!! This B&W film has more social commentary than the musical but then again that was what the play was about - I would highly recommend this movie as both Hiller and Howard are top notch. This was only the second film for Hiller but she completely masters her character and you totally believe the caterpillar to butterfly evolution.

"Pygmalion" was followed by "Night of the Iguana" - 1964 - a film I always enjoy!! Yesterday was Ava Gardner Day on TCM - and this was the mid evening showing. With Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr - these three give stellar performances!! In fact for both Gardner and Kerr this is a true high point for their careers - both of them facing middle age - personally and professionally - the characters face it differently but spectacularly - the film is in glorious B&W and backed by a great score.

Now to the answers for the comments -

Tiddy-Kitty is the kitty cat the lives at work and takes care of the mice as they infiltrate this building - I am not too sure that she really cares about the mice as that may be more trouble than she wants to put into anything... usually she is just sitting around or lounging around waiting for some scratching and pats from everyone. She seems to live on my desk during the day as I usually have and electric fire going underneath to take the chill off - this makes the desk a pretty warm spot that I am sure she thinks is just for her.

A Pig Picken cake is a cake that Dale makes that I always see at BBQ's or have seen in the past - not out here in the wild west but back in NC - it is basically a yellow cake that has pineapple added to the mix. The finished cake is iced in whipped cream that has more pineapple tid-bits added - I have had it where coconut is also put in but since Dale does not like that he never adds it to either the cake part or the icing. I really like it and may be wrong about what is in it - I will find out tomorrow and report back if I got it wrong - which would not surprise me in the least.

I had an annual check up at the Dr's yesterday - how great is Dr. Knox by the way - can I get a woo woo!!! - But, everything is fine and I even lost some poundage!!! Will miracles never cease!!

I have rattled on enough today - have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Thursday....and I can see the weekend a comin'

Thank you all again for the nice comments I know that I am surrounded with wonderful people!!!

Lets answer a question or two or commenting on the comments - I only blog during the week because I avoid like the plague any type of computer on the weekend - I mean - I touch not - see not and hear not - these rulers or our lives!! Since I sit in front of one during the week I need the break and my weekends are pretty boring ...... The only reason I can think of for me to even contemplate touching a computer on the weekend would be to check an auction on eBay - but usually I will either just bid it out on Friday or leave an esnipe. My weekday starts off like the following scenario......I usually get in to work around 6 or so in the morning and the first thing I do is check my email accounts, download any snaps for the blog - then write my blog - then re-read for any glaring errors (and I miss a ton even reading through a couple of times and running a spell-check) then post - that takes about 45 mins to an hour because I am usually fighting off the kitty. She is very demanding of attention.

Hi Shelleen - thanks for stopping by!! - That's alright about not liking the movies I like - most folks don't.... I would think the reason is that I am usually all over the place with the types of movies I look at - I know I don't care for most westerns and most Film Noir - there are exceptions but if you watch here those types of films are not often mentioned. I think the reason I started to talk about film is that nobody else really was and the films that are available to us now are really great - I figure here at the blog I am usually babbling about stuff I like as do we all on our blogs, so why not film ----- That is one of the really great things about these blogs if you think about it - me sitting here in San Francisco living my little life - without the blog would I have ever met so many nice people from across the world???? I don't think so. These blogs and the posting and commenting and exchanges and boards we all read and interact on....they let us get to know so many great people and I really think we get to know each other as more than just disjointed words AND we all see that even though we live all over the place and come from different backgrounds and have different problems and family situations we are much more similar than different!!!

Last night we went over to Dales for a real BBQ dinner – He has just gotten back for Eastern North Carolina and brought back some great chop BBQ and corn sticks from both his sister's in-laws restaurant in Hookerton and some extra from Parkers BBQ for my freezer – I really prefer this over any other BBQ!!! I made some fried chicken to add to the dinner and we finished off the meal with a “Pig-Picken” cake.

No stitchy snaps as I am still working away at my exchanges. Has anyone else ever made an exchange and really wanted to keep it for themselves!!! I am really liking something right now and having trouble not making something else to send!! :)

Carol – now that is something to think about with that RR I have tucked away from the light of day – now what would I call the situation – a “HOSTAGE”!!!!

I will leave you with a great quote from a really funny movie –

Shoot her in the head Wardel!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The wonderful people in BLOG world-o-rama

The comments yesterday really bolstered my resolve - that there are WAY more great people out there than not so great!!!!!! Just working the SBBC this year I have learned SO much it is amazing! The generosity and warm feeling that a majority of Stitchers have and show to each other is beyond comprehension - and you ALL know who you are!!!! It is that small minority of small and withered persons who for some reason or another spoil these fun and giving groups. Before I had a blog - and yes there was a time that I did not have one - I was a total lurker for months and months - and that was alright - as I felt that I needed to learn about this new thing of Blogs and Exchanges and RR's- but, once I started this blog and felt more comfortable with everything I started to join in - and it does make the whole cyber world more personal and fun - and you meet so MANY very NICE people - with similar interests. So here I am - in all these wonderful exchanges that I love doing and putting together and moderating the SBBC and now I am moderating an exchange on the SBEBB (which is new to me so I am a bit nervous about that one) and if you have read my ramblings for any length of time you know where I am coming from and what I am like - because "what you sees is what you gets!!!" I am just like these run-on sentences and disjointed bits - and the tangents and the wacky weird snaps.... there ya go - more incoherency...... (my sister who read this stuff will tell me all the time -"you write that blog like you speak and think!!") Now was that a complement or just what was that!!!
Hi Cissy!!!!

I did want to bring up about the SBBC for 2009 - I am going to open that sucker up next Friday August 29th - and hold it open for joining until September 26th. There is a limit that BLOG world puts on these for authoring (posting) and that limit is 100 members - this year there were 53 members so there was plenty of room, but you never know about next year. If you are unsure of what is expected have no fear as in the next day or so I will re-post at the top of the SBBC blog the outline of rules and things. They are there but at the very bottom and I am going to refine them a bit so they are a more clear and without any misunderstandings.

That's about all for today - I have been working on exchanges exclusively for the last few days so I have no stitchy snaps.

Let me say once again how much you all mean to me and what a great time I do have here and with the RR's and exchanges!!!

Thank you new readers (I know there are lurkers out there!! :)) and those that stop by to read my blog regularly, I really appreciate it!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The re-stitch stash arrives from HDF

Yesterday, I got my silk from Vicki over at HDF for the re-stitch. It is some beautiful stuff. If you have been following the ongoing trauma that has become the QFRR you will know that we had a stitcher abducted. As that is the only explanation since there has not been a word from her since late March. Until then things were be-bopping along just fine – Stitchers stitching – linen and silk being sent on to the next person a RR in full swing. Then out of the blue without warning the disappearance of the stitcher and no RR linen arriving at the next stitcher!! What could have happened – emails frantically sent, without response – and over the past month or so it comes to light that 3 – count them- three – pieces of linen and all the silk/ floss has disappeared along with the stitcher - Now, what’s up with that – we are all pretty reasonable people and understand when things happen – but to just disappear and move from Virginia to Utah with a word to anyone… on any blog, or a simple email, or just returning the pieces and supplies…. that’s pretty crappy!! This puts Carol, Rowyn and I in the position of reacquiring the silk and linen and re-stitching our pieces – I just do not understand what would compel a person to completely flake on a group project!!! If you need to drop out fine but to just cut everyone off – not good!! I know that many Stitchers will not join RR’s for just this reason, the expense, trouble AND loss that may happen – not always but you run the risk!!! ……and I think that is a shame. If you make a commitment then keep it or let someone know!! It is only common courtesy!! People move on and change – fine, but Mindi if you still post at HDF (last post August 12th) you are still alive and you should have the common decency to answer an email or send back the pieces that were sent to you!!!!! Valerie over at Fog City Dweller has graciously joined in our group replacing Mindi and we are all excited to be able to stitch with her and look forward everything settling out and running smoothly!!!!

Here is the new colour combo - Ex. Raisin Wine - primary silk, Old Maid of the Soil - secondary colour on Silkweaver "Days Gone By." I am not sure if I like this piece of linen with these two silks - I love the splotchy - but could it be too splotchy for multiple coloured silks??? I need to ruminate on this for a day or two.

I also received from Carol S the next piece in the Witching for Stitching RR.
I am really getting RR back up at my cross stitch basket!!!

Thank you all for the nice things about my cactus - I bought that sucker at Target about 5 years ago and it has gone gangbusters - as I have had to split it on at two occasions it is in 4 different pots and all of them need to be cut up again to give them room - I really love the Christmas Cactus as it reminds me of my Granny - she had a gorgeous one that was a very pale pink almost white and it was gigantic - I have no idea what ever happened to it. Mine is a pink as I have never seen another white /pale pink one out there. If anyone would like a piece just let me know and I will send it along - The way I neglect these cacti a little travel in the mail couldn't hurt it!! When I say neglect I mean it goes on forever with no attention - and now is completely root bound - hey, you know... that may be what helps it to bloom so much being root bound.....
(Can you tell I think and type at the same time?) :)

Cheryl - I will just send your RR along to Rowyn when I get it done.

Well - enough bitching and such - there were two movies last night
-but not all that great so I'll skip it for today.

Thanks for listening and stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend was....

A non-event - non-trauma and very low key!!!! Just like it should be! -
I worked both days at the bookstore so nothing too spectacular there.

The only stitching I got done was some on VoHRH -
here is a progress snap of that bit of work -

This square seems to stitch up really fast -
I think there is a mistake in the way the fence is on the chart and
I am changing that so that is is even -

There was a ton on movies this weekend - Netflix is back up and working and so I had a flick through the mail - "Miss Morison's Ghosts" - 1981 - with Wendy Hiller and Hannah Gordon. Based on a true story of time slipping - it takes place in 1910 when two educated English ladies see Marie Antoinette and others of the ancien regime at the Petit Trianon - the bulk of the movie is about the derision and consequences they suffer after coming back to England with their story. Very well done and worth a look. Saturday was Fred Astaire day on TCM - so after getting home form the store - I caught "Swing Time" - 1936, then "Roberta" - 1935 ...ending the evening with "Follow the Fleet" - 1936 - I always enjoy Fred Astaire in almost all of his movies and these three are top notch!! Yesterday was Gene Kelly day so last night after getting home there was another great line-up!! Starting off with "On the Town" - 1949, "Singing in the Rain" - 1952 - probably the best musical ever made - this was followed by - "Cover Girl" - 1944 - then rounding out the evening with - "It's Always fair Weather" - 1955 - all the movies are super!!
(I stayed up way too late watching this last one -
but who can pass up seeing Cyd Charisse and Dolores Grey!!)

Look at two of our Christmas Cactus plants -

That sucker is just covered in little buds - it does seem early to be so full - but these plants bloom heavily all year long - they should be really pretty by the middle of September.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care -

Friday, August 15, 2008

Opal's is going up - and Greer Garson Night

Worked on the boarding house last night - here is some progress -

Patti asked who the the designer is - "Carriage House Samplings" - I have both "Houses" and "Shores" in the wings and I had planned to go on to houses when this finished up but I think that has changed..... I hear the waves.....

I also started to work on my next exchange - HOE - "Needle roll" - but no snaps of that.... and I started to stitch on Carol's Halloween RR but the stitching I have done is very small so I will not post until next week with snaps of that.

Last night on TCM was Greer Garson night - and we all know what a fan I am of hers - so needless to say I was in hog heaven - oink...squeal!!! I got home early enough to see most of "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" - 1939 - co-staring Robert Donat. An excellent flick and Greer is lovely in this her first Hollywood film. The evening continued with "Pride and Prejudice" - 1940 - although not as accurate as some more recent incarnations of Jane Austin's novel - it is a really wonderful version with such great actors - including Laurence Olivier, Mary Boland and Edna May Oliver, and the super snobby Frieda Inescort. Then is was on to Greer's favorite movie - "Random Harvest" - 1942 with costar Ronald Coleman. This is a real tear jerker and a super movie about amnesia and sacrifice. The evening rounded out with "Mrs. Parkington" - 1944 - she is paired with Walter Pidgeon (they did 9 movies together) - along with this super duo were Agnes Morehead and Gladys Cooper - a really good movie where Greer has to age about 60 years. There were other Greer movies into the late night but I had to get some sleep!!

Have a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

take care,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Square One finshed - Now on to square Four - and Le Jardin...

Last night I finished up square 1 on VoHRH and moved on to Square 4 - just the border and some of the grass - but it was a start.... here is a snap (I finally got some batteries) -

Square 1 worked up really quick - I am really enjoying this piece again - but my radar is set on starting "Shores" - I got that chart as soon as it came out and REALLY like it a lot!! If truth be told I printed out a picture that I have hanging on my bulletin board at work and look at that dumb thing all time - but, I am NOT going to start it up until this one is finished - I do have a little tiny bit of will power!!! Though I do sit an obsess about what linen should I use as I do not care for that yellow/gold the model was stitched on ( or do I???).... I know I will do it in silk as I love the way these large pieces look in silk - and silk feels so good to work with...... I am working "Village" in the recommended NPI silks and love the way it is turning out.... too many thing to think about - lets move on before I start to drool like a Pavlovian dog or something!!!

Yesterday the mail guy brought me Julianne's copy of the
French magazine that I was searching for - that she has generously loaned me!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!

The chart I was looking for is called "Le Jardin des Arbres" - I saw it surfing around and instantly knew I needed to stitch this - and I eventually found that it was published in a French magazine I had never even heard of
- here is a very poor snap of the finished piece from the mag. -

They have it finished as a banner - I don't think I will finish it that way but just have it framed - but who knows - that is a long way down the road!

Last night on TCM was Peter Lorre day - and they showed "The Maltese Falcon" - 1941 - also starring in the Falcon are - Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet. I always enjoy this picture - so I would heartily recommend this film!!

Thank you all for stopping by both new and returning readers -
and thank you for the comments you know how I like them!!

Take care,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stiching and a Movie -

What else would it be on a Tuesday evening - I worked on VoHRH but have no snap. When I went to take a picture my batteries were dead and then I found out I was out of batteries - well at 10:45pm that just bites!!! So this post will be devoid of progress snaps and I will slap a snap from the weekend in here -

There were these great big stands of lillies in bloom - now I stand about 5'10" and they were taller than me - and here is some more -

They are really beautiful and so big with so many blooms!!!

The movie last night was "The Midnight Kiss " - 1949 - with Mario Lanza and Kathryn Grayson - This was Mario's first starring role in a movie - the story is pretty transparent but the music is excellent with the singing of Lanza and Grayson and the piano talents of Jose Iturbi. I saw over the weekend "Toast of New Orleans" - 1950 - the second pairing of Lanza and Grayson and really liked the story of MK over TONO - but the the music is just as wonderful. With all that talent it is a shame that Lanza died so young without having what should have been a great career - either in the movies or on stage.

I am really behind in reading and commenting - but am trying to catch up.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stiching and Movie watching

Last night was a little stitching on VoHRH and here is the progress -

Since the regular TV was lacking in watchable anything I popped in a movie I really enjoy - "Spartacus" - 1960 - it was the Criterion Collection release so the picture was just great - This is movie is top notch on so many levels - first and foremost is the cast - Charles Laughton, Peter Ustinov, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier, John Gavin and Kirk Douglas.
The direction is great, and the score is one of the best.
The picture was nominated for six Academy awards and won four.

There you go - I am running behind this morning so I will sign off for now -
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Busy little weekend -

Where to start - it seems that we were really busy - I had some errands to run on Saturday so it was out of the house and over to Eddies for breakfast - this is a Diner that is across town over by Alamo Square that we really like -

It is at the corner on Fulton and Divisedaro, one block down from Alamo Square - (they really only do Breakfast and lunch and close around 5 ish ) - it is family run and they pretty much do what they want - but it is a great and inexpensive eatery!! Then is was out to the Richmond to "The New World " grocery - an eastern European store that carries things you just cant get anywhere else. From there is was over to Japantown - and we ran into the 35th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair. It was early when we got there so not very crowded.

There were these gigantic balloon sculptures on the light polls that were really interesting -
Here is a shot of the fair when we got there -

We were going shopping and inside the mall were these wish trees -

We read some of them and this one caught my attention -

I thought it was pretty funny!!

Here is a snap of a pretty Geisha

Beautiful Rico-san!!

From there we ran over to the Monthly Strybing Arboretum Plant sale in Golden gate park -

On the main lawn were a flock of geese just grazing away on what looked like clover -

We weren't ready to go home so we trotted over to a gorgeous church called St Ignatius -

Then across the street is a charming Carmelite Chapel of Cristo Rey (there are interior snaps if you click the blue Carmelite Chapel)-

There were a bunch of movies also but I have gone on way too much.....
here are two stitchy things I worked on this weekend -

Donna's QFRR is now ready for mailing to Rowyn - and some more on VoHRH

There you go a quick overview of the weekend - But is was great weather in the high 60's low 70's and foggy Saturday and then yesterday very clear and in the upper 70's and really breezy -

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take care,

Friday, August 8, 2008

VOHRH Stitching, LHN-RR arrivers and some movies

Working some more on the Village -

I did not even realize until I uploaded the snap right now that I left out the word "Hill." How sleepy was I last night stitching???? Because I worked the verse first then moved on to the corner motif then to the line before I put it away last night...
.I'll get that tonight, but jeez what a ding!!! :)

Yesterday I got in the mail from Donna -
Cheryl's LHN RR and here is a snap of how that is coming along -

Cheryl wanted the stitchers to include a house - I have a couple of charts I am going to combine and probably fill in the top right corner.

Yesterday was Greta Garbo day at TCM and they showed two great flicks of hers - starting off with "Camille" - 1936 - with co-star Robert Taylor this super movie is just great!!! Great production, gowns by Adrian, direction by George Cukor and supported by Lionel Barrymore and Laura Hope Crews (who went on to play Aunt Pittypat in GWTW - 1939) You just don't get much better than this!! The second Garbo film I watched was "Grand Hotel" - 1932 the first time an All Star cast was really put together for a feature film. Just a great film that won the Best Picture Academy award for 1932. Both films are classic and absolutely worth seeing if you've not seen them!! Between these two flicks I watched a Netflix DVD - (TCM showed "Ninotchka" which I have seen a ton of times but I needed to get the DVD back in the mix) The DVD was "Becoming Jane" - 2007 with Anne Hathaway, who I really enjoy seeing. This is about the early life of that great author Jane Austin. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it as very watchable!!! If you like Jane Austin you will certainly enjoy this bio-pic that makes her a very human person - the film co-starred Maggie Smith (great as usual), James Cromwell, James McAvoy and Julie Walters.

and now some comments from the comments -

Carol R - I have not looked for the chart on the site, but that is where Linda said she found it - I will try and find it....

Mary - I know - this stash addiction of mine is completely out of control!!! :)
- but it keeps me off the streets!!

Jennifer - The ornament is from Homespun Elegance and is the 2008 Sampler Ornament called "ABC Noel House" I really liked it because of the reindeer.

I love those comments/questions - Thanks!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, Have a great weekend!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stitching, Stash and a Movie

Last night I moved on to Square one and finished the border and started in on the verse.
Here is a snap of the progress -

I think this square will move along really quick.

The mailman brought me an order from Drema with a couple of charts -

I just really fell for the "Home is Where you hang your Needlework." Workbasket charts how can I resist - "Quilt Border" is a real knockout as a pattern - it is the pale colours that I don't care for - I will need to refigure the colour combo and rechart them
- but when that will happen who knows....

Also in the order was the floss for "Memorial Sampler."

The colours are great and now I need to figure out on which linen to do this on et voila another project awaiting the needle!!

The movie last night was "The Purple Heart" - 1944 - made during the war.... it is a basic propaganda film built on a truth as it was then known - The story is about a mock trial for a group of downed B-25 airmen from the Doolittle raid over mainland Japan. Very interesting movie staring in the lead roll Dana Andrews who does a really good job!!

I remembered the info for yesterdays Redwork exchange piece. The design with the owls and rabbits is from a new French book called "Amities Croisees. The other side design is a free chart from French blogger Dany, who does some really gorgeous work.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exchange received - on to Square One and some movies

The mailman delivered a gorgeous piece of Redwork stitching
- for the SBEBB Redwork V Exchange -
- the exchange was from Linda over at MooMotif.
Here is a snap of the entire exchange -

Included with the Mattress Pyn Cushion was a JBW Rooster chart with 3 skeins of lovely red floss and a great box of delicious dark chocolate candies!! The Pyn Cushion is stitched on both sides and is as gorgeous on one side as the other - here is a close up of one side -

and here is the other side -

Linda has read my profile and found that I was born in the year of the rabbit and included some in the stitching!! The note that was included explained where both charts came from but I left that at home this morning so I can't post that info today - I'll do that tomorrow. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece and it is my first Mattress Pyn Cushion!!
Thank you so much, Linda!!!!!

Last night I finished up Square 2 from the VoHRH and moved on to the border for Square 1
- here is a snap -

I deliberately corrected the spelling on Isaiah - if I hadn't done that it would have just driven me insane every time I looked at this when it gets finished!! Not that my spelling is any great shakes as you all know from just reading my ramblings here - but I try.

There has bee quite a few movies lately - TCM is having their annual "Summer Under the Stars" where they showcase for a 24 hour period the films of a single actor or actress - Yesterday was Claude Rains day and they showed some really wonderful movies last night - the two that I caught I have seen frequently - "Now Voyager" - 1942 - with Bette Davis... this weepy picture is really superb and I enjoy it every time I have seen it and last night was no exception!! The second flick was - "Mr. Skeffington" - 1944 again with Bette Davis - another top notch film featuring this pair of actors!! I finished out the evening with a recommended film. Back in July Kathryn suggested I watch a flick called "Paprika" - 2006 - This is usually not the kind of film I would normally watch as Japanese Anime is not my cup of Tea - but like with so many things that I do not care for there are exceptions and this is definitely one - What a visual feast - the story is odd but the images are just spectacular - worth watching just for that alone.
There are layers upon layers of visuals that leave you not really knowing where you are or if the characters are awake or dreaming -
If you get the chance you should try and watch it, you will not be sorry!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

take care,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A "TarHeel" Basket of Goodies, stash and stitching

I have a wonderful friend living in Raleigh, NC - we have been friends for going on 20+ years - We have kept in touch over the years - and send each other little presents from time to time - about a week ago I got an email to look out for something coming and yesterday this gigantic box arrived and out poped this -

I knew it was from Jimmy as he had said it was coming from " A Southern Season" in Chapel Hill. Opening up the case and box- -

The "NC Travel" case was packed full of goodies from the Old North State!!! What a super thing to do a what great reminders of things "northcarolinian."

I also got a couple of charts I won on eBay -

eBay is a very bad habit of mine -
there are so many great little things out there and I just love a sale!!

I worked on VoHRH last night like I didn't have other things to be working on - :)
Here is a snap of Square 2 -

Almost there - just the leaves on the last tree and then it is on to Square 1.

Still trying to get up with the vanished stitcher from the QFRR - not having much luck!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Framing - stash - stitching - steam, and a cobbler

This weekend was pretty uneventful as I worked on Saturday at the bookstore
- more on that later..........

When I got home on Friday I had a message from Urban Forest that my Mom's sampler was finished and so we ran over to Alameda to pick it up.
I am really happy with the way it turned out - here is a snap -

Here is a close up of the frame -
it has a carved and washed look that goes really well with the piece -

Since we were over there how could I not make a quick stop over at NIAH -
here is a shot of the quick stash fix -

I also got in the mail on Friday my LHN - RR from Anna over at Stitch Bitch.
Here is a snap of the beautiful thing -

The picture bites but you get the idea - it is such a beautiful piece of needlework. Now I need to get it framed - but the funions right now are pretty low - as I am getting Christmas presents framed up so this will wait a while - but it is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier!!

The only stitching I did was on my VoHRH - and here is the progress snap for Monday -

Finished with the church and only have the trees and a little label
and then it is on to Square One.

Thank you all so much for you help in locating the "Le Jardin des Arbes" - I have written the publisher and sent out a couple of emails (no return emails yet) - But Julianne has jumped in there with an offer of a copy of the actual magazine... and YES - I would love to have it or at least borrow it - that is SO very nice of you and I can't believe the luck and generosity!!!!!! If you need my address again just drop me an email. Woo-Hoo!!!!!
I am jumping about with excitement!!!!!

Here are some thoughts about working this past Saturday - now most days at the bookstore are great but sometimes.....I just don't know .......what is it with "customers" who let their children run a-muck through a store and think that people working in the store are babysitters for their kids???.....What "customer" leave piles of books, magazines and just plain trash all over....and lounge about like they are at home!!!!! I understand it can be exciting for "children" to be in a store with so many things but really, lets try and control the screaming and running!!! Somebody has to pick those piles of books and magazines up and your trash is just that "YOUR TRASH!!!" put it in the obvious trashcans that are all over the place! Let us also remember that this is not your home, a bar or the back room of some cat house - treat it that way - keep your shoes on, remember the floor is just plain filthy and I have yet to see it stem cleaned properly and I have been there part time for about 5 years, it does get vacuumed but the things I have seen would turn your stomach!!!!!.... try to not block others from looking and keep your actions appropriate to your surroundings - basically you are in a public store and that is no place for making out or more - there are cameras and you are being filmed!! - Just some thoughts -
That was some blow off of steam!!!!

We got some really lovely peaches

which I turned into a cobbler - we had some friends over Saturday night and it was a big hit!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

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