Wednesday, October 31, 2007

100th Post!!!! Happy Halloween

I can't believe it but this is my 100th post. Little did I know when I started this that I would enjoy babbling about my stitching and life. I think that this type of journal writing has some really cathartic moments. Just being able to vent sometimes is wonderful. I also like to see the progress on the pieces that I am working on. I have also met such nice people out there that I would have not known and that alone is worth doing this blog!!!! I find it so nice to just sit and write something while it is quiet in the early morning before the day begins. I treat it as a waterfall of contemplation just washing away things by writing/typing them down, yapping about what is going on in my life and seeing that things are really alright and that through vetting them in a blog I am moving forward and growing.

All that aside....last night we had an earthquake of about 5.9 centered down around San Jose. I was just sitting there settled into watching "The Great Pumpkin," don't you just love this first of the holiday cartoons.... and shaky shaky.......then harder shaking.....and then it did not stop. I reached over for my drink and held onto that so it wouldn't fall and put down my needlework. Looking over at Hunny and Pete asleep on the sofa.....Hunny didn't stir and Pete just opened one eye as if to say " is it cookie time?" After it settled down and stopped the hard shaking I sat there for a minuet or two just in case there were more and harder jolts coming. It was over in about 15 to 17 seconds but it does seem that time slows down as you wait for it to either intensify or to stop. I picked up my stitching and that was that. Since last night there have been about 30 or so aftershocks, but I haven't felt anything. Where we live in Noe Valley it is up the side of a solid rock hill so for us to feel any shaking it has to be pretty hard jolting.

I finished up the stitching on the exchange I have been working on and then I went on to VOHRH as it is Tuesday and I wanted to sort of keep to the rotation. Here is a snap of the progress....

Sorry the picture is kinda wonky but you get the idea.

Here at work I keep on the accuradio all day and it is the first thing I click on when I sit down. I started on Monday listing to Christmas music and am really enjoying it. Everyone here can not believe it but I really enjoy the trappings of the season and would play the music year round if I thought I could get away with it. Usually the stations I listen to are three with me I toggling between mid century jazz singers, classic country music and pop tunes from 50's & 60's.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Secret Stitching & A Quaker Christmas

I worked diligently on some secret stitching that I can not show pictures of....sorry, but they will come later. An hour or so more and it will be finished....then it is into the mail!!!

I received my order from Drema at Needlecraft Corner for the large amount of Balsam Fir over dyed floss that is needed for "A Quaker Christmas." I wanted to get it all from the same dye lot so that it wouldn't look weird using another variation of the same floss. Balsam Fir from Crescent Colours is a really gorgeous dark green and black floss. It is so dark that the picture makes it looks like the floss is just black allover. The other two colours used are Cupid and Ye olde Gold. Here is the snap

The floss and pattern are sitting on the fabric I picked out to do this project on. It is called Flax. The recommended fabric was a very pale colour called I think, Lambswool. I really wanted to work on something a bit more interesting and this has flecks of gray throughout that will pop with all the black/dark green that is used. I think this will be really pretty and hopefully done and framed up by next Christmas.

That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Monday, October 29, 2007

It was a Halloween party!!!!!!

On Saturday night I went to a Halloween party that was lots of fun!!!!
Here are some snaps from the evening.......

Here is a French maid, a little olde man and Wonder Woman.

Here is Colin, he came in a full kilt and carried his drum sticks.....
he is in a drum and bagpipe band.

and a witch and Mama Leone....

there was also a ninja and Spartacus....

and Eunice in a low tech costume.......

I heard that the party broke up around 2:30 am....I was long gone before then. :)

I did do some stitching on Friday and last night but all that I did do was for exchanges and presents so there are no pictures.

Hope it was a good weekend for everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!
Take care,

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Visit to Needle in a Haystack..... and stash

After work I ran over to Alameda and to the Urban Forest to pick up the framed pieces that were finished. I will show a picture after Christmas as both pieces are presents.

After picking these things up I went across the street to visit Needle in a Haystack my LNS. As always both Mary and Debi so helpful. I picked up some stash and some surprises/ presents. Here is a shot of the stash.

The Sarah Spence needleprint is just gorgeous, and I know if I don't get it now I will have to get it off of eBay for some exorbitant price at a later date. The Blue Ribbon pattern is another beautiful holiday piece and the LD Scarlet Ribands is a Quaker inspired chart that I could not do without!! I am just nuts for these Quaker pieces!!! I also got the linen for A Quaker Christmas (picture on 10/16 post) so I can start that as soon as the Balsam Fir floss arrives from Drema.

I also got a visit from the postman...and some stash from eBay auctions, it was a very good day for stash!! Here is a shot....

I have lots of the Prairie Schooler Patterns and these will go into that collection. The two Prairie Grove charts are nice seasonal pieces that I will probably work on next year as right now I have a pretty full plate of projects. The Elizabeth Shepard chart is one I did not have and being in the Quaker fashion I certainly needed it....didn't I??? :)

I have also been tagged by sweet Donna to reveal 7 things/details about myself. Now what on earth could I reveal that is not or has not been babbled about here??? I will try:

1) Before I moved to SF I was the Curator of Museum Education at the Appleton Museum of Art.

2) I went to school at East Carolina University and I was a third generation legacy, GO PIRATES!!!

3) I really hate the beach/ocean, I do not mind looking at it or driving on it, but I do not want to get in it or touch it.

4) In 1977 my father retired and moved us all to Ormond Beach, Florida.

5) I would rather stay home quiet with my family than go out to a loud nightclub or restaurant.

6) I really hate it when people driving do not use signals when changing lanes!

7) Every time I have been to England I have visited my favorite place, Salisbury Cathedral. That is the same with Paris, I visit the Sainte-Chapelle.

That wraps up another week!!! Have a great weekend, and THANKS for dropping by I really appreciate it!!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some Shopping, some stitching and the SBQ of the week

Well, lets start off with the shopping. After work I jumped on the Muni and got to Powell street station. Then walked up to Union Square. I went straight to the second floor housing Needlepoint Inc. which is right on Post street overlooking Union Square. Let me first say that we did have a tiny couple of days of warmish weather and most places in the city do not have air-conditioning. NPI certainly does not, as it had to be 95 degrees in that store with the windows closed, I guess to keep everything pristine and clean. Alright... I was shopping in an oven! I had the gift certificate from NPI that Rob gave me and I wanted to use it to get the rest of the silk floss that I needed for VOHRH. I went in thinking that it may be a little more expensive than other places as this is a store on Union Square and they all jack the prices just for the privilege of spending money down there. Well, I was blown away by how expensive these 5mm skeins of silk were. I have been getting this NPI silk from Drema at Needlecraft Corner and she charges $3.70 per skein and has been having a sale of 25% off of this price and with no tax as she is in Baltimore makes the 5mm skein to be about $2.77. At NPI they charge $5.70 plus tax. for a 5mm skein which is almost double!!!! Now don't get me wrong it is a lovely shop and they do have every colour in both the 5mm skeins and the bigger 45mm hanks, but really....$5.70.....whatever, I know where I will be buying NPI silk in the future.

Now I ask you why is there such a HUGE discrepancy in the price between shops. I realize that online shopping can be cheaper but when two bricks and mortar stores sell the same thing (and when it is your own product) why can one shop charge almost $3.00 less and they are still making a profit as I would presume that it is not being sold at a loss.
Enough on my soap box, I was just stunned.

After the NPI experience I trotted over to Britex which is a block away. Now I had never been in this fabulous store. They have floor after floor of fabric and trimming and then more of the same on a top, I think 4 floors. I found some trim for the stockings and here is a snap.

I went with trim that coordinated with the pieces and not the traditional colours of Christmas. The pieces are on the red felt that will be the lining and the green silk that will be the backing. I am having them finished off by a friend and so when I get them back I will show a snap!! I was going to finish them off myself but I am afraid that I will screw them up royally, and would rather them be done correctly than me mess them up.

I got home and them took off to south city to Joann's fabrics to pick up some DMC (which Britex sells but I had no idea and did not have the list of colours I needed) for an exchange that is coming up.

I did some stitching on VOHRH and here is the little progress from last night.

This weeks SBQ......

Do you railroad?

I had to look up the meaning of exactly what this was as I really had no idea. I have heard and read about railroading in the past but did not really know. To answer the question I do railroad when needed but not consistently throughout my stitching as I find it unnecessary if the floss is not tangled or twisted or thinning.

I watch "Americas Next Top Model" and have since almost the inception of the show. Last night I could not believe that Ebony would just give up and quit the competition. With so many people that want to be on this show, just unbelievable, and Ambreal was saved for one more week.

That's about it for today, after work today I am running over to Needle in a Haystack and the framers across the street. The two pieces I put in to be framed for Christmas presents are finished!! I figure if I am going all the way to Alameda to pick up some pictures I am certainly going to stop in and see if there is anything I need to buy at NIH.... :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

PS: Donna, VOHRH comes as a complete set of charts in one pack.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

City Hall Sign finished

I worked on VOHRH last night and set a mini goal for myself of finishing the City Hall sign. Woo Hoo - it is finis!! I don't know what it is but that background colour for the sign is just not pretty. Here is a snap of the progress on VOHRH.

While stitching away at VOHRH I watched the "Fountainhead" with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, 1949. Even with the high handed dialogue of Ayn Rand, how stunning was Patricia Neal!!!! She is visually lovely to look at and was a virtual unknown 22 year old cast in a major film. If you can get past the dialogue this is a visually wonderful, message film from right after WWII.

I got some emails regarding the Kolbe Crazy Cake and thought I would post the recipe. I would presume that this came either out of the depression or from WWII when things were rationed as the ingredients are odd. Thank you to John and Cissy for the recipe.

KOLBE Crazy Cake
3 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
6 Tbls Cocoa
2 Tbls Vanilla
2 Tbls Vinegar
3/4 Cup Oil
2 Cups Water

Mix all ingredients together until smooth, pour into a greased & floured 13x9x2 pan, bake in a 350 oven for about 30 mins. Instead of flour use cocoa powder so that the cake won't have any white spotting if you turn it out of the pan. You can frost this with anything, but cream cheese frosting is especially nice on this very dense rich cake.

If you cast back in the distant past to an unfinished project of two Christmas stockings.....I am finally going to get to Britex downtown to get the trim for the edges of the stocking. I know I have really procrastinated on this project but better late than never. Also while I am at Union Square I will run over to Needlepoint Inc to pick up the rest of the silk for VOHRH. I will be using the gift certificate that Rob got me for my birthday. I also need to run out to Joann Fabrics in south city to get some DMC floss that I am missing for an exchange project. Busy Busy Busy this afternoon.

Yesterday the weather was once again very warm into the low 80's so it was doggie day spa for the hounds and they all got good baths. None of the three like or want to be wet, ever, but it had been about 6 weeks since the last DDS and it was time.

Yea, it is Wednesday!!! Hope the week is going well for everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

ps - yes Carol - I am going to be making some pinkeeps and try a fob or I that transparent?? :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

VOHRH Stitching

It was Monday night and so VOHRH was the piece. I am working on the City Hall Sign. Not the most interesting stitching. The sign is an allover colour that is really not the most attractive. Here is a snap of the progress.

Sorry about it being so wonky, but you get the idea. After I fill in the sign I will start on the Hall itself. That should be more interesting stitching with all the various colour changes. I also worked on some exchange stuff, but can show no snap yet.

Here is a question....What would be the average size of a pinkeep? I have never seen a size given as they would size out to the actual stitched piece being used, but there has to be some sort of guidelines that one would follow. That also goes for scissor fobs, what would be the smallest they could get?... 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch is getting a bit big but would that be the maximum? Just asking as I have never seen sizes given and have never actually touched one. I have only seen pictures. Just looking for a consensus, if that is possible.

I am kitting out Christmas Quaker.....and once again think that there is just not enough time to stitch everything I want to make.

Yesterday was warm in the upper 70's and today is to be our hot day as it should reach 82 degrees in the city. What happen to fall???? By the weekend the fog will have rolled back in and it will be cool and breezy once again, I hope. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday weekend...Vancouver Washington

Well this weekend was spent with my sisters family in Vancouver, Washington. We were celebrating the four birthdays and one anniversary that occur in this month. My birthday, my niece's... Katie (it rained all weekend but Miss Katie had just taken a shower) .

My brother-in-law, John and Mathew my nephew. (guess who got and new electric guitar?)

It is also my sister and John's 12th anniversary this month!! Always a full October for my family. My sister made the traditional Kolbe birthday cake. Called Crazy Cake. This is a wonderful cake the has the density of gingerbread but is chocolate....and is super moist with the strangest combination of ingredients. This has been being made in their family for decades for birthdays. Cissy did it half cream cheese frosting for Katie and Half chocolate for Mathew.

We spent Saturday morning running errands and ended with a visit to Acorns and Threads. This is a great little store and the people are so nice. If you are ever in the Portland area it is certainly worth a visit!!! I did pick up a little stash (surprise surprise).

I got some of the WDW Dolphin, a colour I really love. I got two of the three colours for "Quaker Christmas" Ye old Gold and Cupid the third colour is Balsam Fir, but I need 20 skeins of that one floss so I will order that when I go over to Needle in a Haystack this week. I don't just want to buy it here and there as I want to get it all from the same dye lot. I really amazes my how different dye lots can be! I also bought all the little Black Sheep buttons that she had. The fabric I picked up is a piece of WDW Tin Roof which is a great colour, that I am sure I can use sometime.

I took BP with me and worked on it on and off this weekend and last night after I got home. Here is a snap of the progress.....

I got to the last medallion on the top row. It is really coming along nicely. Stitching in airports is not very comfortable and the lighting just sucks!!! It is amazing how many people do stitch and are interested in what I was working on as I had quite a few questions.

That's about it for today, hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Friday, October 19, 2007

I've been Tagged!!!

A sweet blogger friend Cheryl has tagged me with a "You make Me Smile Award." I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I almost didn't start this blog, but now I am so glad that I did. I am now supposed to tag 10 bloggers out there that make me smile and make me think.
I will tag 10 ladies that REALLY enjoy visiting as they make me think, make me smile and touch my heart. They are a continuing source of inspiration!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Carol - Garden of Stitches

Donna - Daisy Girl Stitching

Mindi - What's up with Wyora

Sherry - Inhale Life

Von - On the Dry Side

Kathryn - Threads of Desire

Margie - From Cotton to Silk Dreams

Becky - Becky Bee's Stitching Hive

Mary Kathryn - Happy Stitcher

Melissa - Musing from a 3Bdrm Ranch House

I could go on and on but I had pick 10 so there you are. I enjoy reading and commenting within this wonderful community.... again THANK YOU!!!!!

Take care,

Not much stitching....

Last night was a "not much stitching" night. In fact so little was done that it was not worth taking a picture of, so I didn't. :)
I did take some pictures of the puppies.... Here is a snap of her majesty the Hunny-licious and the Pete-poop.

I think that Pete was asleep on the blue blanket and then Hunny jumped up there because it was a warm spot. She often seems to acquire the warm spot in the house. She thinks it is a prerogative of little elderly sugarlumps!! I also think that it could have been the cookie that was out of the shot that was of interest to her as you can see she has perked right up for the photo. I also got a shot of The Peach, but as usual she thinks that death lurks in the camera so is quite shy about getting her picture taken and wouldn't look at me or the camera.

We did a store run to Safeway and in the flower department we picked up some really pretty roses. As the weather gets crappier and more rain pours out of the leaden skies.... flowers certainly brighten up the house. Here is a snap of the almost artificially coloured roses.

I also think I will post another picture from our vacation to South Dakota. This was taken out in the Badlands and it certainly was HOT and DRY....since today here in San Francisco is both cold and rainy it is most appropriate that this go on today's blog.

So there ya go.....another week. I am off to my sisters in Washington State tonight and will be back on Sunday. Hope the weekend treats everyone well!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Stitching and the SBQ of the week

Last night I worked on the Specific Designers exchange for November so I don't have a picture of that to post, yet. I also started to work on the next block of VOHRH. Or I should say that I worked on lots of border stitching around the block. I am just really afraid that I can't keep up with the one block a month goal I set for myself. I know with all the holiday stuff and events coming up in the next two months it will get more difficult to find the time to stitch. I will set a goal and come "Hell or High water" I will do everything within my power to "git-R-done!!"

I am the type of person that will be 10 mins early to just about everything, and still feel that I am running late. I think this comes from growing up with parents were time was so flexible that we were perpetually a 1/2 hour to hour late for everything. Now, I had a great childhood and wonderful parents!! Don't get me wrong, but my dad couldn't get to anything on time. Getting picked up for stuff at school they were late.... getting to things we were late, regardless of how early anybody started to get ready to leave, so I think that my compulsion to be early or get things done before I have to, springs from that. With all that said I also will procrastinate until the cows come home on some things, or just ignore them all together. :)

Off on a tangent I see..... here is a snap of the progress on block 3....

The SBQ of the week is:

"What portion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts?

Isn't that an interesting question. I would say that I stitch for relaxation and produce mostly gifts. I have given away probably 70% of what I have stitched if not more. That would include the needlepoint things I also have made into pillows and sachets and covers. There are some things that I have kept and some things that I will stitch for me but mostly the outpouring of completed projects go to other homes. I like to think that a stitched homemade present is like giving a bit of yourself away and that the recipient can see the object and think about you or the relationship. Kind of corny but it works for me. :)

I am really excited about this weekend as I am flying up to Vancouver, Washington and visiting my sister and her family. As you may remember my birthday was at the beginning of the month, well that does not begin to list the family events for October.... My niece's birthday, her brother my nephew's birthday, my brother-in-law's birthday and my sisters wedding anniversary all fall in the month of October. There is lots to celebrate!!! We will have a wonderful weekend together. I have also been promised a visit to a LNS called Acorns and Threads. I have heard nothing but praise for this store and am really looking forward to the visit.

A quick question: Has anyone tried to take needle working stuff on an airplane recently and had any problems. The TSA "Prepare for Takeoff" flyer on line states that you can bring a pair of scissors on board that are less than four inches. Has anyone had problems bringing any small embroidery scissors with them?? If so, did they confiscate them? I do not want to test this little rule and loose a good pair of scissors.

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate the comments, I really do!!!! Especially when I miss use a word, like yesterday. :)

Take care,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blcok 2 is finished and on to block 3

I finished block 2 last night, I set the goal and finished it!!! I was going to stay up until it got done, now it is on to block 3. Here is a finished snap of Mr Huffer's Smithy....

We took the car into the "fix-it up and hope it doesn't cost a fortune" repair shop yesterday and had to pick it up last night. The right turn signal was wonky and not working. So Mr Kim, who I would recommend to anybody, fixed all the light problems that existed and that I had no clue about. The total cost of all the repairs $59.97!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Action Auto has got to be the most honest place I have ever dealt with. Not having a inkling about cars except where to put the gas and windshield wiper fluid in, I am at the mercy of mechanic fraternity.

After we picked up the car it was off to the ocultist. It was time for the yearly eye exam and I wanted to see Dr Jones before he retired next month. Everything was fine with very little change in my eyes. So that means that the glasses I got last year will last me through until next year.

Across 24th Street from Dr Jones is a neat little shop called WINK. We stopped in there and I finally replaced my 10 year old broken down, falling apart wallet. I have been looking around for at least the last 8 or so months for a new wallet but nothing I saw anywhere was what I wanted. Then last night in WINK I found the neatest wallet. It is tooled leather and was made by a company called "Taxi." Here are two snaps the first is the outside and you can see there is a little slot for the MUNI fast pass. ( this is a pass that allows me to ride the public transport system here in the San Francisco)

And here is a snap of the inside....

I really like this new wallet and I hope I will have it for the next 10 years like the last.

We also got some more lovely produce from Roberta, her garden runneth over!!! Here is a snap of the bounty....

That's about it for today, tonight I think will be some exchange stitching so that I can finish up the piece that I am working on for the November deadline.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Heres is the progress on VOHRH:

And here is the stash......

So I guess that the great blog machine has fixed itself!!

Take care,

VOHRH stitching and some statsh

Last night was stitching on VOHRH night and I felt much less stress than I did last week. What was up with that???? I am working on the second square which for me is the Black Smith shop. Here is a snap of the progress.

or not....... something is up with this Blogger machine and the picture will not upload.
so on to other things....

I also got some stash:
CHS - Alphabet Blocks, the whole kit and Caboodle, I REALLY like this and will probably work this after VOHRH and then work the HOHRH. I like these big things from CHS. I also read that she is putting out a third pattern for the Hawk Run Hollow series. The titles I have seen rumored are, "People of".. or "Christmas at"... I can't wait!!!
The second thing is the 1798 Marking Sampler another gorgeous Quaker piece.
I also got Blue ribbon Designs "An Expression of Gratitude."
The last thing I received was ByGone Stitches - "A Quaker Christmas." OMG this is just super duper!!!!!! I saw than two weeks ago and immediately went to my ONS and ordered the chart. It is just packed with Quaker motifs. There are bits of colour here and there with Christmasy things but overall what a great piece!!!!
I also have a snap of these charts but can't post due to the blogger issues.

I will post the pics later in the day if blogger almighty is able. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pretty quiet weekend, stitiching on BP

Not much happened this weekend. I worked at the bookstore watched some movies and stitched, there ya go. I worked on BP and here is a snap of the progress.

There is a snippet of silk between the second and third motif/medallion that I sure did not notice last night when I took the picture, sorry about that. I thought I had shaken them all off, as there seems to be quite a few at the end of evening when I am packing up.

One of the movies I watched was a documentary called "Always a Bridesmaid" written and directed by Nina Davenport. It was very interesting. Only about 98 mins but what she was delving into was the abyss that some single people feel when all around them everyone they know is married or getting married. She even shows that within a year some of her friends can go from grumping about been single to marching down the aisle to Lohengrin. I really like her style of working and the film is worth a viewing.

Hope the weekend was good for everybody!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Working on exchange stitching and some BP

Last night I worked on some SBEBB stitching so there are no snaps from that. I also worked on BP as I could just feel it calling me - "stitch me.....stitch me.....I'm on top"...... plus I did not want to haul out VOHRH and I am not sure where Garland Fair got to, it is not in my work basket??? Now where did I put that thing???? I straightened up all the stitchy stuff and now that it is organized ( or more organized than it was) I can't find a thing! So here is a snap of the progress on BP from last night......

I am so glad that it is fall finally not just because I love this time of year, not just because the weather is now nippy and wet, not because Union Square is beautifully decorated and the stores are getting in Christmas.....not just because any other reason - wait I know the reason -

The reason is the special edition ice creams!!!!!

I wait all year for these two delicious flavors!!! Woo HOO!!!

Ending on a sweet note today, Thanks for stopping by!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Working on VOHRH

Last night I finished the forge part of the Black Smith shop. For some reason it seemed frustrating in all the colour shifts in silk for very little return. Here is a snap of the bricks and fire.

I usually don't care about the shifting threads but maybe I was in a mood or something. Seeing a picture of it now it looks kind of interesting and I see the slight variations are nice..... I guess when I'm all hunched over the piece I have just lost some perspective...... there ya go. :)

I was told in no uncertain terms yesterday that my new shoes (thank you for the support by the way) were just WAY to gangsta' to wear. Well, that went over like a lead balloon! Just wait till I get to the mall this weekend and get the new shoes laces!!!! Take that!!!
Picture to follow on Monday.

I have already jazzed up two other pairs of black & white chucks with interesting laces.... one pair has white skulls on black and the other has white skulls and white Hello Kitty's on black. How is that for gangsta'?
CHa - CHing!! Just a little off balance and living on the edge... :)

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate everyone!!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh my, another post - new shoes.....

You can really tell that it slow here at work when I hit three posts in one day!!!

I just got some new shoes delivered that I ordered last week. I wear exclusively low rise Converse Chucks. The reason being that they are comfortable and they lace across the top of my foot. I need that due to the fact that a little over 4 years ago while travelling in the south of France I broke my foot in Monaco. What happened was I was walking up from the yacht basin towards the casino and kept saying to myself "don't trip, don't trip"...(the streets and sidewalks were torn up and being repaired for the upcoming car races) and so of course I tripped. When I stood back up and put the my right foot down "ouchers" I had done something to my foot. Needless to say my foot swelled up and turned all sorts of blue and black.

Every evening I was soaking that sucker in the bidet in the hotel room. So for the next 10 or so days I limped around France with a "bruised" foot. I even called my Mom from Bordeaux and was told to pack it in an fly home, which I was not going to do ....just for a "Bruised" foot.

After I got home I went to the doctors and had it x-rayed an low and behold I had a broken foot. Flash forward to the present day.... my right foot is about a 1/2 size bigger than my left and I need to wear lace up shoes to be comfortable. Here is snap of the new shoes....

Woo Hoo - new shoes!!!! Now I need to go to Hot Topic and get some fun laces!!!!

I wonder at what age I should stop wearing fun laces......
has that bar been crossed? :)

Take care,

Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week

I saw the question and meant to answer this yesterday, but better late than never.....

So the question of the week is:

What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

I shop just about everywhere for things that I want. For projects I see on others blogs that are out of print I shop a ton on eBay as that is often the only source for OOP or HTF charts. I also just get what I want when I see it, especially when they are released as so many things go out of print so fast. Since I really like the Quaker patterns I have gotten about 95 to 97 % of the charts out there that can be gotten.

However there are four main sources that I use for in print charts and fibers:

The first online source I use.....especially for Needlepoint silk and overdyed floss is Needlecraft Corner out of Baltimore. The wonderful shop is run by Drema and she is just the best and easiest to work with. Very quick and efficient and accommodating.
Her pricing is very competitive.

The second online source I use would be an eBay store called Liberty Primitives out of Virgina. This shop is run by Nancy, she is a sweet and kind person. She is very efficient and a quick shipper, very easy to work with.

The third online source would be Homespun Samplar out of Rhode Island. This shop is run by Linda and was actually the first online stitching source I used.
Always professional and easy to shop with.

The fourth online source would be Hand Dyed Fibers by Vikki Clayton. She is the only source that I know of for her beautiful hand dyed silks. They are beautiful and wonderful to work with. I especially like working with the premium silks and when there is a choice between regular and premium I always pick the premium. Her prices are very good and much less than many silks out there that are available, they are a superior product.

I do have here in Alameda Needle in a Haystack so that would be my LNS. I have seen them pop up as many blogs as a favorite online source so I am lucky to be able to just drive over the bridge and visit them in person. Cathe and all the ladies there are wonderful and such a joy to visit. Their inventory is vast and very complete.

So there ya go!!

Thanks for stopping by, and take care,

Stitching on VOHRH

I stayed within the rotation a kept stitching away on VOHRH. I might just finish this square up by the end of the week. Then I can start on the third square, which looks like a bear to stitch, and I don't know why. I look at it and just see trouble......go figure!?! Well here is a crooked wonky picture of the stitching from last night.

I didn't realize this was so wonky when I was taking the picture, it was probably that I was half asleep and on the way to bed when I did take the snap.

Not too much else going on here, we did have our first significant rain for the year last night. It was so nice to lay in bed and listen to the rain just pour down. I think we are in for a big old rainy winter. The last few years have been really dry with no real rainy days. I remember when I first moved to SF, the winters were so rainy that the storms would go on for days and some storms would go on weeks at a time without a break.

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate it!!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

VOHRH and another birthday present

Last night I worked in rotation on VOHRH and here is a snap of where I am now.

I also wanted to show that I went with the floss-s-way system for the silk. I am really liking this way as everything is in numeric order and it is so easy to find and far fewer tangles.

I also had waiting on my doorstep another birthday present from a dear friend in Florida. She and I have been friends since High School and she is just the bestest!!! What she sent me was a Yankee Candle Scentstories player and a disc of scents called Give Thanks. Here is a snap.

I have seen these before and thought what a great idea. You put the disc in the player and as it plays it goes through 5 different scents for your house. I think these discs last well into the 50 hour time range and there are lots of different choices out there. Nancy really knows how I like Yankee Candles and I know how she does also so we tend to swap them at giving occasions. My all time favorite candle has got to be sheer Gardenia. In fact if asked what my favorite flower is it would have to be Gardenia. It always reminds me of my mom and grandmother as do magnolia, lily of the valley, tube roses.....
there seems to be a theme of smelly white flowers here doesn't there!! :)

Our friend from Bodega Bay brought some more produce, this time it is some luscious pears from her garden. They are a wonderful fall fruit and here is a snap.

Thats about it for today, back to the grind. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthday Dinner and Beatrix Potter

Once again thank you for the kind birthday wishes!!!! On Friday we went to a new restaurant for my birthday dinner. I always like to try out new places and in SF I don;t think I will have trouble finding somewhere new place to try. I searched around on the Internet and found a place that we had never tried but I had heard of called Fattoush.

We had an excellent meal and a wonderful time. What is so crazy is that this restaurant is literally 3 blocks from our where I live and this is the first time I have ever been, but it wont be the last!!! Then out came the second birthday cake of the week and here is what it looked like after being hacked up....

I got a couple of very nice presents from two wonderful friends.......first a lovely gift certificate form Needlepoint Inc. from Robb ( I think he is enabling my addiction to needlework???) and from Don the set of three DVD's Charlie Brown specials. This is something I have wanted for a long time but never have gotten around to getting the set!!

This weekend I also worked on Beatrix Potter and have mad the second turn on the border, here is a snap.

And I took a better picture of the sampler for my mom, I was determined to get a snap with out the hot spot!!! Here is the snap...

That's about it for now. Tonight I will get back to the rotation and work on VOHRH.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Friday, October 5, 2007

Birthday stashing and stitching

First off let me say THANK YOU to everyone out there and the very kind birthday wishes!!!!! You are all so nice!!!!
Well, yesterday after work we set off to Alameda and a much needed visit Needle in a Haystack, but first is was to Urban Forest and to pick up the sampler I had framed for my mother for Christmas. I also had to drop off two other Christmas presents. Here is a snap ( sorry about the flash I just couldn't get a picture and not use the flash I tried it with and without, so please forgive the hot spot)

I really like the saying and it will fit with my moms primitive/country decor that she loves.
The visit to NIH was lots of fun and as always they were very helpful and I am lucky to be able to have this shop as my LNS. I also burned right through the gift card (surprise, surprise :) )

Here is a snap of the haul

Starting in the lower left there is a wonderful pair of blue steel, silver handled Dove shears (I have drooled over them just about every time I came in the store!!!!), moving clockwise the charts are: The Riddle - The Drawn Thread, In the Pumpkin Patch - Blue Ribbon Designs, and two Little House Needleworks charts - Acorn Hill and Prairie Sampler. I had my list of charts I am looking for so I knew exactly what I wanted. I also got two skeins of floss a pack of the gold John James needles I like and a Hardwicke Manor Hoop.

I also got some stash in the mail yesterday. Here is a snap.

The chart I won on eBay and the overdyed floss is from Vicki Clayton. I had ordered some of her floss a while back and used it in the secret Christmas stitching and REALLY liked the feel and look of it so I ordered some more. The floss is the premium kind and covers really well, the colours here are Garnet, BaneBerry, Petty Fog, Country Road, Mountain Shadow and Grasses. The colours in real life are much nicer than in a photo.

I also got some stitching in and worked on BP again as it was on top and I wanted to finish the medallion I had started on the night before. Here is a snap as it stands now.

This sucker is still an really enjoyable stitch. It is funny how some things never loose their appeal no matter how long you work away.....then there are some pieces you wish would just disappear as they become almost a drudgery to stitch.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with some friends so that should be a lot of fun.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your kind wishes and stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is that the great fire of London?????.......

No, it is just the candles on the birthday cake that LOOK like a city burning down!! The glare is just blinding!!!! Yes, today I turn another year older, but what can one do it comes to all of us ...kind of like clockwork.... :)

Yesterday was my boss' birthday (he is 3 years older) and next week is the accountants (she is at least a decade younger than both of us) so there are a lot of birthdays around this time of year. If you think about it..... 9 months ago was around St Valentines day so I like to think at least we all started out in the season of love and romance!!!

Here at work we usually celebrate birthdays with a cake and I was not disappointed. Here is a snap of the "cakes" that were presented....

To get a idea of the size these are both about 15 x 7 x 7. They are made up of layers of yellow sponge with each layer slathered in a lemon curd and toffee. Each layer was sprinkled before the curd was spread on with a lemon liquor, probably limoncello which is a liquor from southern Italy which is really, REALLY good. The first time I had some was on the island of Capri then again in Soerento at a great little restaurant over looking the Bay of Naples....I want to go back to Italy........boy have I gotten of the topic!! Limoncello is very tangy and very lemony.
Here is snap of the cake after it was cut.....

The entire cake is covered in meringue.
What was I thinking with this crazy batman angle picture?

Last night I did do some stitching. I finished the Christmas presents and will be taking them to the framers this afternoon. I also got a fabulous gift certificate from Rico to Needle in a Haystack so will be walking across the street to spend some of that after the framers.
I also worked on the Beatrix Potter piece and here is snap of where it stands now.

Rico also got me a new coffee mug.....I have quite a collection now. Don brought me one from New York and I still have my old one from Pete's Coffee. Here is a snap of the new one....

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

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