Tuesday, October 23, 2007

VOHRH Stitching

It was Monday night and so VOHRH was the piece. I am working on the City Hall Sign. Not the most interesting stitching. The sign is an allover colour that is really not the most attractive. Here is a snap of the progress.

Sorry about it being so wonky, but you get the idea. After I fill in the sign I will start on the Hall itself. That should be more interesting stitching with all the various colour changes. I also worked on some exchange stuff, but can show no snap yet.

Here is a question....What would be the average size of a pinkeep? I have never seen a size given as they would size out to the actual stitched piece being used, but there has to be some sort of guidelines that one would follow. That also goes for scissor fobs, what would be the smallest they could get?... 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch is getting a bit big but would that be the maximum? Just asking as I have never seen sizes given and have never actually touched one. I have only seen pictures. Just looking for a consensus, if that is possible.

I am kitting out Christmas Quaker.....and once again think that there is just not enough time to stitch everything I want to make.

Yesterday was warm in the upper 70's and today is to be our hot day as it should reach 82 degrees in the city. What happen to fall???? By the weekend the fog will have rolled back in and it will be cool and breezy once again, I hope. :)

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  1. Hi Edgar - I see pinkeeps in all sizes, even huge ones! But most look like they are up to 4" square... just my observation. As for scissor fobs, small is better :-) I like 1-1.5" max.... high count linens make a lot of designs work well for fobs :-) Shall I guess you are getting ready to make some?

  2. Edgar, are you ok? The fires aren't your way are they? Hope not! Looks like your had fun with your family get together. Did you get your linen yet?

  3. Loving to watch the progress of VOHRH.

  4. Making good progress on VOHRH. Still slow going for me.

    Be interested to see your progress on Christmas Quaker when you start it. I love that design.

  5. Hi Edgar-seeing your progress on VoHRH, I might have to make that my weekend project. I started it back over the summer and somehow it got put at the bottom of my stitching pile.