Wednesday, October 24, 2007

City Hall Sign finished

I worked on VOHRH last night and set a mini goal for myself of finishing the City Hall sign. Woo Hoo - it is finis!! I don't know what it is but that background colour for the sign is just not pretty. Here is a snap of the progress on VOHRH.

While stitching away at VOHRH I watched the "Fountainhead" with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, 1949. Even with the high handed dialogue of Ayn Rand, how stunning was Patricia Neal!!!! She is visually lovely to look at and was a virtual unknown 22 year old cast in a major film. If you can get past the dialogue this is a visually wonderful, message film from right after WWII.

I got some emails regarding the Kolbe Crazy Cake and thought I would post the recipe. I would presume that this came either out of the depression or from WWII when things were rationed as the ingredients are odd. Thank you to John and Cissy for the recipe.

KOLBE Crazy Cake
3 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
6 Tbls Cocoa
2 Tbls Vanilla
2 Tbls Vinegar
3/4 Cup Oil
2 Cups Water

Mix all ingredients together until smooth, pour into a greased & floured 13x9x2 pan, bake in a 350 oven for about 30 mins. Instead of flour use cocoa powder so that the cake won't have any white spotting if you turn it out of the pan. You can frost this with anything, but cream cheese frosting is especially nice on this very dense rich cake.

If you cast back in the distant past to an unfinished project of two Christmas stockings.....I am finally going to get to Britex downtown to get the trim for the edges of the stocking. I know I have really procrastinated on this project but better late than never. Also while I am at Union Square I will run over to Needlepoint Inc to pick up the rest of the silk for VOHRH. I will be using the gift certificate that Rob got me for my birthday. I also need to run out to Joann Fabrics in south city to get some DMC floss that I am missing for an exchange project. Busy Busy Busy this afternoon.

Yesterday the weather was once again very warm into the low 80's so it was doggie day spa for the hounds and they all got good baths. None of the three like or want to be wet, ever, but it had been about 6 weeks since the last DDS and it was time.

Yea, it is Wednesday!!! Hope the week is going well for everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

ps - yes Carol - I am going to be making some pinkeeps and try a fob or I that transparent?? :)


  1. Congrats on finishing the city hall sign, you're making great progress! I've read most of Ayn Rand's books, may try to find that movie as I've never seen it. Might also have to try that cake, it looked pretty yummy!!!

  2. Oh, thank you for posting the cake recipe! I've been looking for something that's moist & dense....

    You did a great job finishing off the sign. Kathy does choose some colors that are, um, questionable on their own, but I love the overall look of her designs. I just ordered one of her new designs from the Online Needlework Show and am looking forward to its arrival. :)

  3. Hope the pictures help! I love my smaller q snap, the bigger one that I am using is alittle harder to hold. Have fun shopping! Is the Hawks Hollow pattern one big pattern to buy or is it broken up into smaller patterns? I'm so wanting to do that after seeing yours! I love the sign! Even that color!