Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blcok 2 is finished and on to block 3

I finished block 2 last night, I set the goal and finished it!!! I was going to stay up until it got done, now it is on to block 3. Here is a finished snap of Mr Huffer's Smithy....

We took the car into the "fix-it up and hope it doesn't cost a fortune" repair shop yesterday and had to pick it up last night. The right turn signal was wonky and not working. So Mr Kim, who I would recommend to anybody, fixed all the light problems that existed and that I had no clue about. The total cost of all the repairs $59.97!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Action Auto has got to be the most honest place I have ever dealt with. Not having a inkling about cars except where to put the gas and windshield wiper fluid in, I am at the mercy of mechanic fraternity.

After we picked up the car it was off to the ocultist. It was time for the yearly eye exam and I wanted to see Dr Jones before he retired next month. Everything was fine with very little change in my eyes. So that means that the glasses I got last year will last me through until next year.

Across 24th Street from Dr Jones is a neat little shop called WINK. We stopped in there and I finally replaced my 10 year old broken down, falling apart wallet. I have been looking around for at least the last 8 or so months for a new wallet but nothing I saw anywhere was what I wanted. Then last night in WINK I found the neatest wallet. It is tooled leather and was made by a company called "Taxi." Here are two snaps the first is the outside and you can see there is a little slot for the MUNI fast pass. ( this is a pass that allows me to ride the public transport system here in the San Francisco)

And here is a snap of the inside....

I really like this new wallet and I hope I will have it for the next 10 years like the last.

We also got some more lovely produce from Roberta, her garden runneth over!!! Here is a snap of the bounty....

That's about it for today, tonight I think will be some exchange stitching so that I can finish up the piece that I am working on for the November deadline.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


  1. I know it was inadvertant, but you cracked me up:
    You wrote occultist; you meant
    Oculist. Although I bet more occultists would make more money if they were also writing prescriptions for eye glasses! :)

  2. Yes, occultist! I thought you were getting a psychic reading! Congratulations on finishing another square. It won't take you a year to finish this up.

  3. Whoops, sorry about occultist/oculist issue... :)

    My spelling is pretty poor and I ran that through the spell check and just was not paying attention.


  4. I'm envious of your wonder mechanic! I wish I had a Mr. Kim. Sigh...

    That new wallet is a beauty!

  5. VOHRH is lovely! You have made such quick progress with this already. Lovely new wallet :)

  6. Cool wallet, Edgar!

    Seeing the lovely avocados in your basket took me back to the days when we lived in OC and people would bring bags of avocados to the office. This Idaho girl learned to make guacamole in a hurry. :D Mmmmmmm