Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday weekend...Vancouver Washington

Well this weekend was spent with my sisters family in Vancouver, Washington. We were celebrating the four birthdays and one anniversary that occur in this month. My birthday, my niece's... Katie (it rained all weekend but Miss Katie had just taken a shower) .

My brother-in-law, John and Mathew my nephew. (guess who got and new electric guitar?)

It is also my sister and John's 12th anniversary this month!! Always a full October for my family. My sister made the traditional Kolbe birthday cake. Called Crazy Cake. This is a wonderful cake the has the density of gingerbread but is chocolate....and is super moist with the strangest combination of ingredients. This has been being made in their family for decades for birthdays. Cissy did it half cream cheese frosting for Katie and Half chocolate for Mathew.

We spent Saturday morning running errands and ended with a visit to Acorns and Threads. This is a great little store and the people are so nice. If you are ever in the Portland area it is certainly worth a visit!!! I did pick up a little stash (surprise surprise).

I got some of the WDW Dolphin, a colour I really love. I got two of the three colours for "Quaker Christmas" Ye old Gold and Cupid the third colour is Balsam Fir, but I need 20 skeins of that one floss so I will order that when I go over to Needle in a Haystack this week. I don't just want to buy it here and there as I want to get it all from the same dye lot. I really amazes my how different dye lots can be! I also bought all the little Black Sheep buttons that she had. The fabric I picked up is a piece of WDW Tin Roof which is a great colour, that I am sure I can use sometime.

I took BP with me and worked on it on and off this weekend and last night after I got home. Here is a snap of the progress.....

I got to the last medallion on the top row. It is really coming along nicely. Stitching in airports is not very comfortable and the lighting just sucks!!! It is amazing how many people do stitch and are interested in what I was working on as I had quite a few questions.

That's about it for today, hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Tin Roof is one I've been eyeing and have "almost" purchased at least half a dozen times. It looks like such a great color. All your new stash looks great! ;)

    Love the family photos, and the secret recipe for that cake has me brimming over with curiosity.

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend celebration!!!

  3. I love those blacksheep buttons. How perfect for you.

  4. Looks like a great weekend with the family!! Sorry the weather wasn't better for you, but you were in Vancouver after all, lol! So glad you got to Acorns and Threads! It's one of the best we have in the NW. I thought the girls working there were delightful too. Stitchers usually are ;)

  5. Hmmmmm cake! Sounds like a great time :)

  6. What a great weekend! And that cake looks so yummy! BP is looking wonderful! I wish we could get some of that rain!

  7. Sounds like a great time with your family! Very cute niece and nephew! My DD is Katie, also! You're making great progress on your pieces!