Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday stitching...but TGIF!!!

Lets see - should I babble about movies or stitching first...... lets do movies....

Yesterday on the eve of the end of 31 Days of Oscar on TCM it was a 2 and 1/2 feature.... Since I don't get home until about 3:45 in the afternoon I often miss the first half of most movies. This held true yesterday when I walked in on the last part of "Fiddler on the Roof" - 1971. Such a nice musical with great songs. This was followed by "A Man for All Seasons" - 1966. The story of Thomas More, who stood up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce and remarriage. Wonderfully acted and a superb movie. Wendy Hiller as Lady Alice Moore was never better!! Then it was "Dr. Zhivago" - 1965 rounding out the evening. This is one of my favorite movies. Not only because David Lean directed it (a favorite director) but it is a monumentally sweeping epic that is gorgeously photographed and backed up by one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. As you can see I sort of like it. In fact there is a list of his movies that are super: "Blithe Spirit" - 1945, "Great Expectations" - 1946, "Oliver Twist" - 1948, "Hobson's Choice" - 1954, "Summertime" - 1955, "The Bridge over the River Kwai" - 1957, "Lawrence of Arabia" - 1962, "A Passage to India" -1984. All wonderful movies and well worth watching!!! Enough film stuff -

Stitchy stuff - I did work on and finish the first alphabet for "Forgiveness" - here is a snap

I also did a bit of the border and it will be a much easier one than "Serenity." This border is only two lines and a broken Greek Key, where "Serenity" was filled in solid with leaves. I also said I would get a picture of the way I hold my q-snap. Now I don't know if I am holding it or even using this thing correctly but it works for me.... If you can imagine I sort of slump with my knees up and the stitching is braced on my right knee underneath...

I keep the extra linen rolled up either beneath, when working at the top of a piece or on top, if working near the bottom. You can see in the background my working copy. Since this chart is broken across six pieces of paper, which I would surely loose count and mess up, I have made copies of everything and tape it together so the it is only three large pieces.

I think I will leave off today with a snap of the Peach with her crazy eyes.....

I think she wants a cookie!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Thursday....

Almost the weekend - which means a visit to Alameda and Needle in a Haystack!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Yes, I took off a Saturday just for me - I so need a break from the 7 workday week!!! I haven't been over there in quite a while and I need a couple of things
(or I should say want a couple of things)
I wasn't into stitching last night and so didn't really get anything done but here is snap of some more letters from the first Alphabet -

I don't know what was going on but I just did not feel it last night - so that meant that not too much got done. There is another alphabet on top of this one in a golden/yellow so we'll see what we can accomplish over the next couple of days.

It was probably the movie last night - TCM's 31 Days of Oscars continues – with “On the Beach" - 1959. It is not an up movie by any stretch of the imagination. It stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony (pre-psycho) Perkins. All of the acting and production of the film is wonderful. Ava Gardner was still a spectacular beauty!!! It was the first film that Fred Astaire had a dramatic roll and did no singing or dancing, he also was wonderfully beliveable. Gregory Peck as the leading man does his job as usual with great skill!!!! If you do not know the story it is about the residents of Australia after a global nuclear war and their coming to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months. Not a happy subject but beautifully shot in B&W with location shots in Australia and San Francisco.

Regarding the SBQ - I knew that all would be surprised at the unveiling of my secret interest in Quaker themed stitchy things!! :)

I did have a couple of comments that need answering -

Coni - Thanks for de-lurking and for stopping by!!!! I know it does seem that I do lots of big things. I just like the idea of a project lasting for a while. Don’t get me wrong I do like a quick finish and that is why I really like the SBEBB. I only have one q-snap and that is an 8 inch one. It is very close to the size of my favorite hoop so I am comfortable with it and just move that sucker around. The extra linen I just roll up under or on top of the piece and just kind of prop it there, that was not very clear. I think I need a picture - I'll try and get one for tomorrow.

Kathryn - I know what you mean about CC floss - it seems that lately it has changed dramatically with the variegation and the weight - I don't know what is going on, but I do love the colours they have, some of my favorites. With that said - I have been using many more WDW and have just fallen for Tigers Eye, Whiskey and Scuppernong.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SBQ of the Week

I forgot to post the SBQ -

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

I would guess that my stitching weakness is just about anything to do with Quaker - inspired, historical or just interpretive, it really doesn't matter. I see it and I have to have it. There are very few charts I do not have in my Quaker stash box, I think I can count on one hand the charts that I do not have. I also really find it hard to not buy over dyed floss, it can be either silk or cotton - Gloriana Threads for the silk and Crescent Colors for the cotton, my two favorite makers...... I am really drawn to the drab and dark..... but some of the brighter ones are very pretty also.

There you go more about edgar.....

Thanks again for stopping by, it really brightens my day to see the wonderful kind things in the comments!!!!! Sometimes it is just the pick me up I need!!!!!

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Forgiveness stitching

I worked a little on "Forgiveness" and then was just sooooo tired that I packed it in and just went to bed. Sometimes that old sleep just catches up to you and the need to crawl into bed overcomes everything else. Here is a snap of the little bit I did. I was so out of it I barely smoothed out the fabric, sorry about it being crooked.

There it is.... short and sweet.....

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stitching and Stash

I worked on "Forgiveness" last night and finished up the line of cherries/buds that separate the double alphabet from the body of the piece. Here is a snap -

It is hard to see them in the picture as they a close to the colour/shade of the fabric.

I also had a pretty good mail day yesterday. As you know I am a real eBay fanatic and will chase something like a bloodhound - Well, I have been chasing a specific chart for about 2 years now and finally won one and it came yesterday. It is the 1798 - Quaker Sampler from the Goode Huswife. Since she is no longer designing or publishing her charts..... these charts are harder and harder to acquire and it has been really hard for me to get one. What has happened over the past few months is she released a book of 10 designs including this chart which has driven the price down dramatically on this chart. (I was not interested in the other nine in the book) It was hovering in the $100+ just for a single chart before the publication of the book. I was so happy to finally get this thing, I have lost so many others because I am just not paying $100+ for a chart.... and like I always say "there will be another chance." I already have the 1809 one and did pay a pretty penny for then. Here is a snap of the chart -

I also got my order from Vicki for the skeins of Baneberry silk for the QFRR. I had also orderd some linen form PTP. They do make the most lovely hand dyed things!!!
Here is a snap of the pieces I got -

The three pieces are called Heritage, Fog and Legacy. I am now waffling about what I want to stitch HB on... or for the matter what colour or kind of silk to use???? The Fog piece doesn't show how there is a lovely grey cast to it with very light mottled splotches all over - and you know how the more drab and dreary the more I like it!!!! :)
It is very hard to tell from the site how nice these are.

Last night’s movie and you knew there was one, was "Young Mr. Lincoln" - 1939, with Henry Fonda in the lead as Lincoln. Another well done movie directed by John Ford!!! This is a recent release from Criterion and was a super job well done by those folks!!! It did get a bit melodramatic at the very end with Lincoln walking away from the camera up a hill with a gathering storm in the distance (foreshadowing the American Civil War). Well worth viewing. After the movie was over I switched over to "Family Guy" which I think is one of the funniest shows on TV and watch and re-watch them over and over...a close second if not a tie for funniest show would be "American Dad."

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend happenings.....

Even though this was Oscar weekend I chose not to watch them....for many reasons... the most glaring is that the movies being "honored" I really had not seen as they held no interest for me in either subject, production or direction. I did Watch about 10 mins to see if Tilda Swinton would win the Best Supporting Actress and she did, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
She won it for her performance in "Michael Clayton."
I did not see that particular movie, nor will I, but for her body of work which is stupendous,
I think she has deserved an Oscar for a very long time, very overdue!!!!!!

I did see four movies - "Midway" - 1976, "Big Hand for a Little Lady" - 1966, "Strike up the Band" - 1940 and "Going My Way" - 1944. "Midway" is a very good ensemble movie with lots of big names in some very small rolls. The best thing about this picture is that it cuts original film footage from the battle and from WWII into the picture which enhances the feel of the entire picture. A lesser point of the movie is the silly back story for a couple of the characters. "BHfaLL" is a great film of Joanne Woodwards with quite a twist on the end. "SutB" - is one of the Judy/Micky films and is typically fun and musically lite. The 1944 release of "GMW" won Best Oscar for Bing Crosby and Best Supporting Actor for Bary Fitzgerald and a movie I thought I had seen but after getting into it I realized I hadn't.

I worked on a test for the upcoming QFRR just to see what one over two and two over two would look like - here is a snap -

I also started back on "Forgiveness" - here is a snap -

I went back to "Forgiveness" because I had finished "Quaker Christmas" happy dance -
here is a snap -

I am really happy with the way this turned out!!!! I did make some changes to the pattern where I though it made more sense or I liked it better, I did it may way! It was a really nice stitching project and I would recommend it to anyone.
I usually don't keep up with starts and finishes but for this one I actually did -

Quaker Christmas - ByGone Stitches 11/12 - 2/23
28 ct Flax - reccomended Crescent Colours, Blasam Fir, Cupid and Ye Old Gold

I also took some snaps of the spring flowers on our balcony - Rico has such a green thumb, the only three things I can keep alive are a ficus tree, a Christmas cactus and a Jade plant. But here are the spring snaps -

and some daffodils -

I did take these in the late afternoon/early evening but from these pictures you would think it was the middle of the night it is so dark....

That's about it for today. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring has Sprung, WWII Movies and QC

I have noticed over the past week or so that all around me San Francisco has begun to pop into colour again. The city street are lined with trees and many of them flower in the spring. When I got off the bus yesterday to walk up my hill (or I should say 2 hills) I thought it would be nice to snap some of the colour. I had this idea after reading Valerie's blog the other day about her adventures in North Bay and the snaps of the city I thought I hadn't done that in a while so here are a few snaps -

and here is a close up -

and I turned around and shot this tree across the street from the pink trees -

All this at my bus stop at 26th and Castro.

Last night TCM was all about WWII and movies from the 1960's - so I got home to see the end of "King Rat" 1965 - a movie I had not seen before but need to find out if it comes on DVD so I can rent it as it seemed very good. This was followed by "The Dirty Dozen" 1967 - a movie I have seen numerous times and always enjoy it. I missed most of it as we had to go to Safeway on the weekly grocery trek!! Got back in time to see the the final action of the movie. The last movie of the evening was "The Great Escape" 1963. This is a movie that I also had not seen before and really enjoyed.

I also worked on QC and can feel the end approaching......
here is a progress of last evenings stitching....

Only a couple of medallions left - I may even finish it this weekend!!
Then it is on to "Forgiveness."

If you read back through the comments from yesterday Kathryn explained how she approaches eBay. Her way of buying/bidding is identical to the way I do things. I set my price and almost 95/98% of the time throw the bid into eSnipe and walk away. I figure I will either win or loose, but I will not be caught up in a bidding war and spend too much on a thing. I won't say that I haven't paid too much for something but those somethings are few and far between.
Two things come to mind and both pieces are silver......
both I had not seen before and both I have not seen since.
That has been at least 6 years ago for one thing and over 8 for the other, so I never say never.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A favorite Movie and some stitching -

Well, on with 31 Days of Oscar and last night they showed one of my favorite movies - "Stalag 17" 1953. Now I am not a big war movie fan but there are a handful of them that I really enjoy and this tops that list!!!! In fact William Holden who plays Sefton won the Academy award for best actor. The movie that preceded this was "Some Like it Hot" 1959, with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. I think one of the best performances in this movie was from George Raft as Spats. It was a great double feature evening.

I worked on QC - and here is a progress shot -

As you can see I am filling in the space with the crow/sparrow and that curly heart design (which doesn't look to Quakery to me!).

Vonna asked about the platter and bowl - I won them off of eBay - I am totally addicted to that cyber garage sale. I know that if I sift through all the stuff long enough that there are true treasures to be found, and sometimes I can even find a real bargain. Right now I am chasing a beautiful red platter - but it has gotten really expensive - will I succumb to the temptation - Tune in next time when we hear edgar's wallet say "NO - not again - pay a bill you fool!!!!"

Another day has begun - and the big slide to the weekend . :)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Transferware, Valentines Exchange, Stash and stitching

As you may remember I, in addition to 19th century silver, collect 19th century English transferware. Well yesterday the mailman was very good to me. Starting off with this lovely platter made by Ridgway in the Oriental pattern. Here is a snap -

I also received this wonderful early bowl in the Africa pattern -

Now all I need to do is get hangers and get them up on the wall - or at least get the bowl on the wall as I really like the size of the platter and may just use it for a while before hanging it up.

I also got my Valentines exchange from Paula over at Celtic Stitcher. She sent the most lovely ornament. Both the front and back are stitched in a super Quaker-licious pattern!!!! And everyone knows that for me you can't go wrong with anything Quakerfied. Here is a snap of the piece and the super goodies she sent -

Along with the stitched heart Paula sent some Valentine's ribbon and pen, heart fabric and a great piece of Antique Pink linen. Thank you so much!!!!!!! Here is a snap of the other side -

Thank you so much Paula!!!!!!!!!

Also the mails brought me some stash (can I ever stop getting this stuff???)
Here is a snap of the three charts I got -

I got from Drema "Quaker Virtues" from bygone stitches, I thought I am so enjoying "Quaker Christmas" that QV should be equally as fun - Looking at the chart I already know that I will change the words and the floating letters to two separate colours.... and may even change the overall colour from the blue..... as that shade of blue is really no knocking me out - and you need 38 skeins - so I need to be knocked out to stitch that much . :) I also got "The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" and think this super piece will get done before "Houses of HrH." I REALLY like this pattern - I do not much care for the gold coloured linen the model is stichted on - but that is easily changed....... I also picked up "Jingle All the Way" from Not forgotten Farm. For some reason this simple primitive chart just called to me - I think it would make a great Christmas pillow and not be that much trouble to stitch up.

I also worked up in the corner of QC last night - here is a progress shot -

I hope nobody is bored by my progress shots -

There you go.... a great mail day and some stitching fun!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two great movies and Brownies!!!!

When I got home I just caught the tail end of "Raintree County," 1957 on TCM. As you know I am a great fan of Elizabeth Taylor's and this is one of her great movie rolls with her looking absolutely scrumptious!!!!! I have yet to see it come out in DVD form (except for the Asian knockoffs) and wish that it would!!!

After RC was over TCM Continuined on with the 31 Days of Oscar, by showing two 1939 mega hits!! "Gone with the Wind" and "Wuthering Heights." Can we say Spectacular - Spectacular!!!!!! So it was a very good night at the movies!!!! I think that February has become one of my favorite TCM months!!!

I also got up the nerve to make some brownies!!! Now I can make them from scratch but that box o'mix from Miss Crocker was just calling my name!!! After throwing in a cup and half of pecans into the mix they were super delicious!!!!!

I am not that big of a fan of chocolate but for dark chocolate brownies with pecans
I am just a pushover!!!!!

I also worked on QC some - I started the last full big medallion - it has a lot of stitches in it so I did not finish but here is a snap of what I got done -

I need to chart out my initials for that wreath and get those in there....

Thats about all there is today. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Christmas Quaker and Golden Elizabeth

I worked on filling in the red and gold bits that I had left off earlier along with some of the extra snowflakes ......and here is a progress snap. (sorry about how wonky it is)

As I was working on this I was wondering - there should be an Autumnal Quaker companion piece .... sounds like a project in the making - can't you just see the golds, russet browns, Burgundy reds..... I have to think about that one.

I got from Greencine a copy of "Elizabeth - the Golden Age" and if you have not seen this movie you really should take the time and see it. I often am so disappointed in sequels that I won't go to see them. I thought I would take a chance and give this one a chance.... I was not disappointed!! I was a beautifully shot movie and Cate Blanchett is just wonderful, again, as Elizabeth!!!

I think I am going to go with Baneberry and the Kahki for the QFRR.... :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Floss Toss - New Blog - and seeing Red

Well I had a great mail day yesterday in that the silk that I had ordered from Vicki Clayton arrived. Now I can finally make a decision about what I want use in the QFRR . I took some pictures of the silks on different linens that I want to use - the pictures bite - so do not expect too much - there was way too much light as I was working this out in the daylight and not the middle of the night when I usually do these kinds of things.

Here is the first snap -

This is a piece of fabric that I do not know the name to - it has a slight red splotchy cast - the silks on it are - (from top to bottom) Grasses, Imperialosity, OMOT Vinyard and Wood Louse.

The Next snap -

The fabric is Summer Khaki - the floss' are (from top to bottom) Baneberry, Kindling, Kodiakery, Country Road, Salty Sea and OMOT Sea.

The last choice is -

The fabric is from Silkweaver called Solo - (From top to Bottom) Pelly Fog, Raisin Wine, Moon Called the Sea, Flannel Dark and Hearthstone.

Now, with that multitude of choice I am really leaning to the Kahki with Baneberry. I have been wanting to use Baneberry in something for the longest time.... Any thoughts???? I think I may use Raisin Wine or OMOFT Vineyard for Hanah Beeby or even Flannel Dark. But then again I really like Moon Called the Sea.....

I have set up the Blog for the RR where we can all post and keep up with where are - it is called "Quaker Freinship RR - 2008." I have also sent out invites to everyone and have posted our blogs there. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I worked on QC and started to add some of the colour. That cupid red is really bright -
Here is a progress snap -

The snaps of this piece make it look so dark - I take them at the end of the evening and the lighting is not very good - this is really not as dark as it looks here.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Have a great weekend,
take care,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

31 Days of Oscar continues & Happy Valentines Day!!!

TCM continues with 31 Days of Oscar!!!! Once again it was movie night focusing on the 1950's - Starting off with "Houseboat", 1958 - Sophia Loren and Cary Grant. Miss Loren is another on of those movie divas that the camera just loves!! Just watching her move across the screen is beautiful!!! The movie itself is a very lite comedy but entertaining. This was followed by
"The Quiet Man", 1952 another John Ford Directed masterpiece and the always magnificent Maureen O'Hara!! Then it was "Roman Holiday", 1953 - whats not to like about this Audrey Hepburn Gregory Peck classic lovely flick... finishing up with "The Mating Season" 1951 with Thelma Ritter and Miriam Hopkins chewing up the screen and Gene Tierney.
Tonight the movie focus is on the 1960's with....
"Hello Dolly" - 1969, "Funny Girl" - 1968 and "My Fair Lady" - 1964.
Guess what I'll be doing tonight... :)

I did get to work on QC and here is a progress snap -

As you can see I did a doo-dad a tree and started on the large medallion on the side - I was just to distracted by the movies - I am really enjoying this piece and have ordered the new one by ByGone Stitches called Quaker Vrtues

I really like the interesting shape. The model is done 2 over 2 on 28 ct. I think I want to try to do this 1 over 1. I also may change the colour as this is all blue and even though I really like blue..... - I think I may try some really interesting silk from HDF....... that decision is far off!!!

Now I need to say that I have been using a Q-snap for the last few weeks and think I will not go back to my hoop except when I travel. In the HFF RR that I am in one of the participants requested that we use a Q-snap when working on her piece. So I bought one and used it ( it took me a while to get the hang of it)...... now I use it all the time and really love that thing. The fabric is held really tight and doesn't slip like with a hoop. I am a true convert I guess... Now I need to get another larger size.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple of Movies and some stitching.....

Last night was a bad TV night but a good movie night. I pulled from my library of DVD's two super movies!!! "Pride and Prejudice",1940 and "Tale of Two Cities", 1935.
So it was a Edna May Oliver evening. Don't you just love her!!!

This is a photo of her with Henry Fonda in "Drums Along the Mohawk", 1939. Directed by John Ford, another super movie!!!!!

I worked on Quaker Christmas and it is coming right along. I did not get a far as I had hoped as I was visited by the frog-zilla. On the left side two of the arms where off by one stitch and I did not notice until I saw that it was not coming together and working out evenly. So I had to spend time pulling the mistake out and then putting in the correct stitches. I have also come to realize that I can not work with a rotation (as you may have noticed I pulled it off the blog a while back). It is just that I am a one project at a time kind of stitcher. I like to work through things and get them done then move on to something else. I have been that way throughout my whole life. I did notice that even while I was working on a piece I was thinking about the other piece I wasn't working on. So there you go - One at a time - with the occasional exchange or RR thrown in for good measure.

Here is a snap of what I did accomplish last night -

It was that big snowflake in the middle that was giving me the hard time.....

I also took a snap of them working on "Milk" when I went through the Castro yesterday. It did not look exciting by a long shot. But, there were some great looking old cars out there for atmosphere. Here is the snap -

There was a gang of people around what used to be Harvey's Camera shop that is now a gift shop (I think) that has been turned back to a camera shop for the movie.
Movie magic at its finest!!! :)

I also ordered some linen from PTP and my silk from HDF so that I can make a decision about the Quaker Friendship RR piece. There are just way too many choices out there!!!!
I will be setting up a separate blog for that soon.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

take care,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dinner, Movie and Christmas

Last night was a not very productive night. I stitched some small bits.
Here is a progress snap -

As you can see there are some new snowflakes, a bird, bell and even a snail. I did all this before I fell asleep in my chair ( a bad habit of mine). So there you go a very low key evening. We started off after Rico got home from his new job (yea!!!) and off to a celebratory dinner at Alice's. Then home again to watch "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," 1982. This is a spoof of Film Noir and cuts classic b&w film into a contemporary murder film. Very entertaining!!

Not too much else going on - Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Quaker Christmas and a couple of Flicks

Well, this weekend went as they all do.... I worked at the bookstore on Saturday and Sunday....and I have to say......what is it with adults just leaving children, I don't mean 12 or 13 year olds I mean toddlers 2, 3 & 4, by themselves while they shop!!!!
What on earth are they thinking!!!!
If you leave a small child by themselves in a large children's book department then there is nobody there watching them!!!
Wouldn't you think that if somebody was looking to abduct a child they would look where there would be lots of kids and then target the lone child left alone!!!
That seems pretty obvious to me.
Some of the things I have seen going on in that bookstore are just shocking, and not everybody is looking to pick up a "good book." A little vigilance goes a long way!!!!

I did get some stitching in on both Saturday and Sunday and here is the
Quaker Christmas progress -

I am now working the 1st page from the bottom up. I think when I add the red and gold that those will pop like little jewels across the face of this piece!!

Last night continued on TCM Oscar Movies - it was 1990's night and two of my favorite filcks were on - so it was a double feature!!!! First up was "Nightmare before Christmas", 1993, followed up by "Lord of the Rings - Return of the King" , 2003. In fact i really enjoy the entire trilogy.....and couldn't be happier now that "The Hobbit", 2010/2011 - is finally in production ( I feel like such a nerd getting all excited about these movies) - but I have loved these books since I was in 7th grade!!!!! So it was very good night!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Friday.....

The little bit of stitching I did last night wasn't worth a picture, so none to share. I got so caught up in a PBS show called The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance that I was watching that and not really stitching. It was just fascinating and I learned tons about Florence and the Cathedral's Dome built by Brunelleschi. I remember seeing the Cathedral and knowing some of the history of the dome but not everything. The Baptistry is also a stunning building especially the Gates of Paradise, the north doors.

I think it will be a short one today.

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

QC, a Movie & QFRR

I worked once again on Quaker Christmas and finished the top medallions. One of the things I do each evening when I settle in to stitch is I set attainable goals that I think I should be able to finish in an evening. Last night the goal was to connect the top and right side and create a corner. Here is a snap of the piece -

I had a question from Itching to Stitch as to how many hours I work stitching in the evening. It varies sometimes I have 2 or 3 sometimes less sometimes more and then sometimes none. I like working within the goal system instead of how much time I put in - that to me sounds like a prison sentence and not too much fun. There have been times when I was stitching away and then I loose track of time and all of sudden it is 1 am. That does not happen often but it does happen occasionally. I think I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I say "just one more piece of floss" and then that 1 turns into 4 pieces... time passes so quickly when I am working on this stuff.

I had a question from Annemarie about how I attached the lace to the Pyn-keep I sent to Wendy. As I said yesterday I couldn't find the right width of lace for the piece at Britex so I settled on a couple of yards of single sided lace from Spain. This I stitched onto the piece with the edge in the middle and then went back and stitched the other side with the edges touching in the middle. The seam that ran around the edge on the keep where the edges of the lace met I covered with the satin cording and those pearlized pins I like. I was going for an old fashioned looking valentine made out of soft fabricky materials instead of paper doilies. I was very happy with the results. For the back (which I don’t have a snap of) I used and faded floral pattern that picked up the same colours of the floss' I used.

TCM is having their annual Tribute to the Oscars showing Oscar awarded and nominated flicks. Last night they showed the Country Girl, 1954, with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby. This movie won two Academy Awards… Best Actress, Grace Kelly and Best Writing, George Seaton. What a wonderful performance form Kelly, I can see why she won the award. The other lead was William Holden, one of my favorite actors of all time. He and Bing both give outstanding performances!!!! If you have not seen this film it is absolutely worth seeing.

The Quaker Friendship RR has a full complement of stitchers!! Woo-Hoo!!! I will be getting out an email in the next day or so. The group is: Carol R, Mindi, Wendy, Rowyn, Donna and Me. I think it is going to be lots of fun!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

El Cid, QC, Valentine Exchange & QFRR

I got my copy of El Cid yesterday and so I had to watch it last night. Let me tell you it did not disappoint!!! I have not seen this movie in the longest time and found it just as magnificent as I remember!! It was released last week in a limited collectors edition which included some extra stuff, but it was the movie and the disc two commentaries that I wanted. Well worth a watch if you get the chance. Sophia Loren is just stunning and Charlton Heston is as good as ever!! While watching this epic I was stitching away at Quaker Christmas and got to the top corner of the right hand side. Here is a snap -

This is an overall picture of the piece as it stands now.
I am very pleased with the way it is coming out.

I heard from Wendy yesterday that she received my Valentines exchange from the SBEBB.
Here are a couple o snaps of the piece and package -

It is hard to tell but there is lace around the edges. I couldn't find some that I liked that was wide enough so I had to double it up and I really like the way it turned out. The piece is a detail from AMAP - Victoria's Quaker. I used 4 or 5 different floss' both silk and overdyed.
Here is a snap of the package -

All that fire engine red makes the piece look really old fashioned. I couldn't resist the Peeps!! I even bought us some and they are the craziest tasting things - strawberry - I am always amazed at every Holiday that there are Peeps - I remember when I was growing up that they would only appear at they are a year round treat..... the march of progress?
I had a lot of fun putting it together.

I forgot to show a snap of the stash I got in Louisiana. In a small shop in Baton Rouge I found a couple of things that I couldn't live without.

I think that the Christmas Sampler in Red is really nice and I have always liked the verse.
The Northern Exposure chart I had seen somewhere and like it also.

The Quaker Friendship RR is almost full - only one spot left - if you were thinking about it let me know. I placed an order with Vicki Clayton this morning first thing for some silk so that I can get it together and make up my mind for the colour choice......
There are way too many pretty silks out there!!!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Stitching, Some Stash and an Invitation

On our trip to Louisiana I took Quaker Christmas to work on in the airports and during that odd spare moment of downtime. Here is a snap of the progress -

It looks kind of wonky because I just could not make it flat and straight, but you get the idea. I am really enjoying this piece and would recommend it to anyone interested! I think I am going to go in and add the red and gold bits before I finish as I had originally planned. I got some stash in the mail yesterday and here is a snap of the things that came -

I needed to some ideas for the Spring House exchange over at SBEBB. I have already worked out what I want to do for the Here's to Ewe exchange!!

Heres an open invite - I was watching the progress over at the Quaker Friendship RR and now that they have finished up I thought it would be nice to get another one going. If you are interested in joining this RR let me know - my email is edgarmatt @ g mail . com (remove the spaces) Basically we would each do a section and then mail it on to the next person. The original QFRR was with 6 stitchers and that seems to work out for the the chart. Here is a snap of piece from Wyndham Needleworks, but it is available just about everywhere. We would be using your choice of a lighter linen in 32 or 36 count and your choice of floss that will travel from stitcher to stitcher. I am really enjoying the HFFRR and wanted to do another one.

I think that about covers it for today! Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you are interested in joining the QFRR.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

We had the best time visiting around and seeing everything there was to see. 4 days was not enough!!!! I guess we'll have to go back. Here are a few snaps from the trip....

Lets start off with one of my favorite places to eat...Waffle House, how can you beat a pecan waffle and sausage!!!! I think we ate there three times!!! If you have never heard of them they are small roadside eateries a kind of greasy spoon...but I love them and they don’t have them out here in he west!!
This is a picture of a paddle wheeler shot from the levee in front of Jackson Square looking towards the Aquarium of the Americas.

It is Mardi gras time and there were hundreds of places that were selling all sorts of masks and beads. All along Canal Street there were lots of people setting up everyday for the parades that come through.

Here is Cissy on top of the Levee with the St Louis Cathedral in the back with Jackson Square in front.

We had this twice at the Cafe du Monde..... Beignets and cafe au lait. Just delicious!!! It was so nice to relax and just sit and watch the people pass while eating these delightful yummies!!!

This is the inside of the Cathedral. It seems a little dark, it really wasn't, my camera is little.

Here is the main altar, just beautiful!!!

Here is the corner of one of the Pontalbo buildings that line both sides of Jackson square. They were built by the Baroness de Pontalbo. Dr. Christina Vella wrote a book called "Intimate Enemies" about the Baroness and how a strong woman can overcome and succeed over a tragic life. It is fascinating and a really good read!!!

I think I will leave off with a shot of the statue of the Maid of Orleans, Jeanne d'Arc. This statue is in front of the French Market and is really dazzling....and dressed in Mardi Gras beads!!!

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Memorial Day

  "Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives."   John Adams