Monday, February 11, 2008

Quaker Christmas and a couple of Flicks

Well, this weekend went as they all do.... I worked at the bookstore on Saturday and Sunday....and I have to say......what is it with adults just leaving children, I don't mean 12 or 13 year olds I mean toddlers 2, 3 & 4, by themselves while they shop!!!!
What on earth are they thinking!!!!
If you leave a small child by themselves in a large children's book department then there is nobody there watching them!!!
Wouldn't you think that if somebody was looking to abduct a child they would look where there would be lots of kids and then target the lone child left alone!!!
That seems pretty obvious to me.
Some of the things I have seen going on in that bookstore are just shocking, and not everybody is looking to pick up a "good book." A little vigilance goes a long way!!!!

I did get some stitching in on both Saturday and Sunday and here is the
Quaker Christmas progress -

I am now working the 1st page from the bottom up. I think when I add the red and gold that those will pop like little jewels across the face of this piece!!

Last night continued on TCM Oscar Movies - it was 1990's night and two of my favorite filcks were on - so it was a double feature!!!! First up was "Nightmare before Christmas", 1993, followed up by "Lord of the Rings - Return of the King" , 2003. In fact i really enjoy the entire trilogy.....and couldn't be happier now that "The Hobbit", 2010/2011 - is finally in production ( I feel like such a nerd getting all excited about these movies) - but I have loved these books since I was in 7th grade!!!!! So it was very good night!!!!

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  1. Some parents will never learn and especially after the world wide coverage of the disappearance of Madelaine McCann in Portugal. You would think that two well-educated doctors would have had more sense than to leave 3 little children alone in holiday apartment while they dined out! And I am sure there are so many more missing children all over the world. You do not take your eyes off your children - ever!

    I cannot believe how much of QC you have done - it's so delicious - yet another one to add to the long list of works to do!!

  2. Just dropping by your blog from a link in Carol R's blog. Your Quaker Christmas is looking amazing and is growing so quickly.

  3. My heaven's Edgar! This is going to be done and dusted in not too much is just gorgeous :)

    Your right about parents leaving there children...and I'm sure you have seen a lot of things...I know I've seen a lot as just a casual shopper in some shops around here!

  4. I see people leaving kids alone all over the place - it just dumbfounds me. Even infants in buggies - the mom will 'park' the buggy and stroll off, totally out of visual range. I just don't get it.

  5. Well, thankfully there is at least one person looking after them in the form of you yoursefl.
    Never mind the child abducters. What about the mess these kiddies make! I worked in a bookshop, managing the children's books department, and I couldn't believe the mess the parents let their kids make. Don't get me started.

    Love your QC progress.

  6. If loving Tolkien's work makes one a nerd then I'm there too. I applaud what you said about parents leaving children. I run a 2 story furniture store and we see it all the time. And it's not only abuduction concerns, but also that little ones like that can get hurt left on there own. I second the 'what are they thinking'.
    Your Quaker Christmas is LOVELY!

  7. Wow, Edgar, I can't believe how much you have gotten done! It's beautiful! I don't understand that about parents either. I would never leave my boys like that, especially if they were that small! Who knows what people are thinking??

  8. I'm excited to hear about the Hobbit! I love the Triolgy of LTOTR's. Yes I know about parents just leaving their kids. It's ok until something happens ya know. Quaker Christmas is beautiful!

  9. It's hard to say what's going on with parents. They let their kids run amuck at the animal shelter also. Hard to watch dogs and cats, even harder if children are involved.

    QC is stitching up very nicely. Good job.

  10. I agree,I was at the CalTrain station and saw alittle boy standing by the ticket machine with who I thought was his "dad" then I heard a woman calling the little boy.Why would you let him run off in the firts place....DUH
    Your stitching is comming along great I love it.

  11. I am loving how your QC is turning out! I just got the chart in the mail today and I am sitting here debating if I want to order the threads now. Super Bowl sale...only 10 more hours. Decisions, decisions.

  12. Your QC looks amazing! You have gotten so far on it!

    We are big fans of both the trilogy movies and books in this house too. I didn't know that they were working on the Hobbit.

    It's so amazing that parents will leave their kids like that. Anything can happen when you're not there to watch your kids.

  13. Wow Edgar! Your AQC looks amazing - you have really devoted yourself to it lately :-) Oh, I hear you about bad parents... they keep me in business (I am a therapist in a welfare-based city)... but oh, it turns my tummy!

  14. My thoughts are in sync with Annemarie's. While there is the possibility of abduction with the children left alone, there is the almost certainty that these little guys will demolish the area, leaving behind damaged books and fixtures. Little ones don't learn respect for others and their property when left to their own devices.

    I've enjoyed seeing the progress on your Quaker and can't wait to see you add the colors to it!!