Wednesday, February 6, 2008

El Cid, QC, Valentine Exchange & QFRR

I got my copy of El Cid yesterday and so I had to watch it last night. Let me tell you it did not disappoint!!! I have not seen this movie in the longest time and found it just as magnificent as I remember!! It was released last week in a limited collectors edition which included some extra stuff, but it was the movie and the disc two commentaries that I wanted. Well worth a watch if you get the chance. Sophia Loren is just stunning and Charlton Heston is as good as ever!! While watching this epic I was stitching away at Quaker Christmas and got to the top corner of the right hand side. Here is a snap -

This is an overall picture of the piece as it stands now.
I am very pleased with the way it is coming out.

I heard from Wendy yesterday that she received my Valentines exchange from the SBEBB.
Here are a couple o snaps of the piece and package -

It is hard to tell but there is lace around the edges. I couldn't find some that I liked that was wide enough so I had to double it up and I really like the way it turned out. The piece is a detail from AMAP - Victoria's Quaker. I used 4 or 5 different floss' both silk and overdyed.
Here is a snap of the package -

All that fire engine red makes the piece look really old fashioned. I couldn't resist the Peeps!! I even bought us some and they are the craziest tasting things - strawberry - I am always amazed at every Holiday that there are Peeps - I remember when I was growing up that they would only appear at they are a year round treat..... the march of progress?
I had a lot of fun putting it together.

I forgot to show a snap of the stash I got in Louisiana. In a small shop in Baton Rouge I found a couple of things that I couldn't live without.

I think that the Christmas Sampler in Red is really nice and I have always liked the verse.
The Northern Exposure chart I had seen somewhere and like it also.

The Quaker Friendship RR is almost full - only one spot left - if you were thinking about it let me know. I placed an order with Vicki Clayton this morning first thing for some silk so that I can get it together and make up my mind for the colour choice......
There are way too many pretty silks out there!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Wow - how QC has grown - it's wonderful. And the Valentine Heart is so gorgeous not to mention the goodies. A great exchange!

  2. You are making incredible progress on QC! Your Valentine exchange is incredible...the stitching and finishing look gorgeous!!!

    Fantastic pics of NO, looks like you had fun. Great new stash too!

  3. Your Valentine Exchange is absolutely melt-worthy! The colors you chose ... that lace edging ... it's so perfect!!!

    Your new stash and progress on QC are also pretty fabulous! ;)

  4. I must ask, how many hours a day do you spend stitching? I can't believe the progress you make. QC looks fab.

    I love the pinkeep you made for Wendy, it's beautiful. Nice finishing job ;)

  5. Say, when are you planning on finishing QC? You do know it's February and you have ten and a half months left to finish it?
    Your Valentine heart is gorgeous, I already drooled over it over at Wendy's. Show us how you did that thing with the lace, it's fab!

  6. The exchange piece that you sent to Wendy is absolutely fabulous!!

    Your QC is looking great, too :)

  7. Oh my, QC is so gorgeous! I love watching your progress. I WILL stitch this one day ;)
    The heart you sent Wendy is fab. Such beautiful finishing Edgar. Great job!

  8. Hi Edgar :)
    Just calling by from Wendy's blog to let you know how much I am admiring the Pinkeep you made for her. It is very beautiful , I am a lover of hearts and fond of pink and lace so I think it is very pretty and I love the finishing, a perfect Valentine !!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  9. Your heart for the exchange turned out beautiful! I love the lace, what a neat detail.