Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stitching and Stash

I worked on "Forgiveness" last night and finished up the line of cherries/buds that separate the double alphabet from the body of the piece. Here is a snap -

It is hard to see them in the picture as they a close to the colour/shade of the fabric.

I also had a pretty good mail day yesterday. As you know I am a real eBay fanatic and will chase something like a bloodhound - Well, I have been chasing a specific chart for about 2 years now and finally won one and it came yesterday. It is the 1798 - Quaker Sampler from the Goode Huswife. Since she is no longer designing or publishing her charts..... these charts are harder and harder to acquire and it has been really hard for me to get one. What has happened over the past few months is she released a book of 10 designs including this chart which has driven the price down dramatically on this chart. (I was not interested in the other nine in the book) It was hovering in the $100+ just for a single chart before the publication of the book. I was so happy to finally get this thing, I have lost so many others because I am just not paying $100+ for a chart.... and like I always say "there will be another chance." I already have the 1809 one and did pay a pretty penny for then. Here is a snap of the chart -

I also got my order from Vicki for the skeins of Baneberry silk for the QFRR. I had also orderd some linen form PTP. They do make the most lovely hand dyed things!!!
Here is a snap of the pieces I got -

The three pieces are called Heritage, Fog and Legacy. I am now waffling about what I want to stitch HB on... or for the matter what colour or kind of silk to use???? The Fog piece doesn't show how there is a lovely grey cast to it with very light mottled splotches all over - and you know how the more drab and dreary the more I like it!!!! :)
It is very hard to tell from the site how nice these are.

Last night’s movie and you knew there was one, was "Young Mr. Lincoln" - 1939, with Henry Fonda in the lead as Lincoln. Another well done movie directed by John Ford!!! This is a recent release from Criterion and was a super job well done by those folks!!! It did get a bit melodramatic at the very end with Lincoln walking away from the camera up a hill with a gathering storm in the distance (foreshadowing the American Civil War). Well worth viewing. After the movie was over I switched over to "Family Guy" which I think is one of the funniest shows on TV and watch and re-watch them over and over...a close second if not a tie for funniest show would be "American Dad."

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  1. That's an amazing chart! Lucky you! Great linen, too.

  2. Great chart find on ebay - now can I find BP? I am hoping one day someone will take pity and sell or trade this one with me :-)
    And just when you decide what to use for QFRR along comes Ms Hannah and you have another choice to make.

  3. Lovely fabrics and chart, glad the price was more reasonable for you.

  4. We love Family Guy too, that show is so wrong it's funny. I just bidded on a PS chart on Ebay, my very first time bidding, so we will see how it goes.

  5. Oh, congratulations on this eBay win! If ever someone deserved a specific win, it's you winning this chart. I cannot wait to see you start it up!!