Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Transferware, Valentines Exchange, Stash and stitching

As you may remember I, in addition to 19th century silver, collect 19th century English transferware. Well yesterday the mailman was very good to me. Starting off with this lovely platter made by Ridgway in the Oriental pattern. Here is a snap -

I also received this wonderful early bowl in the Africa pattern -

Now all I need to do is get hangers and get them up on the wall - or at least get the bowl on the wall as I really like the size of the platter and may just use it for a while before hanging it up.

I also got my Valentines exchange from Paula over at Celtic Stitcher. She sent the most lovely ornament. Both the front and back are stitched in a super Quaker-licious pattern!!!! And everyone knows that for me you can't go wrong with anything Quakerfied. Here is a snap of the piece and the super goodies she sent -

Along with the stitched heart Paula sent some Valentine's ribbon and pen, heart fabric and a great piece of Antique Pink linen. Thank you so much!!!!!!! Here is a snap of the other side -

Thank you so much Paula!!!!!!!!!

Also the mails brought me some stash (can I ever stop getting this stuff???)
Here is a snap of the three charts I got -

I got from Drema "Quaker Virtues" from bygone stitches, I thought I am so enjoying "Quaker Christmas" that QV should be equally as fun - Looking at the chart I already know that I will change the words and the floating letters to two separate colours.... and may even change the overall colour from the blue..... as that shade of blue is really no knocking me out - and you need 38 skeins - so I need to be knocked out to stitch that much . :) I also got "The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" and think this super piece will get done before "Houses of HrH." I REALLY like this pattern - I do not much care for the gold coloured linen the model is stichted on - but that is easily changed....... I also picked up "Jingle All the Way" from Not forgotten Farm. For some reason this simple primitive chart just called to me - I think it would make a great Christmas pillow and not be that much trouble to stitch up.

I also worked up in the corner of QC last night - here is a progress shot -

I hope nobody is bored by my progress shots -

There you go.... a great mail day and some stitching fun!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Great platter and bowl Edgar - you must post a photo when they are on display.
    Love your Valentine exchange and goodies.
    And stash too? Mailman surely was good to you yesterday. I see you succumbed to Quakers Virtues :-)
    Please don't stop posting pictures of WIP - it's amazing to watch your progress.

  2. WOW, you had a really exciting mail day! The transferware is gorgeous. And love, love, love the quaker heart you received! I saw Quakers Virtues in a not so LNS over the weekend, really lovely...but had to pass on it as I purchased some BBD's and PS's and there was a yarn store next door, lol :)

    And I love seeing your progress on CQ, I am so impressed with how you are able to stick with such a large project!!!

  3. I LOVE your mail! I knew you would buy Quaker Virtues. :-) The blue doesn't do much for me either but I'm not sure how I'd stitch it up if it was mine.

  4. Ohhh Edgar...I am lusting over your platter and bowl...where did you get them?! Love them!!!!
    And your stash...good all of them too :)
    And Paula's Valentine Exchange is very nice! Love the quaker heart :)

  5. Keep posting those WiPs! They are gorgeous and illuminate the individual motifs that you are working on. I am sure you are inspiring stitchers everywhere to stitch more Quaker.

  6. Never bored! I love seeing all your stitching! My momma would have a fit to have that transfer ware! (So would I)
    Have a great day!

  7. Bored?! Never! More like inspired. Can't wait to see the "happy dance" posting. Looks like it will be soon.

  8. Very nice bowl and platter. I'd like to see a picture of your collection. Wow, what a lot of great new charts! On the home stretch with QC!!

  9. Lovely heart for your Valentine exchange! And great new stash, stitching and otherwise.