Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#9 of 50 - "The Rebel Within"

Gentle Friends.... another of the "50 Eats" is called the "Rebel Within."  Made at a lovely bakery called Craftsmen and Wolves on Valencia Street in the Mission.

....  the interior is bare and echoing.  It has a reputation as being very busy, and the crowds to get in can get daunting - I knew they open early and so we got there about 10 minutes after they opened to beat the crush of folks that always pack this place. 
We had tried to stop in for a lunch or a snack a couple of times but it was always packed both inside and out, so we just kept skipping it for other destinations.  But, when I read about one of things to "eat" from my list I knew then and there we would have to go really early.  The pastries they bake are lovely and displayed  nicely....

... the cold case is also quite attractive.....

I had done my reading and info gathering before going and knew a couple of things I wanted to try while I had the chance....  one was their "Twinkies"  the pale orange treat to the left of the picture....

... when ordering for breakfast Rico wanted to try the "Market-Inspired Quiche and pickled things" it was really quite tasty.....  we both had coffee

...  I also wanted to try one of the croissants, which btw are delicious, they do most layered pastries extremely well, and the reason for getting up early .... "The Rebel Within"'s a savory muffin with a surprise inside....

... a soft cooked egg....  I'd seen that the egg was supposed to have a runny yolk, but I asked that it be heated up and that probably cooked the yolk, either way would have been fine as I do love poached eggs.  The "Rebel" comes with a little vile of Tabasco salt to sprinkle on top - a nice addition to kick up the flavour.  I really liked the "Rebel" a found it quite tasty.....

... we also got a couple of treats for later, Rico got a "Chocolate Croissant Stack"  pretty to look at and an interesting idea, but fell flat on flavour and was really dry and not worth  the hype....

I got one of the peach verbena "Twinkies"  - nice flavour, and much better than the stack.
.....  over all it was very expensive, to the point of over priced, but everything was of the highest quality and most of the things we tried we liked.  If I go back, I would get a "Rebel" but get it to go and skip the pastries, as I know lots of other bakeries near here that are better and sensibly price.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Little Stitchin' and a Little Gift-a-Way

Gentle Friends,  I've only worked on AHRH lately and then not too much.....  here's where it stands...

.... just plugging away at that barn......

Now, since my Birthday is coming up this Sunday, I thought I would have a little Birthday/ Hallowe'en Gift-a-way.  I've collected up a few fun things that are totally Hallowe'en related and if you'd like to have them gifted to you from me, then just post a little comment on this post only, and Sunday afternoon I'll have Ye Olde Hag Claw .....

....and the Who Hounds Draw a winner.  Just make sure I can contact you, there are so many folks that comment that are "no-reply" that if I'm unable to send you an email the Hag will have to draw another winner.  I'll be closing up the comments Friday afternoon, and having the drawing on Sunday.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The First Day Of FALL

Gentle Friends......  how can we celebrate the beginning of the most lovely time of the year.......


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# 13 of 50 - "The Real Korean Taco"

Gentle friends... I've not done much stitching lately, my tendinitis has been acting up a bit ....  but that doesn't deter me from surfing the web.....  and in surfing about I found a list with the title.... "The 50 Things You need to Eat in SF Before you Die."  Now, if that doesn't sound like a challenge I don't know what does!!!!   - and - Rico and I had just been talking about how our life has been then same old, same old for so long and we need to break out of doing and going to the same places all the time.  Well, all this occurred in the the same week and now I determined that with a little push I'm going to see how much of the list I can try......

Fist up on the list took me about 20 minutes of circling block after block trying to find parking eventually I did find a spot, but I ended up 3 blocks away.  Located across the street from the newly renovated and lovely Dolores Park is the restaurant
 Namu Gaji........

.... the restaurant is on the small side but well lit with tons of natural light ...
... I went up to place my order of 1 real Korean Taco and I needed a drink, so I got a really delicious strawberry lemonade..  the gal behind the counter explained that the taco was on the small side and really an appetizer, I told her I just needed to eat the one and it would be fine.....

....  the taco consists of...."seasoned rice, kinchee remoulade, toasted kim, on nori with a choice of tofu, chicken or bulgogi beef, I chose beef  (bulgogi beef is Korean marinated and grilled beef) - let me tell you this damn thing was simply delicious!!!!  No two words about it, to die for and I could have eaten a couple more, but I was kinda in a hurry, but next time and there will be a next time!!

...  from where I was sitting I could look out onto Dolores Park ....

The whole experience was great, easy ordering, quick table delivery, but the down side is the parking and the restaurant is small, so I can see it getting crowded on the weekends and nice afternoons.  It is located next to another SF landmark of sorts, "The Creamery," a great place to get ice cream in the city!!

Well sports fans, that's 1 down 49 more to go...... thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Little Exchange Stitchin'

Gentle Friends,  I took part in the Annual HOE Hallowe'en Exchange and was the lucky one on the receiving end of a super Hallowe'en pillow......

....from Michelle.  It fits right in with my Fall stitching pieces and is just perfect!!

.... the piece I made has been received by Amy and here it is....  from the BBD booklet "Trix or Treat" I shifted some of the floss recommendations to add some colour - It was a super exchange thanks so much Marie!!!  Now to work on my Fall Exchange Piece!!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Pooch Post Friday - 28 Chihuahuas

Gentle friends, I was surprised the other day when I received a box of chihuahuas at work....
 it was a "just because" present cooked up by Rico and sweet Vonna from over at 

....... in addition to her other talents, raising four wonderful children, a job and mastering a multitude of crafts she is now a super cookie decorator and made these darling chi cookies for Rico to give to me.  Not only are they super cute, but totally delicious!!!  There were so many, it would be impossible for the two of us to eat them all  - so I've sent some to my family in Portland and my family down near Fresno so my Nieces and nephews can all enjoy fun chi cookies.  A Big thank you to Vonna and Rico for just making my week!!!!

That's a wrap for the week sports fans, thanks for stopping by have a super weekend!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends, over the weekend we hit the usual places....  and I did find some fun stuff...

...a couple of great about  a favorite Christmas film... and the companion book to the super PBS TV series from Ken Burns....  a 19th century etching that I already had an antique frame to fit.... another Disney DVD I didn't have and a great WWII film with Claudette Colbert, a nice piece of china from Mottahedeh and a lovely vintage set of embroidered pillow cases (they didn't look this nice when I bought them, I've cleaned and ironed them).  We hit a nice little estate Sale for some of these things.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eating at "Old Jeruselum"

Gentle Friends...  here on a local PBS Station, KQED, we have a show called "Check Please."  It's a show that's is hosted by the ever delightful Leslie Sbrocco where each week three guests eat at each others favorite restaurants and then come on the show and critique them.  We never miss the show and watch the reruns all the time when the come on.  Last week we caught a show from last year that included a restaurant called "Old Jerusalem."  The crazy thing about this place is I pass it every day going and coming from work.  It's in the heart of the Mission on Mission street at 26th Street.  After seeing the show I was determined that we would eat there over the weekend........  so Saturday night we headed there  - it's like 5 minutes from home so easy peasy getting there, parking was kind of tight but we found a spot pretty quickly.......

.... it's a really skinny restaurant squeezed between a hair extension place and something closed down.....

... you can see how narrow it is (that's Rico's elbow)...  when we got there we got sat right away.   I had read on Yelp that this place was hopping on weekend nights....  so we went early about 5:15pm.  By the time we had finished it had crowded up and there was a line waiting to get in.

...  the menu is great in that each thing has a picture, so if you have no idea what to get you can sort of figure it out from the snaps.....

.....with in about 2 minutes of sitting down they brought us these starter treats to munch on....  warm house made pita bread with a green spread - very herby and yogurt based lightly spicy and a red spread - roasted peppers and on the spicy side, nice olives and a pickled vegetable....

... Rico got a wrap chicken shawerma sandwich that was very good......

...I remembered from the show and from reading revues on line, so I knew that they made very good hummus and I wanted some of that - I got #13 - and yes, the hummus was probably the best I ever had, and I've had lots.  I also knew I wanted a Stuffed Falafel, the #18 .......

... I had never heard of a stuffed falafel, and this was simply delicious!!!!  It's stuffed with roasted onion, roasted pine nuts and sumac - really, this falafel makes regular felafel's pale in comparison!!!

..... one thing we both wanted to try was a dessert thing... and we never get dessert when we go's called Kanafeh, a special Levantine goat cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup.  Old Jerusalem is the only place in SF that makes this specialty and let me tell you - it was to die for.  
It's served warm and was just so damn good!!!!
.... we both thoroughly enjoyed this place, the servers were super nice, the pacing of the dishes was way off, but with the food being so good who cares.  We WILL be back!!

That about wraps it up for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Little Baking

Gentle Friends... you may remember that I acquired a Bundt pan a while ago and was less than happy with it.... in my travel through Consignment shops and Estate sales I have kept a look out for a replacement pan since I certainly I wasn't going to pay upwards of $50.....  this past Saturday I found a really nice Nordic Ware "Bavarian" 10 cup pan that looked to have never been used.....

.... you know if I got a new pan I was going to make a cake.....
... I made my Great Aunt Sue's "Apricot Nectar Cake."   It's a really easy recipe......

Apricot Nectar Cake
1 (18.25 ounce) package lemon cake mix
1/3 cup white sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup apricot nectar
4 eggs

1 cup confectioners' sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice

1. Grease and flour a 10 inch tube pan or Bundt pan. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
2. Combine cake mix with sugar, cooking oil, and apricot nectar. Beat for two minutes with mixer. Add eggs one at a time, beating for 30 seconds after each addition. Pour batter into pan.
3. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes in the pan before turning out onto a plate.
4. In a small bowl, mix lemon juice with confectioners' sugar until you reach desired consistency. Drizzle glaze over sides of warm cake.


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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Little Bit of Fall

Gentle Friends..... now that the weather has gotten back on track from the heat waves we been having to the upper 50's low 60's we are used to..... it was time to pull together some Fall decorations.  

Rico crawled around under the stairs where we store the decorating stuff and I pulled together my stitching Exchange pieces et voila a Fall tableau in the living room.... 
the only "new" piece is the skull candy box...

..... you knew I would fill it with some candy corn - I love the stuff!!!  and isn't the china skull too cool - I snatched that sucker off the shelf the minute I saw it at the store. 

.... Rico decorated the hall in front of the door.... for some reason we seem to be the only people that ever decorate for anything - oh well, we enjoy it......

.... I also knew it was Fall since the treats are starting to appear....  starting off with these ever delicious pumpkin donuts from Entenmann's....

....  I found this, an unusual "twist" on the season at Target this weekend - and yes, the green twist part does taste like sour apple and the filling like caramel....and usually I am not a fan the Twizzler, but I really liked these things!!

....  and as always the "candy corn" flavoured things are quite interesting......
.......   that's my little bit of Fall for now - with the lovely fog covering the city and it being so nice and cool I can enjoy the rest of my favorite time of year!!!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Little Song

Gentle Friends, this is a lovely cover of a really beautiful song......

..... sung by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'Ole  - I thought it would be a nice way for the week to end.  Have a super weekend, see you next week!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Buttermilk a Southern Kitchen

Gentle Friends... I am a creature of habit, and I take the same way to work and back home every day.   Through the Mission and along Bryant Street.  On the corner of Bryant and 23rd I passed this space that was dark and shuttered for quite a few months....... then a sign appeared in a window.....and eventually some red awnings went up... with "Buttermilk Southern Kitchen" printed just over the door.  Well, I got all excited, a new place to eat!!    Since I am from the South and totally identify with things Southern - I thought to myself....  "I'll be the judge about the food".  So many times out here in the west I have run up against food purported to be "southern" or "deep south style" or what ever verbiage used to tempt one into believing that the food may pass as something remotely southern inspired... I have been sorely let down more than once!!........  

However... last Friday I picked the Rico-nator up from work and off to Buttermilk for lunch we went....  I found parking quickly.......

.... it was a little on the busy side but we got sat right away.....

.....  I had done my home work before going and already knew what I was going to order... 
......fried chicken.....

......the guy standing in the baseball cap is one of the owners......

.....Rico as usual got a hamburger - here called the "House Burger"....

.... with the fried chicken I could choose a side dish, and of course I picked the collard greens, I do love me some greens,  these were nice, well seasoned, but a bit on the stemmy side.  When I cook greens I pull the leaf from the stems, a very minor mis-step....  the main event of fried chicken was totally delicious!!  I also got an extra side - cheesy grits - which were to die for, I do love me some grits!!  They advertise that the grits come from Anson Mills in South Carolina, a place I had never heard of but the results were well worth trouble of importing the grits!!  I usually get my grits sent to me from friends who still live in the South who just walk into Winn Dixie and buy them right off the shelf....... now I can order directly from Anson Mills.
... the little vegetable pickles are made in house and a nice touch.  The corn bread was on the dry side and a bit sweet, but I didn't come here for corn bread.

Over all a wonderful experience and we will certainly be back!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by dos top again!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Little Baking

Gentle Friends, I read the 123 Message board daily and there was a thread about a 2 ingredient cake.....  well, you know me I gotta try just about everything out there, and with only 2 ingredients - I figured if it was terrible then what would I be out........  so we picked up the Angel Food cake mix and a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple.......

.....  here's all you do.... mix together the mix and fruit (without draining) pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan (there seemed to be a debate about whether to grease or not - I chose to grease that sucker up) pop into a 350 degree oven for about 30 minuets - or until deep golden brown et voila......

.... it was a really tasty cake and so very easy!!!   

Short and sweet today, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taking a little Break....

Gentle Friends, I'll be away from the Blog for a few days.  Taking some time off from work and just having a "stacation."  I'll be back next week, if not sooner.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!

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Let's Stick to the 1840's

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