Thursday, September 10, 2015

Buttermilk a Southern Kitchen

Gentle Friends... I am a creature of habit, and I take the same way to work and back home every day.   Through the Mission and along Bryant Street.  On the corner of Bryant and 23rd I passed this space that was dark and shuttered for quite a few months....... then a sign appeared in a window.....and eventually some red awnings went up... with "Buttermilk Southern Kitchen" printed just over the door.  Well, I got all excited, a new place to eat!!    Since I am from the South and totally identify with things Southern - I thought to myself....  "I'll be the judge about the food".  So many times out here in the west I have run up against food purported to be "southern" or "deep south style" or what ever verbiage used to tempt one into believing that the food may pass as something remotely southern inspired... I have been sorely let down more than once!!........  

However... last Friday I picked the Rico-nator up from work and off to Buttermilk for lunch we went....  I found parking quickly.......

.... it was a little on the busy side but we got sat right away.....

.....  I had done my home work before going and already knew what I was going to order... 
......fried chicken.....

......the guy standing in the baseball cap is one of the owners......

.....Rico as usual got a hamburger - here called the "House Burger"....

.... with the fried chicken I could choose a side dish, and of course I picked the collard greens, I do love me some greens,  these were nice, well seasoned, but a bit on the stemmy side.  When I cook greens I pull the leaf from the stems, a very minor mis-step....  the main event of fried chicken was totally delicious!!  I also got an extra side - cheesy grits - which were to die for, I do love me some grits!!  They advertise that the grits come from Anson Mills in South Carolina, a place I had never heard of but the results were well worth trouble of importing the grits!!  I usually get my grits sent to me from friends who still live in the South who just walk into Winn Dixie and buy them right off the shelf....... now I can order directly from Anson Mills.
... the little vegetable pickles are made in house and a nice touch.  The corn bread was on the dry side and a bit sweet, but I didn't come here for corn bread.

Over all a wonderful experience and we will certainly be back!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by dos top again!!

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  1. Being a southerner away from home, I can appreciate your search for southern food. Like sweet tea, fried okra (not deep fried either), and good BBQ to name a few. Did you grow up with Duke's mayonnaise? Loved your post. The menu looks dee-lish. Glad you found one that's worth going back.

  2. Looks delicious except for the stems in the greens.

  3. I grew up in NY, but my mom made fried chicken from scratch every other weekend. I guess she's an honorary Southerner. :) It's my favorite dish.

  4. Southern food is hard to beat! So happy you found some in SF!

  5. Looks amazing! Isn't it great how places pop up so quick there, one minute there's nothing and then BOOM! You got southern food LOL

    Anson Mills is awesome, we use there grits and grains at out restaurant and they are just 1 block from us. Here is a link with a back story of the man who brought Carolina Gold Rice back from extinction

    I am happy that your first experince was a good one. Have a great weekend.

  6. My daughter lives in Sonora and misses Southern food. She will be glad to hear about buttermilk fried chicken and collards. Will tell her about this for her next trip up there.

    Mary in TN

  7. I'm so happy you posted this! We lived in Virginia for 10 years and travelled a lot in the South. We do love us some Southern food! We can only find yellow grits here in the Great White North, so will for sure check out Anson Mills and see if they might ship to Canada. I was telling my husband about this and now I get shrimp and cheesy grits for dinner tonight! Yay!

  8. I'm with you! Fried chicken and em! Do you also like poke salad?