Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cool Tuesday

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you so much for all the kind Comments and e-mails about yesterdays post.  Like little doses of encouragement!!!  I worked more on ATS, finishing up the second Peacock... and will wrap up the "Peacock Band" tonight.... then it's on to the 'Cherry Bark" alphabet.  I will probably only work on ATS the next couple of nights as I have two Exchanges coming up soonish that need some attention.

I found the recipe for the Donut Muffins and find that I got it from that wonderful Blog "Mennonite Girls Can Cook"....  you can click HERE to get directly to the recipe.  The only changes I made to the recipe, and you knew there would be at least one, is that I added some nutmeg to both the batter and to the cinnamon/sugar that the muffins are rolled in.  I didn't measure but just took my nutmeg and grated and grated some into both.  I really love the smell and taste of nutmeg and will add it to just about everything I bake.


I have seen quite a few movies lately....  one film I saw twice over the weekend was "Contagion

This is not my usual type of film, but it seemed to be on every HBO channel we get, and by accident while flipping channels I caught the last 15mins of it, then I had to go and watch it on demand.... Just to make sure I caught all the info I watched it through again later on.  A very disturbing thriller/disaster film  - I thought it was well acted by the ensemble cast and had a disturbingly real "feel" about the way the story evolved and played out.  If you have issues with germs and cleanliness this might not be a good film to watch.  It's a 106 minutes long and the time seems to fly by way too fast!!

There you go sports fans - thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday with ATS and Some Muffins

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends we had a very low key weekend.  Rico stayed in an just sort of rested!!  He wanted me to pas on his thanks for all the kind well wishes from you all!!!  With all the pills he has been taking over the last couple of days "dizzy and "loopy" are our two new favorite words.  We did get down to the pool yesterday as there was a break in the fog for an hour so although cool and breezy the sun was shining bright.  Saturday I left hi home and ran around Thrift/Estate Shopping and although I hit quite a few places it was another bust.  

I did get some stitched on ATS - working on the "Peacock Band" - and here is an update shot...

I am off a stitch or so up and down, but at this point I am not going to worry and "adjust" as I stitch down.

I made some "Donut Muffins" yesterday.  I am sure I have made them before, but can not find the post.....

They are super easy and tasty!!  I'll post the recipe in the morning.

We made a trip to Trader Joe's and I found a "new" favorite candy.....

These are really delicious!!!  If you like dark chocolate and really creamy minty middles then this is a "must try."

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again fro you well wishes and for stopping by.  Do stop again!!

Take care,

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Quick friday Posting

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks so much for all our comments and emails!!  I am happy you enjoyed a "tour" of my stash organization.  I know I am a creature of habit ...  I always put my wallet, keys, change, money clip, ring in the same place every evening.  I always set out my stuff for the morning the night before..... and find when I don't do these simple things I am a wreck trying to find my stuff to leave in the morning.  I takes less than 5 minutes for this piece of mind - and its the same with the stash - just a few minutes of putting stuff away and filing into the binders keeps things chugging along and me loosing less hair!!!! 

We had an interesting afternoon and evening.......it started after work...... Rico had a Doctors appointment - he hadn't been feeling well for the past few days.  His side hurt and his back hurt and he just feeling more and more crappity so he got an appointment.  We made it there with time to spare and they took him in less than 5 minutes...  then about 10 minutes later he came out and we where on our way to the Emergency Room!!!!!   Since the Doctors office is part of a hospital complex we just walked over.  I left him to fill out paper work and headed home to deal with taking the who hounds out and get them some dinner.  I was home doing this and he called - they had admitted him to run a battery of tests including an MRI to see what was going on.  I ran out to get some take out - and a little while later got another call from Rico that they were not going to keep him overnight and for me to come back and wait out the IV with meds.....  so about 4 1/2 5 hours later we were leaving - he had been pumped up with antibiotics and a couple of shots of morphine..... and a diagnosis of diverticulitis....  it turned out to be not some kind of kidney issue they were afraid was going on.  That was my evening.  He is on the mend and is perking right up!!

That's about it for today sports fans!  Thanks for dropping by, do stop again.  Have a great weekend!

Take care,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stashing Part 2

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you so much for you kind comments - I know my system may not be the best, but it seems to work for me.  I did have a couple of questions from the comments and emails and wanted to answer them.  The note pad in my WIPs basket is there for really no good reason.  I do find that it comes in handy when looking at colour conversion, better to lay floss on a white background for me - but I also find I reach for it form time to time to make a note or something.  I do know that I would totally miss it if it wasn't there.  The other question I think came in an email - these binder are all that I will allow myself.  Once completely full that will be my stash limit.....  except with Prairie Schooler, I will have to add a binder for those charts.  I find that by a judicious culling of things every now and again that the stash can sort of stay manageable....

Now for the Linen and Floss - that is a little less organized....

I keep my linen in a closed plastic box thing...

I usually buy linen specifically for a project, one of the main reasons I dearly love going over to Needle in a Haystack in Alameda - the selection is great and I can see a piece in person before the purchase.... but, there times I just buy it because it is a great piece with lovely colour.....hence my linen stash mound......

This is a bad picture as it looks really pink and it should be more beige/brown but you get the idea - I have lots of linen I bought when I was stitching on 32 ct that I will never use as I stitch exclusively on 36ct - and now I have some 40ct I am going to try that!! .... so once I take out all the 32ct there will be more room and this case will not be on the verge of exploding.

For my floss I use this....

It's pretty broken down now, but it was a free thing (thanks Dale) and it works well for "floss keeping."  The top drawer is cotton.....

 I keep all my floss organized alphabetically on rings by Company...  CC, WDW (2 rings) and GAST. I separate the GAST by regular and Sampler Threads.

The middle drawer holds the bulk of my silk....

Again separated onto rings by company... HDF spools and skeins, two fat rings of Belle Soie (you know how I love me some BS) and my misc Ring and bag of everything else, except for all my NPI silk - I keep that separately on two rings in small basket, I think because I usually use NPI only for my CHS Hawk Run Hollow projects.

The bottom drawer is full of extra crap....

This is full of buttons, and all my coloured pins my two glue guns and those wooden frames from Hobby Lobby for BBD projects.  I bought a bunch in Daytona Beach because the closest HL is way down in Morgan Hill - it's easier to get them in Florida and bring them back!!

My DMC I showed a little while back - on bobbins and numerically in order in craft boxes.

That's my stashing - it seems to work for me and I can sort of find things when I need them.  Except last night I totally couldn't find a chart I know I have....  I spent a lot of time tearing through everything, but no luck....  I know it's there somewhere!!So that proves no matter how organized I think I am - it is probably only superficial!!!

I worked some ATS, the vines on either side, I won't bore you with a snap of them.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stashing and ATS

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks once again for stopping by my little bit of the Blogosphere your kind comments and emails.  I also wanted give a hearty welcome to my new Followers - thanks for joining!!  and to the continued support of my old followers - that really doesn't sound as nice as I want it, but it is early and my brain can't come up with another way to put that!!

I had a question about how I deal with my ever growing piles of stash....  and what a good question.  What works for me is a three fold "Stash" system.  For WIPs and soon to be WIPs - I have a basket by the stitchy chair.... I do not allow more WIPs than can fit in this basket, my rule for sanity.....

..... and here are my WIPs and soon to be WIPs...

Mary Hutton, On the Oregon Trail, CCN Cottages, ATS, AotH, LK ABC's of Christmas, Sampler Wreath and Christmas Markings.....  

My Biggest "organized" area of stash are these 5 inch binders....

Here in my big binders, I have charts organized so that I can wrap my little brain around the heap.  The binder break down is.... 1 binder for Prairie Schooler, 1 binder for Black Bird Designs, 1 Binder for Quaker, the other binders slightly sectioned off by designer...... Mary Beale, Mary Garry, Plum Street, The Primitive Needle, Workbasket, BRD, Brighneedle, CHS, Sheepish Designs and Birds of a Feather.  I also have a misc section which holds mostly samplers.  Then there is this last area.....

This piece of furniture actually has six sections the last two hold un-filed charts, the red and white box are mostly small charts, the plastic file things hold magazines  (not my SANQ). Tomorrow I'll tackle floss and linen.

I finished up the tree on ATS - I only changed one colour -  burnt orange to copper - my burnt orange is almost identical to my nutmeg, and I wanted the snake to stand out.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Do stop by again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Post

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends not much going on here - I worked some on ATS - got most of the leaves, and fruit completed.  I think that once I'm over this part that the rest will smooth sailing.

The one project that has been sort of an on going thing is a re-shuffling of stash.  I have been culling out charts and linen that I know I will never use and or stitch on and will probably be listing some sale stuff soon.   It is amazing how much my taste seems to have changed and as I continue to go through the heaps of things I have acquired it amazes me how much there is - I know that I have become more discriminating as to what I buy, but in the past I would just get something because I liked it - now I ask some questions first - "Is is a great chart?" - "Is it something I have already or may have something that is similar?" - "Is it something that I can use already stashed fibers with?" - and the most important question now.... "Is is something I might stitch in the future"  I find that often when I ask these questions that I can talk myself out of many purchases!!  Lord knows I am running out of room for "stash Storage."

Yesterday the mail brought me the newest edition of SANQ - and I read it down by the pool -

the weather was really lovely  - with the breeze blowing, the sun shinning  - I could actually wear my lightest sweatshirt. This edition has some terrific info - and some great projects!

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by and for your great comments!!

Take care,

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Couple of ATS Shots

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends the weekend was certainly busy - we had a house full!!  Rico's Mom, two nieces, great niece and great nephew were all visiting.  They got into town Saturday afternoon.  They all live down near Fresno and where escaping the 100+ heat.  The weather here in the City was a blustery, low 70 Saturday and Sunday it got even more windy and quite a bit cooler - with some fog rolling in over Twin Peaks.

Before they got here I ran around to the do some thrifting Saturday morning and even made it to two Estate sales and found absolutely nothing that I really wanted and couldn't live without.  I guess it is persistence that leads one to find those great deals!!

I worked some on ATS and took some not so great shots with my new camera - 

I am still getting used to manipulating and moving pictures around... I am still working on the tree.  I'll get the leaves finished up then the fruit.  Here is an overall shot of the piece....


That's about all there is today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by - do stop again!!

Take care,

Friday, July 20, 2012

A New Camera

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends just a quick post about my new Camera that arrive late yesterday and was waiting for me this morning on my desk!!  I do hate posting without a snap and have been waiting for this to get here to get back in the swing of things....

I have the battery charging as I type and will have some snaps on Monday.  I think one of the nicest things about this camera is that the screen on the back is so big.....

Just about the entire back is screen!!  - and - once I learn all the different functions I think I will really enjoy this new toy.

That's about it for the goings on out here - I have been stitching away on ATS and making some progress on that crazy tree/snake and fruit.

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!  Have a great weekend!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How About Some more Questions??

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks so much for your great comments and emails  - I do appreciate and enjoy reading them!!  I am still having camera issues - I think my little camera has bit the big big one and is beyond fixing - or just too expensive to fix with no promises that it will be as good as before.  So with that piece of information in hand I bought another camera and it should arrive in the next day or two.  I wanted it before the weekend to get used to something new with a bit more memory -

So no snaps for a day or two.....  I am still stitching along on ATS, now working my way up the tree.

I was tagged a few days ago by Akila and thought today would be a great day to answer her 11 questions.  So here goes.....

1. What other craft forms are you interested in?  I like all sorts of textile crafts, but have really only ever tried needlepoint and cross-stitch.  I would love to learn to quilt, but that is down the road I think.

2. Have you ever participated in exchanges/SAL's?  I have been doing exchanges for quite a few years, and really enjoy them!!  I like the immediacy of the small finish.  I have also done a few SAL's, and have another planned to begin in the new year...  Hi Loraine!!

3. On an average, hoe many projects do yo finish in a year?  I have no idea as I never make a list of things to complete nor do I keep a list of things I have finished.  Working from a list really does not work for me.  I complete things as I get them finished.  I do try and keep the WIP's in check - if it doesn't fit in my WIP's basket then it does get worked on.

4. Who is your favorite supplier for cross stitch Fabrics?  I like to see and handle a piece of linen before I buy - so - I really enjoy driving over to Needle in a Haystack and buying from them - they are super helpful and have a great selection!!

5. Do you always change the recommended floss in a pattern or usually stitch to the suggested?  I find myself changing floss all the time - from a couple of colours to all of them - I stitch to please myself and if I do not like the color scheme then I have absolutely no problem switching out floss for something I like better!

6. Your favorite companion while working on your project.  I usually have the boob Tube on and about 90% of the time have a movie playing on the BluRay/DVD machine - so I guess that "films" are my favorite companion while stitching.

7.  Do you take your project along when you are out on vacation or visiting family?  Yes, I always make sure to have more than enough stitching when I travel.

8. Have you worked on beaded projects - completely beads?  No, never something that was completely beads - accent beads yes, all beads no.

9. What kinds of finsihing have you accomplished?  I have tried Pyn Keeps, Flay-folds, Box, Scissor Fob, Notebook, Basket and framing.

10. How many hours of stitching time do you get in a week?  I stitch every evening and as much as possible over the weekends....  so averaging out the time I would hazard a guess at 20+ hours a week.

11. How many countries have you visited and which one is your favorite?  Outside of the US I have visited 6 different countries - England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy - And have enjoyed each one immensely - but - I have been back to England on 4 occasions so I would have to say that England is my favorite place to visit - 

I am totally in love with London and all that history!!

So there you go - some more bits of info that make up me.  I think I'll wrap it up for today, thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Little Weekend Shopping

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends yesterday's Jury Duty was a total bust.  When I got there to sign in there was  Surprise Strike of the Court Clerks - after I eventually found someone to ask about my doing duty I was sent home.  I guess that's the way the ball bounces.

I am also having camera issues.  My regular camera I have been using for the last few years has now decided to become the wackiest camera on earth...  the pictures are smeary looking and have blasted colouring....  so I dug out my older camera and of course now I am having battery issues with that!!

But, before all that I did get a single decent shot of the weekend purchases - 

Hitting all the Consignment/Thrift and Junque shops I picked up from l to r - two great old Copeland Spode plates - 1 dinner and 1 salad in the "Florence" pattern - 4 spice canisters - I found out that the words are Dutch and translate to "Pepper," "Herbs," "Mace," and I think "Cloves."  I don't speak Dutch and the translators I found online where sort of vague.  If anyone knows a better translation I would love to hear it.  -and- two books.  The super Black Transferware plate I got at an Antique Collective that was moving to another spot here in town.  The Booth that this came from had everything on 50% off so how could I pass.  I guess it dates from the 2nd Quarter of the 19th century and is in perfect condition.

I have also been working on ATS, but no snapperoo - I'll try and get on up in the morning.

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Legal Monday Morning

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I really should check my calendar at home more often - or at least glance at it...  I had forgotten I a few weeks ago I received a Summons for Jury Duty to begin this morning.... 

 ....so it is off to sit around waiting all day.  

I'll be back in the morning.... fingers crossed.

Take care,

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Super Movie

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends what a great experience!!  I left work early to catch the show and what a show!!  The movie started off with an interview by Robert Osborn and Debbie Reynolds - with some behind the scenes info about the making of the film - included in the interview were clips of older interviews about the film with people connected to the making of "SitR."  The film looked stupendous and was as clean and bright a version as I have ever seen!!  This is an ongoing thing with TCM and Fathom Events - I will get to future films!!  Here is a clip of the title song from the film...enjoy....

The Theater they showed the film was downtown in a very foo foo fancy Mall and all the way up on the fourth floor.  I took the underground downtown to the Powell Street Station and made my way up to the theater.  After the film was over I sort of wandered about in the crowds and eventually made my way back down to the Food Basement area.  On the way to the MUNI you have to pass a cupcake place........  Cako...  of course I had to turn around and pick up some....

.... two red-velvet little cakes for dessert.

I was a wonderful way to wrap up the day!!

That's gonna do it for the week sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, and for you super comments!!!  Do stop again and let me know what you're thinking!!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Quick Thursday Post

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I do thank you all for your input!!!  Although I sometimes over-think an issue I am quite happy that we are all swimming along in the currents of agreement!!


Still stitching on ATS - all those bits and pieces are mostly done and the A&E, Tree with snake and the angel with sword are next up to be stitched.....  I do like working on a big project for a while then being able to move on to another piece.

That's it for today sports fans - short and sweet!! Thanks for stopping in do stop again!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts and a Little "RAIN"

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you all so very much for you kind comments and emails about Monday's post.  You are all so encouraging!!  BTW have you seen "September Cottage"??  I pulled the recommended DMC and two WDW's floss' and have started thinking about the conversion of the solid colours..... I do like the use of red for the house - reminiscent of a School House.

The only stitching I ave done is some bits on ATS - I haven't bothered with a snap, yet.  I'll get one up when it is a bit more interesting to look at.

I have been pondering an email question I received a couple of weeks ago - basically the question was the way I use the word "finish" in regards to a piece of needlework.  As I explained, the way I use it is when I have finished the stitching - I have finished. The questioning emailer took a different stance - she thought that it really isn't finished until the piece is either framed/or made into something.  I disagree with that definition - as I have some piece languishing in the finished pile and have been in that pile for a few years or more - and I think they are finished, but just not usable.  I would hazard a guess that she would rather I use the word "completed" when only the stitching is done - and maybe that's more correct.....  but I picked up the use of "finish" a long time ago and as I am loath to change in anything in any form - it might be a while before I can switch or get comfortable using "completed."  I wonder what is the consensus out there in regards to the use of these to words when referring to our stitching projects?????

I am taking off early tomorrow to go and see this super musical on the big screen.  TCM is sponsoring in select cities screenings for the 60th Anniversary.  I am really excited as I have never seen it on the big screen.  Woo Hoo!!!

That's about it for today sports fans - Thanks for stopping by - do stop again!!

Take care,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Stitching and Weekend Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends sorry to break off for two days but there were so many folks out here at work my load was heavier than usual.  

The weekend here was just gorgeous... lots of wind (not breeze)  it was almost "blowin a gale."  Yesterday the fog rolled in over the city and I had to turn on the heater a bit to take the chill out of the house.  Summer in SF, you just can't beat it!!!

On the stitching front I finished up August with quite a few changes....  here is an overall shot...

and here is a close up of August Cottage....

As you can see the most obvious change is the Cottage itself... with this being the 4th light blue Cottage in the set I just couldn't do it again...  so I chose to go yellow.  I also stitched the waves a bit differently to give them some depth - outlining with the light "Morning Glory" blue and filling the centers with "Tropical Ocean" - I think it is more interesting than just all light blue.  Here's my conversion...

Simply Shaker Sampler Threads - "Melon Patch" - DMC 352
SSST - "Apple Cider" - DMC 420
CC "Finley Gold" - DMC 744
SSST "Portabella" - DMC 3022
SSST "Lexington Green" - DMC 3022
WDW "Swamp" - DMC 3031
GAST "Tropical Ocean" - DMC 3755
DMC B2500 - DMC White
GAST "Morning Glory" - only for outlining the waves
SSST "Grape Leaf" - "Shutter Green" 

I couldn't find any SG in my stash.  I did eventually find some but by that time I was to far into the grass to take it our so I left the Grape Leaf.

Now that I am a bit ahead on this piece I will just sit back and wait for September to come out.

I also got some of the bits done on AST.....

This is coming along nicely and I am really enjoying all the different colours and bits in this section.

I got some thrift shopping in on Saturday....  and here's the haul.....

I picked up three books a fun DVD and a Sterling measure.  I think that they thought the measure was an egg cup or something as it was in the kitchen section marked $1.60.  I immediately knew it was a single/double jigger (in a past life I was a bar tender) and that it was Sterling - just by picking it up you can feel the heavy silver quality and I found a sterling mark once I got the tarnish off.   I guess with it being so blackly tarnished they just didn't know/or care.  I got it for .80 as everything was 1/2 off.  Now, you can't beat that with a stick!!

I baked up an easy little coffee cake yesterday...

I'll post that up in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mystery SAL Finish

Gentle Readers and Dear friends thanks so much for your kind comments and emails!!  

Yesterday I received the 3rd and final part of the Mystery SAL from Niky's Creations - I finished it up last night.  The design was a toally fun piece and so cute - as are all of her designs!!  Here is another one of my craptastique snaps - so you can see the entire piece....

I used the recommended DMC colours and stitched it on a piece of 36ct Vintage Meadow Rue.  Now I need to find a little frame to get it up on the wall....

We are off tomorrow for the 4th!! but I'll be back on Thursday....  so...   to all you wonderful readers, Followers, lurkers...  Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!!!!

That's about ot fopr today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stitchin' Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends it was a lovely weekend here in the City - not very hot and fogged in for the most part!!  We had a friend visiting from Monterey - she was up getting out of the heat and into the cool of SF - so we ran around with here for two days.   I did get in some stitching......

First up will be Part II of the SAL that Niky is running.  Here is the completed parts I & II....

It is a really fun piece to work on and the parts are very quick stitches.

The second piece I worked on was the CCN Jluy Cottage - I finished it up and am now waiting for August Cottage to arrive in the mail.  here's a snap of the entire piece...

and here is a crappy snap of just July...

Although I am not a big red, white and blue stitcher - 
I really enjoyed this particular cottage quirte a bit!!

I used only overdyed, except for the white -  here are my converted choices...

GAST Sarsparilla for DMC 435
HSH Honeytone for DMC 744
GAST Dark Chocolate for DMC 3031
White B5200
GAST Geranium (called for)
GAST Aged Pewter (called for) only for the bird bath
HSH Flagstone (for the roof)
GAST Cornflower - for Betty Bluebell
GAST Chives for Chopped Chives
GAST Midnight for Blue Beatrice

The thrid piece I worked on was "And They Sinned"...

I did some on the left hand side vine and finished up the Sun.  
I think this wil be the piece to work on this week.....

I also made up a Peach Cobbler out of some super summer peaches - 
I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

That's about it for today sports fans  - thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Memorial Day

  "Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives."   John Adams