Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stashing Part 2

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you so much for you kind comments - I know my system may not be the best, but it seems to work for me.  I did have a couple of questions from the comments and emails and wanted to answer them.  The note pad in my WIPs basket is there for really no good reason.  I do find that it comes in handy when looking at colour conversion, better to lay floss on a white background for me - but I also find I reach for it form time to time to make a note or something.  I do know that I would totally miss it if it wasn't there.  The other question I think came in an email - these binder are all that I will allow myself.  Once completely full that will be my stash limit.....  except with Prairie Schooler, I will have to add a binder for those charts.  I find that by a judicious culling of things every now and again that the stash can sort of stay manageable....

Now for the Linen and Floss - that is a little less organized....

I keep my linen in a closed plastic box thing...

I usually buy linen specifically for a project, one of the main reasons I dearly love going over to Needle in a Haystack in Alameda - the selection is great and I can see a piece in person before the purchase.... but, there times I just buy it because it is a great piece with lovely colour.....hence my linen stash mound......

This is a bad picture as it looks really pink and it should be more beige/brown but you get the idea - I have lots of linen I bought when I was stitching on 32 ct that I will never use as I stitch exclusively on 36ct - and now I have some 40ct I am going to try that!! .... so once I take out all the 32ct there will be more room and this case will not be on the verge of exploding.

For my floss I use this....

It's pretty broken down now, but it was a free thing (thanks Dale) and it works well for "floss keeping."  The top drawer is cotton.....

 I keep all my floss organized alphabetically on rings by Company...  CC, WDW (2 rings) and GAST. I separate the GAST by regular and Sampler Threads.

The middle drawer holds the bulk of my silk....

Again separated onto rings by company... HDF spools and skeins, two fat rings of Belle Soie (you know how I love me some BS) and my misc Ring and bag of everything else, except for all my NPI silk - I keep that separately on two rings in small basket, I think because I usually use NPI only for my CHS Hawk Run Hollow projects.

The bottom drawer is full of extra crap....

This is full of buttons, and all my coloured pins my two glue guns and those wooden frames from Hobby Lobby for BBD projects.  I bought a bunch in Daytona Beach because the closest HL is way down in Morgan Hill - it's easier to get them in Florida and bring them back!!

My DMC I showed a little while back - on bobbins and numerically in order in craft boxes.

That's my stashing - it seems to work for me and I can sort of find things when I need them.  Except last night I totally couldn't find a chart I know I have....  I spent a lot of time tearing through everything, but no luck....  I know it's there somewhere!!So that proves no matter how organized I think I am - it is probably only superficial!!!

I worked some ATS, the vines on either side, I won't bore you with a snap of them.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Thanks for sharing your method of organization, Edgar. I always enjoy seeing how fellow stitchers "keep" their stash. I'm always on the hunt for ways to improve my organization!

  2. Nice! You are much better organized than I am. lol! My linen stash is all 40ct since that's what I love. I bet you will love it too once you try it! I need to go through my thread stash and be more organized like you. i like the idea of the rings for each brand. What to you do with the ones that don't have the hang tags???

  3. That's quite the system you've got going there Edgar! I've just gotten into speciality flosses and those rings are a great idea!!! I have a number of them but never thought to put my extra skeins of floss on them. So thanks for sharing!!!

    I can't believe you're going to 40ct! I can barely manage 32ct right now...

    Happy Stitching my friend :)



  4. I keep my floss on rings too! Your posts have given me some good ideas. Thanks a bunch!

  5. You stash like i do. I have the rings and it seems to keep it in order

  6. Edgar, I am in awe! You are so much more organized than I am. Thanks for giving me so ideas and motivation. You mentioned that you buy the wooden frames from Hobby Lobby for BBD projects. Do you paint them, put clear stain on them? Inquiring minds want to know :)
    Have a terrific Thursday.

  7. WOW Edgar.. The number of charts you've accumulated. And the number of threads. You are very very organized with the amount of stash.

  8. Edgar, you are much more organized than me. But I moved last year and am still trying to get myself organized into a room big enough for all my stuff and much more. Don't forget to check your ATS chart, I can't tell from the pictures, but there is a small stitch on the staff next to the angels that looks like it is missing. Mine has a small dash coming out of it, near the bottom of the staff on the left of the angel. It almost makes it look like a key of sorts. I wish I could send a picture, but can't get a good enough one of it.

    1. Hi Jan - Thanks for info - but which angel? One of the 3 at the top or the large one with the sword next to the tree? e

  9. your fabric bin and floss bin are just like mine although you have your floss way more orgizined than mine :) I should get binders for my charts becasue right now they are in a box in no particular order.

  10. I organized all of my stitching items recently, and it's so much easier to find things!

  11. Thanks for sharing your storage system - I keep all my linen and other fabrics in Elfa drawers from The Container Store - it's been my one "splurge" in my stitching room!

    I'm like you - I much prefer to buy linen after seeing it in person!

  12. I'm not sure there is a 'neat' way for fibers. I use an old pic nic basket + toss my book binder rings (with the tags on the rings) in the basket.

    my pieces of linen, evenweave, etc recently moved into an under the bead storage, so I could have them flat + help get the fold lines out ahead of time.

    I dream of having my own craft room, could you imagine the possibilities!!! Enjoy the day

  13. Wow, every time I try to get things in order I seem to make more of a mess,LOL! I'm just starting to stich on 32 ct. So you are ahead of me there, too. Your work is beautiful!!!!!!!!! I joke that I have a craft house. Now that I only have one of me nine children with me my stuff is in almost every room. I also tat, quilt, knit, crochet and do all kinds of needlework. If it has a needle or thred I've probably do or have tried it,LOL! Love your post!

  14. And of course, we all organize differently. As long as your system (mostly) works for you, then it's all good!!! Thanks for sharing Edgar!!

  15. I need to put a bit more time into organizing my stash again. I let it go for a while, then organize it--back and forth. Thanks for sharing your ways! Maybe we should ALL blog about how we keep our stash! Like a traveling pattern... Hmmm... Hugs!

  16. Your organization is truly amazing ! Great Job!

  17. Oooh. Pretty fabrics and threads.

  18. I think I am in love! I can't help it, every time I see fibers my heart skips a beat....can I come live at your house? I love what you have done with your threads. Awesome! :)

    Of course, I had to click and see all the DMC, too. I bow my needles to you Sir, you are so organized! :)

  19. Go Edgar! I wish I had the patience to put my overdyes in alphabetical order. I just put them in snack size baggies or bead baggies. You are going to like stitching on 40ct...I love it!

  20. Nice stash organization, and I say whatever works best for you. And it must work since you get SO much stitching done! Hope you find that hiding chart - hate when that happens! Maybe stuck along with another?

  21. All of us stitcher's love to see how we keep things neat, don't we?? And I agree, so many charts accumulated over the years have not been stitched and our tastes have changed. I have given many charts away over the years knowing I will never stitch them and feel good that they went to a home where they might get a chance! I recently had the chance to turn our 4th bedroom into a craft room of my own. If you want to see the photos of my organization, here is the link I got lots of ideas from pinterest too. The part I love best though is my peg board wall of floss. I don't mind doing conversions anymore since I can see them in all their glory!


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