Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Mystery Update

Gentle Friends, let me show you a quick snap of the Hallowe'en Mystery piece I'm working on....

...  I took this snap with the fading light of day yesterday, so it comes really close to the actual colours, especially of the linen (WDW "Tin Roof") - sorry about the wrinkles, but no flash to even things out when using natural lighting.   It is still a super fun piece to work on, I especially enjoyed the acorn band, wouldn't that make a spectacular border for Fall sampler!!!!

As you might remember today is the last post for the week.  I'll be away in the great North West visiting Family over the weekend and will be back next week - with some great/interesting/clear snaps, I hope!!

Have a great rest of the week, and thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making Cookies and edgar's DVD Storage System......

Gentle Friends I thought today I would cover two subjects - a little baking I did Sunday and a little more DVD talk.  

First up would be the cookies - these are Called Cowboy Cookies and this recipe is from my dear friend Dale.  He made these all the time and became one of my favorite cookies!!  Why they are called "Cowboy Cookies" I haven't a clue, and I have found the recipe all over the Internet, so it really is no secret.  I did make a few changes, and I talk about them as I go along........  the recipe....

Cowboy Cookies 


2 C AP Flour
2 C Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 teas Baking Soda
1 1/2 teas Baking Powder
1/2 teas Salt

1 C (2 sticks) Unsalted Room temperature butter
3/4 C White Sugar
3/4 C plus 2 Tbl Brown Sugar, packed
2 Large Eggs, room temperature
1 teas Vanilla Extract
1 1/2 C Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 C (4oz) Chopped Toasted Walnuts

That's the basic recipe, I added and manipulated some of the ingredients....


Whip the first 5 ingredients in medium bowl to blend - set aside.

With a mixer, beat butter and both sugars until light and fluffy.

Add eggs one at a time and vanilla extract, mix thoroughly.
Add dry ingredients and beat until just blended, this is stiff dough.
Stir in chips and nuts - it's here that I made the biggest changes, I used 1/3 white chocolate chips and the rest semi sweet.  I also used three kinds of nuts,

 Pecans, Almonds and Walnuts to make up  the cup, and it was more like a 1 1/2 C of nuts that I used.....  I also tossed in 1/2 C of shredded coconut, I thought the texture would be a nice addition, and it was!!  When I make these again I will also add 1/2 C dried chopped cranberries or dried cherries, I think the addition of some fruit would be super!!!

After everything has come together you are to cover this and put into the refrigerator for about an hour.  I made it when we got home from Mass, and then sat down to watch a movie, so two or so hours later, after it was good and cold I started to bake.  You could even make it a day ahead without and issue.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees - Form dough into balls...

When ever I make cookies I like to use a small scoop, this is a #40 size, so that they are all close to equal in size and cook evenly.  Set cookies 2 inches or so apart. 
Flatten the dough balls with your fingers - the dough is sticky -   Bake about 10 to 15 minutes - Mine were cooking at about 12 minutes, at the 10 minute mark I turn the pan around so that they will cook evenly.  My oven is basically a piece of crap and cooks at about 25 degrees hotter than the setting and has a couple of hot spots, so I know what will work.  You'll have to adjust for your own oven.  When the cookies are done take out and cool on racks...

This recipe makes about 42 cookies...
They were a hit at my work, and Rico's work and we had some left over to have with coffee last night after dinner.....

Here's my system for storing and sorting my DVD Collection.  I found a while back that with acquiring so many DVD's that they were just going to pile up in unmanageable stacks.  As this happened it kept getting harder and harder to find a title -  I knew it was just going to get worse as I was not going to stop buying DVDs' and Blu Ray's.  So I implemented a system that works for me.

Here's were I began by keeping the movies on some shelves I got at Ikea...

... and this worked fine, so long as there was room for the newest purchase(s).  After I got the 7th shelf, and it filled up,  I had run out of room for the shelves and they were completely full (700+ DVD's).  It was then that  the stacking began, on top, on the floor and to the side were piles of DVD's.  I did have my basket of movies...

....this I change out weekly with titles that I think I will watch or plan to watch, either by genre, actor, season, or what mood I am in decides on what I put in the basket and carry downstairs.  This alleviated very little congestion at the main heap of DVD's. So I had to think of another system... and came up with this....

... I found a CD binder, and started taking the overflow DVD's and throwing away the black cases, and putting the DVD's in here.  I keep the covers in a file in my desk, so that if I ever want to go back to the case system I can.  After I filled this one, with just four movies showing, I got this....

and it has when opened....

...8 movies showing.  So, now I have two of the large Body Glove Binders, and the narrow binder, so between the three binders I have stored about 800+ movies, and I still have a few stacks at the shelves, I need another binder.   The Blu Ray's I try and keep separate, downstairs in their own cabinet, hold long this will last depends on my spending.

So there you have it, a crazy system for a maniacal movie fan.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Short Week of Posts

Gentle Friends since this will be a very short week - only three days for me - I'm going to shake up my Posts from the usual weekly format - and so today will be a "Thrifting Monday" post.....

I did my usual running about Saturday morning - Rico was out of town at a  Softball Tournament - which left the house nice a quiet - if you can call a herd of who-hounds running all over and just loosing it every time they hear the slightest noise....  it can be distracting.  It seems they all settle down to nap at about 3 hour intervals for about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour then its back to playing "grab-ass" up and down the stairs - and from toy basket to sofa to bed to big chair to bathroom..... gotta lov'em!!  Now that the Peach is taking pills twice daily she needs to get a potty break about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours or so out side, and so we go out en masse and that burns off a bit of energy.  She seems to do really well while we're at work, and there are few to no piddle-puddles, usually.  Were was I going with that story.....  oh, so, I ran about to my usually spots and here are some fun bits I picked up....

... From l to r  - a  hard paste porcelain creamer mid 19th century.  This lovely piece....

... has hand painted flowers and lovely gold work and a split handle.  Although there are some issues with the foot and some of the gold has worn (still really pretty after 150 + years), for $1.50 I was not leaving the Goodwill without it - and I do love pitchers - of all sizes .....  which brings me to the top right and the lovely yellow wear piece with brown drippy glaze, how great it that!!  It is over sized to be a creamer, and really thick and heavy, but has lots of charm  - and - I picked up a couple more DVD's I did not have - If you look back to last Monday I posted about "Sink the Bismark" - and when I saw this DVD I just plunked it into my basket - along with "Ratatouille" a totally cute film about a mouse and cooking.  

I have been asked about my ever expanding DVD collection - and I have to say that there are 100's of films that I have never bought and would like to have, and since I usually am spending only a few dollars in this secondary market - it is not much for these weekend purchases.  I do leave far more behind than I buy, for various reasons, usually those that I leave are in piss poor condition, scratched or damaged beyond playability.  Since I do not keep the case one I am home, a broken or damaged case is not a reason I won;t  buy a title - at the moment there I have around 1500+ DVD's  - and the Blu-Ray collection is ever growing.  There are a few DVD titles I already own that I know will buy in Blu Ray if they are ever released in that format, but for the most part I will stick with the DVD.  I read all the time about the demise of the DVD format, and the move to the "virtual" and the "cloud" for movies - that is not for me - I want something tangible in my hand.  I know that the DVD format will last my lifetime, and after that I could not care in the least what or which way things move for film, as it will not be an issue I will have to deal with - that's a gruesome thought.....

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do stop again tomorrow.....  baking day!!

Take care,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chihuahua Friday and a "Mystery" Update

Gentle Friends thanks, so much for stopping by, I have a couple of Chi snaps today, and the focus is on Whahumpi, he goes by a few other names, like Humpster, or Humpi but overall he's a great little man-dog, who-hound.  Always a little but skittish, we figure that's from all the "steamer trunks" of baggage he brought along with him from the home we rescued him from - here is a most typical evening shot .....

... in the evenings after the sun starts to set, and the fog rolls, in I usually click on the craptastic electric heat to take the chill off the house.  Almost immediately one or more of the hounds will grab this spot or the purple blanket just to the left.  Why they don't roast is beyond me, but they love this warm area.  I also think it is because they can see the front door and the sliding glass door and into the kitchen, a very good vantage point from about 5 inches off the ground.   Along with Humpi you can see some petals from the flowers and even a little ort, the Humpi loves all kinds of floss and especially the orts, he will chew them and I find them all over the house - sort of wet little knots of colour - it is very odd.  He will, if given half a the chance grab a skein of floss to just chew on, his preference seems to be WDW - and I usually just untangle it and dry it out, but the little tags are always destroyed......  here's another shot...

...... the Humpi is yawing and shaking all at the same time, this spot is - on the message chair -  the boys tussle over all the time - and usually starts a giant game of "grab-ass" that turns into a chase and bark up and down the stairs - which turns into fours hounds running all over the house!!

I wanted to leave off with a snap of the LK "Mystery" piece I'm working on....

..... I'm going to leave all the satin stitching for the border until the end - I don't want the q-sanp to mess it up.

That wraps up the week, have a super weekend!!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

Gentle Friends last weekend was almost a bust for cool stuff to find and buy, but I did wind up with a few treats....

... two DVD's from the Mel Brooks Collection released in 2006 - there are actually 8 DVD's in the set, but I already 5 of them in DVD format, only lacking 3, these two "High Anxiety" - 1977, a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock and "To be or Not to Be" - 1983, a remake of the Ernst Lubitsch 1942 classic.  There is one other film from the set "The Twelve Chairs" - 1970 - but I couldn't find that in the DVD bin, the other films where there, however the Box that they all came in was missing which made these available individually.  I also picked up a pristine set of the 3rd Series of "House of Elliott" - 1994 - and although there was really no ending and without a wrap of the story (the plug was pulled on the series at end of this the 3rd installment) I still enjoyed the Series  - BTW it was created by that dynamic duo Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins who created that other super series "Upstairs Downstairs."  I also picked up another beautiful picture book version of "A Christmas Carol."

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eatin' Out in SF

Gentle Friends I think I will use the Wednesday Post as a spot to share San Francisco and California things, snaps, restaurants, quick trips around and town stuff.   It will give me an excuse to get up off my butt and go out exploring and enjoying the city a bit more than I do.....  so with that in mind I'll share our little adventure we had over the weekend at a "new" restaurant, or at least new to us. Our eatin' out friends Tom and Mindy joined us and off we went.....

The restaurant we chose is called "Kitchen Story" located at 16th and Sanchez Streets.  When we first started talking about this place the address sounded really familiar... and after doing a bit of research we found that this used to be a restaurant called "Port Cafe" a place we would go to all the time... but sadly went out of business quite a few years ago.  One thing you have to know about restaurants in SF is that they come and go all the time, for various reasons.  The Port Cafe was a great breakfast/brunch place that had drag queens waiting at table - it was what they were known for - and it was a fun place to go.  

With a total refurbishment "Kitchen Story" is far more upscale -  here are some snaps of what we had.....

We started of with three appetizers...

 Crispy Calamari - Red curry battered Monterrey squid with spicy pepper, garlic aioli and
homemade pickle - delicious!!!!

CASTRO Tower”  - Diced Maguro tuna ceviche tossed with roasted rice, kaffir lime,
lemongrass, diced mango served with crispy chips - I didn't try this one as I do not like mango, but I was told it was delicious also.

Samosa’s In Town  - Red Norland potato, caramelized onion, carrot wrapped in pastry skin,
served with cilantro spice yogurt dip and cucumber salad - it came with two samosa's, but we ate one before I got the snap, now this dish,  the pastry was on the thick and tough side but the filling was top notch.  The cucumber pickle that came with these was superb!!!

Now for the main courses.....

Mindy got ..... Grilled Wagyu Beef Noodle Soup  - Egg noodle, broccolini, basil, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onion, garlic - she said it was quite tasty,  although she ordered it medium spicy, when it came it was beyond spicy hot and almost inedible.

Tom got..... Finger-Lickin’  - Fried chicken breasts, extra crispy russet wedges, coconut Yellow curry dipping sauce, cucumber salad - I also got this and it was superb, I wouldn't hesitate ordering this again and again!!!!!......  here's mine....

....  the chicken breast was boneless and delicious!!!  as was the curry sauce, simple super!!!

and Rico got.....

“Burgah” Boy - Maple Syrup Wagyu Patty, Millionaire’s Bacon, Vermont White Cheddar, arugula, fried leek, super crispy russet wedges, house made pickle - I swear if there's a burger on the menu he's gonna order it!!  It looked and was delicious!!

After all that we had no room for desert, but I did get a snap of the desert menu......

The desert menu changes daily as does the joke - we all agreed that if we had room we would have ordered the "Granny in Town."

Tom had done some research and found that their wine list, while adequate was priced on the high side, so he brought a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from Grgich Hills Estate,  the corkage fee was $15.

Overall I would say it was a fun evening with great food and fun friends.... we will go back!!

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A "Mystery Start" and an Apple Coffee Cake

Gentle Friends we had a cool/cold foggy weekend here by the Bay - I am love watching the fog as it rolls in over the City......

... I took this Friday evening from the end of our street - looking NW towards Downtown.  As you can see the fog rolls in over the city through the Golden Gate (on the far left outside of the snap) and from behind where I am standing it was also rolling in over Twin Peaks and then both arms of fog sort of meet over the Mission.....  glorious Summer!!

As I mentioned last week I am saving the fill stitching on "Thy Needle" for my upcoming trip, so I needed another piece to work on, Heaven forbid I actually pull out a WIP from the basket....  I was itching to get to a piece that was released last year, the 3 Part Hallowe'en Mystery Sampler from Lizzie Kate.  It is a small and sweet piece that is working up nicely.....  here's a snap...

.. I am stitching it on a piece of recommended 30ct WDW "Tin Roof" and using the recommended WDW floss ( I added a couple of GAST colours)  I am not a fan of 30 ct linen and would prefer a higher count linen, but like with most LK designs there are some bits a pieces to add at the end and they would be over sized on higher count linen.  Another thing... "Tin Roof" is a great grey shade of linen and in the snap it looks brown, what's up with that!!

On Sunday I baked up a version of Jean's Apple Coffee Cake I found the recipe over on the 

... the cake came together quickly, the only changes I made were to the apple mixture, I added about a 1/4 teaspoon of ground clove and grated in quite a bit of nutmeg, to kick up the Fall spicy back notes - I also doubled the chopped walnuts, I like a nutty cake!!  It is a super cake and really delicious warm with a cup of coffee, Thanks Jean!!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Monday

Gentle Friends there are two movies I wanted to mention to day one that is available and one that is to be released fro Christmas, December 20th.

The film that is available now is called "Into the White" - 2012 - starring David Kross, Stig Henrik Hoff, Florian Lukas and Rupert Grint.

Here is a short bit about the plot from Wikipedia.... " On 27 April 1940, Luftwaffe pilot Horst Schopis' bomber, a Heinkel He 111 is shot down near Grotli, Norway, by a Fleet Air Arm Blackburn Skua fighter, which then crash-lands. The surviving German and British crew members begin to shoot at each other, but later must share the same cabin to survive the harsh, Norwegian winter. An unlikely, lifelong friendship blossoms between the pilots."  

I really enjoyed this film and the interaction of the characters.  It was beautifully filmed in Norway and Sweden.

The second film is one that is coming out in December, called "Saving Mr. Banks" starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.  The film is about the back story of bringing "Mary Poppins" 1964 to life on film.  Here is the recently released trailer for the film....

As you might remember I am a big fan of most things Disney....  and to prove that here's a snap from a few years ago of Rico and myself at Disneyland riding the log ride at Splash Mountain....

.... we are in the back of the "log", I haven't a clue who the two women in front of us are but they were having as good a time as we did!!  Can't wait for this film!!!

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Chihuahua Friday Snap and "Thy Needle" Update....

Gentle Friends the days fly by, weeks tumble away and Summer is fleeting....  doesn't it seem that sometimes it is all just too short.... and then there is never enough time to get the amount of stitching done I want to have done!!  With the top three Holidays of the year looming in the distance..... Hallowe'en at 103... Thanksgiving at 132 and Christmas is only 158 days away.... I have started to map out my Fall plans already!!

I thought today I would post a Smokie Snap...  

It is really hard to get him to stand still or even slow down, he's a little mischief maker and a super alarm  - any noise he hears he barks or howls at - even if there is no noise, or he thinks there is a noise or might be a noise or something out of the ordinary - he barks at it...and don't let one of the other who-hounds make a sound because that gets him going and then he gets caught up in the drama...... he's a little nuts!!  But, we love our little man-dog!!

.... and I wanted to post a last update snap of "Thy Needle".....

... I'm at that point where the rest of the stitching is just fill or idiot stitching (my words).  I have a small trip coming up next month were I'll be at the mercy of the Airlines, and with no more counting I can just stitch away in Airports and on airplanes without a chart to contend with - and its a small piece, it will be the piece of choice to travel with.  I already have three other things lined up and kitted, one of them I'll start this weekend and talk about next week.

That about wraps up the week sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for taking time to leave a comment or send an email.  Have a super weekend and do stop by again soon!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

RAK'd and an Estate Sale

Gentle Friends the other day the mail brought a lovely RAK from Grace over at Needles Pins and Dragonflies.  We exchanged- emails about chocolate and jelly and she sent me....

..... some Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly, "Holly Band" kit from Charland Designs and some great charms.  Now I have an excuse to make some biscuits this weekend with this treat!!   The "Holly Band" piece will be a challenge as it incorporates many stitches I have never tried!  Thanks so much Grace!!!

Last weekend we made the rounds to the different shops and as I said  before it was a total bust - as it can be - with there being next to nothing I wanted/needed/or could rationalize buying.  But there was an Estate Sale that was really super - tons of stuff and I found a little pile of things to add to my heap of things.....

... from l to r.... I can barely resist ( alright I can never resist) yellow ware and this bowl was in a stack of them - I eliminated the others as they were either cracked or chipped and this one was perfect, the large silver tray was in a pile of silver and although I could have swooped in on all of it I decided to pick out the piece I really liked, and this beautifully engraved tray was perfect, and the little silver piece...

... is a really, heavy, old Victorian card tray with very little bleed ( were the silver has worn through) due to the fact that good 19th century silver plate is thick and beautiful... and how could I pass on this since it is covered in lovely foliage decoration....  and the book  "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris" was just dumb luck.  I remember the TV movie back in 1992 of the same name but did not know that was an adaption of this book, so when I saw the book I snapped it up also.  It was a really good Sale and I love the things I found.

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Stitching and Some Cookies

Gentle Friends just a quick update on "Thy Needle" - I really like the way so few floss colours are used so well in this piece.  Although it may difficult to see in the snap, the slight variations are really nice....

... the linen is a nice grey shade but continues to photograph brownish - go figure.

Sunday I pulled together a nice bar cookie recipe I found at "Simply Savvy Recipes" -  here's a snap.....

... a most excellent cookie, a bit chewy with a great chocolate/peanut butter taste!!  I'll get the link up tomorrow, but there are lots of variations out there on the Internet for this cookie - and it was super easy to make!!

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Monday

Gentle Friends I hope you all had a great weekend - it was really nice here by the Bay.  The fog rolled in over the city each night and it got so chilly I even had to kick on the heater as my sweat pants and sweat shirt just were not doing the job.  I love the cold breezy weather we have here in the Summer.  We made it to quite a few Thrift/Consignment Shops but they were a bust, that happens sometime.  We did make it to a single Estate Sale - a whopper - I'll talk about that on Thrifting Thursday. 

 I think I will make Mondays a Movie day.... and with that in mind lets talk about a not so very secret film genre I really enjoy - WWII Films, well, I enjoy most war films but WWII films are tops in my book.  

Recently I got to see 3 top notch WWII films - interesting stories all based in fact - with a bit of fiction thrown in to keep things going.... in Film release order...

..... first up will be "Sands of Iwo Jima"  - 1949 -  starring John Wayne, John Agar, Forest Tucker and Adele Mara.  The film follows a group of Marine recruits from training through the invasion of Tarawa and eventually the landing and battle on Iwo Jima.  The film ends with the men witnessing the raising of the American flag on Mount Suribachi, and iconic moment during the War. 

......the second film "The Battle of the River Plate" - 1956 - starring John Gregson, Anthony Quayle and Peter Finch.  This film was Written and Produced by that great English team of filmmakers Michael Powell and Emeric Pressberger.  The story focus on the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee.  The film is beautifully told and shot (as are all their films).

... and the third film is "Sink the Bismark" - 1960 - starring Kenneth Moore, Carl Mohner and the lovely Dana Wynter.  The film follows the launching of the Bismark, the largest and most powerful battle ship afloat. Built in 1939 it was bound for the North Atlantic and the destruction of British Convoys to England.  Nothing could stand up to the Bismark, during the battle of the Denmark Straight  the Bismark sunk the Battle cruiser HMS Hood, the pride of the Royal Navy, it also seriously damaged HMS Prince of Wales.  With the destruction of the Hood, the Royal Navy focused all of its attention of the destruction of Bismark involving dozens of warships.  The Bismark was on its way for repairs to an occupied French port when the steering gear was rendered inoperable by an attack from Swordfish Biplanes that came from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.  This bit of luck led to the eventual destruction of the Bismark.

There you go three really terrific war films with quite good stories.

That's about it for today sports fans,  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Friday, July 12, 2013

Stitching an Angel... and Little Miss Lolly

Gentle Friends another week rolls by.... and we are again at Friday!!  WooHoo!! I thought today I would catch you up on the small amount of stitching I have gotten done on my Primitive Needle piece...

...  I think my stitching focus will be on all the little motifs that are scattered about this piece and the bottom row of coin dots - I will leave all the fill stitching for later.  Last night I pulled together a couple of smaller projects that I want to do - for some reason I am wanting to have some quick finishes and so I have been working on the smaller rather than the larger stitching projects.

With Christmas a short 165 days away I thought I would post a snap of our own little Lolly as Santa's helper....

... and if truth be told, she hated wearing this getup!!

There you go sports fans - thanks again for stopping by, do stop again... have a suepr weekend!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tickled Pink and a Little Thursday Thrifting

Gentle Friends thanks so much for your kind comments about yesterdays's a little explanation......  we were at a Bar-B-Que over the weekend at a friends house (they restored one of the painted ladies just off Alamo Square) and with a house full of people two of their four cats just slept through all the commotion soaking up the sunbeams - and if truth be told it wouldn't have taken much to get me to take a nap with them - but, it was a super day and I loved the way the picture captured the quiet moment.

The other day the mail brought me something I won on the Bay of Evil.....  as most of you know one of the things I have collected for years and years is 18th and 19th century transferware.  I often go searching the listing of pieces (and there are 1000's) and came across a platter I was going to own....

The pattern is called "The Sea" and was made by Adams ca. 1840-60 - referred to as "pink" it is red in colour and I am lovin' my "new" piece of china!!!!!

Last Saturday I made it to some of the thrift /consignment shops and found some things....

.....  I found a great Longaberger basket marked $1.69, on sale for .75, so how could I pass on that!!  The silver tray was black with tarnish, but I saw how great it was, and saw it had a Gorham date mark for 1918, AND it was only $8, with such a great monogram I wasn't leaving this beauty behind,  and as usual I found some more DVD's to add to my ever growing collection of film.  "Rat Race" is so funny, and probably the best line has got to be....  "They should have bought a squirrel!"  I laugh every time!  It's worth a look.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,

Memorial Day

  "Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives."   John Adams