Monday, January 31, 2011

Chilly Normal Monday Morning

GR&DF I'm back from a 3 day hiatus.  Not too much to report.  

On the stitching front - I worked on a few pieces this weekend - one of them was driving me crazy so I tossed it into the "bag of no return" and put together something else - as it will eventually live elsewhere I am hoping my starting another more likable piece will be a good thing.  I also worked some on "Shores" - here is a a snap of the little but I got done on Square 5...
Its a bit wonky but you get the idea.

I also finished up the "February" square on monthlies.  Here is a snap of where that piece is....


I also stopped off at Borders to pick up another magazine.  I have been waffling back and forth on buying the most recent issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework.  I wouldn't usually get one but they have reprinted "The American Sampler" and since it is OOP and next to impossible to acquire a copy of the chart I thought I might as well go get a copy for myself.  This is what all the hub-bub is about ....

Although not really something I want to stitch anytime soon, I would rather have it in the stash heap waiting than try and find it later on at 10 times the cost it is now.  This was the last copy they had so I guess it has been very popular.

The Estate Sales and Consignment Shop shopping was a total bust on Saturday.  Here is a snap of the few things I picked up....

 Three books and a heavy "Federal Glass" drinks glass.  I loved the illustrated "Christmas Carol", and the Santa Book looks good.  The "1000 Days in Tuscany" should be excellent - I am reading Marlena de Blasi's other book "Lady in the Palazzo" and really enjoying it very much!!

I think that about wraps it up for today sport's fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Do come again!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warm Thursday Thoughts!!

GR&DF how really wonderful you all are!!!  I just read through the comments and am now all verklept!!  Such sweet words about my own sadness.  Dale has been a dear friend for more than 27 years and I am sure we will still stay in contact - phone , email, Blog.....   He is moving back home, but once his life settles out and he finds his own place a visit to NC will certainly happen....  maybe next Fall when it is beautifully cool and lovely.  BTW I remembered what he calls that iguana - Octavia - that was driving me crazy trying to recall the name!!

I posted the Cranberry-Orange Coffee Cake over at Blacksheep Bakes - you can click on over to see the recipe.


I am still working - very slowly - on the LHN Monthlies, so no snap yet.
Not very much else going on.  I will be away from the computer tomorrow so there will be no wrapping up the week post.  I'll be back on Monday.

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks again for all the kind comments!!  Do stop by again.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saying Goodbye

GR& DF not too much going on, the weather here in the city has been warm and lovely the past two weeks - breaking all records for this time of year  - the low to mid 70's during the day with light breezes - and plenty of sunshine.  It seems almost like an early spring.  I know that we are still in for some bad weather at some point but for now we just sit back and enjoy.

Last night I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Dale.  I have talked about him on and off here at Blacksheep, well the last day of his San Francisco life came to an end and he leaves this morning driving back to North Carolina.  He has lived out here for 15 years+ and he felt it was just time to go back home.  We made a going away dinner for him last night serving some pretty tasty chicken enchiladas, Rico made a big salad and we wrapped up the meal with a Boston Creme Pie.  It is a sad day today........  Here's a snap of the both of us last Christmas - (with his silly stuffed Iguana).....


That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by and for you kind comments - I do appreciate them all!!

Take care,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Stuff - and a Winner

GR& DF so sorry to have missed my usual Monday posting.  I was playing around with my new camera.  WooHoo - a new toy!!  Rico got it for me on Friday and I have been having the most fun.  I wanted a smaller, lighter and more powerful camera.  I have been working with my old camera for 4+ years and it was time.  My new camera is a Sony CyberShot, 14.1 MP and it's a great red colour.  I am still learning what it can do so my snaps may be a bit off for a while.  Thanks you so much sweet Rico!!! and Merry Christmas to me!!!!

Over the weekend there where other high points!!  You might remember - I collect 19th century Transferware - there a few patterns I really look for.  One of them is called "The Sea."  I hardly ever see any pieces in this pattern, like never.  When I do see the occasional piece it is astronomical in price so I whimper a bit and move on.  On Sunday we ran out to the Antique Collective (mall) and were just looking around and in one of the booths was this....

A beautiful rim soup bowl!!  I snatched that sucker off its stand so quick you would have thought I was having a fit.  It now hangs under a large vegetable bowl in the same pattern.....

For a pidge-lette update - I got a quick snap of the them.  Lolly startled the Mama away for a moment and I got this snap of the growing duo.  They have grown considerably since I last saw them a few days ago.

I did some stitching this weekend - some I can show, some I can't.  Here's a snap of some I can....  a "Monthly" update....

The colours are off but you get the idea.  I am really enjoying this - and may just push on with the stitching instead of waiting for each month to roll around.

I also whipped up this pretty tasty treat.....

...a cranberry/orange coffee cake - it has a great crumb and is filled with cranberry deliciousness.  I made a quick orange glaze that pulled all the flavours together.  I'll post the recipe in the next day or so over at Blacksheep Bakes.

I wanted to wrap up today with the drawing....  I got all the names written on slips of paper and into the BoD....  with a little help from Lolly.... the Hag claw reached into the BoD......

....  and out came the winner........  Mary H.  Congratulations!!  Now if you'll email me your snail mail address I can get the Engagement Book into the mail and on its way to you.  My email in in my profile.  Thank you all for your interest in the drawing.......

I will be reaching a milestone for me and my Blog - my 1000th Post for the Blacksheep is coming up soon..... so I think I need to have a Super Give-A-Way.  I never thought when I started Blogging I would ever have 100 posts much less 1000 - who could have known??  Oh well, keep a watch for it!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  I do thank you all for stopping by and for commenting!!  It means so much to little old me.

Take care,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

GR&DF I really enjoyed the comments about Mama Pidge and the Pidge-lettes.  On yesterdays "Doo" outing Lolly startled the Mama Pidge and she flew up - hovered a bit - and the flew immediately back down - but in those few seconds I could see a couple of sweet golden chicks nestled together.  I'll try to get a snap this weekend, but really they are just fluff in a nest.

Laxsr night consisted of trying to finish up some finishing, working on a giftie and stitching a bit on "Monthlies" - and not a snap in sight!!  I'll get a snap of a least the Monthly progress for Monday.  

Last night the flicker was "Murder by Death" - 1976 - starring - Eileen Brennan, Truman Capote, Peter Falk, James Coco, Alec Guinness, Elsa Lanchester, David Niven, Maggie Smith, Peter Sellars, Nancy Walker, James Cromwell and Richard Narita.  A great flick that I always enjoy - It is a spoof of Private Eye types from films and books.  If for no other reason than the stellar cast this is a movie to see that is fun and funny!!!

Don't forget to throw a comment at this POST if you want to be included in the "B" Word give-a-way.  Winner announced on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and for your great comments!!!  Do come again!

Take care,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Quickie Chickie Post

GR&DF today will have to be a short post - and it's all about Pidge and the pidge-lettes. Yesterday we did our usually walking the who-hounds outside to do what doo-doo they could do...... and I took the camera to see if I could get a chick snap. I saw the broken shells the day before and thought there might be some action in the nest. Here is a snap.....

You can see the shells and you can see Lolly looking at mama Pidge - but instead of flying away she puffed up and squawked a bit, but not a bit did she move. So me thinks there might be some pidge-lettes under her warm breast!! I'll keep a camera handy and try and get snap of them if the chance arises.

There you go sports fans - a short and sweet city-chicken update.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Super Samplers and a Flick

GR&DF thanks for the great comments. I do enjoy them and appreciate the time you take. I had a couple of questions..... Christine asked about stitching up the LHN "Monthlies." Yes, I found a large enough piece of linen in my stash to stitch up the whole year. I am doing it 3 across and 4 down. I waffled back and forth 3 x4 or 4 x 3 and think that the 3 x 4 will work nicely. The other question was from Alice - Ma Teakettle refers to the dear Blogging Buddie that ran a give-a-way for her Followers - it was from her that I won the charts and other goodies. Look back a few posts and you can see everything that I won.

Yesterday on the way home we veered way off to stop by the mall - had to make a stop at Bath and Body Works - as we we completely out of the lotion we like. Of course they have discontinued the kind we like - which meant walking around trying to figure something else out. In the end I went with 3 trial sized variations and hopefully will find one we like.

While at the Mall we stopped off at Borders and I picked up the most recent JCS - Jan/Feb- I was specifically getting this issue to acquire this great little sampler.....

I saw this on another stitchers Blog and really fell for the whole piece. I always enjoy Praiseworthy Stitches designs and this is a doozey!! I flipped through it and found a huge bonus piece!!! There is a great article about Paulette of Plum Street Samplers and accompanying the article is a super sampler....

How cute is this!! This is a great issue with two super pieces - well worth the $6!!

Last night the stitching was on a secret piece - so no snaps, yet.

The flick for the evening was "An Angle at my Table" - 1990 - the bio-pic about Janet Frame. I really love this short review of the film......

"For some people, "An Angel At My Table' would be a VERY long sit-through. The story of one of New Zealand's most famous authors, who succeeds despite having gone through schizophrenia isn't exactly family entertainment. But although the movie runs far too long, at 2 and a half hours, I found myself engaged quite a bit as soon as the story got moving, and not a relentless character study. Janette Frame, a girl with a serious shock of red hair, grows up, realizing her passion for writing, and suffers tremendous setbacks, both emotionally and professionally. What a performance the three actresses give as Janette, we see Janette as a young girl, a teenager, and as a young adult. Although Kerry Fox is the most well known of all three, all three are tremendous here, each taking the nuances of Frame, and developing the character beautifully. As per the case of all Jane Campion's films, she knows how to frame the camera quite well, and again, although the movie IS long, it does have a lot of amazing little moments."

This is a long film at 2 1/2 hours - broken up into three very distinct parts, originally made for TV, but certainly worth the viewing!! I want to thank Coni over at Spinster Stitcher for bringing this wonderful film to my attention. I love seeing something new and interesting.

That's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by - do come again!! Don't forget about the give-a-way on yesterdays post.

Take care,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The "B" Word - a Small Give-a-way and a LHN Start

GR&DF another foggy day by the Bay - so much fog that even the news this morning was babbling about the thick layer over us. Thanks for the great comments - Jeanne mentioned another of Rosalind's flickers - "Trouble with Angels" - 1966 and its sequel that is not as good..."Where Angels go Trouble Follows" - 1968. There are other fine performances out "His Girl Friday" - 1940 - co-starring Cary Grant and her break out roll in "Craig's Wife" - 1936. So many fine performances check them out if you get a chance.

About the Give-a-way, Rico got an engagement calendar for 2011 that he will not use and thought that there might be someone out there who could use and appreciate the snarky humor of this little gem. Here's a snap of the cover...

and here is one of the great pages inside....

Some of the pages can get a bit racy, but they are all really funny. So..... if you would like a chance to win this great little calendar, just leave a comment on this post only and we'll get out the BOD this weekend and have the who hound pick a winner. I'll announce it on Monday. Anyone, anywhere may enter and I will send it to wherever you are, but you have to post a comment to win.

I couldn't help myself.... last night I needed to get a move on the LHN Monthly Squares. I got a great piece of linen out of the stash heap and slam bam I had a new start, Thanks again Ma Teakettle!!!!! Here's a snap..

It's not too exciting but this is the outside border of January. I changed up a floss colour - I think if something says medium green then it should be a green colour and not beige/brown, but that's just me. I think I will go along like that for the whole piece - change out where I thinkit will be a better choice. I have lots of CC Floss and so substituting the colours around will not be a problem.

That's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by - and remember if you would like a chance at the Give-a-way just leave a comment on this post. Thanks again!!

Take care,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guilty Pleasures!!!

GR&DF welcome to Monday morning. It's usually the low end of the week with a longing for the distant weekend. For some reason not so much today - go figure. It could be that it is not as cold as it has been - the temps are hovering in the mid 50's - it could be because there is no rain this morning. I really hate driving in the rain, not so much the rain falling as the other drivers driving like maniacs ignoring the weather.... or it could be the clean closet I now have (what a bear to wrestle with this weekend!!) What ever it is - I ain't gonna fight it, but just roll with it for the day!!!

The weekend was very low key - as in no key!!! I did accomplish the cleaning of the second bedroom closet - it was so good I almost lit a cigarette when I finished!!!! I also did a bunch of laundry, as you know I really enjoy that domestic chore and all the usual ironing that accompanies clean clothes - so relaxing and such a feeling of accomplishment to have it all done.

The post title refers to a few things I enjoyed over the past two days ...... we ran to an estate sale on Saturday - only one this weekend - and picked up this book....

I have wanted a copy of this for a long time - and since it is OOP I knew I would have to find one on the secondary market. I love me some Rosalind Russell!! Her movies include.... "The Women" - 1939, "My Sister Eileen" - 1942, "Sister Kenny" - 1946, "Mourning Becomes Electra" - 1947, "Picnic" - 1955, "Auntie Mame" -1958 and "Gypsy" - 1962 - every roll did played is super - check you some of them as most are on DVD.

We stopped off at Walgreen's (a Drug Store, that carries everything and then some) and on the sale shelf, you gotta check them out sometime if you don't usually, there was a few of these.....

I do love a good freeze pop - and these where only a $1!! Wrapping up (or starting off) the guilty pleasures of the weekend.... was dinner on Friday evening.....

Pizza!! We just finished up this gigantic pie last night with a salad - such treats and the weekend is for treating yourself!!!!!!

On the stitching front - I did finish up my replacement piece stitching and now all I need to do is the final finishing. For some reason I was having the darnedest time with the back stitching. I spent the whole of Saturday evening with the counting and frogging and then a recounting and a re-frogging, but eventually got all the back stitching done. Sometimes perseverance is its own reward - and I am nothing if not persistent!!

That's about it for today sports fans. I did make a nice, tasty coffee cake, but will save that for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Lovely Package

GR&DF so sorry to have a blip in the posts here at the Sheep - but as I sat here trying to get through some of my emails and then I got wrapped up in reading through back postings on other Blogs - the time just got away from me. There is really not much happening here - I am stitching away on a replacement piece - that I think is totally cute, but then what do I know!! :)

We are all trying to stay a bit on the less than frozen side and also trying to stay dryish. We had another day of "rain." It really was not rain in the real since of the word, but just some miscellaneous drops, lots of mist and windy spattering. Just enough damp falling to keep a person less than dry - and the four hairs on my pointed head where plastered down like I had pomade in my hair!!

There was a super bright spot yesterday afternoon - the mail brought a wonderful win from Ma Teakettle - over at The Teakettle Corner - I won the Follower's Gift-A-Way she was hosting. Here is a snap....

Along with the complete LHN Monthly Squares series was included a cute pair of scissors, some sparkly pins, a darling floss minder and really lovely piece of linen. I saw these charts last year and thought to myself, hey self - wouldn't they look cute stitched up together in sampler form. I heard no laughing or anything negative so I knew it was a pretty good idea. :)
Now to get on the stick and get a largish piece of linen and get January stitched up as I see this a year long fun stitch. Thanks you so much Ma Teakettle!!!!!!!

So that's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by and for you sweet comments. I think we have another egg under le Poulet Ville (City Chicken) ... would that be "la" as it is a girl sitting there on her eggs.......? ......... so we might get three sweet little peepers. I'll keep you updated.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Midweek Babbles......

GR&DF midweek and the weekend can't get here fast enough. Just wishing it away I guess!! Yesterday we got our cold and windy rain day a bit early - and today it is to be a cold a dry one!! So I am off to the Farmers Market at lunch. I haven't been over since way before Christmas. Not sure what might be there, but I know one thing..... there will be some Kettle Korn for sure!

I wanted to mention that I have posted the Lemon Squares recipe over on BlackSheep Bakes. There are lots of Lemons Bar recipes - this is the one I sort of concocted and used. I like it because it is like a butter cookie with a tangy lemony topping - whats not to like.

Last night I watched a couple of flicks - one the was new to me and the other an old favorite. The old favorite was "Russian Ark" - 2002 - a scrumptious film that is done all in one take - one single take - imagine that. Almost 100 mins of no breaks for anything - It is a Russian film with subtitles so that you can follow what is being said. The joy of the film is that you move the The Hermitage in and out of History for the past 300 years as a spectator that can see but not be seen by those around you, except for your guide - who is an 18th century visitor. I love this film and have seen it many times. Here is a the trailer from the film.....

You see Tzar's and Tzarina's, aristocrats and the military, war, theatre and a ball. - I see something new on each viewing. I can not recommend this film highly enough, breathtaking in scope, beautiful art, beautiful Palace and gorgeous music!!

The other film was "Titan A.E." - 2000 - and animated film set in the future in space. With the voices of many stars including , Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, Nathan Lane and Drew Barrymore I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Lots of action and great visuals. Created By Don Bluth and Gary Oldman I would also recommend this film.

At our house or I should say in one of the enclosed courtyards we have some new friends....

They are actually old friends in new surroundings..... and we have this little lady.....

... she has built nest on the ground and has two eggs she is sitting on - now I call that one dingy bird. We, and a lot of others, walk our dogs in the courtyards around the buildings and it is all I can do to keep the Lolly-nator from jumping this little bird every time we go outside.

I think that's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments - do come again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Commenting on Comments

GR&DF I do thank you for the warm wishes and kind comments for yesterdays post. This morning it is cold here and my fingers are just not working - motto for the morning..... "Happiness is a chocolate glazed donut!!" I picked one up on the way into work and it is certainly "working" with my cup of coffee!!!!!

I wanted to respond to some of the comments from yesterday -

Deborah and others asked about the lebkuchen - this wonderful cookie type of gingerbread is a traditional German treat. Originating in the Franconia region it was first recorder in Ulm , 1296 and then in Nuremberg, 1395 - it is from Nuremberg that the most famous comes and is exported to the rest of the world. Basically it is a cakey, spicy gingerbread that also has almonds, hazelnuts and candied fruit - the cookie sits atop a back- oblate (communion wafer) - this is done so that it does not stick to the pan while cooking. Valerie mentioned getting some a Trader Joes - I got some there also - but they had run out by the time I got back to get more.

Catherine - I love split pea soup!!!! so tasty on a cold evening!!!!

Barb - I have all the HRH's and Autumn is another favorite - I am thinking three across and four down to mix it up a bit. Heaven only knows when I will get to stitching it up. I was asked about the linen I am stitching "Shores" on - it is the recommended Vintage Autumn Gold by Lakeside Linens 36ct - that the chart calls for. I was very reticent about going with this colour as I thought it might be really yellow and not something I would want to stitch on - I have been very happy with it and glad that I went the recommended linen route.

Over the weekend the baking I did for Monday treats .....

... lemon squares. Rico got a load of Meyer lemons from a friend and so I made up a batch. Very tangy and Delicious.

That's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by.

Take care,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Things

GR&DF the post title today is a bit on the dull side - so please forgive. I guess it is just too early today and just a bit too cool for the clever part of my tiny brain to work. Thank you for the kind comments for Friday's post. I guess there a lots of folks that really like soup - got some tomato today!!

Let's start off today with some stitching update shots -

This is how "Shores' is looking at the moment. I finished up the fill around the mermaid in square 3 and moved on to square 4. Here is a close up of Square 4 -

I really enjoyed stitching up this square - I guess because it was so very different from the other squares.

After I finished up Square 4 I moved back to the "Sampler Wreath" - and here is a shot of how it looks at the moment...

and here is a crapppity close up shot of the area I have been working on....

Finished up the BS on the church - and moved on the last house, in the middle. The chart calls for this to be another white building - but I am thinking I will change it to brick coloured.

I also started the restitch on the HOE ornament and started on a stitching gift - It would seem that I accomplished quite a bit of stitching. WooHoo!!

On Saturday Dale an I ran around to some Estate Sales and consignment shops. I got a few things.... here is a snap....

I found a super gesso gilt frame - two books, both about SF. A new one about the 06 earthquake and the firestorm that flattened the city afterward and a great old 1952 copy of "Maybelle the Cable Car," and a little St Anthony plaque along with a nice older card of the crucifixion.

After all the running around we stopped off at The Rain Tree Cafe - for a late lunch, but they serve breakfast all day - so of course I had that instead.....

... a short stack and a cup of coffee - perfection!!

Running around on errands we stopped off at a German Store near us, Lehr's, and found that they still had Elisen-Lebkuchen - one of the most delicious concoctions to be found on the planet!!

... so of course I needed a box!! I am going back to get more as it seasonal and she will soon be out. I first had them when visiting Nuremberg a few years ago on a trip to Germany and Austria. Such a lovely place and these wonderful things just about made my whole trip!!!!!!

Tats about it for today sports fans!!! Thanks for stopping by - do stop by again!!

Take care,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wrapping up the Week

GR&DF it is a chilly San Francisco Morning here - not like some snowy places where its down right frozen, but for us it is pretty cold. Last night when I was shutting up for the evening I decided I was having a big won-ton soup for lunch today. I usually have soup of some sort at lunch as I really enjoy it, but today it is an absolute must. How's that for another weird tid bit about me!!

I have finally caught up with a majority of the Blog Postings I missed while away - I am thinking I should invest in a laptop apparatus so that when I travel or am away I can check in with everyone. As I read through the posts I just kept feeling I had missed so much of the wonderful Holiday goings on!!

I wanted to mention two more new Blog Buddies out there - Ariadne over in Greece has jumped in with us and has started a lovely Blog - "Ariadne from Greece" - and Jenny from Kentucky also began a great blog - "One Stitch Closer to Nirvana" - stop by and say Hi!!

The comments also held a bit of news for me - I took part in the HOE Ornament Exchange back in November and my partner Lynn B let me know that the piece I sent has never arrived. I sent that sucker out on November 29th...... even with the slow holiday mail and all the weather both here and in the UK I would think it would have gotten there by now. I am thinking it is lost at this point - I need to get my needle a'stitchin quick like a bunny!! Dear Lynn - so sorry for the delay - another one will be out and on the way soon.....

Also in the comments Maggie o mentioned working for the first time on linen - I remember my first experience with linen - I jumped from Aida cloth to a stamped linen kit to a small 25 ct piece of linen project and have never looked back. I love the feel and look of linen, just keep plugging away and it will get easier as time goes on. Kim V asked about the Alpha Birds piece - the designer is Sheepish Designs and is actually three charts stitched as one. The three OOP charts from top to bottom are - Alpha Birds, Alpha Menagerie and Alpha Sheep - the little narrow connecting bands I charted as they do not exist in the charts. Susan asked about the Mary Beale "Sampler Wreath" - yes, I am still sort of stitching on it. I put it aside to stitch up Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate - at this point the plan is... I will finish up square 4 on "Shores" and then turn my attention to the wreath and get her finished up. I am loving that piece lots and am contemplating how it should finish up.... I love the idea of a stitched wreath like is shown in the picture of the completed work.... but how about a lovely frame????? What to do, what to do....???

I wanted to leave everyone with a snap from SF - yesterday we stopped off in the Mission for some veggies and a sweet treat - (we all need treats!!!!). We parked on a side street next to this wonderfully colourful mural....

I have no idea for what or why this was painted here - but it is big, bold and beautiful. Always something new to see in the city!!

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Tiny Post

GR&DF I do thank you all for the time you take stopping by!! I also wanted to thank those that are new visitors to the Blacksheep and also a big thanks to all my regular readers. Speechless usually does not happen to me but I am blown away by all the wonderful followers out there - how very sweet of you!! I see the number move up and down and then shoot up again - thank you - just like the comments - all big hugs of encouragement from Blog Friends!! I wanted to mention a new Blog out there - Linda over at Stitchin with Furbabies - stop by and say Hi.

I have had quite a few emails recently wondering about my participating in the Crazy 15 Project Challenge. Thinking about me and how I work at this hobby/obsession I know that my working on 15 projects would make what few hairs I have left just pop right off!! I can barely have the two WIP I have going now much less 15 WIPS's - It's just not a challenge I would enjoy. I am enjoying seeing all the projects that are being put together out there making up bundles of 15.

I am itching to get another start in - the two that come to mind instantly are "ATS" - and BBD "Anniversaries." Both those pieces I can't start as I don't have a piece of linen big enough for "ATS" and the BBD lovely has not completed yet and I am doing slight variations in each square reflecting my family history - just excuses I know but that's what works in my little crazy world of stitching.

More "Shores" stitching last night - I think I will post a progress snap on Monday instead of boring you with daily snaps as it is moving along briskly at the moment. "Sampler Wreath" has been sorely neglected and I will be getting back to it as soon as I finish up the 4th square of "Shores."

That's about it for today chickens. Do stop back by for a visit when you get the chance!!

Take care,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evening Snoozing

GR&DF thanks again for your kind comments!! Last night was a wash for stitching, or anything else.

The evening started off like any other evening ... we had dinner - I made a pizza with our new pizza stone (thank you Don!!) Rico made a salad. Cleaned up the kitchen ..... sat down to watch an evening of the "Little Rascals" on TCM as part of their Hal Roach Studio tribute this month.

I actually had "Shores" in hand and promptly fell asleep - and eventually woke up a few hours later a little after 11 with the who-hounds all over me and "Shores" in a heap on the floor. Not a pretty site by any stretch of the imagination. I am guessing that the Christmas Holidays had finally caught up with me.

There you go sports fans - short and sweet. I am trying to catch up reading all the Blog postings I had missed while on holiday - my goodness but we are a busy bunch!! Do stop by again, I might actually post some stitching. ;)

Take care,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Posting - and Some Flicks

GR&DF thank you so much for your kind comments about the first finish of the year - and Yes, Blu those are some odd sheep.... or goats.... or some type of animal on the front lawn!! I also wanted to thank you for the kind words about framed Alpha Sheep - I hung it down in the living room and not up on the Sampler Wall - and it looks pretty good. Natalie asked about the glass - I prefer to glaze over my stitching for protection. I know there are those stitchers who like to leave framed stitching unglazed, for me a glassed piece of needlework works.

Last night I put about 6 stitches in "Shores" and that was about it for the evening stitching.

The flicks I have been watching recently are from a new DVD collection I got for Christmas.... I actually got some Gift cards (thanks cissy and john) and I had found an unused Birthday Gift card - AND I had a coupon - which all added up to me acquiring the "Humphrey Bogart: The Essential Collection" - which contains 24 films from his Warner Brothers years.

I usually steer clear of the boxed sets that have been coming out lately as they rarely come close to being either comprehensive or worth the money. The 12 DVD's in this set are double sided and so far look very good. I have watched 4 of the films - "The Petrified Forest" - 1936, "Marked Woman" - 1937, "Kid Galahad" - 1937 and "Black Legion" - 1937. I am really impressed with the quality of the transfer and all the extras included with each film - so often you find bare bone DVD's without any extras. All top notch films worth a look!!

There you go sports fans short today - thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Weekend Stuff

GR&DF thank you for your kind comments - as always they warm the heart so much on a cold windy Monday morning!! I am also amazed at the request for the Stew recipe - as I usually get a less than enthusiastic reception when I mention it - I love the stuff!! The recipe is not written down as I make it up from memory so I will have to sit still and write down what I do to get a pot of the stuff - it is super easy and so deliciously warming.

This past weekend was a whirl of food, errands and some butt-numbing stitching!! My kind of 3 Day Break.

Lets start off with something I am really happy about. The day I was flying out of SF for Christmas I got a call from the framers that a piece I had in was finished. I was happy to hear that it was finished, but not very happy about not being able to get it until after I got back. We ran down and picked it up....

It was my Sheepish "Alpha Birds" piece - and I am really happy about the way it turned out. Being a longer than normal piece it was less than cooperative when getting a good snap - but you get the idea.

I also had my first finish for the new year....

Sheepish Designs "Rose Hill Sampler' - 12/23/10 - 1/1/11
LL 36ct Maple Sugar - Converted to HDF Silk

Its a bit wonky in the snap and I changed up the straight line along the bottom. It was a nice little stitch, but quite a bit of fill stitching. I also worked some on "Shores" - but not enough to warrant a snap.

To the food portion of the post..... Last Thursday Rico turned "1/2 a Dinosaur" or as it is more commonly known "50." Being so close to the Holidays we are putting off a party until later on, but I wanted to do something on Thursday - so we decide to go out to dinner.
There is a new pizza place in our neighborhood that is getting some good publicity so we decided to try it out. Lets just say it was quite delicious. It is called Patxi's (say Paw-cheese). There are 3 of them in the city and this one is within 4 blocks of our house. Here are some snaps.....

We ordered 2 pizzas - one veggie and on meat lovers....

this is the veggie.....

this is the meat lovers....

Here is the veggie one with some slices removed....

and the meat lovers - less a few slices. We started off with some salads and an antipasto tray - but between the 4 of us there was still some slices left over - and we ordered the smallest pizzas. They were really delicious and I am certain we will be back!!. We got there on the early side at about 5:30pm and by the time we left there was a line out the door.

While we were out running errands on Friday we stopped off at Krispy Kreme and picked these up....
It was so nice to have a donuts and coffee all weekend!! (can you guess what I thinking about as I write about them????)

There you go sports fans - thanks for stopping by do come again!!

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Memorial Day

  "Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives."   John Adams