Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Things

GR&DF the post title today is a bit on the dull side - so please forgive. I guess it is just too early today and just a bit too cool for the clever part of my tiny brain to work. Thank you for the kind comments for Friday's post. I guess there a lots of folks that really like soup - got some tomato today!!

Let's start off today with some stitching update shots -

This is how "Shores' is looking at the moment. I finished up the fill around the mermaid in square 3 and moved on to square 4. Here is a close up of Square 4 -

I really enjoyed stitching up this square - I guess because it was so very different from the other squares.

After I finished up Square 4 I moved back to the "Sampler Wreath" - and here is a shot of how it looks at the moment...

and here is a crapppity close up shot of the area I have been working on....

Finished up the BS on the church - and moved on the last house, in the middle. The chart calls for this to be another white building - but I am thinking I will change it to brick coloured.

I also started the restitch on the HOE ornament and started on a stitching gift - It would seem that I accomplished quite a bit of stitching. WooHoo!!

On Saturday Dale an I ran around to some Estate Sales and consignment shops. I got a few things.... here is a snap....

I found a super gesso gilt frame - two books, both about SF. A new one about the 06 earthquake and the firestorm that flattened the city afterward and a great old 1952 copy of "Maybelle the Cable Car," and a little St Anthony plaque along with a nice older card of the crucifixion.

After all the running around we stopped off at The Rain Tree Cafe - for a late lunch, but they serve breakfast all day - so of course I had that instead.....

... a short stack and a cup of coffee - perfection!!

Running around on errands we stopped off at a German Store near us, Lehr's, and found that they still had Elisen-Lebkuchen - one of the most delicious concoctions to be found on the planet!!

... so of course I needed a box!! I am going back to get more as it seasonal and she will soon be out. I first had them when visiting Nuremberg a few years ago on a trip to Germany and Austria. Such a lovely place and these wonderful things just about made my whole trip!!!!!!

Tats about it for today sports fans!!! Thanks for stopping by - do stop by again!!

Take care,


  1. Wow - shores is gorgeous. Love the linen! The Sampler Wreath is a beauty as well. Can't wait to stitch more of Mary's designs. Thanks for the inspiration again!

  2. I haven't been tempted to stitch the HRH series myself ... too many charts already in my stash that are calling my name more and more insistently as I get older ... BUT I love watching other folks' progress on the various pieces. Yours is wonderful ... what is that wonderful fabric you are using?

  3. Edgar: You find the most yummy desserts.
    The Shores is a beautiful pattern I love the colors and the fabric color is stunning.
    Sampler Wreath is lovely I cannot wait for the finished pictures.
    Today I am haveing split pea soup and leftover pork chop for lunch.
    Peace to you my friend.

  4. SoHRH looks fab Edgar. I really like block 4, I think it is the moon I like best. SW looks great too.

  5. Both pieces are beautiful. Always enjoy the progress pics.

    We have a dusting of snow on the ground and it's spitting sleet and snow right now, so a big pot of chili and homemade cornbread is on the menu for today!

  6. Shores looks fantastic!I love bargains like the ones you show us from time to time!Ariadne from Greece!

  7. Beautiful progress on both projects. I don't blame you for wanting some color in the building. What kind of delicacies are those wonderful German treats? Pastry, candy, cookie? Inquiring minds want to know!

  8. Your WIPs look wonderful. You always find such neat things when you're yard-saling.

  9. Hi Edgar, Keep those "Shores" going! I'm starting my last square in "Autumn." But I must confess I am only doing 9 squares not the 12 in the pattern. I wanted a more square shape at the end and there were a few squares I didn't like as well. Lots of concentrated stitching but it is turning out very pretty so I'm glad I decided to do it. The wreath is also very pretty!

  10. That's it, I am coming your way on the weekends to hang out with you guys. You have such a marvellous time without any complications. I love the Wreath...and the other piece...but I love the wreath. Thanks for your encouragement on linen stitching ...I posted my progress (not perfect) but I am hanging in with it! I will start another one when finished.

  11. Oh my gosh -- I just love your Sampler Wreath! Your Shores is looking great too! I've never heard of that German concoction. It looks interesting!

  12. Both Shores and the Sampler Wreath are looking beautiful Edgar - such a temptation!

  13. Are those gingerbread cookies? They look similar to ones I got at Trader Joes during Christmas time. They were very tasty! They aren't there anymore though...seasonal.

  14. I love your shores...its going to be done before I blink :)
    And your other sampler...gorgeous!
    and I also want to thank you for showing those I'm getting the urge to make a big stack for myself....

  15. Shores is looking fantastic. I really need to get back to mine. And you're making great progress on your wreath too!

  16. Love the sampler progress. Can't wait to see what color you choose for the house.

    Please tell us, what exactly is that German treat?

  17. Oooo, you SHRH looks awesome! I really like the warm fabric. Sampler Wreath is looking very pretty too. Great stitching update, Edgar!

  18. Lovely stitching. I love Shores. And yours is looking great.

    Now that I just looked at your stack of pancakes at 4 in the afternoon and my mouth is watering. Guess what I am craving for dinner? :)

  19. Hi Edgar, sorry for not being around, but I am finally caught up with some of my blogging friends. Still have many more to go.

    What a wonderful Christmas you had with your family. Love the Lizzy stitching and the sampler and you are making great progress on hrh.

    Take care and Happy New Year

  20. As all ways I really enjoy watching your progress, it all looks great.
    I also love all the extra you include for us to enjoy.

  21. Both of your WIP'S are really coming along nicely. What exactly is that lovely looking snack?

  22. As always, beautiful stitching choices enhanced with your beautiful stitching! You might just be enabling me with the Sampler's Wreath - I lOVE that one SO much!!
    Sounds like you had a great week-end; great week-ends makes the week-days more endurable, yes? :)
    You should write a field food guide to San Francisco!! You always have the yummiest and most honest reviews. I love the food pics "almost" as much as the stitching pics! :)

  23. Your Sampler Wreath looks fantastic. Loving it.

  24. That wasn't a dull post! There was stitching (lovely), shopping, eating out and other yummies! My daughter will be in Germany this summer; I will mention to her that she ought to try these. Shores is looking so nice, love the fabric.

  25. Wow - that sampler wreath is lovely - I've never seen that design before.

    You are making great progress on Shores!


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