Monday, January 31, 2011

Chilly Normal Monday Morning

GR&DF I'm back from a 3 day hiatus.  Not too much to report.  

On the stitching front - I worked on a few pieces this weekend - one of them was driving me crazy so I tossed it into the "bag of no return" and put together something else - as it will eventually live elsewhere I am hoping my starting another more likable piece will be a good thing.  I also worked some on "Shores" - here is a a snap of the little but I got done on Square 5...
Its a bit wonky but you get the idea.

I also finished up the "February" square on monthlies.  Here is a snap of where that piece is....


I also stopped off at Borders to pick up another magazine.  I have been waffling back and forth on buying the most recent issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework.  I wouldn't usually get one but they have reprinted "The American Sampler" and since it is OOP and next to impossible to acquire a copy of the chart I thought I might as well go get a copy for myself.  This is what all the hub-bub is about ....

Although not really something I want to stitch anytime soon, I would rather have it in the stash heap waiting than try and find it later on at 10 times the cost it is now.  This was the last copy they had so I guess it has been very popular.

The Estate Sales and Consignment Shop shopping was a total bust on Saturday.  Here is a snap of the few things I picked up....

 Three books and a heavy "Federal Glass" drinks glass.  I loved the illustrated "Christmas Carol", and the Santa Book looks good.  The "1000 Days in Tuscany" should be excellent - I am reading Marlena de Blasi's other book "Lady in the Palazzo" and really enjoying it very much!!

I think that about wraps it up for today sport's fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Do come again!!!!

Take care,


  1. Oh Edgar you had me cracking up about tossing something into the "bag of no return"!!! That's too good! We all have 'em don't we? Although, it's disappointing when something ends up there. Nice progress on Shores.

  2. I love what you're doing with the LHN monthly pieces, they look lovely so far.

  3. Nice stitchy progress! I want to get that magazine too, but my B&N didn't have it yet. Grrrr.

  4. Very nice stitchy progress!

    You'll love The Autobiography of Santa Claus. I re-read it every Christmas because it's *such* a great story!

  5. I just picked up that issue too - not ready to stitch it now - but I want to have it when I'm ready! I have a few things in the "bag of no return" too. Great progress on Shores and on your cute monthlies!

  6. Edgar,
    I love your stitching!
    and I absolutely love the Christmas Carol! It's my very most favorite Christmas movie and book... I have 3 versions of it on DVD... I want all the versions... you know there are like 12 or more!
    I wish you a warm day... it's -15 at my house! YIKES!

  7. Okay now I will have to go to my B&N to see if they have tis magazine, that sampler is pretty. I like your progress on Shores and the minis, looking great!!

    I have a UFO that I do think I am going to toss, I have restarted it three times and I am still off on the border :(

    Have a great day!

  8. Here's wishing you some warmer weather than we have on the East Coast ... we did manage temps above freezing for three days in a row but I still have 18 inches of snow in my backyard although there are glimpses of bare ground above the retaining wall. We are expecting another 2-5 inches mid-week followed by something ominously called "significant icing".

    Love your stitching progress!

  9. Shores is looking great and I admire you for stitcking to it. The LHN monthlies are just so sweet! I love the sampler in the magazine - I've got it from the first time it was published but like you, don't know when I'll stitch it. Don't you love the angels at the bottom!

  10. I have a basket of no return that had an addition last night (see my blog). It looks like such a simple stitch but is giving me major FITS right now. I am determined to finish it though.

    Your monthlies are really cute so far! Love seeing your progress pics.

  11. That is the version of the Christmas Carol book that I have--isn't it just lovely? And I have to go look at CSN at my bookstore--that sampler looks amazing.

  12. You find the best stuff! Shores is going to be so gorgeous.

  13. Shores looks great! I love the little monthlies! Will be so pretty when the year is completed.

    I thought the sampler looked familiar so I looked in my "samplers to stitch someday" file, and there it was! Wonder when it might be??

  14. Shores is looking great Edgar! You are working on the block that I need to get working on... maybe you'll give me some inspiration to get going!! Love the LHN monthly sampler - they're such sweet designs, I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

  15. I love your LHN monthly pogress, I would love to stitch these
    thanks for the heads up on the magazine, it's a lovely sampler


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