Friday, January 30, 2009

Silky mail and some flickers

Yesterday some silk came from Drema - Needlecraft Corner - she was having a sale on Gloriana Silk and I am a sucker for silk so how could I refuse...

Other stitchy snaps are basically none existent as all the stitching for the past few days has been on exchanges and things I can not show yet.
This weekend I will stitch on something I can have a snap for Monday.

I have been seeing some really super movies lately and I wanted to tell about. The first and foremost would have to be "Mrs. Palfrey and the Claremont" - 2005 - starring Joan Plowright, Rupert Friend and Anna Massey. What a super movie!! I defy anyone who watches this movie not to be moved! I just loved this film and would highly recommend it!! The next two films were a Bing Crosby double feature - starting off with "The Emperor Waltz" - 1948 - his costar was Joan Fontaine - the other film was " A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" - 1949 - co-star here Rhonda Fleming. Both films are sort of musicals with some super songs, lavish productions and lovely leading ladies - nice easy flicks to watch. If you like cute stories nice music and pretty films then these are a pair for you (I really enjoyed them!! and hadn't seen them for a really long time). The last flick is one I always enjoy and have seen many times - "The Age of Innocence" - 1993 - a Martin Scorsese film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer - the story is from the book by Edith Wharton - a writer whose works I just love - and the film is a very good adaptation - both lush and intimate with wonderful acting, sets and costumes. It is a period drama set in the NY of the early 1870's and worth seeing if you haven't.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Hit and Run Posting......

I am so running behind today with nothing to really yap about.

Worked on an exchange last night. No snaps.

- Have a great one.
Thanks for stopping by for this hit a run posting.

Take care!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last night was kind'a busy - but first.......

....let me say how nice it was to have all the affirmations in the comment area and all the positive emails I got about what I wrote yesterday. I was so afraid that I might have been in the minority with my feelings towards exchanging and exchanges in general. I wasn't trying to stir up a bees nest or poke a bear or anything - goodness knows if I wanted to be controversial I could write about a million other things here to get things stirred up...... but it comes right down to the majority of stitchers out there understand that it is the wonderful stitched piece of art made with love and giving that is the important thing - and our skill levels are all over the place - but I think everyone does their absolute best!!! All anyone has to do is to look back through the snaps on any of the exchange blogs to see all the beautiful stitching and finishing going on out there - (as for me I am still terrified to try to finish a biscornu).

Now on to my busy little evening.

First up I finished Valerie' RR so that I can get that in the mail tomorrow - Here is snap -

It was a dream to stitch as the silks are like butter - Valerie chose Belle Soie - Creme de Menthe (and you know how I love me some Belle Soie) and the golden colour is Birch Bark by Gloriana and is also just lovely to stitch with. This is done on a 36 ct linen. For some reason I anticipated having trouble stitching on such small count linen - but not a bit of any problem for the whole section. On to Rowyn in the morning.

Yesterday the mails brought a wonderful exchange from Wendy Jo - it was the Valentines Exchange from the HOE. Here is snap of the lovely package she sent -

Wendy Jo used a pattern from the 2003 JCS Ornament issue called "A Needle worker's Pocket." She finished it as a Pyn Keepe - I just love it!!! Already it is sitting out on the stand in our living room looking quite festive for the upcoming Holiday. Included in the package was a great piece of fabric for finishing some over dyed floss' and a delicious piece of dark chocolate. Such a lovely package - Thank you so much Wendy Jo!!!!!!

The evening started off with another exchange I am in - with Swap Bot - it is a home made candy/cookie exchange. For my partner I wanted to try making something new so I decided to make chocolate covered cherries. On Monday evening I covered the cherries with fondant and then last night I dipped them in chocolate - and here is a snap.....

Those suckers turned out really nice IMHO! - I also made some Haystack Noodle Cookies to go along with the cherries - I have made the cookies before and they always turn out - how could even I screw up a no-bake cookie!!! These goodies will be packed up and in the mail in the morning - a nice thing for Valentines Day - the recipe says to let them sit around for a week or so to "cure" - but I tried one (just to make sure they weren't terrible) and it tasted really nice to me already!

I forgot to say a great big THANK YOU to Carol R as she has nominated me for a "Fabulous Blog Award." That was so kind of her - she is such a sweet person!! I am supposed to pass on the Award to 5 of my favorite Blogs - so here goes...


I read through dozens of Blogs all the time - and these are just 5 of the many dear people that take the time and energy to write and post about their stitching lives - thank you so very much for sharing!!!!

There you go another day in the life of edgar!

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Take care, and do come again!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A VERY disturbing email -

I received an email last week and have been thinking about it quite a bit since then - and now have come to the conclusion that I want to say something here on my blog about what was said. Knowing this is my blog and these are my thoughts and what I write here in no way reflects anyone but me and my feelings - I am just going to put it out there.......

The gist of the email was regarding exchanges and the whole exchanging community. This stitcher felt that although they "enjoyed exchanges" - in the long run felt they couldn't continue doing them due to their not "getting" in return what they were sending - or it wasn't an even exchange. After questioning exactly what "wasn't even" about the exchanges - it came out that they felt what was received was not of an equal value to what was being sent. I was dumbfounded to say the least. IMHO it is the stitched pieced that is being exchanged and never the extras/goodies!!! We all come from different backgrounds and financial situations and it should never be a contest as to who can send the biggest most expensive stuff - and it is spelled out clearly on every exchange I have ever been a part of that extras are just that - extra after the stitched piece and never a requirement of an exchange! There are even some exchanges that require NO extras just to avoid this situation. Personally I enjoy making a stitched item and including a few goodies as I love giving and always have. I would never expect any exchange to be a competition as that defeats the purpose of stitching exchanges.

When I first got back into cross stitching a few years ago I found this extended blogging community and let me tell you - I was bowled over by the generosity of the stitchers - in the giving of their time and expertise, and their willingness to go the extra mile to help anyone in need it is overwhelming to say the least. Over the past couple of years I have seen it first hand the kindness out there in Angel stitching and filling in when some lame-o person just drops out or fails to come through with a commitment they made - I myself have tried to fill in and make right something gone wrong as have many others. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to coordinate exchanges and the moderators work very hard to make everything run smoothly and fairly. I would want anyone that felt slighted in the exchanges to really look at the reason they are doing the exchanges - it should be for the love of stitching and joy of giving of that talent and NOT for the extras. That's about all I have to say about that!! Off my soap box!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Birthday Brawl, an exchange and some more Jardin....

This weekend we had our annual Birthday Brawl - that's what I call Rico's party - since his birthday is right between Christmas and New Years we always wait to have something at the end of January - and this year was no exception with about 60 or so people and it lasting until way after midnight - it was a real success!!! I was up until about 2 cleaning up and in the morning after gathering up the Birthday offerings - here is a very telling snap -

These were some of the things our friends brought to Rico for his birthday - they know us very well!!!! .......and there is a ton of cake left over!!!!

I heard form Heather that the Valentine exchange I stitched for her had arrived
- here is a snap of that exchange.

The pattern came from Goode Huswife and is called "A Valentine Sampler." I have always wanted to stitch this up but never had the opportunity. I am so glad that Heather likes it as it was not the first thing I was going to stitch up - but I think it was the better choice for this exchange!! I am still waiting to hear about my Winter House Exchange as it seems to be taking a really long time to get where it needs to be.......
Even with the party I got some stitching in -
here is shot of the weekend progress on the Le Jardin -

I did see two movies that brought back some memories - the first was "Coneheads" - 1993 - a movie based on a skit from the original SNL - starring Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroyd - I had forgotten this flick and really enjoyed seeing it again. The second film was also an oldie from when I was in High School - "Trading Places" - 1983 also starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy - a really funny Christmas movie with costars from yesteryear - Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy. Speaking of Ralph Bellamy - I saw a film yesterday called "Below the Sea" -1933 with him as the lead male star... his co-star was Fay Wray of King Kong fame. Usually he was the second male lead and never got the girl!! All three of these movies were really fun and worth seeing!!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

East Coast - West Coast movies and some stitching

Last night on TCM were some super movies in their on going month long look at east coast vs west cost movies. The line up last night started off with "42nd Street" - 1937, starring Ruby Keeler - a young starlet makes good on the stage. Followed by "A Star is Born" - 1937, starring Janet Gaynor - a young starlet makes good on film. The next two films were "All About Eve" - 1950, starring Bette Davis - neurotic stage star frets over aging. The LA film was "Sunset Blvd." - 1950, starring Gloria Swanson - nutty film star frets over aging. These are four super movies and worth seeing if you haven't - you will not be disappointed!!!!

During all that film stuff I did some kitchen cleaning - such fun!! The way our downstairs is set up I can sort of watch TV or at least hear it while doing some grungy housework!! After all that fun I sat down and worked some on an exchange piece. Then I moved on to some stitching on Le Jardin. Here is a progress snap -

It is moving right along. I am totally enjoying stitching on this piece!!

There you go - Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Take care,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was a busy evening...

... not really doing anything all that great, but just busy. We had to run out to the mall. Where we a gourmet dinner at Hot dog on a Stick!! A guilty pleasure but you just can't beat that really sour lemonade they serve!!! The fabulous dinner wasn't the only reason for the journey - I had finished a book so I needed to get another to read. I also had to pick up the most recent copy of Majesty - a magazine I have always enjoyed. They read up very fast but the articles are interesting and I am a total hog for Royal History. The book I just finished is a new book called "Versailles: A Biography of a Palace." by Tony Spawforth. A very good read about the Palace and not a coffee table book. The book I picked up is called "Saving Savannah: The City and the Civil War" by Jacqueline Jones. With my family being from low country Georgia I am always interested in anything written about the area and especially about Savannah. I have read really good things about this book so I am ready to enjoy a good read.

We got home in time to catch a very good movie on TCM - now you are totally surprised about that aren't you!! - This month the Movie Star of the month is Jack Lemon and last night they were showing "Bell Book and Candle" - 1958, starring Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemon. If you have never seen this movie you should!! A nice adult comedy about a modern day witch and her family. Very entertaining and the sets are sleek and modern - take special note of the Christmas Tree in Gillian's home. Thank you Alex for the nice comment yesterday about Deanna Durbin's movies - and telling us about the Deanna Durbin site - "Deanna Dirbin Devotees" - they is some very interesting info!!!!

In the stitching department - I worked on some exchange stitching and packed up the Valentines Exchange for mailing this morning - so there are no snaps. :( Thank you all for the super nice things about Le Jardin. Since I shifted all the floss from lite DMC colours to richer/darker over dyed shades I did wonder how they would look together.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stitching and some Flicks

Last night was spent stitching on "Le Jardin"
- it is coming along nicely and I am really enjoying this - Here is a snap...

I have over the past couple of weeks been watching the box set of films called the "Sweetheart Pack" by Deanna Durbin. I had really never seen any of her films and was curious about how I would like them since I am a big fan of the musical film. I am waiting for the sixth film but the first five were super and they were ... "Three Smart Girls" - 1936 - Deanna's first film for Universal. After she was let go by MGM - they kept Judy Garland - Universal Pictures snapped her up and this film is what rescued the entire company from bankruptcy. The film centers on three sisters and is a 30's style Parent Trap type movie. Next up would be "First Love" - 1939, a reworking of Cinderella with the mean cousin played by Helen Parrish getting hers in the "end." "It Started with Eve" - 1941 - was a really great movie that costars Charles Laughton and is based on mistaken identity. Then there is "Can't Help Singing" - 1944 - the only color pick from the set is a period piece set in the western migration of the 19th century. The final film "Something in the Wind" - 1947 - a more contemporary film with more modern music than the classical pieces she had sung in earlier films. The sixth film from the box set is "Lady on a Train" - 1945 - I haven't gotten yet - it is a mystery movie and should be pretty interesting. Deanna's last movie was in 1948 after that she quit the movie business and moved to France where she has lead a normal a private life. I have enjoyed all this films and would recommend them to anyone as they are easy to watch and Deanna is so natural and honest that you believe the parts shes playing. Sometimes the plots a so thin you can see right through them but such fun it really doesn't matter. So if you haven't seen these films give them a look you won't be disappointed. Another film from last nights movie fest was "The Young in Heart" - 1938 - with a stellar cast including... Billie Burke, Paulette Goddard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Roland Young and Janet Gaynor - in her last film role until the 50's. What a charming a wonderful film!! If you ever get the chance to see this film make the effort. It isn't on DVD so it is harder to see but you can often catch it on TCM.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A QFRR Finish - and commenting on comments

I am so happy to report that one of the original QFRR has been finished. Valerie posted that Wendy's is now completed - All I can say is Woo HOO!!! AND do a happy jig of joy!!!! Little did I think when I started getting everyone together last year the road that this RR would take. You can read back into the archives to see the traumas we have endured - Now, the next shifting is February 3rd - I need to get on the stick and finish up Valerie's piece and get that moving on to Rowyn. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!!!

Not too much going on last night - I finished up the Valentines exchange piece and I really like the way it turned out - I will be getting that into the mail on Thursday - since it doesn't have that far to go it will get there very quick.

Now - lets talk about all the wonderful comments from you everyone - When I open the Blog in the morning - (It is the first thing I do when I get into work BTW) - I look back a couple of entries to see if anyone has spoken up from out of the dark on a past entry - and then go a see what the new comments are. I so enjoy reading them and usually just sit and laugh at the funny things you all say and talk back to the silent machine - so you never hear what I say - which is a shame - so I thought I would start a weekly yap here at Blacksheep answering and commenting on comments - Lets' call it CoC - how original is that!! :)

Lets start with and older entry from Heidistitches - Thank you so much for the nice comment - I was wondering if anyone would notice if I posted and more recent photo of the us - the photo was taken down on the Embarcadero and that is the Bay Bridge in the background.

Keepntch - asked about the meaning of MAW (Make a Wish) and SBEBB (Stiching Blogger Exchange Bulletin Board) - those are two exchanges groups that I belong to. Both exchanges were put together by Becky - the SBEBB has been going on for 4 years and is now closing. It is amazing just how much time an exchange can take - and she has worked tirelessly and deserves a break. Becky has put together another exchange group - Prairie Schooler Year long exchange - which should prove to be lots of fun. I really love exchanges as it is really the only time I work on anything small. Usually I am working on larger things - but the occasional small is a great quick finish fix.

Erica told me about the Christmas plate I found at Goodwill - I had no idea it would be worth that much. I only knew it was undamaged and I really liked the scene AND it reminded me of some dear friends in NC who collect these plates - and the price was right!! Thanks Erica for the info!! - Knowledge is power!!

Kathryn mentioned El Gordo over on 9th Avenue - I used to live on 17th and Lincoln when I first moved to SF so I knew that restaurant and many more in the area - and YES it is wonderful - I love the inner Sunset!!! - I also had no idea you could use the Corning Ware on the stove top -you learn something everyday!!

Talking about the Blue Flower Casserole dish - When we broke up my grandmother's house after she passed - I took all her Blue Flower Corning so it means lots to me to be able to use them - and I add to them when I see a piece I don't have. - and Nic - like you, I have one missing a lid also - but I do occasionally see them out there so I haven't given up hope yet!! I did a quick search online to see what the 5 quart would run me and the SRP on the secondary market is $60 - I just can't believe it!!!

I just love the book that Yoyo talked about and it has gone onto my list of things I need - or I probably should say things I want!!! You learn so much from reading other blogs it can get you into lots of trouble!!!

I totally love Coni's blog - and yes - I wish I could write off my gargantuan TV on my taxes, it might be frowned upon - but one can hope!!!

There are so many other comments to comment on - and I love them all - keep them coming -
- I didn't even have a single snap..... I think I'll post this one -

This is another snap of Daytona Beach - it is the beach approach built in the 1920's and you can just make out the ocean under the arch. The weather is warmer here in SF than at my Mom's in FL. It got to 80 here in the city yesterday - we are told that it will be slowly going back to normal now and towards the end of the week they expect rain.

Thanks for stopping by!! Thank you all for your interest in my little bit of the Internet!!!

Take care,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Weekend and Stitchy News

I heard that another exchange piece had arrived. I am in an ornament exchange with some dear stitchers and I have heard that Cathy has gotten her ornament - she is the recipient for January. Here is a snap -

The pattern is from Heartstring Primitives and is called "Peace on Earth." I wanted it to feel like an old sampler piece. The ribbon for hanging is attached with two antique mop buttons. I am so glad that Cathy likes it as I really enjoyed stitching it together. Tuula has posted some snaps of the flat fold I made her. That piece was for the MAW exchange.
I have another MAW in the works for Jill - she wants a Brightneedle piece - now which one to do - they are all so very nice???

I received on Friday the very last exchange from the SBEBB - "Winter House" and my exchange partner was Becky K - and she stitched me a super little pillow - here is a snap of the entire exchange she sent me -

and a close up of the lovely stitched piece -

Knowing what a nut I am for the PS designs she chose a perfect one!!
Thank you so much Becky for everything!!!

On Saturday we went out Garage Saleing and Junque Shopping
- Here is a snap of the treasures I picked up -

I got the 5 Quart Casserole for $5 and the Christmas plate for $10 both at Goodwill shops. I didn't find a thing at any of the Garage Sales or the two Estate Sales we visited - that's the breaks sometimes there is just nothing out there to get!!

A new discovery for us was a Co-Op Bakery called Arizemendi - on 9th Avenue.
Just the best!!! I picked up some bialies for Sunday -

Talk about being in Hog Heaven!! I love these things - and usually by the time I get up and going the two bakeries on 24th street are out - BTW these were ever so much better than the ones that I can get closer to my home. If you ever get to SF and find your self in the inner Sunset on 9th Ave between Irving and Judah stop in and pick yourself up something. Next time we go - and there will be a next time - I am getting some of their coffee cake - something they are well know for!!!!

Yesterday I had a new start - "Le Jardin" - It is a really nice piece to stitch - here is a snap of what I have done so far.

I went with the Heritage since the mottled effect has a green tint that really goes well with the over dyed floss' that I am using. The original pattern called for only DMC but I shifted all the colours to over dyed and expanded the palette a bit to include an extra red and blue. The snap sorta sucks since I took it last night around 10:30pm - but you get the idea.

One of the movies I watched this weekend was "The Robe" - 1953 starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature. Such a really nice and BIG movie. Big actors, big sets, big scenes, big music and a BIG story..... I really enjoyed this and had not seen it for a really long time. The ending was a bit much but it was Hollywood in the 1950's. A great movie for Easter. Another film from the weekend was from last night on TCM - they showed "Bye, Bye Birdie" - 1963 - starring Dick Van Dyke (his first movie), Janet Leigh and Ann-Margaret. I am a sucker for this movie and always have been!! Who wouldn't want to visit Sweet Apple, Ohio for a little while - AND - who isn't mesmerized by Ann-Margaret as Kim McAfeee (Her second movie - her first was being the daughter to Bette Davis in Frank Capra's "Pocket Full of Miracles" - 1961, BTW another wonderful movie!!)

That's about all I can inflict on you today - Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bigger is always better!!!

Before Christmas Rico and I decided not to get each other the usual presents for Christmas but instead get something together for the both of us. Yesterday we went and picked up the most gigantic TV we have ever owned. We both wanted a plasma flat screen and decided to go for the 42 inch monster. Let me tell you going from a 19 inch to a 42 inch was quite a jolt to say the least. Here is a snap of our new toy....

We had to rearrange our stuff twice before settling on its current position in the living room - Merry Christmas to us!!! I am amazed at how good the picture is and movies look super!! - it is just so big!!!

On the stitching front I heard from Tuula that the flat fold I made for her MAW has arrived - I thought that I had snapped a picture but for the life of me can not find it anywhere. Tuula said she will post one next week. Last night I also did a giant shift in something I had almost finished stitching. Have you ever been making something for an exchange and the whole time it just didn't feel right, but you kept plugging away. Well that's how it was for the upcoming Valentines Exchange. In my delirium and nausea at the beginning of the week I went looking for something else and stumbled on to a piece I knew immediately would be perfect for the exchange - but could I get it done before the mail date next week - You got it - I abandoned the original piece and started furiously to stitch last night on the new piece - I will have the weekend to get it done - it is the better choice and will be worth it -

Thanks for stopping by - and all the uplifting and kind comments!!!

Take care,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling better

Almost back to my normal level of just odd with much less leakage!!! I guess I just had to work my way back from the brink so here I am at Thursday and as in the title "feeling better"!!

Last night was a wash in the stitching department as I did very little and the little I did was working on exchange things I can't show just yet.

I did watch a really very good movie - "England, My England" - 1995 - starring Simon Callow as Charles II and Michael Ball as Henry Purcell. The movie was interesting in that it jumped from the preset back and forth into the 17th century. Using the framework of Purcell's life and his interaction at court the film builds on this to show some gorgeous costumes and play that glorious music - at 2 1/2 hours it was really worth seeing.

Thank you all for your input about Le Jardin - I think I am going to go with the Heritage linen as the piece will eventually be a present ( I am aiming at next Christmas) and although I like my fabric all blotchy and wacked I am not too sure how well it would go over as a gift.

Have I mentioned that it has been unseasonably warm here the past few days - in the low to mid 70's and bright a sunny - now whats up with that!! We are supposed to start to drop into a more normal rang over the weekend but like I always say "Believes it when you sees it!!"

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out sick yesterday - and not that much better today

I stayed home yesterday and was out of contact with the world - starting Monday night and all day yesterday I was expelling the most awful things from my person - not a pretty sight!!! Needless to say I am not a 100% today but at least I could leave the house and get to work.

I did no stitching as I really didn't feel up to it - I did however get out the floss' for my next start I talked about on Monday. Here are two snaps with the linen choices and floss -

The piece on the left is PTP Fog - the piece on the right I am not sure of - but it is big enough to handle the pattern.

The piece on the top left is PTP Heritage, the piece on the top right is Silkweavers Days Gone By and the bottom piece is PTP Sterling. I am kinda liking heritage.

There you go for today - hope to be back to normal (or as close as I can get) soon!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday again -

This weekend was spent doing house crap and fun stitching ...and watching some flicks!!!

Two out of three of my favorite things!!

Now for the Monday tangent........ It seems to me that just the two of us have way too much laundry - don't get me wrong I really do enjoy doing the washing and ironing - I don't know why - I always have. I guess it would be the sense of accomplishment or something - But our laundry room in our building has only 2 washers and 2 dryers so sometimes it is a real tussle to see who can get there first and then hang on to them. Over the past 3 days I did at least 5 loads of laundry - one of the loads was the hounds blankets and bedding so does that count? I know my sister with two children does at least a load a day. At least I don't have that much to do. I do think how lucky we are that there are washing machines and that we aren't having to drag dirty clothes down to the river and beat them clean on a rock or haul it out to boil it clean in some giant cauldron in the backyard - Hooray for the modern conveniences!!!!

My stitching was focused on finishing two exchange pieces that I can't show right now. I can show the second section of the ABC SAL that I finished up -

The second section is the two rectangles on the right.
This is really turning out to be a pretty quick and fun stitch.

Now for the next project I am trying to decide if I want to go with some linen I have or trot over to NIAH and see what I can find. I will probably come down to - I have a quite a few larger pieces of linen - and do I - or should I spend on another piece .... funions are running low this month right after the Holidays dontcha know!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Holiday Snaps....

I thought I would do some snaps today....

First up would be the little bit of stitching I can show you from last night. I started on the second part of the ABC SAL I am working on. Not very exciting, but here you go -

I also have some more snaps from Christmas - We all went to a go carting race tract across from the Daytona International Speedway and John, Matt and Katie road the go-carts. Cissy and I watched. Here are some snaps -

Katie and John coming around a curve

Matt along the inside

Katie coming up from behind

John out in front

It was lots of fun and a really lovely sunny day - so the weather was just perfect for outside stuff.

John and Cissy are big Harley enthusiasts and while we were all home he rented a Harley from a dealership on Beach Street
- So my Mom who has never been on motorcycle in her life -
decided to take a ride with John on his ....

Here they are before the excursion - Now this is a sight I would never in a million years thought would happen - but there she is Grandma Addie on the back of a Harley Davidson!!! They took off for a ride around the neighborhood and you know - she really enjoyed the experience - now she held on really tight and I think cracked one of John's ribs but she had a ride on a big old motorcycle!!! My sister and I were flabbergasted to say the least!!!! It was a very interesting Christmas all around!!!!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I missed Posting Yesterday

I am such a ding sometimes - I was totally working on a post for HOE - (I am moderating the Winter Quaker Exchange) and got so involved in doing that - I missed posting here. I think the reason is that I wanted to make sure that all - or at least most of the spelling mistakes were eradicated before I slapped that sucker up there. If you read here with any regularity you know for certain that spelling is a totally weakness for me and I am running spell check all the time ... and I still miss mistakes.

On the stitching front i am working on the very last SBBC Exchange - Winter House - I have changed what I am stitching three times - and finally ended up combing two different patterns - I really like the piece and hope the recipient does also.

Sherry asked about the White chocolate cake I made at Christmas - I got the recipe from All, just click that link and it will take you to the White Christmas Cake. I really like that site and have found many great recipes to make. The only change I made was to make it round and not square as my Mom did not have three square pans. I always read through the comments as the changes others have made to the recipes really help with problem areas.

Last night the movie was a Netflix feature - "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" - 2001 a three hour TV spectacle that i really enjoyed as It followed the family to the concentration camps they were sent to after being taken from the attic space.

Thank you all once again for the kind things you had to say in the comments area. Sherry saw my RR over on Dear Vonna's site - she added a super PS Witch - the question was about the linen - and yes, it is a hand dyed piece from BOF called Meadowlark, I think. :) - I do know I got it from NIAH with Mary's help - she is always so helpful whenever I visit - and i think I need a visit since it has been way over a month since I was over in Alameda.... how was that for some odd tangents....???

How about another beach snap from Christmas....

Looking North along the wide white sands of Daytona Beach , Florida. The ocean was so flat every time I visited and so bright and sunny.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mail coming and Going and a film...

I received a really lovely Biscornu from Carol yesterday as Part of one the last SBEBB exchanges - ABC Exchange - I have really enjoyed all the exchanges I have participated in on the SBEBB and will always be grateful for the encouragement and support from fellow stitchers - Thank you so much dear Becky!!!!! - The piece that Carol sent was of course just prefect -

It is the December Quaker Biscornu from the Workbasket done on Silkweaver - Solo Newcastle - 40 ct linen - the floss is HDF Garnet - could it be more perfect - I love Christmas, Quaker and red!!! It has my initials on the upper left corner - in the right corner is DEC for December and the bottom two corners have the year - Thank you so much Carol!!!!

I worked a little on Valerie's QFRR - here is a progress snap -

The two little bits above the wreath - I was busy finishing up the MAW for Tuula - which is going in the mail this morning - also going into the mail is Donna's Halloween RR to Terry. I am expecting to get any day now Donna's LHN RR from last year that she finally got back - I think I have a chart picked out but I want to see the piece in person to make sure it fits with the rest of the filled squares.

I think I am catching up as the heaps of paperwork are going down - I have not gotten to do any catch up reading blogs - so am feeling left out of the all mighty stitching loop that I just know is whirling away out there!!!!!!

One of the films I saw over the Holidays is a really great film called "Joyeux Noel" - 2005 - based in a true story of Christmas 1914 in the trenches - a really good film and not your typical Holiday fare - I would highly recommend seeing this 116 min flick.

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Thank you all for the nice things you had to say yesterday!!!!!

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Just a quick note...

....since we had a super long weekend - 4 days!! - the work has piled up. I did want to check in a say how wonderful it is to get back to blogging - I was totally having some sort of withdrawal!!!

Over the Holiday I worked on two pieces. One piece was for a MAW that had gone missing - from my sieve like brain - I thought I had finished and sent it off - I had wondered why I had not heard that it had arrived - but just thought it was a slow because of the Christmas mails..... I finally had some sort of wake up moment while going over the past years stitching that the reason it hadn't gotten there was I had not even finished the stitching but had only just a small start. Geeeze what a ding I am...... Now it is going out a few days late - which makes me crazy - but better late than never - I will show a snap when it arrives in it's new home.

The other piece I worked on was Donna's Halloween RR. Her piece is a Halloween House - and here is a snap -

I did the attic part - and what an odd space - but I think a spooky kitty looks good. Donna had asked that whomever did the attic do a moon so there is a moon and I threw in the bats. The floss' I used were Belle Soie (surprise) and WDW. This is the softest cloth to stitch on and was a total dream - It is ready for the mail tomorrow.

That's about it for today -
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