Monday, January 26, 2009

A Birthday Brawl, an exchange and some more Jardin....

This weekend we had our annual Birthday Brawl - that's what I call Rico's party - since his birthday is right between Christmas and New Years we always wait to have something at the end of January - and this year was no exception with about 60 or so people and it lasting until way after midnight - it was a real success!!! I was up until about 2 cleaning up and in the morning after gathering up the Birthday offerings - here is a very telling snap -

These were some of the things our friends brought to Rico for his birthday - they know us very well!!!! .......and there is a ton of cake left over!!!!

I heard form Heather that the Valentine exchange I stitched for her had arrived
- here is a snap of that exchange.

The pattern came from Goode Huswife and is called "A Valentine Sampler." I have always wanted to stitch this up but never had the opportunity. I am so glad that Heather likes it as it was not the first thing I was going to stitch up - but I think it was the better choice for this exchange!! I am still waiting to hear about my Winter House Exchange as it seems to be taking a really long time to get where it needs to be.......
Even with the party I got some stitching in -
here is shot of the weekend progress on the Le Jardin -

I did see two movies that brought back some memories - the first was "Coneheads" - 1993 - a movie based on a skit from the original SNL - starring Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroyd - I had forgotten this flick and really enjoyed seeing it again. The second film was also an oldie from when I was in High School - "Trading Places" - 1983 also starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy - a really funny Christmas movie with costars from yesteryear - Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy. Speaking of Ralph Bellamy - I saw a film yesterday called "Below the Sea" -1933 with him as the lead male star... his co-star was Fay Wray of King Kong fame. Usually he was the second male lead and never got the girl!! All three of these movies were really fun and worth seeing!!

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  1. Beautiful work Edgar---and the brawl sounds like great fun, lol! I loved Don Ameche!

  2. You must have missed the entire brawl to get that much done on the Jardin (LOL). It is really beautiful.

  3. Sounds like the brawl was a ball - look forward to the pictures!

    Lovely Valentine exchange for Heather and Le Jardin is looking great!

  4. Hmmm, the "birthday offerings" look strikingly familiar to the stuff Joe gets for his birthday...only all the bottles say "Budweiser" on them.

  5. Your Valentine piece is gorgeous. Your needles must fly. You are really progressing on Le Jardin.

  6. Oooh, what a lovely exchange you did there! The Goode Huswife is definitely one of my favourites, too.
    Le Jardin is a real beauty. I wonder you got to stitch at all, what with all the booze and the partying;o)

  7. looks like my 40th bday bash. LOL Great progress on Le Jardin, you are just cruising along! I love the exchange piece you stitched!!

  8. next time I want an invite to the Brawl! Looks like my type of party! lol Happy Belated Birthday Rico :)

    Love the Valentine exchage!

  9. Jamie Lee in Trading is the one that made me want to be a hooker. rofl

    Everyone says Julia Roberts, but Jamie was so much better.

  10. I loved Trading Places and actually just watched it again a few weeks ago. Very clever movie!

  11. Hi Edgar,

    Are you one of those people that can't rest until the kitchen is cleaned up? You sound just like me :)

    I'm glad that you had a nice party for Rico. I think it's a great idea that you wait until the end of January to celebrate.

    Great progress on Le Jardin!

  12. Tell Rico I wish for him a wonderful birthday! Edgar, when does the PS exchange due? I can't find the email telling me when it's due? OMG, I sure hope it's not due this week! Ahhhhhh!

  13. Lovely Valentine exchange. You are really making awesome progress on LeJardin!

  14. You really had an eventful weekend, Edgar, what with the huge party, prep and cleanup, then some stitching and movies! Wow! Good times, eh? :D

  15. Sounds like the birthday brawl is a whole lotta fun :)

    I'm drooling over that GORGEOUS Valentine exchange! And I can't believe how far you are with Le Jardin!!!

  16. Love your blog! Great stitching and movie news and updates. You get alot accomplished. Was wondering if you would want to sell you Goode Huswife Valentine pattern? Sometimes we only stitch it once so I thot I would ask. pj