Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Exchange stitching and a movie

Not a snippet of a snap for today as last night was an exchange evening - tonight may be one also but who knows it is just 7:20ish in the morning and by this evening I just might change my mind!! As this is Rico's bowling night I will have the house to myself so I can fix a shrimp dinner without hearing how I have smelled the entire house up!!! He does not care for seafood and I really like it - so there we are - he won't fix menudo and I won't fix seafood!! -

The movie last night was "My Reputation" -1946

Ruby Stevens AKA Barbara Stanwyck - Not bad for a girl from Brooklyn!!!

The movie leads were Babara Stanwyck and George Brent. Barbara is superior as always and George is as dependable as always .......a very nice little movie about a widow trying to make a life for herself and the town gossiping about how she is going about making that life!! The supporting cast is headed up by Lucile Watson - that indomitable actress of the late 30's and 40's who played the dominating mother figure to many.

Thanks fro stopping by!!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stitching - exchange and BPC & QFRR

Last night I spent working on and exchange and a little on BPC.
Here is a snap of the small progress on BPC -

I also received the next piece int he QFRR from Carol. She has sent on Wendy's RR and it is really lovely. Wendy has chosen hers to be worked in blues and purples that are found in the variegated floss she used for the center medallion. Included in the package were the cutest fobs that Carol has made for everybody. Here is a snap of the entire package -

I chose the fob that is red/green and have already attached it to my favorite Dovo scissors. i think I will work my section in the darkest purple. I need to get Carols piece finished up and then start working on Wendy's.

That's about it for today - Thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Exchange received and some stitching

I heard from Tuula that she has received the

SBEBB Spring House & Garden Exchange that I sent. Here are a couple of snaps....

I stitched Geranium House by LHN and then turned it into a box. I think it turned out pretty good for the first time trying. I also included some extra goodies but didn't get a snap of them Tulla has posted more snaps at her site.
I really enjoyed stitching this chart as geraniums are one of my favorite flowers!!!!

We had a pretty busy weekend so I didn't get as much stitching done as I had planned -
but here is a progress snap of BPC -

Sorry it is a little wonky at the bottom, it really is supposed to be a straight line.

What is it with the gas prices!!! I had held off until yesterday to fill up at the station near the bookstore and payed ONLY $3.97..... I usually use a station on the way to my week day job but I was just not going to pay $4.05 9/10... was it really worth the .08 cents...I wonder -
and I know it will only go up! My little rant for the day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Super Exchange mail, working on BPC, a movie and a couple of hounds....

Lets start off with the super Exchange from Chris. The Exchange is from the SBEBB Spring House/Garden Exchange. Here is a snap of the entire package -

and here is a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

Isn't it just the sweetest thing!!! Chris included a lovely finishing piece of fabric, a nice cut of splotchy stitching linen, 2 skeins of floss AND a box of After Eight mints!!! What a super way to start off the weekend!!! Notice the pins on the Pyn Keepe, they are really interesting as they are a double headed kind I have never seen before. Such a wonderful parcel -
Thank you so much!!!!!

I once again pulled out the BPC and here is a progress snap -

I am going to hold off on any initials until the end and see how I feel about what should go where. This "Moss" silk is really VERY nice and works up a dream!!! On the lower unfinished motif I was off by one stitch so I had to pull the entire thing out up to the little leaf on the top right - if it hadn't been for that I would have been quite a bit further.
Vonna had asked what the linen is and I really do not know. I won it on eBay when I was going after an OOP chart and it was included in the lot. It was a much larger piece as there was some design being worked on it. I cut that off and had the edges surged. The only thing I can say is that it is 32ct, and splotchy, so I would presume it is hand dyed. I have been saving it for a really long time to work something large on it and that is how it came to be the BPC linen.

The movie last night was "Talk of the Town" - 1942 - with Jean Arthur, Ronald Coleman and Cary Grant. A really top notch movie and really worth the watching. Basically a movie about an escaped convict, mob rule, insurance fraud and justice.

We also watched both "Ugly Betty" and "Grey's Anatomy" - they were finally both new and not repeats and quite entertaining. Didn't Vanessa Williams look great last night!!!!

I will leave off the week with a snap of Pete and Hunny.
I am not too sure where The Peach was,
but I got the man dog and our "Frosty Faced" little lady!!

Have a great weekend, and Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exchange mail teaser.............

I just got the greatest exchange in the mail from Chris in the UK -
but you'll have to wait until tomorrow....

Have a great evening!!!


Stitching, SBQ and a movie....

I worked on two things last night. One of them was an exchange so there is no snap of that yet, but I also worked on the BPC a little and here is a progress snap -

(something is up with the blog-o-matic today, I can't load a snap, sorry)

The SBQ this week is -

How do you handle blended threads? Do you kit the blends up before you
start a piece, or do you grab what colors you need and blend when the
need arises? If you kit up the blends beforehand, how do you store
them? Do you have another option for blends to share?

For me whenever I need to use a blended thread I will blend as the need arises and use them up as I go. If I do save them it is only for the duration of the project and they are in little floss-a-way bags.

The movies last night where - TCM saluting mystery train flicks and started the evening off with a humdinger - "Murder on the Orient Express" - 1974. This was followed by a Netflix DVD - "The More the Merrier" - 1943, with Jean Arthur and Joel McRea. On Monday evening TCM showed a really great movie called "Easy Living" - 1937 another Jean Arthur flick with the premise of a sable coat falling on her and changing her life......
who couldn't use a sable coat from heaven !!!!! :)
Both Jean Arthur films are comedies and a lot of fun to watch -
since both are now on DVD they are easily accessible.
Also after "Murder" was released and made a ton of money it was followed by two more super star mystery flicks - "Death on the Nile" - 1978 and "Evil Under the Sun" - 1982. All three are super movies are packed full of real movie stars from the golden age of film.
All worth seeing over and over!!!

Sorry about the "no snap" but I will try again later or tomorrow morning.
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A new Start - BP Companion

I had a new start last night - I really wanted to get going on the Beatrix Potter Companion and so I hauled that sucker out - found the middle- and the rest they say is history. I am REALLY liking this Belle Soie to work with. Very soft and few to no tangles..... I usually stitch with a "way too long" piece so I do have issues with tangling. It really annoys me when I even cut a piece to make it shorter and it will still twist all to heck and back. But, this stuff is great to work with. (my little advert for the morning) Here is a snap of the progress -

I think I will really like working on this a whole lot!! It has many of the bells and whistles that do it for me - 1) splotchy fabric , 2) 32 ct, 3) the floss is a really nice grey/green and 4) it is a big Quaker thing!!! I am stitching it as charted, so if you look on the upper right bar it is pretty jagged and not straight, charted that way and it is not offensive - I have in the past and will continue to stitch or rechart something if there is a mistake and it doesn't look right.

I had a couple of questions in the comments that I wanted to answer -

Hi Margaret - thanks for commenting, always appreciated!! - SABLE means - "Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy" - I thought that was the greatest acronym and I think many stitchers have reached that..... but that does not stop any of us from buying, now does it. :)

Hi Jan - Yes, an trip to the Bay area is very justified!!! San Francisco is a really fun city to visit and NIAH is a great shop right in Alameda, which is very close...
probably 15 mins from downtown SF. :)

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday posting & stash getting

This weekend was a very low key weekend. All around the city there are signs of spring and even on my little street the trees are doing their best. Here is a snap right outside our door.

These trees are just beautiful this time of year and will probably only be around for another week or so.

I took Saturday off just for a break and we made a trek to NIAH to pick up some silk I had ordered. (I was going anyway, but the silk came in so I an excuse now!!) I have been meaning to take a snap of the place for the longest time and I finally remembered to take my here is a snap of the front with Mary unlocking the door.

So - here is the silk I was picking up - called Moss, by Belle Soie for the Beatrix Potter Companion Piece. I already had the hand dyed linen I wanted to use - here is a snap -

It is really hard to tell but the linen has some red blotchy places that will coordinate with the BP piece really well, I think.

I also picked up some other floss' for upcoming things.... here is a snap of the floss haul -

It is a bit obscene but two of the colours are discontinued and I really needed to get all they had left!! I got quite a few other things but am not able to show those as they are for others....

I took the sweet sheep pillow Su sent for the SBEBB exchange and everyone was so impressed with all those little knots and the great finishing!!!!

In honor of Passover this weekend I made some Matzo Ball soup.

I had never made this type of soup before and have always loved it so here is my first attempt! We really liked it and it tasted right to this Presbyterian!!!!

I will leave off with a snap of the my stitching angel -

It is often a race in the evenings once I sit down to stitch to see who sits up here.... the Peach is the usual suspect. I think she waits around to see if I will pull out some stitching and then scoots right up on my shoulder. Then at the end of the evening or when she hears me popping the q-snaps she wakes up (she will eventually lay down and fall asleep up there) and then runs on upstairs to bed. It is a nightly routine.

I can't show any of the stitching or finishing I completed this weekend as it is all for upcoming commitments and I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Thank you all for the really nice things everyone says!!!!!!

Take care,

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful fun mail!!!!

I just received the SBEBB "Heres to Ewe" exchange from Su in the UK. It is the most charming little pillow, just the cutest!!!! Here is a snap of the entire package -

and here is a close up of the darling pillow -

The pattern is by Ewe & Eye & Friends and is called "Ewe Alone." It is really just so sweet!!!!!!

The package also contained three cuts of lovely fabric for finishes and three skeins of overdyed floss from Polstitches Designs from Wales. I have seen mention of this company but never been fortunate enough to have any. Thank you so much for the lovely exchange!!!!!!
Aren't I a lucky stitcher!!!!!

What a great start to the weekend. I am off to NIAH tomorrow as I really need a fix!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Take care,

Not much going on -

No new stitching snaps. No fun mail. I placed a couple of fun orders yesterday for silk and some linen - but no snap. I did add to my wish list some pics of things I found at the on line needlework show.

Here’s a little meme about stitching habits that I found on Kendra's blog.

  1. How do you hold your fabric? I toggle back and forth between my right and my left hand with the project q-snapped. It depends on if the floss is going in or coming out.
  2. Floss licker? On the end to thread it – I usually use some thread conditioner that I will pull the floss through.
  3. How do you thread your needle? I lick the end, snip a clean cut and just stick it through the eye of the needle.
  4. What needle do you like best? J. James gold plated #26/ #28.
  5. Are you a needle loser? I have yet to loose one…usually the plating will were off or I will bend it......and I will toss it out.
  6. What fabric do you prefer to stitch on? Hand Dyed 32 count - linen
  7. Bobbins or floss bags? Bobbins for DMC – and in storage boxes, over dyed cotton on separate rings by company organized by number or color depending on the company, silk in Floss-a-way bags on rings.
  8. Are you a scissors collector? No– I only had three pair – two small Dovo for stitching, and One large Dove for fabric
  9. Do you do your own framing, and if so, do you lace or pin? I have never framed my own stuff; I really don’t feel I could do it properly.
  10. Are you a floss floozy? Yes, I just can’t pass the stuff up and have gotten into trouble over this weakness. The pile continues to grow.
  11. Silk? LOVE IT!!!!Love the look, feel and the way it stitches!!!!
  12. Railroader? Not really.
  13. Are you a pattern or designer snob? Not at all. If I like a pattern I like it regardless of designer.
  14. Do you get antsy when you give someone a stitched gift? It depends on the occasion and what I have stitched. For exchanges I worry the least.
  15. Have you reached S.A.B.L.E.? Probably, but that will not stop the buying one little bit….!!! There are way too many things out there!!!!
Thanks for all the encouragement about the sewing machine, it is amazing how many of those that are out there.... I am following a couple that look promising.

Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A crown and some stars

I worked on "This and That" last night.
Working along the top of the piece here is a progress snap -

I set as the goal last night the half way point and finishing the crown - and achieved it - woo hoo!!

The movie last night was "Broadway Melody of 1938" - 1937 - another installment from the vol 3 set of musicals. The pantheon of movie stars that are included were - Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor, Sophie Tucker, Buddy Ebsen and Judy Garland ( the year before Oz made her a superstar!!) This "Melody" installment again was pretty thin on story,
too many subplots and some silly dialogue....
but the musical numbers and outrageous costumes are fantastic
and that is why we watch them!!!

The on-line Needlework show opened yesterday and my list of greed grows and grows!!!! There are way too many things I want and way too little time to ever stitch them. I will throw them on to the wish list just to keep up.... but where will I ever find the time to stitch them??? Going through the list of exhibitors and on their sites it is amazing how much variety there is out there. I don't like everything but then I don't think anyone could with all different styles, colours and subjects...I think there is just about something for every stitcher available.

I am posting my exchange today and it should arrive in a week or so.
On to the next exchange, Feathered Friends......

Mary from over at NIAH was over yesterday helping Rico with a costume and brought over the greatest little Singer sewing machine from the 1930's... I need to acquire one of those tabletop, built to last marvels!!! The machine we have is so modern and plastic that it has of course broken or I should say the peddle arm has frozen up and we need to get WD40 to hopefully loosen it so that we can use it again.

On to eBay and the search...... Singer 221.........

I hope this finds everyone well, thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday chicken and an exchange

On Tuesday I received a list of things that my nephew wanted for his birthday, as I haven't got a clue in this world what a 10 year old boy might want or enjoy. At Christmas I usually get together either a hoodie, t-shirt and some books and candy. I try to get things he night not be able to get in up-country South Carolina. When I got Pam's (my sister-in-law) email about what Tucker might enjoy she did mention that the hoodie I sent last Christmas was a real hit and he wears it almost everyday regardless of the weather!! I love hearing that a present is a hit!! So, last night Rico and I went back to the bookstore and picked up some Naruto inspired things. Tucker specifically wanted the Vol 6 DVD set so that is the main present. Here is a snap -

I certainly do not understand the attraction for the Manga Genre, but I know how popular it is with the teens and tweens. We also, once again had dinner at the Mall - don't you love that orange chicken from Panda Express!!! Now they also have a new Beef something and Rico got some of that - it is pretty good also. When we eat at the food court, we either eat at Panda Express or at the Hot Dog on a stick place. Not just for the hot dog but they yummy lemonade!!

I also finished the SBEB - Spring House and Garden and have that sucker packed up ready for mailing tomorrow. It has a really long way to go so I am mailing a bit early, I hope my partner enjoys it as I really enjoyed making it up.

Last night the movie was "Broadway Melody of 1936" - 1935 - with Eleanor Powell and Robert Taylor. A really nice musical which is short on story BUT long on music and dance!!! I really liked it and will watch it again. The Vaudeville brother sister team of Buddy and Vilma Ebsen were really something to watch. It is interesting to imagine what could have come of Vilma if she had pursued a career in film and hadn't retired from after this one.

The stitching evening was spent on the search for a pattern and stuff...I spent over an hour an 1/2 looking and re-looking through stuff for a chart. I did eventually find it stuck into another kitted up chart. I would look, get frustrated and then sit and think of where it could be!!! Doesn't that just drive you crazy!!!!! I knew I had put it up for safety as it is an important chart, in fact it was my chart, notes and recharting for the QFRR that I am in. After I found the chart it was so late and I was in no mood to stitch I just sat there a finished and enjoyed the movie!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Remembering Williamsburg

In a past life I did and internship at Colonial Williamsburg and so I came to love that little piece of "faux" colonial life. Don't get me wrong I think they and all historic sites that try and recreate a past or a time long gone do a stupendous job, but, it is still a recreation and a sanitized version of that past and I am this first in line to go and visit and really enjoy the experience!!!! In my zeal for Wmsbrg I found this Kit by Elsa Williams and stitched it up. It is called "Duke of Gloucester Street" and features the buildings located along or near the street. It is on a creamy Aida Cloth and you can see by the date that it is ancient, but I still like it. I did change one thing, I back stitched the names of the buildings. In the chart they weren't identified and I thought that was wrong so I "fixed" it. Here is a snap -

It is at a weird angle because it is a large piece and under glass and the reflection was very odd, but you get the idea.

I worked almost exclusively on exchanges last night after getting home from shopping and dinner out - woo hoo no dishes to do - let someone else clean up!!!!!

and - if you can believe it
it was a no movie night - the history channel had a get show on the titanic luxury ships from Lake Nemi built by Caligula....... I was just fascinated so I watched that.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Turned the corner....

I worked a ton on exchanges so no snaps of those, yet. I also worked some on "This and That." Here is a progress snap.

It is a pretty boring picture but now I will work along the top. There is a box that goes between the triangular hearts and this leafy band that I will put my moms initials and the date, I re-charted them to fit here. On the tops of the gates I will put my brother, sister and my initials.

I also watched some pretty good movies - Friday saw "Crash Dive" - 1943 - pretty good propaganda film about a sub, a girl (Anne Baxter) and a evil Nazi ship base in the north Atlantic. Saturday was a double feature starting off with "My Favorite Wife" - 1940, starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. A wife presumed dead comes back to find that her husband has remarried. Very good film!! The second flick was "Halls of Montezuma" - 1950 - about a group of marines against an evil Japanese rocket base. A different kind of war film with lots of background for each character...staring Richard Widmark. Last night was TCM salutes musicians - with "Rhapsody in Blue" - 1945 a fictionalized film of the life of the brothers Gershwin. Great music but a silly story.

Staci asked what the pattern was that I used for the Pyn Keepe exchange - it was a modified Willow Tree Inn by LHN - I cut off the top part of the chart and finished the border around.

Vonna - of course you can use my antiquated spelling of Pyn Keepe. I saw it spelled that way somewhere and liked it so that's the spelling I use. Like you, if I like a pattern enough I have no problem stitching it again and again.

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone left and for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Super mail day!!!!

Yesterday was a super mail day!!! In fact I thought I wasn't getting any mail as it came at 2:45 in the afternoon and I was packing up my stuff to leave for home. Usually the mail gets here around 12:30 but was really late for some reason..... oh well.... Let us start with the high point of the whole day! I received my HOE Pyn Keepe exchange from Shelley. Here is a snap of the unfolding of the package -

Box open

isn't that some great paper!

Here is the whole super package!!!

and a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

Shelley made the most lovely piece using Thistle Threads "Miniature Quaker" pattern using Silweavers beautiful "Sandstorm" linen with Cherry Wildflowers silk (I love those Quakers and cool muted colours). The finishing is perfect and fits in so nicely with my growing collection of Pyn Keepes . The extras she included were a chart by Milady's Needle - "Quaker Christmas Smalls" (a chart I have seen but did not have and wanted!!!!) Also included were two skeins of floss - Waterlilies "Arabian Nights" and GAST"Cranberry"(again I just love muted darker colours!!), two pieces of 32 ct linen - in Chestnut and Blue (32 ct is my favorite ct to work on), a fun piece of fabric for finishing, a note pad with stickies and some fun Glee Gum, Tangerine Flavor! Thank you so much for this wonderful package!!! I have been so spoiled!!!!!

I also received an order from Drema. Here is a snap of that package -

It is the stuff to make two of the BBD LF #29 "Where my Heart Blooms." One for a Christmas Present (thinking ahead again) and one for us. I really fell in love with this pattern. Included in the package but not shown was a copy of the #30 chart "Rites of Spring" and it is just great, really very Quakery, such a surprise that I would like it!! :)

The old piece of stitching for the day is a small piece -

The only thing that has bothered my for years is the bits of floss that shown through (much darker in this photo than in person) but I have lived with it this long....

This is of Saint Thomas Church in the little town of Bath, NC. I worked in the Blount -Bridgers house in Tarboro right out of ECU so I knew all the sites on the Albemarle tour very well.

I just read on Myrna received the "Here's the Ewe" exchange I sent. Here is a snap of the package I sent -

I really enjoyed making this Pyn Keepe - and putting the package together, enjoy - sorry about all the tape. :)

The movies last night were TCM Star of the moth selections featuring Hedy Lemarr. The two features were - "Ziegfeld Girl" - 1941 and "H.M. Pullham, Esq. " - 1941. Both very entertaining movies. ZG also has Judy Garland and Lana Turner, very pretty film with some big production numbers by Busby Berkley. HMP is really a very good film and was Hedy Lamarr's favorite film of all she did.

Have a great weekend - and thank you so much for stopping by!!!!!!!

Take care,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olde Stitching

There you go, a title that will drive me crazy...adding an "e" to something just about drives me nuts. That's just me and one of my craziness'!! Exchange week continues and the snap today is of a lovely reconstructed "Palace" from eastern North Carolina, my "olde" stomping grounds.

Here we have Tryon Palace, or the reconstruction of Tryon Palace a Colonial Governor's residence. Only the right wing or stable wing survives from the original construction as the main house burned in the 1790's and the left wing was pulled down in the early part of the 19th century. All that aside it is a wonderful site located in New Bern, NC and NB is such a nice place to visit that it is worth the trip. The Gardens behind the house are also lovely and worth the time to explore. They do a super job of interpretation inside and out and the guides are very knowledgeable. New Bern itself is charming and easy to navigate with lots of things to see and do. Becky asked if I had stitched the Biltmore chart I haven't, and I don't know why - as I had one for the home for the longest time. If you are not familiar with Biltmore it is a house from Asheville, NC that is just wonderful and a true American Palace in the French Renaissance taste.

The flicks last night were - "Valley of the Dolls" - 1967 - two things to take away from the movie.....drugs are bad and power corrupts (surprise, surprise!!) At the time this was made it was a pretty shocking movie - 40 years later it is less shocking and more campy. The second flick of the evening was "Van Ryans Express" - 1965 - a movie I had seen a long time ago - it is about a train load of mostly English soldiers trying to escape German held northern Italy in the waning days of WWII. A pretty good action film and never dull, starring Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard.

We also went shopping last night an picked up Birthday, mothers day, and anniversary cards at the mall ( a place I loath, and try never to go)
In the spirit of the evening we dined at Chez McDonald's, il était délicieux!!! :)

My yesterday evening in a nutshell!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stitching houses, dusty mags

After posting yesterday I thought about where that magazine for the chart was. Then got all the nice comments about which mag it came last night I searched around and actually found the magazine I was a Cross Stitch and Country Crafts May/June 1988. Now for me to find that sucker was in itself a miracle, I think I kept it for the cute sheep sampler that is also in it, but who knows, I can be such a pack rat ( very much like my father was) :)

I worked on exchanges last night so I have another older piece to show that I stitched in 1987. Here is a snap of a "Middleton Place."

This is a lovely home north of Charleston, SC on the Ashley River. One of the undergraduate degrees I took was in Historic Preservation and I have always been interested in beautiful old buildings and so I stitched some of the ones I visited.

The movies last night were "Anzio" - 1968 An entertaining film if a bit wanting. Although I think it was trying to be big budget and all that it actually comes off a bit flat. This film is very anti-war and drives the point home on more that one occasion. The music is also very odd for a war film sort of groovy 60's orchestral.... for s way film it just did not fit. The second movie was "Hit the Deck" - 1955 - a light musical remake of "Follow the Fleet" - 1930. Although from the MGM glossy dream machine it is a weak film. Entertaining enough but it is not a "Singing in the Rain" or "Brigadoon."

I did have a question the other day from Monica about where I started Quaker Christmas as she has gotten Quaker Virtues. I started in the middle, I always start in the middle as I don't feel confident enough to start in the corner. It was the way Louann tough me to stitch and I just have never tried another way. BTW - I also have in the stash pile Quaker Virtues and it is calling to me - stitch me -0 - stitch me - stitch me........ but in what on what that is the question???????

I will leave of with our little man - Pete (Peetee). He was watching me take the snaps of Middleton Place but I think he didn't want to get up so he only opened his one eye slightly -

That's his favorite blue blanket and whoa be to thee that touches it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family "Tree", exchange stitching and movie acquisitions

I worked exclusively with an exchange last night and will for the next few so no pictures of that , yet. I do like to post stitchy snaps so here is something I made almost 20 years ago when I first stated to stitch.

I have always liked those family registers and I think this chart was in a magazine. It is done on Aida (I had not even heard of linen at that time) and with DMC floss. It shows my brother sister and I then my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. If I was to redo this now I would make many changes, but at that time I was a slave to the chart. I also would frame it differently, but them's the breaks!!

The flicks last night were a tribute to 1933 and the 75th anniversary of King Kong (which I did not watch as I do not care for that picture) But, I did watch "Dinner at Eight" such a wonderful picture and a follow up to "Grand Hotel" the year before. This was followed by one of 3 incarnations of "Little Women." I really like this story and find that this '33 version very superior with Katherine Hepburn as Jo, the 1949 version with June Allison playing Jo is good but not as good.

I also got the Volume 3, Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory.

There are some great movies and some wonderful double features. I also received, from a friend who knows I really like Bette Davis, the second box release for her birthday from 20th Century .

Wasn't that a nice thing to do!!!!! I was wondering if I really needed the second box, and probably would have gotten it at some point, but now I don't need to worry about not having to go out and get it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a stitchy and movie weekend...

Well, did we all get a giant amount of Bette this weekend?? Such a nice line up of flicks. I started of the weekend with "Deception" - 1946 on Friday night. This was a movie I had not seen before and came in the Vol 3 set. What a great flick. With Paul Henreid, Claude Rains and Bette. The same three mains as in "Now Voyager" - 1942, but with very different story lines to follow. Claude Rains is very evil and kinda whacked but VERY good. If you get a chance you should rent this as it is worth a look. Then we go into Saturday, watched most of "Corn is Green" - 1945. An adequate film, that was remade in 1979 with Katherine Hepburn in the Miss Moffat role. The KH version was better as more believable. The supporting cast in 45 was better, but thats just my opinion. Then we took off for a run to Alameda to visit NIAH. Picked up quite a few things that there is no snap for. Then is was back to watch the afternoon and evening flicks. Then last night I rounded out the weekend with "All This and Heaven Too" - 1940. I really like this film as it has Barbara O'Neil going over the hysterical edge, a true nutburger!! She is married to Charles Boyer and Bette plays the governess in their noble house of crazy!! It is a beautifully filmed work and worth the time as it is one of the longer films in the box set.

I worked on two exchange pieces, finishing one and getting a good start on the other, no snaps. I also worked on "This and That." Here is a progress snap.

I will put this away this week and finish up the exchange piece.

There you go, thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Forgivness", berries and creme...& watching some Bette Davis

Last night I hauled out "Forgiveness" to work on. For some reason it had fallen to the back of the pile. Here is a snap of the progress I made....

As you can see I finished the swan and she is floating on a sort of swamp coloured ground sniffing a brown flower. The half pot above is matched with the other half on the other side. I really need to put some time in on this as I want this finished some time in the early summer late spring... how ambitious is that!! :) I also want to get back to VoHRH - you haven't seen that piece in a good long while - but if you remember I am at the little white church - and I do not like stitching white - some sort of weirdness on my part, but there it is.

We usually go to the store on Thursday for the next weeks grocery buying and yesterday was no exception. Since this is a between time for fruit most of what we have been getting is from Chile, and is pretty good overall...but I have been waiting to see some things coming out of the San Joachim Valley. Yesterday there was a small display of California Strawberries that looked just great. So we got a container and an Angel cake and since the squirt creme was two for one - you know I got two!!! Yea... for the summer desserts!!! Even the weather cooperated as it was in the mid 60's and we opened up the sliding doors onto the balcony to let in the balmy breezes (as opposed to the arctic blasts we usually get) It is supposed to be even warmer, in the high 60's, today. I am in the mood for some nice weather and may even get to Golden Gate Park for some walking time in tomorrow.

Last night the movie was "Watch on the Rhine" - 1943, originally a play written by Lillian Hellman. A very good movie about.... refuges, the anti-Nazi underground and 1930's American Isolationism. The movie starts off with Davis and her family fleeing from the Nazis on the eve of WWII and coming home to her mothers house in Washington DC. This DVD is part of the Vol 3 set that just came out. Very watchable, if a bit preachy. Just a quick reminder about TCM and tomorrow's programming -
the entire day is turned over to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Bette with the following programming: (all time EST)

5 Saturday

6:00 AM-Cabin In The Cotton, The (1932)
A sharecropper fighting for better working conditions succumbs to the boss's seductive daughter. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, Bette Davis, Dorothy Jordan. Dir: Michael Curtiz. BW-78 mins, TV-G, CC 7:30 AM- Petrified Forest, The (1936)
An escaped convict holds the customers at a remote desert cantina hostage. Cast: Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart. Dir: Archie Mayo. BW-82 mins, TV-G, CC

9:00 AM -Corn Is Green, The (1945)
A dedicated teacher sacrifices everything to send a young miner to Oxford. Cast: Bette Davis, Nigel Bruce, John Dall. Dir: Irving Rapper. BW-114 mins, TV-G, CC, DVS

11:00 AM -Bride Came C.O.D., The (1941)
A pilot and a temperamental heiress are stranded in the desert together. Cast: James Cagney, Bette Davis, Harry Davenport. Dir: William Keighley. BW-92 mins, TV-G, CC

12:45 PM-Letter, The (1940)
A woman claims to have killed in self-defense, until a blackmailer turns up with incriminating evidence. Cast: Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, James Stephenson. Dir: William Wyler. BW-95 mins, TV-PG, CC

2:30 PM-Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (1939)
Elizabeth I's love for the Earl of Essex threatens to destroy her kingdom. Cast: Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland. Dir: Michael Curtiz. BW-106 mins, TV-G, CC

4:30 PM-Now, Voyager (1942)
A repressed spinster is transformed by psychiatry and her love for a married man. Cast: Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains. Dir: Irving Rapper. BW-118 mins, TV-G, CC, DVS

6:30 PM- Stardust: The Bette Davis Story (2005)
TCM original documentary that explores the life and career of legendary actress Bette Davis. BW-88 mins, TV-14, CC

8:00 PM -All About Eve (1950)
An ambitious young actress tries to take over a star's career and love life. Cast: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders. Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. BW-138 mins, TV-PG, CC

10:30 PM-Jezebel (1938)
A tempestuous Southern belle's willfulness threatens to destroy all who care for her. Cast: Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, Fay Bainter. Dir: William Wyler. BW-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, DVS

12:30 AM-Dark Victory (1939)
A flighty heiress discovers inner strength when she develops a brain tumor. Cast: Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphrey Bogart. Dir: Edmund Goulding. BW-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, DVS

2:30 AM-Dangerous (1935)
A young fan tries to rehabilitate an alcoholic actress he's fallen in love with. Cast: Bette Davis, Franchot Tone, Margaret Lindsay. Dir: Alfred E. Green. BW-79 mins, TV-G

4:00 AM-Pocketful Of Miracles (1961)
A good-hearted gangster turns an old apple seller into a society matron so she can impress her daughter. Cast: Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Hope Lange. Dir: Frank Capra. C-137 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format

My blowing off steam yesterday about the bad experiences I had with some ONS, it was just me venting an opinion. We can all pick and choose who to support and not with where we shop and spend our ever dwindling dollars. I didn't want to name names as I have seen on many blogs the great experiences that others have with various ONS and did not want to slam a store/site that someone else likes and has never had a problem with. I can only relate my very bad experiences. I have always had very good relations with Drema at Needlecraft Corner, Vicki at Hand Dyed Fibres and Mary (or anyone for the matter) at Needle in a Haystack. So I will stick to my three sources for stitchy stuff.

Thank you all for the really nice comments about "This and That." Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movie, mail, stichin', bitchin!

The movies last night, as I can't even watch ANTM anymore, were "The Europeans" - 1979 and "Goodfellas" - 1990. "The Europeans" is from a novel by Henry James and is a lovely movie starring the ever beautiful, and sadly gone, Lee Remick. Wonderfully acted and a gorgeous period film. The second flick was "Goodfellas" a great gangster film based in truth. What a great film!! A bit bloody but well acted by a big ensemble cast of well know and not so well know actors. I really enjoyed this film and will watch it again. Makes me want to go a re-watch the Sopranos, which is one of my favorite shows of all time!!! Both films I would highly recommend!

I finally received two charts I have been trying to get for the longest time.
Here is a snap.

For some reason I just had a hard time getting these charts. I ordered HH from a OLNS (I was trying a some new places to see how they operated) well I waited and waited with absolutely no response. After over a month and the third ignored email I charged back my CC and placed the order with Drema at Needlecraft Corner and slam bang it got here in a week. The HB chart for some reason I was having the same problem with. I placed the order with an OLNS a different one as I was trying out different places, and again waited for over a month and again nothing. I tried to email, bounce kaboing!! return email. Then tried all three of the listed numbers and none of them were ever working or I should say would either cointinuosly ring or not even connect. After about a week of this messing around - slam another cc charge back. Then I placed the order with ABC Stitch Therapy. This was a bit better.... but after waiting about three weeks without a word form them after placing the initial order, I wrote them an email (and got a response) and was told they were waiting for a back order from Canada, which is fine, except I would have thought they would have alerted me to the backorder and not wait for me to inquire. I am a pretty patient person, but geez let a person know whats going on. It finally arrived and the lesson learned is to stick to the LNS and OLNS that I know and that will come through for me. Those other two unmentioned OLNS will never hear form me again, I might order from ABC ST again.... but then again I probably wont as I know that I can get anything from Drema that I might need or even locally if I am going over to NIAH, so why bother....... Live and Learn!!

I worked again on "This and That", not too much as I was really into the movies so I was holding the stitching more than I was actually stitching. Here is a snap of the progress -

As you can see I have finished the little poem and need to work the fences and the surrounding vine.

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some mail, some stitching and a treat!

Yesterday the mail was very good to me!!! As you all have come to know I do enjoy a good movie on occasion! :) Well, this Saturday April 5th, is the Birthday of one of my favorite actress', Bette Davis. In fact it would have been her 100th. Yesterday, April 1st was the release date for the Bette Davis Volume 3 movie set!!! I have had this marked on my calendar for months and had it on order for at least 2 months. It came yesterday.

The set included 2 of my all time favorite BD movies. "Old Maid" - 1939 and " All This and Heaven Too" - 1940. Such a great set!! There is also being issued and 100th Birthday set of some movies. What is so sad is that half of those in that set are already out on DVD and that is so unnecessary as the BD movie portfolio is still packed with titles that are not out on DVD.

Last nights viewing included "Old Maid " - from the novel by a great American writer, Edith Wharton. Absolutely worth seeing over and over again. If for nothing else than to see Miriam Hopkins and BD go at each other and try and out do each other chewing up the scenes!!! The other movie on the bill was "Cromwell" - 1970. A very good movie that is not all that accurate but Alex Guinness as Charles I is VERY good!! Pretty lavish and entertaining.

I worked on "This and That" and here is a progress snap.

The little bit of lettering I had done I pulled out as I felt the stitching was very thick. I am now doing the lettering 1 over 2 as it seems less thick and easier to read.

With the BD collection I got a copy of "Scrooged" - 1988 as a Christmas treat for myself.

As you all may recall one of my favorite stories of all time is "A Christmas Carol" - by Charles Dickens. I have seen just about every variation of this that has been shown or done on film. This movie for some reason I have never gotten so I now have it added to the collection. I don't know why this story appeals to me so much, I would guess it is the idea that there is always redemption for everyone no matter how bad the seem to be...
or it could be that everyone has the chance to change the way they are and if it takes having the be-jesus scared out of you then that's what it takes!!

Thanks for stopping by!

take care,

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exchange Stiching...

No picture today of stitching. :(
I was working on an exchange last night. (Boy I have a lot of commitments lately)

The movie was "The Girl Next Door" - 1953 with Dan Daily and June Haver. A bright and really watchable musical. Very different kind of musical for 20th Century. It is about a single widowed dad raising a son alone with a beautiful nightclub singer next door. Wonderful musical numbers that are not typical of the 50's musical machine. Very good movie and worth seeing. I had never heard of it and it was a great surprise for me!!

I really need a snap of something here.... how about a sweet puppy shot????

It's The Peach.... you know what they say -

"mess with The Peach and you get the Pit!!" :)

She thinks she is ferocious, but is really just a love bug!!
I have had a hard time lately getting to all the blogs I usually read so don't think I have forgotten everyone - it has just been so busy around here!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care!

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