Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movie, mail, stichin', bitchin!

The movies last night, as I can't even watch ANTM anymore, were "The Europeans" - 1979 and "Goodfellas" - 1990. "The Europeans" is from a novel by Henry James and is a lovely movie starring the ever beautiful, and sadly gone, Lee Remick. Wonderfully acted and a gorgeous period film. The second flick was "Goodfellas" a great gangster film based in truth. What a great film!! A bit bloody but well acted by a big ensemble cast of well know and not so well know actors. I really enjoyed this film and will watch it again. Makes me want to go a re-watch the Sopranos, which is one of my favorite shows of all time!!! Both films I would highly recommend!

I finally received two charts I have been trying to get for the longest time.
Here is a snap.

For some reason I just had a hard time getting these charts. I ordered HH from a OLNS (I was trying a some new places to see how they operated) well I waited and waited with absolutely no response. After over a month and the third ignored email I charged back my CC and placed the order with Drema at Needlecraft Corner and slam bang it got here in a week. The HB chart for some reason I was having the same problem with. I placed the order with an OLNS a different one as I was trying out different places, and again waited for over a month and again nothing. I tried to email, bounce kaboing!! return email. Then tried all three of the listed numbers and none of them were ever working or I should say would either cointinuosly ring or not even connect. After about a week of this messing around - slam another cc charge back. Then I placed the order with ABC Stitch Therapy. This was a bit better.... but after waiting about three weeks without a word form them after placing the initial order, I wrote them an email (and got a response) and was told they were waiting for a back order from Canada, which is fine, except I would have thought they would have alerted me to the backorder and not wait for me to inquire. I am a pretty patient person, but geez let a person know whats going on. It finally arrived and the lesson learned is to stick to the LNS and OLNS that I know and that will come through for me. Those other two unmentioned OLNS will never hear form me again, I might order from ABC ST again.... but then again I probably wont as I know that I can get anything from Drema that I might need or even locally if I am going over to NIAH, so why bother....... Live and Learn!!

I worked again on "This and That", not too much as I was really into the movies so I was holding the stitching more than I was actually stitching. Here is a snap of the progress -

As you can see I have finished the little poem and need to work the fences and the surrounding vine.

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  1. Well Ms Beeby eventually touched base! Are you joining in the SAL? It started last week but I have only just started mine this week. HH looks a nice chart too - it looks like another 'must have' :-)

    This and That looks as though it's nearing completion. I am sure you mom is going to love it.

  2. Edgar, I've been wanting to see the Europeans, I think it's in my Netflix queue. And yes, Goodfellas is a classic!

    Love your charts, sorry you had such a bad experience with the customer service. You might to consider naming names as a service to the stitching community! I usually shop with Mary Kathryn at Handcrafts Online and have always had a stellar experience with her.

    Your This and That piece looks super!

  3. Well I am glad to hear you fianally got the charts. I will only deal with 3 OLNS.Dreama is good to deal with.
    Your piece is coming along
    nicely.Love seeing your progress.

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  5. The OLNS shops I've used with great success are Mary Kathryn's of course and 1 2 3 Stitch. I've had excellent success with both of them. Love your charts and the piece you are working on at the monent. Hopefully your next expeirence with OLNS will be better.


  6. Wow those charts are amazing. Giving me Quaker-itis again! Of course this is quickly cured by a quick dose of reading my credit card bill! Thanks to our generousity I will be part of my first exchange. Many thanks for that....and I felt it needed a public THANK YOU right here.
    I've had great shopping experiences with Laurel's Stitcher OLNS. Her shipping prices are more then fair. 1-2-3 Stitch also has some great clearance bargains if you can catch them.

  7. Great new charts. You are really making progress on This and That and it looks fantastic. I just love the blues!

  8. I've always had wonderful service from Drema and order from her often. But it would be good to know who the other ONLS were that you had the problem with, as I do most of my stash buying online.

    Love the piece you are working on for your Mum.

  9. It's a shame you had bad experiences with the shops (and they wonder why so many are going out of business...) but your stash looks great - as does your current project!