Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a stitchy and movie weekend...

Well, did we all get a giant amount of Bette this weekend?? Such a nice line up of flicks. I started of the weekend with "Deception" - 1946 on Friday night. This was a movie I had not seen before and came in the Vol 3 set. What a great flick. With Paul Henreid, Claude Rains and Bette. The same three mains as in "Now Voyager" - 1942, but with very different story lines to follow. Claude Rains is very evil and kinda whacked but VERY good. If you get a chance you should rent this as it is worth a look. Then we go into Saturday, watched most of "Corn is Green" - 1945. An adequate film, that was remade in 1979 with Katherine Hepburn in the Miss Moffat role. The KH version was better as more believable. The supporting cast in 45 was better, but thats just my opinion. Then we took off for a run to Alameda to visit NIAH. Picked up quite a few things that there is no snap for. Then is was back to watch the afternoon and evening flicks. Then last night I rounded out the weekend with "All This and Heaven Too" - 1940. I really like this film as it has Barbara O'Neil going over the hysterical edge, a true nutburger!! She is married to Charles Boyer and Bette plays the governess in their noble house of crazy!! It is a beautifully filmed work and worth the time as it is one of the longer films in the box set.

I worked on two exchange pieces, finishing one and getting a good start on the other, no snaps. I also worked on "This and That." Here is a progress snap.

I will put this away this week and finish up the exchange piece.

There you go, thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. I'm so in love with "A Tale of This and That" that I bought it on ebay last week, along with "The Lady and the Flower Sampler" also by Little by Little. You're a decidedly bad influence!

  2. Sounds like a 'perfect' weekend!

    I can't believe how quickly This and That is coming along~~looks fantastic!!!

  3. "This and That" is coming along beautifully. Steve Ercle would be proud indeed.

  4. May i join de Bday Club?
    Patricia D.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend of movies!! This and That looks wonderful, you are making such fast progress on this ;)

  6. This is beatiful work Edgar! Hey, I have a question for you... I just got the Quaker Virtues pattern, linen and floss, etc. and I was wondering where did you start on your Quaker Christmas? Top left? Or did you find the center and work your way out from there? Any help you could give me would be GREATLY appriciated! :)

    Thanks for inspiring me by sharing all your lovely stitching!