Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some mail, some stitching and a treat!

Yesterday the mail was very good to me!!! As you all have come to know I do enjoy a good movie on occasion! :) Well, this Saturday April 5th, is the Birthday of one of my favorite actress', Bette Davis. In fact it would have been her 100th. Yesterday, April 1st was the release date for the Bette Davis Volume 3 movie set!!! I have had this marked on my calendar for months and had it on order for at least 2 months. It came yesterday.

The set included 2 of my all time favorite BD movies. "Old Maid" - 1939 and " All This and Heaven Too" - 1940. Such a great set!! There is also being issued and 100th Birthday set of some movies. What is so sad is that half of those in that set are already out on DVD and that is so unnecessary as the BD movie portfolio is still packed with titles that are not out on DVD.

Last nights viewing included "Old Maid " - from the novel by a great American writer, Edith Wharton. Absolutely worth seeing over and over again. If for nothing else than to see Miriam Hopkins and BD go at each other and try and out do each other chewing up the scenes!!! The other movie on the bill was "Cromwell" - 1970. A very good movie that is not all that accurate but Alex Guinness as Charles I is VERY good!! Pretty lavish and entertaining.

I worked on "This and That" and here is a progress snap.

The little bit of lettering I had done I pulled out as I felt the stitching was very thick. I am now doing the lettering 1 over 2 as it seems less thick and easier to read.

With the BD collection I got a copy of "Scrooged" - 1988 as a Christmas treat for myself.

As you all may recall one of my favorite stories of all time is "A Christmas Carol" - by Charles Dickens. I have seen just about every variation of this that has been shown or done on film. This movie for some reason I have never gotten so I now have it added to the collection. I don't know why this story appeals to me so much, I would guess it is the idea that there is always redemption for everyone no matter how bad the seem to be...
or it could be that everyone has the chance to change the way they are and if it takes having the be-jesus scared out of you then that's what it takes!!

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  1. This and That is coming along beautifully. I like that little butterfly. Just so you know, the Stanford Theatre is having a Bette Davis Festival starting on her birthday. I love that place...very similar to the Castro.

  2. You're really making fantastic progress on T&T, it's gorgeous!

    And looks like you've got lots of good movies to stitch to :)

  3. Edgar,
    You'r stitching is looking wonderful.
    Here is a bit of info I thought you'd be interesed in.April is BD month.All her eary films 1931-1938
    We live nearby this theatre and have NEVER gone I think I will go to a show this time.
    I know this is a ways form the city but the train runs right by here,lets you off only 4 blocks away.

  4. You're moving very quickly on "This and That" ;)