Friday, April 11, 2008

Super mail day!!!!

Yesterday was a super mail day!!! In fact I thought I wasn't getting any mail as it came at 2:45 in the afternoon and I was packing up my stuff to leave for home. Usually the mail gets here around 12:30 but was really late for some reason..... oh well.... Let us start with the high point of the whole day! I received my HOE Pyn Keepe exchange from Shelley. Here is a snap of the unfolding of the package -

Box open

isn't that some great paper!

Here is the whole super package!!!

and a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

Shelley made the most lovely piece using Thistle Threads "Miniature Quaker" pattern using Silweavers beautiful "Sandstorm" linen with Cherry Wildflowers silk (I love those Quakers and cool muted colours). The finishing is perfect and fits in so nicely with my growing collection of Pyn Keepes . The extras she included were a chart by Milady's Needle - "Quaker Christmas Smalls" (a chart I have seen but did not have and wanted!!!!) Also included were two skeins of floss - Waterlilies "Arabian Nights" and GAST"Cranberry"(again I just love muted darker colours!!), two pieces of 32 ct linen - in Chestnut and Blue (32 ct is my favorite ct to work on), a fun piece of fabric for finishing, a note pad with stickies and some fun Glee Gum, Tangerine Flavor! Thank you so much for this wonderful package!!! I have been so spoiled!!!!!

I also received an order from Drema. Here is a snap of that package -

It is the stuff to make two of the BBD LF #29 "Where my Heart Blooms." One for a Christmas Present (thinking ahead again) and one for us. I really fell in love with this pattern. Included in the package but not shown was a copy of the #30 chart "Rites of Spring" and it is just great, really very Quakery, such a surprise that I would like it!! :)

The old piece of stitching for the day is a small piece -

The only thing that has bothered my for years is the bits of floss that shown through (much darker in this photo than in person) but I have lived with it this long....

This is of Saint Thomas Church in the little town of Bath, NC. I worked in the Blount -Bridgers house in Tarboro right out of ECU so I knew all the sites on the Albemarle tour very well.

I just read on Myrna received the "Here's the Ewe" exchange I sent. Here is a snap of the package I sent -

I really enjoyed making this Pyn Keepe - and putting the package together, enjoy - sorry about all the tape. :)

The movies last night were TCM Star of the moth selections featuring Hedy Lemarr. The two features were - "Ziegfeld Girl" - 1941 and "H.M. Pullham, Esq. " - 1941. Both very entertaining movies. ZG also has Judy Garland and Lana Turner, very pretty film with some big production numbers by Busby Berkley. HMP is really a very good film and was Hedy Lamarr's favorite film of all she did.

Have a great weekend - and thank you so much for stopping by!!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. You will love stitching BBD Where My Heart Blooms Edgar. I've just finished mine and can't wait to receive the next one and start on it:)

    Love the pynkeep you made for Myrna.

  2. Great exchanges! Its no wonder you were so excited to open up such a great package!! Have a wonderful stitch-filled weekend :-D

  3. "Ziegfeld Girl" is waiting for me on the TiVo. Can't wait to watch it!

    Beautiful pynkeep you received! I just love all those beautiful varigated flosses that are out there.

  4. Wow, talk about a super duper mail day! The pinkeeps look wonderful and stash is always a fun thing to have. I need to go to NiaH again. I signed up for all these exchanges like a crazy person! The exchanges are very addictive and lots of fun though. I better make my list now and stick to it so I don't go uber-crazy shopping! =)

  5. Great exchange packages with two beautifully stitched and finished pinkeeps - well done to all.
    Have a good stitchy weekend

  6. What a lovely pynkeep you recieved amd the one you made is so nice! Love it.
    I look forward to seeing your progress on BBD #29 I have this one on its way to me as we speak,and look forward to starting it.

  7. Both exchanges are wonderful and you included some thoughtful goodies in yours. x

  8. Great exchanges. Love the red. Enjoy your movies.

  9. Hi Edgar!!! I love, love, my package!!! Thank you so much!!! (And the only funny thing about the tape was, I was in such a hurry to open it, I took a plastic knife to try -- didn't look for the letter opener, or even a sharp knife!! I knew there would be something wonderful in there!)

    And, it looks like you had a great mail day also. The pinkeep is darling -- and so many pretties.

    Have a great weekend!
    Myrna :-)

  10. Howdy do Edgar! I was so hoping...just straining with hope really, the other day when I read that you mailed your Here's to Ewe and you said, "It didn't have far to go" that not far to go would be to Indiana...not MICHIGAN!!!!! :(
    OH well Happy day for Myrna, it's a super exchange :)
    And I love, love, love that HoE Pyn Keepe (can I steal this spelling please?) you received :)
    I have the BD piece too...and you're gonna do two?! I thought I was the only wacko to stitch patterns over and over ;) Glad to know that you're in the boat with me - ya wanna paddle for a while buddy?!

  11. what an awesome mail day! Gotta love those days! great exchange you rec'd and sent. have fun fondling all that new stash! Happy weekend!

  12. Wonderful exchanges! Great stash too - I love the BBD Loose Feathers!

  13. What a great exchnges both sent and received!

  14. Very pretty pin keep that you received and a great pin keep that you made for Myrna ;)

  15. Two lovely pinkeeps and great exchanges. Love the new stash!! Always enjoy seeing the old stitching, too.

  16. Those are some fabulous exchanges Edgar, congrats!!!

    What is the pattern of the one that you stitched? It is so cute I want it too, LOL!!!

  17. I love the pattern on the pin keep. I was wondering who is the designer? I love sheep!