Monday, April 28, 2008

Exchange received and some stitching

I heard from Tuula that she has received the

SBEBB Spring House & Garden Exchange that I sent. Here are a couple of snaps....

I stitched Geranium House by LHN and then turned it into a box. I think it turned out pretty good for the first time trying. I also included some extra goodies but didn't get a snap of them Tulla has posted more snaps at her site.
I really enjoyed stitching this chart as geraniums are one of my favorite flowers!!!!

We had a pretty busy weekend so I didn't get as much stitching done as I had planned -
but here is a progress snap of BPC -

Sorry it is a little wonky at the bottom, it really is supposed to be a straight line.

What is it with the gas prices!!! I had held off until yesterday to fill up at the station near the bookstore and payed ONLY $3.97..... I usually use a station on the way to my week day job but I was just not going to pay $4.05 9/10... was it really worth the .08 cents...I wonder -
and I know it will only go up! My little rant for the day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,


  1. The stitching and the finish look fantastic! Great job!

  2. A great exchange Edgar, I bet Tuula was very pleased to receive it. I like geraniums too! BPC is coming along nicely.

  3. The box is really cute.

    It's fairly simple to figure out if it is worth the .08. Multiply it by the size of your tank or the amount of gas you put in. Our Honda Civic has an 11 gallon tank. That's a whopping .88 if you fill it. Over the course of the year it's about $23 for us (fill every other week), so I don't sweat the cents.

  4. Edgar, For a first time try at a box, it looks great! Geraniums are wonderful plants, they seem to grow no matter what.

    We drove to the city yesterday and went for a hike to see the Sutro Bath Ruins. We did find gas near Geary Blvd/25th for $3.87

    Love your progress on BP

  5. Edgar...your box is just beautiful...I love the ribbon and lace around the middle..hmmm...may have to steal that! :)
    Gorgeous stitching as always!
    Gas...well it really gives me gas to see how high it is...and it is not any cheaper in Indiana...I filled up today $75 in my Soccer Mom Minivan...YIKES!

  6. Great exchange box, so pretty!

    I filled up my truck an hour or so ago at $3.49. I was grumbling about it 'til I saw your post. **sorry** :o)

  7. Very cute little box!

    I don't know what is up with the gas's $3.48-$3.59 here. And it doesn't help when it jumps 20 and 30 cents at a time. What on earth is the reasoning for that?!? *grumble*

    On an unrelated note...I happen to have my Granma's Singer Feather Weight sewing machine at my house right now :-)

  8. What a wonderful box Edgar! Your stitching and finishing are perfect! Congrats on a great finish! Your wip is looking great too!

  9. Your stitching and finishing are lovely Edgar!

    I hear you about the gas prices, guess I shouldn't complain ours is $3.39. Unfortunately, the prices in the grocery store are rising as quickly as gas too!

  10. Beautiful box you made for Tuula. She must love it ;)

  11. Wow, what a great exchange gift you made! The stitching is lovely and the finishing is so great!! How talented you are :)

  12. Awesome exchange for Tuula!!

  13. I love the box top you made for the Spring exchange! Your finishing is FANTASTIC!!

  14. Your geranium house is absolutely beautiful and the way you finished is gorgeous!
    I love it!