Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Remembering Williamsburg

In a past life I did and internship at Colonial Williamsburg and so I came to love that little piece of "faux" colonial life. Don't get me wrong I think they and all historic sites that try and recreate a past or a time long gone do a stupendous job, but, it is still a recreation and a sanitized version of that past and I am this first in line to go and visit and really enjoy the experience!!!! In my zeal for Wmsbrg I found this Kit by Elsa Williams and stitched it up. It is called "Duke of Gloucester Street" and features the buildings located along or near the street. It is on a creamy Aida Cloth and you can see by the date that it is ancient, but I still like it. I did change one thing, I back stitched the names of the buildings. In the chart they weren't identified and I thought that was wrong so I "fixed" it. Here is a snap -

It is at a weird angle because it is a large piece and under glass and the reflection was very odd, but you get the idea.

I worked almost exclusively on exchanges last night after getting home from shopping and dinner out - woo hoo no dishes to do - let someone else clean up!!!!!

and - if you can believe it
it was a no movie night - the history channel had a get show on the titanic luxury ships from Lake Nemi built by Caligula....... I was just fascinated so I watched that.

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  1. What a wonderful piece and I think it's a great idea to identify the buildings!

  2. I visited Williamsburg in the early 1970s, and was impressed with the vegetable garden plots. Other favorite historical sites are:

    1) Mount Vernon because it had a very historical feel to it, and the view of the Potomac was amazing. 2)Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois. It was less authentic, but still had a feeling of greatness to it.

  3. That's pretty much all we watch here-the History channel. My hubby loves that channel! I'm excited about Quaker Critter exchange! Can't wait to see who I get!

  4. Hi Edgar!

    That's a great sampler! I love history things... but, I don't travel much, so have never been to Williamsburg. You must leave an interesting life. :-)

    Myrna :-)

  5. This is a lovely sampler! Beautiful!

  6. Wonderful older piece! I like the names of the buildings stitchen in.

  7. WOW, that is a great piece!!!! I have always wanted to visit Williamsburg. As close as I am you would think I would have already :)
    Thanks for sharing, Edgar :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  8. What a fabulous sampler, and I love that you added the names of the houses.

  9. Williamsburg is my favorite place to vacation. I've actually purchased this sampler. I'm about 3/4 finished but now have misplaced the pattern. Hopefully I'll find it soon so that I can finish!