Friday, April 30, 2010

Alpha Sampler Conversion

GR&DF Jan asked on Wednesday about the floss conversion I did for Alpha Sampler
- here goes...

NPI 352 - GAST Green Apple
NPI 353 - GAST Shutter Green
NPI 293 - WDW Collards
NPI 562 - GAST Cornflower
NPI 462 - GAST Blue Jay
NPI 746 - GAST Midnight
NPI 474 - GAST Gold Leaf
NPI 694 - CC Copper Penny
NPI 224 - CC Apple Fritter
NPI 222 - WDW Red Pear
NPI 707 - WDW Chablis
NPI 971 - GAST Roasted Marshmallow
NPI 963 - CC River Rocks
NPI 882 - WDW Cherub
NPI 184 - CC Cocoa Bean

This is my conversion - not saying its perfect or anything but I am liking it
- any other questions please feel free to ask.

Have a great weekend!!

Take care,

Friday Posting

GR&DF we are once again looking at two days off!! WooHoo!! Not many plans at the moment so I can hope for a quiet and relaxing weekend. No laundry - I did 4 loads last night - no house cleaning - did that a little bit each night so all that really needs doing is running the vacuum tonight. No kitchen duties - that's what there are places to go to that bring you food and then clean up the mess - or I can have food delivered - either way the shackles to the stove are broken. Looks like there will be some serious numb butt! Even the who-hounds do not need a "doggie day spa" as we got the nails clipped and baths earlier in the week. I love it when everything points to me being in sweats and just collapsing into a lump.

Last night I mentioned the laundry - well while that was going on I had time to full fill a request from Rico to make something for him to take into work today - so I made a cake for him to take in - a delicious Pineapple upside down cake.

Here is a snap with the melted butter, brown sugar layered with pineapple slices and cherries ready for the cake batter...... which turns into ......

Golden brown deliciousness. It is such an easy cake and I hope they enjoy it at Rico's work!! That cake is on one of my turkey platters - and it still looks a little crowded.

CAKE UPDATE - at 8:07am PST - Rico called to let me know the cake is completely gone!! I guess I did good!!

I wanted to thank Evelyn for the suggestion of seeing the remake of "Out of the Past' - "Against All Odds" - I am always open to see something new.... and... dear Catherine if you ever get out here to SF just let me know and of course we can show you around. I love taking out of town folks around and showing off the city. There are so many things to see you could never see everything - but hitting some of the high lights is always fun.

The flicker last night was "Cross of Iron" - 1977 - starring James Coburn, Maximilian Schell and James Mason. A really early and super violent (for the time) film by Sam Peckinpah. The basic story is about the German lines at the Russian front during 1943 and the interaction between the soldiers and the commanding officers - a great anti war and the anti hero film - which at times is hard to follow the very scattered story line. Watching the film and remembering when it was made it is a really incredible piece of work. If you like Peckinpah or "real" feeling war movies I would suggest trying to see this one.

One of my favorite shows and a real guilty pleasure of mine is "Family Guy" - I totally enjoy the show. In one episode Peter got very obsessed with a song and it kept popping up throughout the evening. So I think I will post a clip/ad of it....

I have seen this episode many, many times and it still makes me just laugh out loud!!

There you go sports fans - thank you again for stopping by. Have a great weekend!!

Take care,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Stops on the way home....

GR&DF what kind things you had to say yesterday - thank you!! I wanted to start off today with answers to some questions from the comments - Jan - for the Alpha Sampler I did my own conversion to over dyed floss - I do not think I ever listed them all so I will do that tomorrow. I am happy that you like my choices. After stitching away and getting past the 1/2 way point I would have done a couple of things differently but overall I am very pleased with the way it is turning out. Evelyn - I just love the location shots in "Leave her to Heaven". It makes me want to get on a plane and visit Maine. Since I have never been that far North it is exactly what I imagine the landscape would look like. Doris - LHtH was a Netflix DVD and not on the regular TV. The 20th Century Fox transfer is really good and pretty easy to find to rent - you will not be disappointed.

Yesterday on the way home I needed to swing by Japan town to get some incense - I am addicted and will not be without - how spoiled does that sound?? Whenever we are over that way we try and stop by St Dominic's. This lovely neo-Gothic beauty is a joy to visit and although I am not Catholic I do enjoy a good church. Rico also wanted to stop and light a candle for his 2nd cousin who lost her battle with leukemia a few days ago - so it was nice to spend some quiet moments in reflexion. I of course had the handy dandy camera so I got some snaps....

As with any large older building they are in the throws of renovation and cleaning the upper North clerestory windows.

In the Holy Name Altar is a large wall carved with scenes from Christs life.
The center panel is this - the birth scene that I think is just lovely.

All over the side isles and chapels are beautifully carved panels with banks of burning candles - like little lights of faith in a dark world - just beautiful!!

The shrine to St Jude holds this great statue and is very lovely with banks of candles and flowers - you just can't help but feel comforted in a space like this.

North Transept window "Notable Dominicans."

South Nave "12 Apostles (as Dominicans)."

As you leave the church and look up into the Balcony this beautiful large window set into the North Nave is of - "Christ Triumphant over Death." It is a great church and always open and easy to visit if you ever get to SF.

After we left the church we headed over to Japan Town and I got this shot of the weather - it had spotty rain on and off all day leaving the afternoon punctuated with some great billowy big clouds.....

The third stop was at KFC - I am such a sucker to try new fast food it just is crazy. So of course I needed to try the new "Double Down" sandwich - where ...there is so much chicken there's no room for the bun!!..... Not too bad - since I like - fried chicken, bacon and pepper jack cheese. It is kind of odd with no bun, but does one really need the extra bread when you can have extra chicken!?!

The flicker last night was another Netflix DVD - "Out of the Past" - 1947 - starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas and Rhonda Fleming. This classic and almost perfect Film Noir is a must see for those that like moody, B&W, bad boy, bad girl type movies - with so many twists a turns you never really know who is getting the raw deal!! If you get the chance I would highly recommend the film!!

Stitching was still concentrated on an exchange.

There you go sports fans. Thank you once again for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mails Came

GR&DF along with all the rain we got yesterday the mail brought two super packages.

Let me start off with an exchange piece. A group of us are in a bi-monthly Christmas ornament Exchange. Round 5 mailing is coming up on the 1st and I think I am the first to receive mine. My partner was Julianne - who lives here in the Bay area so the package got here supper quick.
Here is a snap -

It is a wonderful piece of Santa holding the traditional symbol of hospitality - the Pineapple!! I just love this piece as it brings back so many great memories. In the South and growing up we used lots of pineapples in decoration during the Holidays. He will be a great addition to our tree. Thank you so much Julianne!!

The second package was from Marie - I won her Earth Day Give Away - and here is a snap -

It was two of her special tea towels that are embroidered with windmills. I had already gotten one of these great towels with a pumpkin on it - and now have these additional ones. They are really nice!! Thank you so much Marie for the wonderful drawing!!

My stitching is still secretive exchange stitching - so still no snaps of my doings.

The flicker last night was "Leave Her to Heaven" - 1946 - starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain and Vincent Price - the usual top actors from 20th Century. This is a film I had always heard of but had never gotten around to seeing it - can you believe that!! The movie is gloriously filmed in rich Technicolor that accentuates deep reds, warm golds, and luscious shades of turquoise. The Maine and New Mexico interiors are just great and look like they came out of a contemporary magazine, including the simple little lodge by the lake A real A picture. Tierney never looked lovelier and has the most perfect lipstick control ever - no matter what is happening!!! (and some pretty psycho things happen) Told in flash back this "noir" story - is all melodrama - from the first meeting in a beautiful club car to the last fading light on Moon Lake - I thoroughly recommend this film -

There you go sports fans - thank you again for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Wet and Windy Tuesday

GR&DF you all once again said the nicest things!! I do thank you! I was amazed - or I probably shouldn't have been - about the bookcase comments. I have seriously been on the prowl for months and months. In every old house, Salvation Army, Goodwill and yard sale I have scoured for one. I always say week after week that there is always another sale. So I have held off many other lesser bookcases - knowing that eventually I would stumble like an idiot into one - et voila - it was this past weekend!! Now we will be on the look out for a tall chest of drawers for Rico - there was one at the sidewalk sale that I found the bookcase and it was of the same period, and a lovely 1/4 sawn oak, great old finish - only missing two of the lower drawer bails - and for only $10. But, by the time we got back over there to get it someone else had snapped it up. There will be another - I am sure!!

In the comments - both Peg and Loraine mentioned listing stash - I only got through 2 of the 5 - 4 inch binders I have that are packed with charts. Not touching the uncloseable box of charts and the last 3 binders. It is a bit overwhelming - and just a bit obscene! Should one person have so much and so many choices??? I have to just stitch from stash - until something else great comes up - have you looked a eBay lately??? I know - pop up books are kind of crazy - but since I was a little slip of chip - I have liked them - not every pop-up appeals to me - but there are lots out there so I am not too worried about not finding others.

There where a few flickers this weekend I wanted to mention - starting off with "Dark Passage" - 1947 - starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Agnes Moorehead. This was a wonderful Noir film. The first half of the film is shot all subjective camera with Bogart narrating for plot. After about half way through the film the camera pulls back and you see an "new" Bogart. Agnes Moorehead was just superb as the crazy grasping bitchy friend of both the dead wife and new girlfriend. Although the story was a little weak the super acting and atmospheric SF shots made up for lack of story.

Next up is "Lillie's of the Field" - 1963 - starring Sidney Poitier and Lilia Skala. I have seen this film many times and always enjoy it!! Sidney Poitier won both the Oscar and Golden Globe for his performance as Homer Smith an itinerant ex-GI roaming the west. He stumbles on a small group of German nuns who have come to build a chapel. Lilia Skala as Mother Maria -a tough as nails get 'er done type is convinced that God has sent him to build their chapel - it is a feel good film shot on location in the desert that I think everyone can enjoy.

The last film up will be a new film "Avatar" - 2009 - starring - Sam Worthington, the voice of Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. For all the hype, good and bad press - this movie IMHO was very entertaining. I was totally absorbed in the entire picture and had to keep reminding myself that what I was watching was computer generated and completely not real - it was very easy to get caught up with the film. It was easy to see - and Rico pointed out - how very similar the story lines where to the way the indigenous populations where treated here in North America when the Europeans started to colonize and the way the native population was treated on Pandora by the greedy and evil "colonizers." With all the groundbreaking imagery the film made the story was predictable and trite - but nicely told, I thought. They totally left it open for a 2nd film - surprise, surprise!!

Back to some exchange stitching for the next few days so no snappers today.

There you go sports fans. Thank you for stopping by do come again!!

Take care,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Stuff

GR&DF I wanted to start off the week with a warm thanks to everyone for your kind comments!! They were so nice to read this morning. It is a bit chilly here in the Bay Area and it is supposed to start raining again, but like I always a say "believe it when you see it!!" I never buy into the weather "forecaster" prediction - as the forecasters are little more than guessing at best - and I can see the weather myself moving in on radar over the Internet. I really like Weather Underground - as I can see what is happening here and where others I love are. It was a beautiful weekend here - bright and sunny and a little breezy both days so what have I got to complain about!!

The three of us - Dale, Rico and I - did the usual running around to the estate and house sales - and there was a pile of them out there. I scored pretty well on some little things....

Starting from the left - a giant restaurant pizza wheel - to replace the crappy plastic piece of mess we have now - a repro pop-up children's book - a large two piece flower frog another pop book of Robert Sabuda's and three little icons - the little square one in enamelled bronze - all of this cool stuff for less than $9!!

Pop-up books are a crazy something I have collected for a while - but the really nice ones are totally expensive - these two I got for .50 a piece and they are in perfect condition!! I especially like Robert Sabuda. Go check out his site.....

For our lunch break we stopped at a new place - for us at least -

Rico had seen it reviewed on Check Please and so we stopped off for a super lunch!! Here is a snap of mine...

I had the Italian combo and it was a toasty delicious sub - and chips they make as you order. All washed down with a cream soda - which makes Rico gag, but I do love a good cream soda.

I think the deal of the day was a bookcase I found. We where zooming through the Haight and on the sidewalk was a sort of yard sale - so of course we stopped. I spied this beautiful bookcase and immediately went over to it expecting it to be $100+ dollars - and the piece of tape with the price was only $5 - I said "who do I give my fiver to??" and it was mine. We loaded it into Dale's jeep (we had the roof off it was so nice) and ran it home. So now in the second bedroom a pile of books...

... went from this ..... to....

.... this. I have been looking for a bookcase for months and months and knew I would find one. I have passed on so many way overpriced ones and cheap crappy ones and now to get this solid oak c. 1890-1910 - beauty, I couldn't be happier - and for $5 I am simply ecstatic!!! That piece of walnut is the foot board to my G-G-grandmothers bedroom set I have in the second bedroom - the prettiest part is on the headboard....

I didn't realize how dusty it was up there - but you get the idea.

Rico worked on the balcony plants and now there is some colour out there -

and I will leave off today with a snap of the tiny bit of stitching I did over the last couple of days....

Pretty pathetic - but on Friday evening I spent starting to make a list of every piece of stash I have and it is a much bigger job than I thought. Then on Saturday evening I just couldn't focus on it and last night I felt pretty crappity so not much again!! Oh well. there is no deadline for Alpha Sampler.

There you go sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by!! Do come again!! Tomorrow I am talking weekend flicks.

Take care,

Friday, April 23, 2010

When is it ever too much??

GR&DF your nice comments from yesterday where wonderful. I think the lilac thing comes from my childhood. Growing up in PG County MD - our home had a gigantic lilac bush on one corner and on the backside of the house where a few forsythia bushes - so these two flowers in my mind are harbingers of a beautiful spring and warmer weather coming. Out here in the Bay area the weather is so temperate that we never get anywhere near a freeze. So these two plants you do not see - and I miss them - but by the magic of the florist shop I can get me some for the house. I guess every region and area has its good and bad points - it just finding them and being happy with what you have. And, you can always get around everything and get what you want!! with that in mind......

Yesterday the mail brought me a few charts I purchased from another super stitcher who was down sizing - it is certainly some kind of sickness - this accumulation of beautiful charts - but, there are worse thing to do - I guess!! Here is a snap -

It is just crazy - but three of these are charts where my list in my wallet that I wanted and the fourth was one I just had to have!! Now, when on earth will I ever get to them????

I finished up some of my secret stitching for my 3rd Blogiversary and I will spend my stitching time this weekend on Alpha Sampler so I will have some kind of stitchity snap for Monday - I Promise - (now it is in print I have to do it!!)

Last night I tried to watch a movie from Netflix and even I had to shut it off. "Waterloo" 1970 - bad DVD, a Chinese export of dubious authenticity, crappy translation for the subtitles that were un-removable (which I hate) - and Rod Steiger as Napoleon just wasn't working for me a bit!! Moving on - we stopped by the Mall last night to pick up a copy of "Avatar" and I watched about 10 mins of it and it looks better than I thought it would be - we'll watch it this weekend.

There you go sports fans - short and sweet!! Have a great weekend!! Stop by again.

Take care,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Give-Away

Trillium is having an Earth Day Drawing. Stop over and throw your name in!!

The Lilacs are in Bloom Again

GR&&DF I am so happy about how well received "The Young Victoria" was yesterday. Since the majority of films out there being made toady are barely worth the computer digitized space they take up - it was so nice to see a top notch quality piece!! Last night the flicker was "Angels Over Broadway" - 1940 - starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchel and John Qualen. A small film from Columbia Pictures written and directed by Ben Hecht. This is a character driven film with lots of snappy dialogue - mostly from Hayworth - and she is the reason to see the film. Fairbanks is miscast as the on-the- make gangster heel and Mitchel reprises another drunken mr. fix it role - only Qualen casting is spot on - as the downtrodden "almost" suicide. A short film that was not well received at the time, but worth a look since Rita was never lovelier!!

On the way home we stopped in the Castro to pick up some dinner at Zappata' s Mexican Grill. Across the street is a small florist that we like and they finally had some lilac's. I have been looking for the past month or so for some. Now the Spring can't start for me until I have some Lilac's!! So I trotted over and got me my bunch and here is a snap of them....

I had to cut some of the branchy parts off as they were just too tall - but they are beautiful and lush - I love 'em!! Even though it is now spring the weather here in the city was rainy and pretty cold yesterday - today it is supposed to get into the upper 50's and be sunny, but I will believe that when it actually happens!

There you go sports fans!! Thanks again for stopping by - do come again!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Victoria Regina

GR&DF it will be a quickie post today as I am still "secret" stitching.

Sooooo - I think I will talk about the super film from last night. "The Young Victoria" - 2009 - starring Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Miranda Richardson and Jim Broadbent. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful film. I am a total Anglophile and love all things Royal - so I guess I am predisposed to enjoy this film, but I think anyone would enjoy this story. It covers the first years of Victoria's reign roughly 1837 - 1840. The film also shows some earlier scenes of Victoria at 5 and 12 and her growing up in Kensington Palace and under the control of John Conroy, her mothers (the Duchess of Kent - played by Miranda Richardson) comptroller. The film follows her through the accession to the throne, the coronation and eventual love match and marriage with His Serene Highness, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Here is the official trailer for the film -

The film is only 105 min - I could have watched for another 100 mins, but that might be just me - the acting is good and suburb in sections, the costumes are just beautiful and the sets are magnificent. It came out on DVD yesterday and that is what I saw. The extras are pretty skimpy, but they are what they are. If you see the film keep a watch and you will see princess Beatrice in a bit part playing one of Victoria's Ladies in waiting - her mother Sarah, Duchess of York was one of the Producers.

There you go sports fans. Thank you again for stopping by - do come again!!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Flicker Post

GR&DF thank you so much for your very kind comments for yesterday's post. I am enjoying the Alpha Sampler stitching. For the next few days starting last night I will be stitching and working on exchanges and the 3 Year Blogiversary Prizes - so there will be next to no stitching snaps - for now.

In the comments yesterday Cari mentioned the Pyn Keepe on the table next to the flowers - that piece was made for the Winter House Exchange on the HOE last year. It was made for me by Margie - in honor of Hunny who we lost last March. She stitches lovely things and has three bundles of pure joy as do we!! Go check out her Blog!!

Since this is a movie Post lets get to the flickers... I will take them chronologically - starting with "You'll Never Get Rich" - 1941 -starring Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. This cute little film is a nice vehicle for both leading stars but I think that Frieda Inescourt steals the picture and you just wait for her next line!! A nice early film and it is interesting to see Rita before the camera still in the throws of becoming the "Rita" she became. Next up would be "I was a Male War Bride" - 1949 - starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan - A very funny and entertaining film set in the aftermath of WWII - and Army Red Tape!! I liked Ann Sheridan in this film but I think she is much better in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" - 1942. In the comments Terri mentioned about seeing "Showboat" on Sunday evening on TCM - you bet I was watching. I always enjoy this film and Kathryn Grayson is just fantastic. So next up is "Showboat" - 1951 - starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ava Gardner, Joe e. Brown and Agnes Moorhead. I do love this film but I much prefer the 1936 version as it is far superior and much closer to the original stage play and novel by Edna Ferber - and all the leads do thier own singing!!

This scene taken from the '36 version is very much like it would have appeared on the stage - starring Helen Morgan, Irene Dunne, Hattie McDaniel and Paul Robeson.

The next film is "Shining Through" - 1992 - starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. This spy-thriller was really neither - as Griffith is completely unbelievable as the bilingual, resourceful spy and Douglas is almost barely believable as the International Businessman/military information, secret government agent, hero type. I did enjoy Joely Richardson's accent and performance and her turn at double agent was a nice touch. Soooo - If you want to see Melanie run around Berlin in the middle of the night in a Ball gown trying to escape from the SS - then this is the movie for you - if not the I would pass on this one.

There you go for today sports fans - thank you again for stopping by - do come again!! Don't forget to throw you name into the BOD for the 3rd Blogiversary Drawing - go to this POST to leave a comment.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Weekend stuff - with Snaps!!

GR&DF it was a glorious blue, breezy and warmish weekend!! We don't get too many of those around here. Not that I am complaining mind you, but I do like the change occasionally.

Saturday was spent with Dale over at his house in the Sunset helping out with his yard/garage sale. I got there about 7:30am and there was already a couple of vultures hovering about and nothing was even out yet. I guess it is the early bird that gets the worm!! The sale did about what he wanted and so everything worked out fine.

Sunday was spent as we always do - with getting out and over to Eddie's Cafe for breakfast. Then popping over to our little Farmers Market.... here is a snap...

Taken from almost the same spot as last week - but with it being a lovely day!!
Here are some more shots....

Some beautiful flowers were out - we picked up some yellow tulips and some purple flowers... here is Rico getting them together...

and the final lovely result..

Kind of asymmetrical on the Hunny table.

Here is a snap of the haul from the market...

The mushrooms I sauteed up in some of that butter and served with chops last night. The organic butter was a new both and so I had to try it and was so glad I did!! Delicious!! That broccoli I will turn into salad tonight!

We also ran over to the Mission to pick up some things at Dianda's - and here is a killer shot of some of that....

Jeez - you would think I was hanging from the ceiling to get this shot -I really wasn't!! Across the street from Dianda's is the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts - and I thought you might like to see the great mural on the building...

and here is a shot of one of the side doors - a great kitty-kat!

We did stop off at a thrift shop and the only thing I got was this...

a great pan to make Madeleines!!

I will leave off today with a shot of the Alpha Sampler as I left it last night....

Its a bit crooked but you get the idea. This is a great little piece to stitch!!

There you go sports fans - another weekend gone!! Thank you for stopping by - do come again!!!

Take care,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Things That are Beautiful

GR&DF the end of the week and two glorious days off!! Tomorrow the plan is to help Dale with his yard/garage sale - it is supposed to be a nice day so we shall see. Sunday I think that will be a stitching day for sure!!

Yesterday the mail brought a great package!! I traded for a chart with Janet and included with the trade she sent me was something extra - and what an extra!! Here is a snap -

All this beautiful over dyed floss by Home Sweet Home!! Thank you so much Janet!!!

Yesterday in the comments Beth mentioned "Chicago Style" kettle korn - and I was intrigued.... looking it up on the web I find that this is a combination of cheese korn and caramel korn - how delicious dose that sound!!!! I need to be on the look out for some this stuff -

Last night the flickers started off with "Affair in Trinidad" - 1952 - starring Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford. This was Hayworth's return to the movies movie. This was also a reteaming of Ford and Hayworth trying to recapture the spark they had in the film classic "Gilda" - 1946. "AiT" turned out to be very much a blending of "Notorius" and "Gilda" - but does not come close to either as a classic - it is a goodish noir film and worth seeing for the two steamy numbers that Hayworth does.... The second number is "I've been kissed before" - here it is.....

It is interesting to think that she is doing this number at a fancy schmancy Party and it is very Gildesque!! I enjoyed the film and it is short enough to not feel overwhelmed. The second feature of the evening was "Pygmalion" - 1938 - starring Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard. I love this film and would heartily suggest a look. If you like "My Fair Lady" this is the first non-musical version. Wendy Hiller is stunning and really very funny in the glorious B&W film.

Stitching was non existent so no snap of that.

I think that wraps up the week sports fans!! Thank you again for your continued kind comments. Do stop by again!!

Take care,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting Back to the Market

GR&DF I am so glad that you enjoyed the pupusa blog - I totally love those things!!! Cheese - to me - is one of the perfect foods - along with bacon... now don't get me started on the pig - a perfect food on the hoof!!! - Beth mentioned the cabbage slaw and I love that also. It sounds spicy with the red peppers but is really just crunchy and tangy, a super accompaniment to the main cheese delight!!

Yesterday I visited the Farmers Market and I guess it is still between seasons.
I got a couple of nice snaps -

These beautiful greens...

and this huge pile of carrots. I picked up some nice tomato's, tangerines, fingerling potatoes and some kettle corn.

I guess when spring is really here the market will be overflowing with things.

Last night we ran out to the mall to get my nephew a Birthday present-

- and we picked out a couple of pretty cool t-shirts. I knew if I didn't get it together and get something in the mail today then he would have nothing from his Uncle edgar next week on the 2oth when he turns 12. Jeez I can't even remember 12, hell, I can't remember last week - what am I thinking!! :)

Last night the flicker was another mid-century melodrama from Douglas Sirk - "All That Heaven Allows" - 1955 - starring Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman and Agnes Moorehead. A beautifully shot and well acted piece with all the typical Sirk bells and whistles - the story revolves around a widow, Cary, played by Wyman who falls in love with her gardener Ron, played by Hudson. That is the trouble we see brewing since Ron is "younger" and Cary is "older." As an archetype, Ron seems too pure. And Cary's children and friends, shallow, selfish, vain, gossipy, and judgmental, are easy to dislike. This sharp dichotomy is somewhat unrealistic. But it gets the point across. And that point is a blistering indictment of 1950's American materialism and mindless conformity. I think the story says in no uncertain terms - "To thine oneself be true." Words to live by!! I always have enjoyed Sirk films and would recommend them to anyone - at about 90 mins this film is just long enough. Here is the "dramatic" trailer made for the film...

Karyn mentioned a wonderful film - "Mildred Pierce" - 1945 - staring Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden and Ann Blyth. Superbly directed by Michael Curtiz - I just love this film and have seen it dozens of times!! Remember that Joan Won Best the Best Actress in a Lead Role - Oscar for this playing this part after being let go from MGM and moving over to Warner Brothers

Not enough stitching lately to show so I will hold off until there is a decent enough bit done.

I think that's about it for today - thank you for your kind comments - I do appreciate them!!
Do stop by again!!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corn, Cheese and Cabbage????

GR&DF once again we are at the mid-week point with only a couple of days until the weekend!! How super is that!! Thank you for you kind comments and suggestions. I think I will need to get a hold of the Discworld book - if there was any doubt before there is none now. Usually I am not that big a fan of the fantastical or sci-fy but for some reason this book seems to appeal to me.

There are a few shows on the boob tube that we really enjoy - and of those shows it seems that many of them occur on Food TV - surprise, surprise!! The other night I was watching one of the newer shows "The Best Thing I ever Ate" where show hosts talk about different things they really enjoy and one of them mentioned Pupusa's. A Pupusa is an Salvadorian deliciousness - click HERE and there is a detailed description. The chef that was talking about a place in Philadelphia, I think, but I remembered we have some pretty terrific places to get them here in SF. So on the way home we stopped off at one of the best in town - Los Panchos -

This little place is located at 3206 Mission Street - lower Bernal Heights/ Mission District and has the best pupusa's!! We picked up two dinners - with pupusa's you get some "curtido" (cabbage slaw made with red chili and vinegar), some refried beans and the super hot salsa. Here is a snap...

If you ever get the chance to try them you should - we get the cheese only, but you can also get them with pork or beans inside also.

On the movie front - Cari mentioned seeing two great films - "My Man Godfrey" - 1936 - starring Carole Lombard and William Powell - super film!! This was remade in 1957 starring June Allyson and David Niven - a very nice version, but I do prefer the 1936. She also saw "Desk Set" - 1957 - starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn - this is one of the best of the Tracy/Hepburn films!!! I was happy to read that the clip of Vivien Leigh went over well. She was a top notch actress and to think that "Ship of Fools " was her last film is even more interesting. She passed away two years after completing the film. Margaret mentioned that she only knew of Leigh's work in "Gone with the Wind" - 1939. Other fine films that Leigh was in include - "Fire Over England" - 1937, the remake and her follow up film to GWtW - "Waterloo Bridge" - 1940 -, "That Hamilton Woman" - 1941 - she is exquisitely beautiful in this film - an recently released on DVD ..... and who could forget her in "Streetcar Named Desire" - 1951. Leigh's filmography is very small but her few films are all top notch and well worth seeing - and easy enough to get as most are on DVD.

Last night I watched a film called "Passion Fish" - 1992 - starring Mary McDonnell and Alfre Woodard. A really moving film set in Jefferson Davis Parrish, Louisiana. I totally enjoyed this flick and had never heard of it before!! Basic story line - a successful "soap opera" actress in NY is crippled in a car accident and moves home - turns into a total bitch - and treats her nurses, therapists and all around her like crap. Eventually another broken person in the form on Alfre Woodard enters her life as the "last chance" nurse. Their uneasy relationship is the bulk of the film.

There you go sports fans. Thank you once again for stopping by and for you kind comments!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arbor Day Exchange and some Flicks

GR&DF I do thank you once again for your kind comments on my little stitching's and adventures. I so enjoy sharing them. It is almost a cyber coffee clutch we have here - or at least it is for me as I sit here in the mornings drinking my coffee with a tasty treat. This morning it is a raspberry ring from Dianda's - we stopped on the way home yesterday and I got one for this morning. It was tough not to take a bite last night but the will was strong!!
Here is a snap I just took....

I thought it was easier to see than to describe its luscious, buttery, flaky sweet deliciousness!! How cruel am I this morning.... (evil cackle in the background!!)

There was a question about the snowman chart from yesterday - it is called "Clear moon frost soon" by Calico Station.

The mail brought me a lovely package yesterday - it was from Lindsay and the piece was for the "Arbor Day" exchange over on the Holiday Blog.
Here is a snap...

Lindsay made a gorgeous mattress pyn cushion - perfectly stitched in WDW floss using a Workbasket chart - this is the front. On the back ....

... she stitched our initials and attached two charms - "stitched with love' and "hand made." How lovely is this!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to my collection!!

My stitching last night was a little on AB but I took no snap.

There have been many movies in the past two weeks. I wanted to mention a few here... first up would be "Ship of Fools" - 1965 - starring Vivien Leigh, Lee Marvin, Simone Signoret, Jose Ferrer, George Segal and Jose Greco. The story is of the many stories on the ship sailing from Vera Cruz to Bremerhaven in 1933. There are many back stories that come out and many intertwining throughout the movie. Vivien Leigh plays a repressed divorcee aimlessly moving through life. The clip below is from the film after Vivien's character has had too much to drink and her facade finally cracks a bit
- I love this scene it is short and the best part is towards the end -

The next film is "Judgement at Nuremberg" - 1961 - with a wonderful cast ..... Spencer Tracy, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Judy Garland , Montgomery Clift, Maximilian Schell. A powerful and long film of the aftermath of WWII. Wonderful performances and well worth seeing. Next up is "Written on the Wind" - 1956 - starring Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone. This Douglas Sirk soap opera type movie is beautifully filmed and typical of his many top notch films. The story boils down to lots of money, a tramp, too much booze, jealousy and a murder!! Who could ask for anything more. I enjoyed this movie as I do any of the many operatic efforts of the period - well worth a look, but not too hard at Dorothy Malone as she is one hard made up piece of work - and a bit too lurid for the part, but you be the judge. The final film was an odd one called "Hogfather" - 2006 - a different kind of Holiday Tale that takes place in a fantastical place called Discworld. Starring David Jason, Marc Warren and Michelle Dockery. The time is Hogswatch - the equivalent to our Christmas and Hogfather is missing. (Hogfather is their Santa) In steps Death to take up the slack and figure out the mystery and what is happening. His granddaughter who is employed as a Governess jumps in to help. It was a two part 3 hour TV movie that I really thought at the beginning I wouldn't enjoy, but I stuck it out and by the end I was totally hooked!! This is from a series of Books by Terry Pratchette of Discworld - the series I think has 37 volumes where each is a part of the story of Discworld but is a stand alone book. I think I need to pick one up and read it at some point!!

There you go sports fans. Thank you again for stopping by and for your kind comments - do come again!!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

It was a Dark and Stormy Weekend....

GR&DF thank you for once again sharing a bit of your day with we me .... I can not believe that I am now have over 200 followers!! THANK YOU all for that.

I also wanted to mention how flabbergasted I am at the number of commentors in for the Blogiversary Drawing. I am not sure at the moment what the prizes will be - but I did spend some time mulling it over and I have come up with some ideas. Now to get in gear and get them together. Just the whole idea that I have been blogging for three years astounds me. I just think - if it wasn't for dear Carol S's encouragement I would have never come out of the shadows of lurk and started this blog.

This past weekend was totally rainy - and you would think I would lock the doors and stay in - but we did get out and about a bit - On Saturday there where no Estate sales in the city. But, Rico and I did go out to Breakfast at Flippers in Hayes Valley - of course I ordered what I always order there - eggs Benedict - no snap - but they are good there and I was in the mood for some Hollandaise!! We stopped off for some coffee beans - we think it is some of the best on the city!!

Blue Bottle Coffee does this great three bean dark roasted coffee - It is delicious!!!!! I also like that they are a micro-roaster and take lots of time making the different coffees. From Hayes Valley we ventured on over to the Antique Mall - we hadn't been in a while and it is always fun to seen some fancy expensive things I can't afford!! On this trip I did find something I couldn't pass on. Here is a snap of the what I got.

What the picture shows is three things - I already had the platter, I bought that in NC at an Antique shop over 20 years ago.... what I found on Saturday at the AM was the open vegetable bowl that matched!! I couldn't believe it. The pattern is called Ceilia and is by Wedgwood. It is from about 1900 and is heavy transferware - and you know I love me some transferware. I really didn't need another bowl but how could I pass?? The little commemorative mug I picked up at the Goodwill on the way back home from the AM. It is a piece of bone china and was made for the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

Sunday was even more rainy and windy, but once again we ventured out to breakfast at Eddie's Cafe this time and so we could visit our little farmers market. We needed some funions so we stopped at an ATM - I saw this bumper sticker...

I always am reading bumper stickers and found this one laugh out loud funny - with my twisted since of humor I couldn't resist a snap to share!!

After breakfast we found the farmers market deserted...

.... rainy and windy... we picked up some veggies and then stopped at the flower stand for some spring brightness....

Then it was off to home to stay in for the rest of the day!!

That was the weekend - I spent my stitching time on Alpha Birds... here is a snap....

It is a bit crooked but you get the idea. The birds and bits are working up pretty fast compared to the letters - and there are some symbol problems I am having to fix along the way - not too bad but just kind of missed here and there. There are two bands and a space that separate each section and I am thinking of doing something different in them than what is charted. Not sure yet about what but I certainly can't see myself putting my initials and date on this three times!!

I also heard that two exchange pieces that I made have gotten to there destinations. Fist to arrive was a piece I made for my partner Janet in the Winter House Exchange over at HOE - here is a snap -

It is a wintery themed photo album -

I thought it would be a nice place to keep wintery snaps and was a totally fun piece to make!! The second piece to arrive was a piece I made for the Arbor Day Exchange on the Holiday Blog. My partner was Lisa and here is a snap of the Pyn Keepe I made...

The only requirement was that the piece have a tree in it and I chose this Workbasket chart with pine trees.

That's about it for today sports fans!! Thank again for your kind comments - and for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,