Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Weekend stuff - with Snaps!!

GR&DF it was a glorious blue, breezy and warmish weekend!! We don't get too many of those around here. Not that I am complaining mind you, but I do like the change occasionally.

Saturday was spent with Dale over at his house in the Sunset helping out with his yard/garage sale. I got there about 7:30am and there was already a couple of vultures hovering about and nothing was even out yet. I guess it is the early bird that gets the worm!! The sale did about what he wanted and so everything worked out fine.

Sunday was spent as we always do - with getting out and over to Eddie's Cafe for breakfast. Then popping over to our little Farmers Market.... here is a snap...

Taken from almost the same spot as last week - but with it being a lovely day!!
Here are some more shots....

Some beautiful flowers were out - we picked up some yellow tulips and some purple flowers... here is Rico getting them together...

and the final lovely result..

Kind of asymmetrical on the Hunny table.

Here is a snap of the haul from the market...

The mushrooms I sauteed up in some of that butter and served with chops last night. The organic butter was a new both and so I had to try it and was so glad I did!! Delicious!! That broccoli I will turn into salad tonight!

We also ran over to the Mission to pick up some things at Dianda's - and here is a killer shot of some of that....

Jeez - you would think I was hanging from the ceiling to get this shot -I really wasn't!! Across the street from Dianda's is the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts - and I thought you might like to see the great mural on the building...

and here is a shot of one of the side doors - a great kitty-kat!

We did stop off at a thrift shop and the only thing I got was this...

a great pan to make Madeleines!!

I will leave off today with a shot of the Alpha Sampler as I left it last night....

Its a bit crooked but you get the idea. This is a great little piece to stitch!!

There you go sports fans - another weekend gone!! Thank you for stopping by - do come again!!!

Take care,


  1. Rico should be a florist! He has a real talent for floral arrangements! I love all your pictures as usual. And your Alpha piece is looking lovely!

  2. such a lovely floral arrangement...great job Rico!

    Love the snaps of the market and your thrift shop always come across the sweetest little tidbits in your travels!

    The alphabet WIP is coming along beautifully...can't wait to see it finished.

    I thought of you last night as I was watching "Showboat" on TCM...wondered if you were watching it too! LOL!


  3. Sounds like a great weekend edgar. I love seeing pics of your farmers market and the goodies you two come home with :-)
    Loving the aplha sampler, it's beautiful :-)

  4. Great weekend outing! I love flower arranging and the more funky it is, the better I like it! Good job, Rico!

    Love the Alpha sampler - the colors are just wonderful. Have a good week, Edgar!

  5. Your sampler is looking gorgeous!

    You have such a great market to go to! How nice is that! The photos are lovely!

  6. Lovely flowers! :)

    That sampler is so sweet.

  7. Your Alpha piece is coming along wonderfully - I really need to dig mine out!

    Love the floral arrangement and what a sweet little pinkeep sitting next to it on the table.

    What a great pan for making madelines - I have not ever attempted this yummy cookie - you'll have to show us some snaps.

    Enjoy your week, Edgar.

  8. Great post of goodies! The flowers - stunning arrangement, the stitching - lovely as always and that pan - can't wait to see snaps of the cookies you're going to turn out!

  9. Beautiful flowers, veggies, treats and sampler! It 's not nice to show us those yummy bakery treats and not tell us what they are! I like to know what I'm drooling over.

  10. Rico is amazing with those floral arrangements! And Edgar, those pastry photos are just cruel!!! Nice thrift shop find. My son loves Madelaines-I should look for one of those pans because those are expensive cookies in the stores. Love the progress on your sampler-looking good! Nancy in NY

  11. Ooh, a madeleine pan. I've wanted one of those for ages. Our Goodwill shop re-opens on the 23rd and I can't wait to get over there and sift through the goodies. Speaking of goodies....a lovely envelope arrived on Friday. Thank you so much! And those sugary goodies from the bakery....I WOULD be hanging from the ceiling!

  12. Lovely photos - the flowers all look so beautiful. Good progress on your Alpha piece.