Friday, October 30, 2009

A Spooky Weekend!!

GR&DF it is Hallowe'en weekend - and are we all ready with our scary costumes!! We have an annual Hallowe'en party to get to tomorrow night - It is usually very crowded and goes on to all hours of the morning - we get there on the earlish side and will usually vamoose by 10:00 or so. I am not one for crowded spaces and pushing on people to get through the crowd.

Not only is it All Hallows Eve but it is also - El Día de los Muertos - Day if the Dead. Living here is San Francisco there are the most interesting things to see, go to and buy that are connected to this Holiday!! Here is a snap of our little tribute to the weekend....

We got the sugar skulls in the Mission at Los Jallitos last week when we went to dinner. The little skeletal figures are hand made of clay - Rico has picked them up at a couple of different places. Being from the South I never even heard of nor imagined anything like the DoD Celebrations that go on in this City. The processions through the streets and alters that are built are truly works of art. We may try and get out to see some of the goings on - depending on the congestion in the Mission.

The mail yesterday brought me a chart I bought from Sadie's de-statshing.
It was a Prairie Schooler - 12 Days of Christmas - and is one I have wanted for a long time....

Now I am just itching to start this sucker!! Last night I dug around in my linen stash and found I hadn't anything appropriate for this. That means I will have to wait until I make a trip to NiAH for resupply the linen larder.

Last night was more exchange stitching. My Ornament Exchange is going out this morning. I am really happy with the ornament I made and hope my partner likes it also!!

The flicker last night was "The Last Sin Eater" - 2007 - starring Louise Fletcher and Henry Thomas. This was an odd movie that was recommended to me. It is a faith based movie set in the Appalachian Mountains in the early 1850's and deals with 2nd generation Welsh settlers. The basic story is about a 10 year old girl looking for redemption for something that has happened and along her quest uncovers a terrible secret about her little communities founding. I enjoyed it and the scenery was spectacular.

I got a snap of the mama stink eye and the last baby pidge -

This is opposite the windows where the flower box was - I think the first bird is the mama stink eye and the last one is baby pidge (the white patch is what gives her away) the middle bird I am not too sure but she could be from an earlier clutch. Sometimes there are 6 or seven birds on this pipe at night - lots of coo-cooing going on!!

That's about it for today and wraps up the week sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by and for the nice comments - the cake was good yesterday and the slice today is even better!!! Have a great weekend!!

take care,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Cup of Coffee and a slice of Cake

GR&DF it is Thursday morning and I sit here with my morning cup of coffee and today I have a slice of Entenmanns "cheese filled crumb coffee cake." We stopped at the day old bread store on Monday on the way home from work. Picking up a loaf o bread and this coffee cake. They often have Entenmann products that are discounted so how could we resist- gotta save those pennies for more stitchity stash!!

I do appreciate the nice comments about my basket of stitching stuff - and did want to answer a couple of the questions - the piggy pin cushion was a Christmas Present from Dale last year - he got it on line somewhere, but I do not know where. Myriam mentioned the Brenda Keyes sampler "Kind Love" - a really a gorgeous sampler that I have seen on a few different blogs. Margaret asked about keeping my finished pieces dust free. Most of my finished pieces are wrapped in tissue paper and put in a drawer in my big secretary keeping them safe. The other ones that are the rolled pieces safe in a plastic bag in the large basket - they really don't seem to get dusty as this larger basket I keep in the coat closet with a large linen dinner napkin covering the whole basket.

Last night was more exchange stitching - and the piece I am working on now I know I will have to make for myself at some point as I really like the way it is turning out.

The flicker for the evening was "Blue Skies" - 1946 starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Billy DeWolfe and Joan Caulfield. This was a silly musical that seems to have been made to showcase Irving Berlin's wonderful music. Watch for the musical numbers.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Take care,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket What's in My Little Basket

GR&DF thank you so much for the kind comments about Hetty - there are very much appreciated!! I did have a question from Melissa about the piece - "Who was the Designer of Hetty?" - She was designed by Brenda Keyes of the The Sampler Company. If you click over you can see other beautiful samplers and things - now I have my eye on "Red House Sampler" such a great looking piece and lovely border!

Now to the title of today's post. I really enjoy Miss Anna's blog Stitch Bitch - and on Monday she posted Monday Meme - "What's in Your Stitching Bag?" I don't use a bag, I use Baskets. My two main baskets are a small 10" everyday one and a much larger 16" project one. It is the smaller one that I think we will look more closely at....

How it looks day to day - pretty full!!

Here it is with everything spilled out....

Many of the things I have in here are gifts from stitching friends - I am really sentimental about the things I am given and do like to use them. They bring such happiness whenever they get pulled out and this examination of the basket was so very nice!! The things that I keep in here are..... 3 sterling thimbles (not that I use a thimble, I just like them!), 1 bag MOP (mother of pearl) floss rings, 1 Acorn thread holder, 1 Quaker thread holder, 1 pin wheel project, 1 BBD-LF #36 pin cushion project chart, 1 walnut base for the LF #36 pincushion, 3 skeins on NPI silk, 12 skeins of DMC, 5 bobbins of HDF silk, 3 needle books filled with 26 &28 gold needles, both reg and petite (I am really getting to like those little petite needles) 1 stitched work bag filled with antique MOP buttons and little brass accents - also in the bag are 5 books of various 26 & 28 needles, can you ever have too many needles!!, 1 antique darning egg, 1 pig pin cushion, 2 Thread Havens, 1 sheep tape measure, 3 extra knitted sheep, 1 white tape measure, 1 blue tape measure, 2 containers of seed beads, 1 package of various sized sharps, 1 Hetty Sampler - wip, 1 DFRR #2 - wip, 1 roll of Pearle cotton, 2 small embroidery hoops, sized 4" & 6". Quite a few things in this little basket.

Now the Big Basket....

This sucker has some of my finished pieces ready for framing, all my WIP's, and the next projects I will work on kitted up. You can see the next sampler piece I will begin after Hetty is finished - Memorial Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs. I also keep my larger hoops in here. What a great MEME. NOW, what's in Your Bag????

Last night the stitching was once again on an exchange and a little on Hetty- no snap.

The flicker for the evening was "My Reputation" - 1946 - starring the great Barbara Stanwyck and the ever wooden George Brent. Now don't get me wrong George is great as a 2nd banana leading man - but he really should have learned to loosen up a bit!! I enjoyed this flick as I do most of Barbara's movies - she plays a lonely widow trying to move on with her life after losing her husband. This of course leads to gossiping friends and family and a couple of really bitching moments!!!

That's about it for today sports fans!! Thanks you for stopping by!!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Snap of Hetty and a Hallowe'en Package

GR&DF thank you for the kind comments about my ongoing scrounging for a deal. I am not too sure about what the people running the sale knew or not about things as the pricing was all over the place. The kitchen things at this sale seemed to be on the very reasonable if not down right inexpensive side. As a buyer you have to know just a bit more than the seller to get a bargain or deal!! That yellow pot is now sitting on the range top so I can see it every time I go near our kitchen - and it warms my heart each time!! Now I need to make some sort of braised beefy thing with veggies this weekend......

I wanted to post a shot of where I am with Hetty - but as usual the snaps are less than great as yesterday when I was trying to take one it was getting dark and overcast - oh well here you go -

Now it looks blue instead of pink - but it really is whitish. You can see I have gotten the border finished - I love doing borders for some reason - and have started on the alphabets. I am really liking the two green colours I chose to use - the darker one is not Attic Tea as first reported but Tortoise Shell and the lighter shade is Herb Garden. It is coming along very nicely and I have already lined up the next sampler - there are way too many to choose from from the stash heap!!

Yesterday I received my HOE Hallowe'en Package - although it may have gotten here on Friday and just to my desk yesterday.... but never mind - it was a wonderful surprise from Marie.
Here is a snap -

In that package was a wonderfully stitched Treats Bag that Marie stitched using a freebie from The Primitive Needle - called "By the Light of the Moon." Also included is a tea towel that she designed and stitched up and a great wooden tong for the kitchen - and - a box of some super sour yummy candy!!! Thank you so much Marie once again your stitching is just beautiful. You may remember that Marie also stitched up this piece of gorgeous mailart for me back in February.

That's about it for today sports fans!!
Thank you for stopping by and do come again.

Take care,

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Got a Pot!

GR&DF once again we were out and about at the sales on Saturday. It seemed that it would be a bust day until we made it over to a sale in Lower Pacific Heights..... Here is a snap -

There sitting in the kitchen was a gorgeous French Oven by Le Creuset. I have wanted to get me some of this cookware for the longest time but it is way expensive and I just couldn't justify putting the big bucks it would take to acquire just a single piece. This is an older piece in what I think is the Elysees Yellow colour. The only yellow they are making now is called Dijon Yellow and is much darker so I think this colour has been discontinued - but for the few dollars it cost I can live with pale yellow!! Le Creuset is enameled cast iron and is a dream to cook in!! I also picked up at another sale an older brown Betty tea pot - and an Italian plaque of St Francis - over all a pretty good day!!.

Stitching this weekend was focused on exchanges so no snaps of any of that - I did get a few stitches in on Hetty but I didn't get a snap - I'll get one up tomorrow.

The flickers included finishing up the Upstairs Downstairs series. I also saw "SOS Titanic" - 1979 - a TV movie of the event that was pretty good - told from three points of view - 1st Class, 2nd Class and steerage. I also watched "The Pawnbroker" - 1964 starring Rod Steiger and Geraldine Fitzgerald. An interesting part for Steiger that got him an Academy nomination for his performance. This was also Stieger's favorite movie.

That's about it sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Border Stitching and a Couple of Flickers

GR&DF we are once again at the end of a week and looking a two days of "rest."
Or at the very least some sit down time!!

Last night the stitching was focused on Hetty's border and not exchange stitching.
Here is a snap -

I am so happy about everything lining up without being off a stitch - as that makes me just want to pull out the last 4 hairs on my head!!! When I turned the bottom left corner and started to stitch up the left side I kept looking ahead to make sure it would meet. Please forgive the wrinkled and crappity snap - once again it was way too late to be up stitching much less taking a picture. This will probably be the last snap of any progress on Hetty for a while as I am behind on my exchange stitching. I work with a stitching schedule for my exchanges and I am not where I want to be on exchanges. I am off a bit due to my stitching away on this sampler - but she is such a fun stitch I just can't resist.

The flickers last night started off with a TCM pick - "Gold Diggers of 1933" 1933 - starring Joan Blondel, Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell and Aline McMahon. I love the Gold Digger movies and this is one of the best!!! This was released in the Busby Berkley DVD set a few years back. The second flicker was a NetFlix pick - "Dixie:Changing Habits" - 1983 - starring Suzanne Plashette, Cloris Leachman and Geraldine Fitzgerald. A predictable TV movie about a Madame from New Orleans who is incarcerated in a convent for 90 days. Not very believable but kinda cute at 100 mins - there are worse things to watch. Then I rounded out the evening with a few more of the Upstairs Downstairs installments. Almost through the 4th Season and WWI.

I think that's about it for the week sports fans!! Thank you all for stopping by, the great comments and you friendship!!! Have a great weekend!!

Take care,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pommes de Terre

GR&DF French is such a lovely language - to hear to speak to read - and I thought it would be nice to have a little more French in my life. Dear Myriam leaves such nice comments in French and my extra rusty language skills are creaking back to life. I took French from the 7th to 12th grades and then 3 more years at University and at one time was pretty good. Sadly as I have grown older and not used the language much I have lost so much. The last time I visited lovely France about 6 years back (can it be that long ago??) I made out pretty well as I worked up my skills for a few weeks before travelling. It was a trip that started and ended in Paris but took me south through Lyon and Avignon to Nice. With a side trip to Monaco (where I broke my right foot - but that's another story). From Nice we travelled to Arles, Carcassone then onto Lourdes - such lovely bright sunshine filled cities. Then to Bordeaux and back north through the Dordogne to the Loire valley. Stopping off at a few chateaux including my very favorite -

Chenonceaux on the Cher

Then back to Paris and home. The last half of trip after the foot issue saw me hobbling about but determined to see as much as I could.

This brings me in a round about way to the title today. Pommes de terre - what a super way to say potato!! Apples of the earth...could it be more descriptive? Yesterday was Wednesday and that include a visit to the farmers market - It seemed pretty slim pickings for some reason. I got over there a bit later than I usually do so that may have had something to do with it. Included in my regular purchases of tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and kettle korn - staples don't you know!! I picked up some collard greens (love those greens!!) and some beautiful Yukon gold potatoes. Here is a snap of the selection from the stand I got them from...

Aren't they gorgeous!! There is something lovely to look at if you take a moment to see as my Granny would say! The Yukon Gold ones are the yellow ones towards the back.

Thank you all for the nice comments about the sampler and the pidges - it was very sad - and it continues. The mama stink eye is still hanging around where the little pidges where. She was there for the longest time yesterday and then again this morning just perched there not understanding what has happened. It just brings a lump to the throat to see her, but how to make her understand - I haven't a clue - as Pigeons are not known for their brilliance - not by a long shot. I would think at some point she will just give it up and move on.

I got to thinking about a comment from yesterday - from Luned - she asked "I'd love to know what the colours are and how you chose them - did you go for the closest coloured silks to the listed DMC or choose ones you liked? Were they ones you already had from other projects or did you go shopping?" What an interesting question. I read it yesterday and thought about it off and on last night and this morning. Getting the little grey cells just moving about. Here is a sort of answer and the process I went through to get to the colour choices I made for this sampler - The colours listed with the chart where only a list of DMC choices with no other option like NPI, CC, GAST - I knew from the start that I wanted to do this piece in silk. As with many things I do for myself I first think of the end piece and what I want it to eventually look like. As I have done with other things I first pulled the suggested DMC colours and laid them out to see what the palette would be. I then took out my collection of Belle Soie Silks and started to pull the colours that would be closest to the DMC. Some of the DMC colours where just shades of each other and with Belle Soie being an over dyed often I came up against a single silk choice having two or more of the DMC colours in one piece. When that happened I just pulled a colour I thought would look nice and complement the others. I have also changed up the palette to include two additional colours - a black (Noir) and a brown (Briar Patch) - for the black birds and the squirrels. Right now the border is comprised of the soft pink of Rustique, that great dark green of Attic Tea and that pale yellowish Sandy Beach and I think it looks super. I use this edgar method often if I don't like a colour choice or palette. For "This is the Day" sampler I pulled all the suggested floss and then took out the ones I did not like using other complimentary colours from my stash. If I don't find a colour in my stash I like I will buy something that I think will go - for one project I was trying to find a good rusty orange colour - so I sifted through the different over dyed colours available and ended up buying about 12 different skeins to see if one would hit me right and fit in. I hope that convoluted explanation was clear. I wonder how other stitchers choose different colours for pieces - or change up the palette???

I do thank you for stopping - and for the kind comments!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sampler Shot

GR&DF I love reading all the comments and do thank you for them!! I am sorry about how negative the movie review was yesterday, but you should have read what I wrote to begin with - what I published was a toned down and cleaned up version!! I really had not hoped for very much with The Women - but I do like to try and give things a chance - oh well for-warned is for-armed. I am still pushing through UD and am now in the middle of the Fourth Season - and the Great War - Only a handful of shows left and then the two discs of "Thomas and Sarah" the UP spin off. It follows that crafty and underhanded pair of the under house parlor maid and chauffeur and their life after they leave 165 Eaton Place.

My stitching last night was on Hetty and she is coming along fine -I am really liking the BS silk colours!! Here is a really crappity snap - and yes I did crawl under the couch and turned off all the lights in the house to make sure that this would be a dark snap!! - here tis -

From this snap you would think the linen has a pink cast - it doesn't. It has an ever so slight grey/silver tone - I will try and get a snap this weekend that looks more like it should.

I did want to let everyone know that we have lost both of the newest pidges. What happened was on Monday we had a total rain storm that flooded out large parts of the city. This rain just poured into and onto the small pidges washing them out of the window box. When we got home they were both on the ground with the smaller of the two already gone and the second one sort of shivering and looking scared on the ground. We got her up and back into the window box and set her on a pile of dry raffia we had and even made a small cover in case it started to rain again. Yesterday we got home a mama stink eye was perched on the edge of the box with baby pidge not moving. It was very sad and I think the mama stink eye just didn't understand what had happened as she wouldn't move from the box for the longest time. We left her standing there and after a while when she had flown off to the other side of the light well we took the box down. So ends our pidge experience with three clutches of eggs. Out of the six eggs there are now three pidges now flying around and enjoying the city.

I figured out where I saw the Swan Pond Chart - it was on The Stitching Post that Kellie writes - she does some lovely things go check her out - and I do thank her for posting about her new stash as I would never had seen the chart otherwise!! Seeing new stash is one of my favorite things on the Blogs - you can see what is new or old or obscure out there that you might want to stitch or get hold of for your stash.

There you go sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little Stash and a crappy flick!!

GR&DF thank you for the nice comments about TiTD Sampler. It was a great sampler to stitch up and now with Hetty starting I can still enjoy stitching on a sampler. I think that samplers are such fun things - and I have a ton of them in the stash binders. Yesterday the mail brought some fun things - Here is a snap -

I was so happy to get them, not that I needed a single thing extra to stitch!! The Swan Pond Sampler I saw mentioned on another Blog (I can not remember where) and immediately called up Dixie Darlin and got me a copy. Of the new BBBD releases this one I knew I needed along with the La-D-Da piece. The two Tree of Life Samplings pieces are just great. Even with the bit of controversy over the second wording on the second piece.... I just love them both!! I know that there is a third release coming soon and I can't wait.

I did have a question about the linen I used - I think Gaynor was asking about the Meadowlark and where I got it - That linen came from Needle in a Haystack, and the Fog from Picture this Plus not Silkwevers came directly from PTP. You can call NiaH directly and if it is stock they can send you some as they are very helpful.

The flickers I have been watching are still Upstairs Downstairs and am wrapping up the Third Season in the next day or so and really enjoying rewatching them all. I did want to mention a flicker we tried to watch over the weekend. It was the remake of "The Women" 2008 - it was on HBO and so Rico wanted to give it a try...... after about 18 mins we turned it off - the poor acting, mis casting and just all around suck picture was more than we could stand. What ever possessed them to remake this film, after the complete catastrophe of a poor remake - "The Opposite Sex" - 1956 - is just beyond my comprehension. The Opposite Sex is not good, but fun and no where as bad the this newest version!!! We popped the DVD in of the far superior version of 1939 and thoroughly enjoyed that!! Do not even waste you time with the 2008 Women!!

Stitching on an exchange so no snaps!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!

Take care,

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff with a Bunch of Snaps!

GR&DF how is that for a title! It was one of our regular weekends with no drama and no stress. Just busy with weekend things.

Let me begin with a finish and happy jig!! I put everything aside and focused all the stitching on TiTD Sampler - and she is now finished - here is a snap...

I really enjoyed this piece - except for all that white stitching - that did get a bit tedious. I shifted some of the colours from the recommended - it is stitched on a BoF 36ct "Meadowlark" piece of linen. I was looking through the stash box of linen and I have quite a bit of Meadowlark.... I guess I sort of like the stuff!! I also started another sampler - Hetty Child - and here is the tiny bit I got stitched -

This is actually the second start of this piece. I started the first one on another piece of linen. I was stitching away and just couldn't wrap my head around the linen's colour and count so I pulled it all out and began again on this piece - 32 ct "Fog" from Silkweavers. This piece I have changed all the DMC floss' to Belle Soie Silks. I like stitching so much better in silk and BS is always a winner!!

We also went shopping - to Japan Town, to the Farmers Market and Estate/Garage Sales. There were a few things to get at the Estate/Garage Sales .... and a snap...

I found a great old Thermos - I have been looking for one for the longest time and this $1 find was just the ticket! I also found a frame and a 2 cup measure - along with the two icons and books I spent less than $8 - now, you can't beat that with a stick!! The Hallowe'en light I found in a thrift store for $2 - now how's that for buying back your childhood. Here it is with a light in it -

What is so crazy is that at the Antique Fair we went to a couple of weeks ago I saw a few of these - and those where all priced at $30+ - so this was a bargain. It is dated 1969 and looks pretty good. Keeping with the Hallowe'en theme Rico got the hounds "costumes" out and before they could get away they got dressed up - here is a snap of that -

Aren't they having a ball!! Well, at least we had a good chuckle and the second they got down they were both pulling off their costumes -
Shopping yesterday included a visit to the Farmers Market at the Civic Center - and of course I got some snaps of there...

The Fall things are looking beautiful!!

We also ran over to Japan Town - here is a snap of the Peace Tower and some Fall foliage...

I didn't find what I was looking for - but I did pick up some new incense -

It is a new kind for me and is Sandalwood - the guy at the incense shop suggested this brand. It is very good!! I like the more woodsy- spicy incenses.

We did have the drawing picking the winner of the Sail Away Chart - as with all drawings here at the Sheep - we had the Hag Claw draw from the BoD....... now, with the crazy Peach watching - it draws forth a name.......

and that name is.....

- Lisa over at Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby. Congratulations!!! I have sent you an email for your snail mail to get the chart out this week. Thank you all for your interest in the SA Chart. Lisa mentions that when she has stitched it up that she will also be passing it along to another stitcher - so keep an eye out for that Give Away.

I think that wraps it up for today - Thank you for stopping by and do come again!!

Take care,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Much Going on Here

GR&DF thank you so much for kind things you had to say about the Pyn Keepe and package I sent out to Teresa.

Today I am mailing out the AEoL RR to Deb - the mail date is October 27th but I always like to be a little early as you never know what the mails will do or in many cases NOT do to get your packages where they need to go. This will be the 2nd shifting of pieces in this RR - so far everything is running smoothly. Valerie got her QFRR finished up from Donna - so that ended the first Quaker RR. I really enjoy RR's and having friends stitching away on my piece. I look at it as a kind of Cyber Stitching Bee - we all can't get together as we are spread around the world but we can all shift around pieces and stitch away for each other.

I haven't a snap of anything I can show at the moment - so I went digging into the past and think I will post a snap from our trip to South Dakota - The Crazy Horse Memorial -

This is looking at a scale model with the Crazy Horse Memorial in the background. We did a road trip from SF to Rapid City SD a couple of summers ago and it was a great trip!!

Don't forget that today is the last day to get into the drawing for the "Sail Away" chart - you can go to this POST and throw your name into the BOD. I will announce the winner on Monday.

That's about it sports fans!! Thank you again for stopping by - do come again!

Take care,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Hobbit Present Arrived

GR&DF thank you for the kind comments about the Hallowe'en Exchange - it was a lot of fun to make and send!! I did have a question about one of the abbreviations I used that I am happy to answer - BOF - Birds of a Feather - they make a beautiful line of hand dyed linens that are all named for birds - I have used quite a few of the linens and can highly recommend them.

I also had an email from Teresa about receiving the Hobbit Birthday Drawing Present that I sent. Here is a a snap...

I thought about this years present and again wanted it to reflect things I would like to get and hoped that the receiver would like. Teresa (no blog) who sent me a couple of snaps of her beautiful Cross stitching, liked everything I sent. The package consisted of r to l a Snoopy note pad (I love me some Snoopy!!), A little framed piece of needlepoint I found at an Estate sale, some Ghiradelli Hallowe'en inspired chocolates, some ghost Peeps, a Pyn Keepe I made and an antique silver shoe pin cushion I found at another Estate sale. This totally reflects me and if you have been a reader here you can see my likes all over - the Pyn Keepe - a freebie from Annie Beez FolkArt - is called Quaker Hill House. Now the combination a Quaker chart and Pyn Keepe - totally me!! I love them Quakers and the Pyn Keepe - a favorite finish of mine! I used the recommended DMC colours - mostly - but I did change the filling in of the ground in a lighter green. I started to fill it in and it got very heavy looking so I pulled it all out and went with an open ground. This piece is stitched on BOF 36ct Barn Owl. It was a fun package to get together and I will certainly do another Birthday Drawing next year!!

Last night was more exchange stitching - so no snap of those pieces yet.

I am keeping it shortish today - Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sail Away Treat and an Exchange Arrives

GR&DF I am so happy to see so many throwing in for the Sail Away Drawing (yesterdays post) it is a great piece to stitch. Yesterday the mail brought a real treat and another super memento for the Sail Away SAL - Loraine kindly made needle books for all the participants and I received mine yesterday. Here are 2 snaps...

This is the book closed showing off the wonderful sampler printed fabric......

and here is the inside with the cute boat applique. I have inserted the scissors I attached the Sail Away Fob that Terri made us and I have a complete SAL treasure!! Thank you ladies both for the great experience, the fun and the keeping me sort of on track!!

I had the sweetest email this morning from Marie, my HOE Hallowe'en Exchange partner,
that she received the package I sent her. Here is a snap -

I stitched up a standing Pyn Keepe. The pattern is from the BBD booklet - Trix of Treat and is called Trix or Treat. It is a chart I have wanted to do for so long and just never had the chance - This was the perfect time - it is stitched on 28ct BOF Sandpiper linen using the recommended floss'. The treats I sent along were just fun things of the season - I had a great time as always making this exchange and Marie like everything so all is well!!

Last night I worked almost exclusively on TiTD Sampler - no snap.... so whats up with me being so lax!! I am working along the bottom filling in all the white background stitching behind the numbers - it is pretty tedious and I am not sure why?? I usually like this kind of stitching - the only thing I can think of is that it is a mottled white floss and I do not like stitching white!! I will get a snap today so you can see the progress. I will finish up my exchange ornie this weekend and get that out next week - I think it is really cute and I hope my partner likes it!!

I finished up watching "The Moonstone" - 1972 and BBC production shown over here on Masterpiece Theatre. The story is a Victorian whodunit type with a very convoluted story. It is a 5 part series - I watched the first three parts this weekend on Disc I - Entertaining and well done as are all the BBC things - but a bit drawn out for my taste. I also got a couple more Upstairs Downstairs in and they where more satisfying by far!!

Just in passing - I sit here at my computer all day listening to Internet radio and often listen to those stations that play standard songs from the 30's through the 50's (surprise, surprise) and have really taken to a new singer out there I had never heard of, his name is Julian Yeo,(this will take you to his home page). At the bottom of this page you can listen to him sing "C'est Si Bon" and then "Too Close for Comfort" from his new album. The album they play lots from is his debut album called "Old New Borrowed Blue" and is just full of great songs. I really enjoy his phrasing and interpretation of songs - his publicist calls it a "new - old" approach. If you get the chance you should give him a try!!

There you go for today!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Gift, A Give-A-Way and a Gully Washer

GR&DF it's Tuesday and I pushed it a bit on the title - sometimes I just haven't a clue as to what to head this sucker with. At some point I know I will break and just put nothing, but until that time I will keep trying for the clever and descriptive - :)

Yesterday the delivery guy brought me a Birthday Gift from a dear sweet friend that already does so much!! We all know and Love dear Vonna - she sent me a great gift box of goodies from Dillman Farm in Bloomington IN.

Included in the box is some Apple Butter (a favorite of mine), some Strawberry Jam (yummy) and two kinds of fudge - can you go wrong with any kind of fudge!!
What a great way to wrap up a Birthday!!

Keeping with a friends sort of Blog today - I wanted to have a small Give-a-way - As you saw yesterday I have finished up Sail Away - this was also a gift from a dear friend - Becky - a while back. Made even more special by doing it with a group of friends as a SAL!! I want to make a gift of the Instructions and chart to a stitcher out there that might want to kit it up their self.

Here is a snap of everything including the remaining silks - there really isn't enough of any one colour - but you can get the idea of the colours required if you wanted to use some other floss. It is in very good condition as I always stitch from copies of the chart and not the original charts. So, if you would like this copy of Sail Away to stitch - and it is a great stitch!! - just leave a comment on this post before this Friday, October 16th at 3 PM PST. I will have the Hag Claw draw from the BOD (Bowl of Destiny) and announce the winner next Monday.

My stitching for the last couple of nights had been throwing a couple of strands of floss at TiTD and working on my exchanges. I do love them so but they do seem to stack up don't they!!!

The flickers on the tube have been that superior BBC series - Upstairs Downstairs and not I Claudius. When I was standing in front of the DVD's looking for IC I saw the UD set and thought "I hadn't seen that in a while." So off the shelf it came and I am working my way through the 4th Disc. The complete series is 81 episodes so it will take me a while to get to the end. Rico gave me the whole series a few years back and I watched it then but haven't in a while so I am very excited to rewatch them. I was also poking around on the Internet yesterday and found that they are in production for a 2nd UP series which follows Rose the house parlor maid a few years later into another position as a Housekeeper. It should bee airing next spring (I think) in the UK and eventually here in the States - I can't wait!!! If you have never seen the series I would highly recommend it. Each episode can be watched individually but it is always better to see it from the begging. To watch the progression through the years and see how all the characters develop.

Last but not least - we are in the midst of our first big storm of the season - a bit early - but a total downpour right now!! Here is a snap of it rolling in over the city last night.....

This was the last bit of sunlight breaking through from the west and hitting the buildings of downtown SF - aren't the clouds lovely!!

There you go sports fans!! Thank you once again for all the super nice comments - I do appreciate them and your time for writing!! Have a great rest of the day!

Take care,

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Low Key Weekend - and a Finish!!

GR&DF the weekend was quite slow and easy - I am still on the mend from my cold and Rico has gotten it and was not well all weekend. He seemed to have gotten a bit sicker and was pretty low - while I felt much better but I was still a coughing, hacking mess. So Saturday I made a big pot of Chicken noodle soup....

...and we have been getting it down for two days - I love soups and chicken is one of my favorites. It turned out pretty tasty but I think we may be a the end of our tolerance for another bowl of soup - there is only so much one can get down before you just can't look at it again!!

Dale and I ran around on Saturday - even thought the entire weekend we were fogged over with steely grey skies. It ruined the Blue Angels demonstration that was to happen. This is the yearly Fleet Week here in SF and part of it is the Blue Angels and all the flying they do over the city. Friday practice was really spectacular but very loud. On late Sunday afternoon they had a couple of fly overs but not the full on demo's. Back to Saturday - here is a snap of the few things I picked up -

The books where a $1 a piece - and you know how I love transferware - after going through the dishwasher the plate went onto my stack of b&w plates and the little pitcher went into the cupboard. I am not sure what the reason for the handle to be on the side is but isn't it sweet. I think it might just be a cream pitcher - but if there is a really reason please let me know, thanks.

This weekend - I finished up "Sail Away" and I think it turned out rather nice - here is a really crappity snap, but you can get the idea....

I also worked on some exchanges and as per usual I needed to get a couple of DMC colours I did not have. So off to Joann's I went and while I was there I picked up these little beauties....

They had 3 pairs left and each one had a slightly different Tartan situation on the handles - I picked the ones that were most cover by the tartan - they certainly do look like Christmas to me!!

I think that's about it for today - Thanks for stopping by!!

Take Care,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Winding down the week

GR&DF the week has ended and I am feeling at about 90% today - that percentage is up from last night as all the coughing I was doing dropped in to around 10% - I am sure that Rico enjoyed every hack, huck and choke from that fun fest!! I am thinking it was probably the tail end of the little cold I had. All day yesterday I could feel the raspiness in my upper chest when I took a breath - but that has mostly dissipated and this morning it is only the occasional hack and choke.

There was not much stitchity stuff last night - I got together and finished up for mailing this morning both the "Birthday Give-away" and the HOE "Hallowe'en Exchange." That is two more off my list. I put a couple of silk stands into Sail Away, but mostly worked on another upcoming exchange piece and then went to bed early.

The flicker for the evening was last part of the multi part Duchess of Duke Street - I have once again savoured that morsel and will put it away for a couple of years to enjoy again later. I think now I will haul out "I, Claudius" - 1977. I love rewatching superior things on the tube. It is the same with books - I love to reread things and have a short list of rereadable books. One I just finished for the 16th or so time is "And Ladies of the Club" by Helen Hooven Santmyer, 1982. A gigantic piece of wonderfulness I would highly recommend.

There you go sports fans a short one today!!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.

Take care,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Lovely Mail

GR&DF thank you so much for your kind get well wishes - I am feeling better. Probably sitting still last night and having hot soup and going to bed earlyish has done a world of good. What is left now is a raspy cough and a stuffed up nose - but I guess it could be worse.

Yesterday when I came in there were packages waiting and then the mail brought more lovely things - so where to start......

I received from my SBBC partner Su a wonderful package -

She stitched up and lovely bag, strawberry and reindeer pyn pillow. The finishing is perfect as is the stitching. Included in the package is some very pretty linen, fabric a cute pair of scissors and a wonderful little Pin Wheelie project. Thanks you so much dear Su!!!

I also got a package from Valerie -

She included some chocolate, licorice (a favorite) and some lovely HDF silks - how sweet was that!! Thank you dear Valerie!!

Another package from a great friend of many years was from Daytona Beach - I am sure I have mentioned this company before...... Angell & Phelps - she sent me a box of their tasty truffles....

This little chocolate place has been around since 1925 - and is a Daytona institution and my favorite candy. If you ever get to Daytona Beach, Florida you should stop by their shop on Beach Street and pick some up!

There was also a package from Vonna - a while back in the throws of cleaning out the guest room closet I came across a piece of needlepoint I did a really long time ago - I thought to myself if anyone could make this into something nice it would be Vonna.... and yesterday this arrived.....

Her finishing is just gorgeous and how she made my little piece of needle work into a beautiful pillow I haven't a clue. This piece brings back so many memories - it was the first painted canvass I had ever done and the first piece I had to decide what coloured wools to use and the first time I had ever used a metallic thread - I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Vonna and her super finishing!!!!

Last but certainly not least of the mails - I received the Shepherd's Bush chart - Hallowe'en Night - I won in Becky's Drawing over at Stitching Smalls with Friends -

She also included 4 Bats and a Cat - how great are these Hallowe'en pieces!! I know that Hallowe'en Night will be the next Shepherd's Bush piece right after I finish Sail Away.

That's about it sports fans - Thanks for dropping by!!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back from the Brink

GR&DF that may be a bit much - "from the Brink" - but I left work early on Monday feeling like crap and then stayed out yesterday feeling not good and crappier - with coughing and raspy with phlegm - kind of achy in the joints - just sort of blah. But, I am back today at about 72% - which is up from the 31% I was yesterday morning. I even slept until 11:30am - which is unheard of - I would have probably slept longer but the school yard at the bottom of the Noe Valley was reverberating with the outdoor voices of children at play and I don't think a corpse could have slept through that.

I did finish up the section I started on Wendy Jo's AEoL RR - and here is a really poor snap -

This is really a lovely piece of white linen with Wavy Navy blue floss - this picture makes it look all grey - I will get this in the mail in the next week or so to Deb as the next great shifting will be in about 3 weeks on 10/27.

Aside from that stitching I did nothing but sit around in my sweats and watch TCM. I did want to mention a couple of movies I saw over the weekend that were pretty good. The first flick is called "Sweet Land" - 2005 - a wonderful film about a mail order bride from the "Olde Country" coming to rural Minnesota around 1920. This love story is told in flash back - first back to the late 60's then another flash further back to 1920. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to just about anyone. The photography is just great. The second film that I also enjoyed was "The Visitor" - 2007 - a very good film - but it might not be to every ones taste dealing with illegal immigration and apartment squatting. It is a short film at 104 mins so I would suggest giving it a try.

There you go sports fans - Thanks you for all the kind Birthday wishes!!! Do stop by again!

Take care,

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Really Nice Birthday Weekend!!

GR&DF another year rolls by and I ain't what I used to be!!! We had a wonderfully quite and relaxing weekend - and even though I moved one year closer to oblivion it is nice to sit down and to look back on the past.

But first I should announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Hobbit Birthday Giveaway -
After cutting up 27+ pages of emails....

... and filling up the bowl of destiny.... then getting out the Hag Claw....

and with The Peach checking the name ..... we have a winner.....

- Teresa S from Washington State - is our winner this year - Congratulations!!!!! I was just blown away by the comments - you are all so nice!!! and then from Friday's post the super Birthday Wishes - once again they wash over one like cyber hugs!!!! Thank you all so much - You certainly can't beat this group of great people!!!

What we did this weekend - after spending Friday afternoon at the auto fix it place - and spending not quit a bazillion dollars but damn close - was to stay in the house and not do a blasted thing on Saturday. I worked on Sail Away quite a bit and took this picture in the fading light of day -

It really isn't this blue/grey but the light sort of bit the big one so there ya go! I did notice right now that I forgot to back stitch the little sheep's legs so they are sort of floating on the grass - which is kind of odd!!

Then on Sunday - we did something we have been talking about for a while now. We drove on over to the Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire - It happens on the first Sunday of every month and they have over 800 dealers attending. We spent 7 hours there and saw only about 3/4's of the booths. I did take my camera and got a few snaps - since it is close to the Holidays there was lots of Christmas stuff - like this....

Great Santa light bulb - now I don't know if it worked or not but I thought it was really interesting. There were also these....

great glistening reindeer - this picture does not in any way come close to how great these sparkly beauties looked - they really caught my attention.
Here is the a little grouping of Holiday cheer....

I did get something - Dale wanted to buy me a Birthday present and I picked out a wall pocket/vase. Here is a snap -

The one on the left is the one Dale got me yesterday the one on the right came out of my Great-Grand Mother's home in Decatur Georgia. I can not remember ever seeing another wall pocket like this and when I saw it I had to have it!! I got two wall pockets from my Grand Mother's estate when we broke up her house - both came from her mother's house in Decatur, Georgia. Here is a snap of the other pocket -

I love having a pair of the blue and white ones, but now I have to decide where I want to hang them. I always remember my granny having Ivy growing in them and they hung in the Florida Room (sun porch).

Other presents I received for my Birthday.... some cards from loved ones....

Filled with love, cash and gift certificates!!
I also got some presents from cyber friends living far away - Carol in the UK sent me -

This really cute needle book and some of my favorite gold needles!!
From Margaret, New Zealand came ...

...a great addition to my Royal Comparatives. Carol S one of my first cyber friends sent me a Gift Certificate to Stitching Bits and Bobs - and with all the great releases coming out now that will certainly come in handy!! Thank you all Dear Friends - my special day was just GREAT!!!

I think that's about all sports fans!! Thank you again for all your good wishes!!

Take care,

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