Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket What's in My Little Basket

GR&DF thank you so much for the kind comments about Hetty - there are very much appreciated!! I did have a question from Melissa about the piece - "Who was the Designer of Hetty?" - She was designed by Brenda Keyes of the The Sampler Company. If you click over you can see other beautiful samplers and things - now I have my eye on "Red House Sampler" such a great looking piece and lovely border!

Now to the title of today's post. I really enjoy Miss Anna's blog Stitch Bitch - and on Monday she posted Monday Meme - "What's in Your Stitching Bag?" I don't use a bag, I use Baskets. My two main baskets are a small 10" everyday one and a much larger 16" project one. It is the smaller one that I think we will look more closely at....

How it looks day to day - pretty full!!

Here it is with everything spilled out....

Many of the things I have in here are gifts from stitching friends - I am really sentimental about the things I am given and do like to use them. They bring such happiness whenever they get pulled out and this examination of the basket was so very nice!! The things that I keep in here are..... 3 sterling thimbles (not that I use a thimble, I just like them!), 1 bag MOP (mother of pearl) floss rings, 1 Acorn thread holder, 1 Quaker thread holder, 1 pin wheel project, 1 BBD-LF #36 pin cushion project chart, 1 walnut base for the LF #36 pincushion, 3 skeins on NPI silk, 12 skeins of DMC, 5 bobbins of HDF silk, 3 needle books filled with 26 &28 gold needles, both reg and petite (I am really getting to like those little petite needles) 1 stitched work bag filled with antique MOP buttons and little brass accents - also in the bag are 5 books of various 26 & 28 needles, can you ever have too many needles!!, 1 antique darning egg, 1 pig pin cushion, 2 Thread Havens, 1 sheep tape measure, 3 extra knitted sheep, 1 white tape measure, 1 blue tape measure, 2 containers of seed beads, 1 package of various sized sharps, 1 Hetty Sampler - wip, 1 DFRR #2 - wip, 1 roll of Pearle cotton, 2 small embroidery hoops, sized 4" & 6". Quite a few things in this little basket.

Now the Big Basket....

This sucker has some of my finished pieces ready for framing, all my WIP's, and the next projects I will work on kitted up. You can see the next sampler piece I will begin after Hetty is finished - Memorial Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs. I also keep my larger hoops in here. What a great MEME. NOW, what's in Your Bag????

Last night the stitching was once again on an exchange and a little on Hetty- no snap.

The flicker for the evening was "My Reputation" - 1946 - starring the great Barbara Stanwyck and the ever wooden George Brent. Now don't get me wrong George is great as a 2nd banana leading man - but he really should have learned to loosen up a bit!! I enjoyed this flick as I do most of Barbara's movies - she plays a lonely widow trying to move on with her life after losing her husband. This of course leads to gossiping friends and family and a couple of really bitching moments!!!

That's about it for today sports fans!! Thanks you for stopping by!!

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  1. Lovely baskets and the contents, I have lots of baskets around the place filled with trinkets and treasures :)

  2. De jolis paniers! Et Brenda fais en ce moment "kind of love"!J'adore son style!

  3. Ohhh.....I didn't think to include the two baskets that are currently sitting beside my stitchy spot. But, you can check out my traveling bag on my blog. It was so much fun!

  4. Wow, you were indeed brave to empty your two baskets. I have so much stuff that I have two bags and Anna has dared me to display them both!!!
    I love all the cool things in there. What really caught my eye was the pig pin cushion. He sure would make anyone smile.

  5. Edgar! where did that pig pincushion come from? I'll love you FOREVER if you can tell where I can buy one.

  6. What fun to see your baskets. :D How do you keep your finished projects dust free? Dust is my perpetual enemy.

  7. I loved seeing what your baskets contained - I must tip mine out and see what they contain!

  8. Goodness gracious! Am I going to have to show how I store the stuff I'm not carrying with me? I don't think that's a good idea. Thanks for taking the meme and making it yours!

    PS Love Barbara Stanwyck!

  9. I love the pink pig, too. I have one, but he squeaks and is not a pin cushion. And I also LOVE my John James 26 Petites. I find I stitch with them no matter what the count of the fabric. Now what am I going to do with all my other needles, which I also bought in bulk?

  10. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

    Years ago I used to model stitch for Brenda and I recognise alot of the samplers as the ones I did for her. One in particular stands out as all I had to work from was a photocopy of the orginal sampler but it turned out OK in the end

  11. great baskets of fun
    and the pig makes me smile
    i like it that he wants to remain sheltered in the basket

  12. Edgar, I have a long lost cousin to your pigcushion.....don't you just love that tippy-toed pig!! I know where to buy one....I will let Missy Ann know!

  13. Oh Edgar !!! The pig pincusion just jumped out at me. !!! I love it! Where did you get it? Please let me know. I am also working on the memorial sampler. Doing it for my dad, whom passed suddenly away 9years ago at an early age of 59. I hope that when people after me see if they will remember him. Loved the baskets!!!

  14. Isn't it fun to see the things other stitchers have to keep close to them? Love your contents - amazingly similar to my close-at-hand items!