Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff with a Bunch of Snaps!

GR&DF how is that for a title! It was one of our regular weekends with no drama and no stress. Just busy with weekend things.

Let me begin with a finish and happy jig!! I put everything aside and focused all the stitching on TiTD Sampler - and she is now finished - here is a snap...

I really enjoyed this piece - except for all that white stitching - that did get a bit tedious. I shifted some of the colours from the recommended - it is stitched on a BoF 36ct "Meadowlark" piece of linen. I was looking through the stash box of linen and I have quite a bit of Meadowlark.... I guess I sort of like the stuff!! I also started another sampler - Hetty Child - and here is the tiny bit I got stitched -

This is actually the second start of this piece. I started the first one on another piece of linen. I was stitching away and just couldn't wrap my head around the linen's colour and count so I pulled it all out and began again on this piece - 32 ct "Fog" from Silkweavers. This piece I have changed all the DMC floss' to Belle Soie Silks. I like stitching so much better in silk and BS is always a winner!!

We also went shopping - to Japan Town, to the Farmers Market and Estate/Garage Sales. There were a few things to get at the Estate/Garage Sales .... and a snap...

I found a great old Thermos - I have been looking for one for the longest time and this $1 find was just the ticket! I also found a frame and a 2 cup measure - along with the two icons and books I spent less than $8 - now, you can't beat that with a stick!! The Hallowe'en light I found in a thrift store for $2 - now how's that for buying back your childhood. Here it is with a light in it -

What is so crazy is that at the Antique Fair we went to a couple of weeks ago I saw a few of these - and those where all priced at $30+ - so this was a bargain. It is dated 1969 and looks pretty good. Keeping with the Hallowe'en theme Rico got the hounds "costumes" out and before they could get away they got dressed up - here is a snap of that -

Aren't they having a ball!! Well, at least we had a good chuckle and the second they got down they were both pulling off their costumes -
Shopping yesterday included a visit to the Farmers Market at the Civic Center - and of course I got some snaps of there...

The Fall things are looking beautiful!!

We also ran over to Japan Town - here is a snap of the Peace Tower and some Fall foliage...

I didn't find what I was looking for - but I did pick up some new incense -

It is a new kind for me and is Sandalwood - the guy at the incense shop suggested this brand. It is very good!! I like the more woodsy- spicy incenses.

We did have the drawing picking the winner of the Sail Away Chart - as with all drawings here at the Sheep - we had the Hag Claw draw from the BoD....... now, with the crazy Peach watching - it draws forth a name.......

and that name is.....

- Lisa over at Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby. Congratulations!!! I have sent you an email for your snail mail to get the chart out this week. Thank you all for your interest in the SA Chart. Lisa mentions that when she has stitched it up that she will also be passing it along to another stitcher - so keep an eye out for that Give Away.

I think that wraps it up for today - Thank you for stopping by and do come again!!

Take care,


  1. TitD looks stunning--I had been wondering when we'd see some progress on this from you--but a finish already!? Actually, I myself picked up the issue of JCS that features this pattern at an LNS this weekend! I have no idea when i'll ever get around to stitching it, however. I think if/when I do it myself I'll be changing around a lot of things--my favorite part of the sampler is way the quote is laid out. And the happy dog, of course.

  2. Love your finish, Edgar! That little pooch looks like the Peach. :D

  3. Congratulations edgar! TitD looks fab!
    Like your new start, lok forward to seeing more of it. Great finds as always, that pumpkin lamp is so cute!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful sampler. Love the fabric for this one.
    Love the Halloween costumes on the pooches!!!
    Did I see pomegranetes in those pictures? Boy, fall is really here isnt it. I've never heard of cranberry beans. I wonder how they taste?

  5. OHHHH Congratulations to Lisa :0)I know she will love stitching that design.

    TiTD looks fantastic Edgar, really makes me want to start mine now, I love enablers HaHa

    Question on your farmer market photos. Cranberry beans? Have you ever tried them? They look interesting.

    Hope your Monday is full of x's

  6. Love your vintage Halloween light. Your pups look adorable in their costumes. I know Emma and Owen wouldn't put up with any type of costume or headgear... so I won't even try.

    Your TitD looks fabulous.

  7. The pups look great in their costumes! Pet stores sure have some inventive ones out there.

  8. Wow! Congrats on the TiTD finish -- it looks great! I love Hetty Child -- it's one of the samplers I'm hoping to stitch one day. I love the pic of the little ones in their Halloween finery! Isn't it funny how they never want to keep it on? lol! Great pictures of the market and Japan Town too.

  9. Congrats on the finish Edgar! I am infatuated with that piece!

  10. Congrats on finishing TiTD, it's gorgeous!

    Quite a steal with that Stanley thermos, those things last forever!

  11. Congratulations on your Finish and your new Start...those are going to be so pretty when you get them done. I just love your stitching.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  12. Congratulations on your This is the Day finish! It's stunning...great job! And congrats to Lisa for winning the giveaway. Yay! Sounds like you had a nice weekend....great snaps.

  13. A lovely finish! :)
    And the produce looks sooo yummy. A neat update.

  14. What a pity I am not the winner but it doesn't matter,I am sure it went to good hands as we say in Greek! I love your after the weekend blog posts for all the things you find and buy so cheap at the markets!Keep them coming!Ariadne from Greece

  15. Wonderful finish!

    I look forward to Mondays so I can see all your wonderful snaps of the weekend and all the pretty things there. I am green with envy for your farmers market!

  16. Great stitching and a great post! That pumpkin lantern is way cool!

  17. The dogs look adorable, but I don't blame them for getting them off so quickly. lol ;)

    Sandalwood is a wonderful scent!

    I love all of the fall colors you took pics of over the weekend. I miss the color changes in the mountains of Southern Cali (around Alpine and Julian). It's nice to see your pics from Northern Cali!

  18. Fabulous finish!! Love Bof Meadowlark--perfect choice. Looks like another great weekend, you find the most super things! The pooches look so cute in their Halloween hats! LOL!! Cant wait to see more Hetty Child!

  19. What is the book with what looks like a Victorian Era family on the cover? Is is about Royalty? I thought maybe the Romanovs for a moment, but the characters in the cover photo do not add up.
    What beautiful pomegranites. Must admit I have NEVER eaten one, but have stitched quite a few.

  20. Your stitching is just beautiful. Lovely progress. And the exchange piece you did is just fabulous.

    Love the puppy babies in their costumes! Precious. Now to make sure you have their trick or treat bags ready. :)

  21. Thank you for a minutes escapism from the piggy flu.
    I love that fabric: such a lovely colour. Can you remember where you got it???

  22. Dear Hounds,
    I would be happy to forward the name of my attorney to you so that you can begin proceedings immediately. My mo-ther thought it was hilarious to dress me up in my Halloween costume and then share it with the world too until I slapped her with an injunction from doing same.
    You do, however, both look FABulous!
    With love from your pal,

    Love love love your finish, Edgar!

    TEE HEE! verification word is "bruth"!....

    "You want answers?!"
    "I want the BRUTH!"
    "You can't handle the BRUTH!"

    Man, I need to stop drinking so much caffeine in the mornings!

  23. TiTD looks great. I can't believe you finished it so quickly. I love, love the Halloween light - so cute! The "hounds" are positively gawgeous!

  24. Congrats to Lisa!!! Your finish looks geat....I have yet to have mine framed and I love the Meadowlark too...Good job!!

  25. This is the Day is wonderful. Wonder when I'll get around to that one.

  26. Your finish is gorgeous as usual and the photos too. Love those pups!

  27. Edgar,Congrats on such a beautiful finish!!! I LOVE it!!! I have a pumpkin man just like yours, I collect Halloween, pretty much everything, but especially the vintage stuff. That tower picture is so unusual, I have never seen anything like it, thanks for sharing.

  28. TITd is beautiful! You did a great job. and the dogs are soooooooooooooo cute! I'll have to post a pic of my Lucy; she's got a new pumpkin outfit. I came "this" close to the chicken one like your dog has; it's so cute! Our poor furr babies; they just look so out of sorts when we dress them up, but I love it!

  29. Un régal cet article! Des moutons sur une magnifique broderie, des chiens trop mignons, des photos de marché avec une envie de croquer des pommes et encore des cadeaux pour toi! Bravo encore pour ta broderie! C'est superbe!

  30. Your finish is lovely - as your stitching projects always all. Awesome finds found over the weekend. You guys should be tour guides for the city...the only places we go when we BART in is the Ferry Building (with the Saturday Farmers Mkt) and then stroll down to Fishermen's Wharf. Some day we need to take a day and really do the city.
    And...YAHOO...I'm very excited to have won Sail Away! You made my day!

  31. Beautiful finish, and good looking start, too! Sounds like the perfect weekend treasure hunt - and finds!

  32. Edgar,

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress on HETTY CHILD. I stitched it using the original called for colors and realize I should have changed them to my liking. However, it was a fun piece to do as I truly like samplers the best. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful stitched pieces. You are very talented!

    Carole Z.

  33. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish! And wow, those produce pictures just make me want to get busy in the kitchen!