Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sampler Shot

GR&DF I love reading all the comments and do thank you for them!! I am sorry about how negative the movie review was yesterday, but you should have read what I wrote to begin with - what I published was a toned down and cleaned up version!! I really had not hoped for very much with The Women - but I do like to try and give things a chance - oh well for-warned is for-armed. I am still pushing through UD and am now in the middle of the Fourth Season - and the Great War - Only a handful of shows left and then the two discs of "Thomas and Sarah" the UP spin off. It follows that crafty and underhanded pair of the under house parlor maid and chauffeur and their life after they leave 165 Eaton Place.

My stitching last night was on Hetty and she is coming along fine -I am really liking the BS silk colours!! Here is a really crappity snap - and yes I did crawl under the couch and turned off all the lights in the house to make sure that this would be a dark snap!! - here tis -

From this snap you would think the linen has a pink cast - it doesn't. It has an ever so slight grey/silver tone - I will try and get a snap this weekend that looks more like it should.

I did want to let everyone know that we have lost both of the newest pidges. What happened was on Monday we had a total rain storm that flooded out large parts of the city. This rain just poured into and onto the small pidges washing them out of the window box. When we got home they were both on the ground with the smaller of the two already gone and the second one sort of shivering and looking scared on the ground. We got her up and back into the window box and set her on a pile of dry raffia we had and even made a small cover in case it started to rain again. Yesterday we got home a mama stink eye was perched on the edge of the box with baby pidge not moving. It was very sad and I think the mama stink eye just didn't understand what had happened as she wouldn't move from the box for the longest time. We left her standing there and after a while when she had flown off to the other side of the light well we took the box down. So ends our pidge experience with three clutches of eggs. Out of the six eggs there are now three pidges now flying around and enjoying the city.

I figured out where I saw the Swan Pond Chart - it was on The Stitching Post that Kellie writes - she does some lovely things go check her out - and I do thank her for posting about her new stash as I would never had seen the chart otherwise!! Seeing new stash is one of my favorite things on the Blogs - you can see what is new or old or obscure out there that you might want to stitch or get hold of for your stash.

There you go sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

Take care,


  1. Hettie is looking nice.Poor pidgies! You and Rico must have felt awful when you found them. :( You'll have more to enjoy.Well as long as the mama stink eye behaves herself! Have a super day!

  2. How sad about the little pidgies! You were good stewards over the little birds, and hopefully mama stink eye will have more birdies soon!
    I could not agree with you more about "The Women". I didn't finish it either! I actually liked the original, but this one was just depressing and awful! We must think totally alike when it comes to movies.
    I agree, seeing stash on other people's website is one of the best things! Fun to look at, but bad for the wallet! I've added several charts to my "must have" pile in the last few weeks.
    Love the new stash you've acquired!
    Take care.

  3. Now I want to cry over the pidgies.

    Thanks to Kellie, I am the proud owner of the Swan Pond chart also. Get it--it's $6, which considering that charts are creeping toward $25 and $30 these days is a steal.

    Hetty is pretty!

  4. Well, as you can see, I'm reading backward through your posts. You already have it! Isn't it funny though the way they lopped off the top and bottom of the phot instead of turning the camera to take the cover shot of Swan Pond.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the poor baby pidges. :( Nature can be cruel.
    Nice progress on Hetty. I'm looking forward to more.
    I so agree about finding new stash by reading other blogs. I love adding to my collection so this is a definite weakness of mine. And it can be a dangerous one to the checking account. :)

  6. Totally agree with you about looking at blogs to see new stash and stitchery - that's why I like your blog so much, as you seem to get so much stitching done there's constantly something new! Hetty Child's sampler's looking beautiful. I'd love to know what the colours are and how you chose them - did you go for the closest coloured silks to the listed DMC or choose ones you liked? Were they ones you already had from other projects or did you go shopping?

  7. Awh that is a sad story about the pidgies.

    That is some lovely stitching!

  8. I love the border on Hetty. I did a machine embroidery Fall design this weekend on a sweatshirt that is a pumpkin spice color (very pretty, BTW) and when I took snaps of the completed shirt to send to my SIL the shirt looked red. No matter what editing I did it just wouldn't come out the color that it really is. I tried moving it around to different rooms in the house for different light effects, but that didn't work either. I think there are some colors that just won't show "true" when photo' your gray.

    That is so sad about your pidgies :(

  9. Good Progress there Edgar...I am anxious to see more of your progress on this. As always...beautiful stitching.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  10. Your Hetty Child is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see more. I got this image of you crawling under the couch to take the picture -- lol!

    So sad about the poor little pidges. :( We had bad rain and wind this weekend. I guess it was everywhere.

    I'll have to go check out the Stitching Post. Thanks for the link!

  11. Still suffering from piggy flu but thank you for telling me where the linen came from. I feel a shopping session coming on: once I can see straight for more than 10 mins lol
    Thank you!
    Sorry about the pigeons.

  12. Poor pidgies. What a sad loss.

    Your stitching is working up beautifully.

  13. Touchante histoire que celle des petits oiseaux....
    Wouah! Joli début cette broderie! Et quelle rapidité! Bravo!Comme tu le vois je m'entête à t'enseigner le français!

  14. Poor pidgies. Nature can be cruel sometimes.
    The Hetty Sampler looks great. I love the colors, even though you say this was a poor picture.
    Have to go check out that Swan Pond everyone is talking about.......

  15. We got her up and back into the window box and set her on a pile of dry raffia we had and even made a small cover in case it started to rain again.

    You and Rico, you're good people, Edgar.

  16. Thanks for the shout out, Edgar. :) I wasn't sure if you had seen it on my blog or not as I know Glenna and a couple of other also ordered the chart about the same time that I posted. Glad you liked it and glad to have been helpful. I love the Hetty sampler. Gorgeous!!
    Poor pidgies. Makes you feel sorry for mama stink eye... I had a pet pigeon when I was a child, so I have been following your pigeon stories with a lot of interest. I agree with Kristen... it takes people with really big hearts to have that much concern over a little wild bird's survival.

  17. Beautiful stitching, Edgar. I am so sorry about the baby pidgies. What a sad story.

  18. It is a sad state when any living creature passes....I blame my teary eyed-ness on my age (but we know better). We have pidgies/pigeons. They roost up on top of a post on our front porch. They have really messed up the area and every time my DH goes out there with his chicken wire and staple gun to block it off, there is another "egglet" waiting to hatch. Those pigeons lay those eggs super fast! Seems just as soon as the pidgie leaves the nest, and we notice, we go out to block it, and bam! another egg! The circle of life continues.....

  19. So sad to hear about the pidgies! I have enjoyed reading about their little escapades. At least you tried your best to save the little guy, good on you and Rico!

  20. Hey Edgar! I called Cindy at Dixie Darling and got the last Swan Sampler pattern. She said she'd order more. I told her I found it on your blog and she said, I've heard about Edgar from two other people besides you (meaning me). I will start this for Thanksgiving and have it as my travel piece as we head to East Tennessee over the Thanksgiving holiday. I've wanted to do an East Tennessee sampler for the longest time as that's where I was born and a lot of family are still there. Thanks for showing it, I can't wait to get it!

  21. Hetty is going to be so lovely, Edgar! Love those colors in the border!! So sorry to hear about the little pidgies!:(