Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Woodland Exchange Arrives

I saw that the Woodland Exchange I made for Tracy had arrived safely - but - I forgot to either take a snap or am just not smart enough to find it on my camera!!
So I lifted the snaps of the piece from the HOE II -

I stitched up Work basket's "Fox Forest" and then made it into a box. I used the recommended WDW and used a piece of Silkweaver Solo - that is a pale green for the linen.
Here is a snap of the inside...

... that is lined with an overall woodsy print and the little extras I included. I really enjoyed this Exchange and will be posting another on the HOE in a day or two.

I worked on another stitchy exchange last night so no snaps of those pieces.

There you go - its a short one today!! One more day to sign up for the Drawing
- sign up on Mondays post!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snap a crack evening.....

Nothing much going on around here - yesterday after work we visited our chiropractor - the first time in months!! She had closed her office here in the city and had now only has her San Leandro office - about 30 mins or so away in the East Bay - so we dragged ourselves over there as we really like her and she does a great job!! Let me tell you after the adjustment (a bunch of cracks and snaps BTW) I can really tell a difference!!!! Not so much tension in my neck and lower back - The tension builds up because my posture basically sucks AND I sit in front a computer all day... then get home sitting all hunched up at night stitching away - not very conducive to limber lumbars!!!!! Cindy also fixed the giant pain in the neck of Rico's. Let me tell you I had to hear about that knot in his neck till my eyes started to bleed!!!! So we decided to get over there once a month for adjustments - better that than the crumpled up grumpy trolls we become when unadjusted!!!!

I finished-finished up both ornaments for this and next months exchanges and will get them out tomorrow - one out at the very last min and the other out early - I guess together they sort of are going out on time???? I really rationalize way too much!!!!!!

I have a list of flicks to yap about but I will narrow it down to last nights flicker..... "Vibes" - 1988 - starring Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. They play psychics that are hired by Peter Falk to "find his son" who is lost in Ecuador - I have loved this film for a long time. I saw it theatrically when it was released and now that I know there is a DVD I may even have to buy it!!! It is a silly piece of fluff from the late 80's but a lot of fun!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Woodland Exchange Arrives in SF

Gentle readers - today's posting will be devoted to a dear stitching friend that completely spoiled me with the Woodland Exchange!! Margie was my "secret" partner - how secret could she be with me assigning the partners... :) - but that's the breaks sometimes. The package arrived yesterday and was a big one so I took it home to open..... and out tumbled.....

I couldn't believe it! Such lovelies and wrapped in a great toile tissue!! I love toile!! I saved it all and have plans to reuse it for special packages in the future.

After opening everything I was completely dumbfounded - such treats and so many!!

Margie not only stitched a lovely pyn keepe but also gathered up some licorice (a real favorite), a really cute puppy tissues pack, two packs of my favorite JJ gold needles AND a chart from my wish list WITH the silks that are called for!! How great is all that!!!

The pyn keepe is not only a Woodland piece it is also a wonderful tribute to sweet Hunny - our little chihuahua we lost a few weeks back.
Look at the front and you can see Hunny chasing around.....

and on the back is....

Isn't this a lovely piece to remember Hunny with!!! The design is a BBD and it is stitched on Purely Primitive linen. It already has a place on the Hunny "alter" and looks great!!!
I always say that this stitching community it the best and most thoughtful!!!! Thank you so much Margie - you did great!!!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by -
don't forget about the drawing for the Christmas book
- comment on yesterdays post!!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Pretty Good Weekend - and a "Lo Rose" Drawing

I was feeling much better and we did our usual running around on Saturday morning. Not very many things to get. I got some books - and a copy of the 30 Anniversary addition of "Blazing Saddles" - 1974 - a really funny movie that I did not have a copy of and who could pass a pristine copy for a $1 - not me!!

On the stitchy front I finished up a few stitching exchanges so I am on schedule with them - and that makes me very happy!!!! I did start a spring stitch that will finish up very quickly!! Here is a snap of the progress so far -

It is called "Flower Basket" by La-D-Da and it says Spring to me. I have had this chart for few years and every time I see it I say to myself "I really want to do this one!!" - but it always got shuffled to back of the pile and I never got to it. Then a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out and got the floss together, found a piece of linen I liked and here it is!! I am mostly using the called for WDW - the biggest exception is the blue floss which I changed out for a OWS Linen floss - that sort of sucks!!! It shreds and tangles like a mad dog in heat!!! It is beautiful and I love the colour - but to stitch with the stuff - never again!!! The fabric is some 32/36 ct piece I had in the linen box - so who knows.

Now for the Drawing/Give Away - as most of you know I did the "Lo Rose" sampler a little while back - my copy of the book I thought I had promised away already - but the stitcher that had wanted it has completely disappeared and I really do not need to keep the book.

Here is a snap of my finished "Lo Rose" Sampler.......

I have my working copy that is laminated if I want to do it again which means that I am going to have a drawing for this copy of the book - so if you would like to have a copy of this Stitching Christmas book just leave a comment on this post - all I ask is that you post about the drawing out on your blog - if you have one - That is all you have to do!! I will take entries up until next Friday - May 1st at 3pm PST - I will announce the winner next Monday - May 4th.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday is here....

I was just not up to blogging yesterday as I felt like a giant Crapazilla!!! I didn't want to leave off the week without a post - so I am here today for a short one.

The only stitching has been on some exchange pieces so no snap. I did get my Woodland exchange off yesterday - just under today's deadline - Happy Arbor Day!!!!!! Weekend stitching will be finishing up the exchanges and getting my ABC piece in order for the next part which I would think is coming out in a week or so.

No movie for Wednesday evening as I just went home grabbed a coverlet and proceeded to become one with the couch all evening - passing from coma to lucidity and back again - It was a lovely sight!!! Even the hounds had a wack at it. Since I was on their territory it was up to them to jump on me and walk around to see if edgar-lump was still breathing - then jumping back down a couple a dozen times. The Peach especially has a way of pushing just right when she gets down... and if you think a 5 pound chihuahua doesn't get much thrust behind her you are mistaken!!!

Last night was much better - and the flicker was "The Man Who Knew too much" - 1934 - the first Hitchcock version. I thought I should see the original since I really enjoyed the 56 remake. Let me just say it was a very stiff 30's movie made with no budget - I did enjoy it and would recommend it just to see and early Hitchcock piece.

Have a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday is upon us -

and it is now a slow slide to the weekend!!!! Whoopee!!!!

Not much going on on the stitchy front - I finished up my Woodland Exchange last night and it is ready for the post tomorrow - it has a way to go so I will not be posting any snaps of it soon. I started another exchange and kitted up something else to begin - probably this weekend - so no snaps of that either - pretty dull doings!!

I did want to mention that Valerie is having a Blogaversary Drawing over at Fog City - she has been blogging 4 years!! Check out her blog and leave a comment to be entered in her drawing. My 2nd Blogaversary is coming up on May 9 and I am getting my thoughts wrapped around that and what I want to do - stay tuned!!

We watched Grey Gardens again last night - and I still am just blown away with the performances of Drew and Jessica!!! There must be some awards in their future. I just love the line that Little Edie hands out to the married man she is on a date with - who asks about her beaux and why she hasn't settled into a marriage.... Little Edie "I only want a dance partner." What a great line is that!!!! No strings, no commitment..... just whirling through life with music playing!!!

Leaving you with that thought - Thanks for stopping by!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Tuesday

Gentle readers - thank you so much for the positive feedback on yesterdays installment - It is certainly nice to be so encouraged by you all!!! I did have some questions about the book that the "Lo Rose" sampler came from - here is a snap -

It seems to be harder and harder to find at a reasonable price - and this copy has already been spoken for - or I would have some sort of drawing for it here.

On last Friday I posted about some flickers and then asked for suggestions of films to see - and you did not disappoint.

Sue had some suggestions and two of them I had already seen - "Picnic at Hanging Rock" - 1975 - I have seen this film a number of times and always enjoy watching this gorgeous mystery film!!!! - The second film is "The Adventures of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert" - 1994 - a really fun adventure film - both of these Australian films are really wonderful and I would highly recommend them!!!!

Doris suggested "Random Harvest" - 1942 - a great film with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman all about memory loss a remembering - both Garson and Coleman in top form!!

CarolG suggested "Madame X" - I think she was talking about the 1966 version with Lana Turner - a great Lana Vehicle - and not the 1937 version with Gladys George a good film if a bit disjointed. The Lana film is better known and a better version!! This now is sold a double feature DVD with "Portrait in Black" - 1960 - another super Lana film all about murder!! If you throw in the 1959 version of "Imitation of Life" you have a triple Lana Featureama!!!

Barb is a Woody Allen fan and suggested "Annie Hall" -1977 - I am not a big Woody fan but have seen most of his films - my favorite film of his is "Radio Days" - 1987 - this is one of my all time favorite movies... I have seen this dozens of times and enjoy it every time!

Rowyn suggested "Veronica Guerin" - 2003 - I have not seen this film and it is now in my Netflix queue. It looks like a great film.

Debbiesfl suggested two films 'To Sir With Love" - 1967 - and "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" - 1947 - I have seen both of these films and thoroughly enjoyed the viewing. "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" is a real tour de force for Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison - It is probably one of her best roles!!

Lisa suggested "Where the red Fern Grows" - 1974 - I remember seeing this a very long time ago and need to re-view it - so it also is now on the Netflix Queue.

and... Sandra suggested a film I hadn't herd of - "Don't Look Now" - 1973 - starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland..... I am intrigued by this and certainly will need to see it.... also now on the queue.

Thank you all for the flicker feedback - !!!!

I saw quite a few films this weekend - starting off with "Milk" - 2008 - I enjoyed this film and it was interesting to see SF during the 70's. Also viewed that classic "Maltese Falcon" - 1941 - a super film I enjoy watching seeing over and over again!!

Then there was the premier of "Grey Gardens" - 2009 on HOB - what a super film - an excellent job by both Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. If you have seen the 1975 documentary you will want to see this film!!

There was also on TCM - "So Long at the Fair" - 1950 - starring Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde - a beautiful suspense mystery film - if you get the chance I would take the time to see!

Last night I had the film "The Cheaters" - 1945 - I had a copy as this has never been put onto DVD or VHS - and I must say what a great Christmas film this is - I had never heard of it and was totally enchanted by the story and the acting!!!

There you go a really long movie post - thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Finish , another Finish and some stuff.....

Gentle readers..... ah how quickly the weekend goes by.... and it was a loverly weekend here - the weather on Saturday was just perfect - bright and sunny and in the high 70's - and then yesterday was in the mid 80's - which is just about as hot as it ever gets, which is just fine with me!!!

I had two finishes that I want to share - the first was just about ready to make a nut case out of me - since I ran out of the WDW - "London Fog" to finish my "Lo Rose" sampler earlier in the week I was just chomping to get it done when the skeins arrived on Thursday - and here is a snap of my completed piece with one of the antique frames I picked up a week or so ago (not actually framed, but just trying it out) -

I am really happy with this piece and have dear Vonna to thank for bringing it to my attention. I wanted to get another copy of the book that this chart came from - and went to Amazon where I got the first - and just couldn't believe how the price had jumped since I bought mine. I think I paid about $2 - the shipping was more than the book - and now the price has jumped to $30!!! Talk about supply and demand - someone is out to make a buck!!!

I also started and finished up a sweet little sampler that is a contest piece on the BBD Blog - when I first saw this and knew they where having it charted I knew I wanted to stitch it up. I changed it up a bit and here is my version -

The original is all reds - mine is in mostly blue-greens - I added my maternal g-parents initials and the year they where married. The bird and branch came from the BBD "Pins and Needles." I also shifted some of the design around to even it out and clean up some of the edges as I went along. It is stitched on 36 ct Barn Owl using - Olde Willow, GAST, CC and a Six Strand Sweets - flosses. I really enjoyed stitching this up!!

Dale and I ran around on Saturday and I found some stuff - surprise.....

A few super frames, a piece of fabric a donut cutter and a great mixing bowl. I am pretty happy with everything - that bowl was just filthy and I had to scrub it good first and THEN run it through the dishwasher!!!

Tomorrows blog will be a super movie blog!!! So stay tuned!!! I also have a 2nd Blogaversary coming what should I do for that?????? Did I hear .... drawing .......?

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday movie posting

Here we are again at Friday - on the verge of two days off - and Like Dear Vonna - some serious NBS (numb butt syndrome) is in my future!!!!!!! But, before that happens there are a few more hours of being chained to my work life.

Some more movie talk - Berit wrote a really nice comment yesterday about anime flicks - and although not one of the areas I know a great deal about - I was intrigued about her suggestion about seeing "Omohide Poro Poro" - 1991 - aka "Only Yesterday" and I will look for it at the Video Rental Place near my house in Noe Valley - NetFlix doesn't have it. I have seen Isao Takahata's "Hotaru no Haka" - 1988 - aka "Grave of the Fireflies" and really enjoyed that so I would be interested in another of his movies.

I think that is what I really enjoy most about this Blog stuff - the people I meet- if I wasn't Blog-a-babbling I would miss these opportunities. With that said - if you have a favorite movie you think I should see just let me know - although I have seen lots there are always some I haven't and I may not even know about - so let me know!! My list on netflix is only around 380 or so titles - there is always room for more!!

Last night on TCM was a super evening starting off with "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" -1954 - A great musical starring Jane Powell and Howard Keel. This was followed by "The Man Who Knew too Much" - 1956 - starring James Stewart and Doris Day and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I had never seen this film and really enjoyed the whole thing. I have read that this is one of the Hitchcock's that people like the least or not at all, but I enjoyed it and would watch it again. Tonight ends the week long fan programming on TCM and the flicks are very good - at 5/8 pm the evening starts off with"The Maltese Falcon" - 1941 - a really great movie I would highly recommend. This is followed by "So Long at the Fair" - 1950 - starring Jean Simmons and Dick Bogard - I have never seen this film and am looking froward to seeing it, then the evening wraps up with "Silk Stockings" - 1957 a musical remake of Ninotchka that I have seen before - very entertaining with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. I also want to mention that on HBO on Saturday they will be showing an original production based on the Documentary "Grey Gardens" - 1975 - the HBO Movie stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as Big Edith Bouvier Beale and Little Edie Beale, it looks like a super picture!! It is a sort of prequel to the ladies past and what got them to where they ended up in '75 - all the talk on the Internet about the previews is that this flicker is just great !!

Thanks for stopping by - and - Have a great weekend!!

Take Care

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhhh Thursday......

Only one more day until the weekend!!! Whoop de doo!!! I am certainly feeling it this day and want this week over - just wishing my life away I guess....

Last night we ran out to the Mall - my nephews Birthday is next week and I needed to get a present for him and get it out today - I f there was going to be any chance on it making it by the actual day - I just don't know what happened as I have all the Birthdays on the calendar - just to much procrastination. Oh well, it is packed up and will go out this morning.

You are so right Deb - "All About Eve" - 1950 - called by some "the bitchiest movie ever made" (I love that tag line BTW) - Those two actresses were considered for the Margo role - but the list actually got down to 4 - Claudette Colbert, Susan Hayward, Marlene Dietrich and Gertrude Lawrence. Then Marlene and Gertrude where hacked off the list - I am not sure what Marlene went on to do but Gertrude went on to the play in the first run of "The King and I". This was her last role as she died of cancer a year into the run of the play. Claudette finally accepted the role but couldn't start right away - she was finishing up "Three Came Home" - 1950 - the reason she didn't play Margo is that during some of the final filming - a scene of a brutal rape that she was doing the director wanted it to be as realistic as possible - so - she literally gave her all and ruptured a disc that put her into the hospital missing out playing Margo - think about what a different kind of film this would have been if she hadn't been hurt - it certainly would have been much less intense!!! There is a great behind the scenes book about the making of the movie -

I think it is OOP - but still can be gotten on Amazon.

Not much stitching last night - but some I did get some stash neatened up and put away.

The flickers last night were really fun - I missed "Double Indemnity" as we where out shopping - but got home in time to see "Swing Time" - 1936 - a super Fred and Ginger movie!!! This I followed up with "The Master of Ballantrae" - 1953 - a real adventure swashbuckler starring Errol Flynn - who by the time this flick was made was a bit long in the tooth for the role - but still a great film!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care -

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Wednesday and do I have anything to say.....

Probably not but has that ever stopped me in the past????? Nope!!!!

When I got home I ran around with the hounds getting them their out doors time - and dinner and then fixed up some supper for the two of us - and them jumped in the shower so that I could be ready for the 5 pm start time of GWTW. I even got started on another flick - "The Name of the Rose" - 1986 starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater - such a great film set in the 14th century at an isolated monastery where murder is a foot. Then watched "GWTW" and then "Singing in the Rain" - finishing up the evening with the end of "Rose." A great movie evening!!!!!

Stitching away on an exchange.....

So lets answer some comments - shall we..... I always enjoy them and do thank you - but I don't think you can hear me when I am talking to the computer while I read so I better just write some stuff here -

Deb - I love "All About Eve" probably one of the best movies ever!! Such a great "return" for Miss Davis - and weren't we the lucky ones to have her play Margo - as she wasn't originally cast for the roll - Do you remember who was??????

Alf in Stitches - I never thought about how I stitched and have probably been doing it all wrong for years - but I think I do the "poke and pull" method. I think I stitch so slowly as some of the people out there seem to finish up a ton of stuff so quickly.

Doris - I know - it was seeming like spring had sprung here but over the past few days we have been having really windy weather - they have even closed off one of the bridges over the Bay...and a big 18 wheeler flipped on a bridge last night due to heavy winds. I think this weekend it is supposed to be warmer but I will believe that when I see it!!

Diana - I also love the carol and it is one of my favorites - that is the main reason that when I saw Vonna stitching it up I just knew I had to do it also.

I think that's about all - tonight TCM is showing "Double Indemnity" - 1944 - starring Babara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray. A really superior film and if you haven't seen it you should make the effort - both stars are in top form - nominated for 7 Oscars - it is worth seeing!!! Starts at 5 PST and 8 EST.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's April 14th....

....and I am just getting my State taxes in the mail today. Since they are getting a cheque from me they are gonna have to wait to the last min for that sucker!!!! I did the federal tax stuff a couple of months ago since I was getting a cheque. I figured I needed it more than them!! I just blew that pittance away the second it landed in my hot little claw!! I am the worst money manager around ... and... I figure since the end of the world is a'coming in 2012 what should I be saving it up for???? :)

Thank you for the nice comments about the Lo Rose Sampler - it is a really fun and pretty quick stitch - in fact I got the two skeins of London Fog I needed yesterday, but I am now focused on an exchange piece so everything has been put on the back burner, for now - and that BB list would be - Lo Rose Sampler, ABC Sampler, VoHRH.... and I really am jonesing to start the BBD Mystery piece - I have the linen and the floss - but do I dare before finishing the things I have already!!!! Only the Shadow Knows - decisions - decisions!!!!

Like Vonna - that cut glass piece reminds me of my Granny also - my Gran had tons of brilliant cut and just loved the sparkle and flash of the stuff. In fact when the sun hit her china cabinet in the dinning room just right it was an explosion of color an reflection - kind of like a disco ball!!! I would guess that my love of the stuff would spring from that fount - I got a couple of her pieces and have added to the collection but I don't have any where near the quantity that she had.

Here is another snap of the Pacific from last Saturday......

I really like this picture as it could be any beach anywhere - the sea was beautiful and the waves and wind where rolling in from the north - these gulls are pointed into the wind.

Just a quick reminder that TCM is having all this week Fans as guest Programmers and the movies are really top notch. They started off this special 15th Anniversary week last night with "The Letter" - 1940 starring Bette Davis and Herbert Marshall. A super film and really worth seeing!!! Tonight 5pm PST or 8pm EST they are showing "Gone With the Wind" - 1939 starring Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable - a super film!! Then they are following up this with "Singing in the Rain" - at 9PST or 12EST.

Thanks for stopping by -

Take care

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to the Grind - Monday Mornings just Bite!

Here we are again back to the salt mines!! But first lets talk about the weekend..... I was off on Friday and Rico wasn't (Ha Ha Ha!) so I slept in till about 10:30 am and loved every single second of that!! Then I plopped myself down with needle in hand and some flickers on the tube! So it was a really good Friday!

Saturday followed the pattern set of Garage and Estate Saleing - and so off we went - but first we started off with some sustenance at Sheng Kee Bakery on Irving at 19th. We have been stopping here frequently - as they have some really tasty baked goods - I picked up an extra coconut bun for Sunday morning .....

They really are this golden and buttery AND just filled with a wonderful coconut type of paste in the layers. They have many different types of buns and rolls - and everything is so fresh that when you get something it is usually still warm from the oven as they are really busy and seam to have a very brisk trade.

The Saturday sales yielded a few things - this piece was a really great find -

The sale that this came from was a sort of house/estate sale where there were piles of things everywhere and not very organized. This bright cut bowl was actually sitting next to the kitchen sink and full of sponges, soap and used match was also very filthy and caked with unidentifiable dirt. I picked it up and dumped the crap out into the sink and realized it wasn't just some not so very nice pressed bowl - but as with most of the things int he house it was unpriced- so I trotted it up to the person in charge and she said how about $20... naw... how about $15 - I said sold!! So for a pittance I get a beautiful heavy cut bowl!! At another "house clearing" I picked up some Christmas ornaments -

I love these little teddy bears, and the bird is of cloth - I really like old fashioned little painted ornaments and thought the angel on horse was really cute..... all of these together I think were a dollar. The Celtic cross was from a sidewalk sale that we almost didn't stop for. It was a really fun day ending up at Underdog - a hot dog place near Dale's apt. that has some really tasty brats.

While riding around we got on the Great Highway and it was such a gorgeous day I made Dale stop so I could get a snap of the beach and Pacific Ocean....

This is looking north towards the Marin Headlands and shows just how wide the beach is - the white building perched on that rock in the distance is the current incarnation of the Cliff House - great views not so great food.

I also got quite a bit of stitching in - the only thing I can show is the "Lo Rose" sampler. Here is a snap of how it stands at the moment -

This would actually be a finish, but I am out of London Fog for the letters that are left. I thought I had an extra skein of the stuff but if I do I certainly can not find it. The other things I worked on are for exchanges and so no snappers of them today.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Thank you for the nice comments!!! Stop by again.....

Take care!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mailing today - two RR's

I am getting both - Hannah's Halloween RR out to Terry and the finished QFRR of Rowyn's back home!! I am so happy to have a third piece from the RR finished and winging its way back home. There was a time when I thought that might not happen - but with everyone pitching in and Sweet Valerie filling in a stitching spot it is all working out great!!! Here is a rather dark shot (it was late when I finished) of Rowyn's really lovely piece -

Rowyn chose a NN floss called Bali Hai and it is stitched on a cream linen - and is just gorgeous!!! The secondary colour is a DMC blue. Now there are only three out there left to get finished up and that should happen in the next month or so!! Yea for our little group!!!!!

Last night the flicks where - two Netflix films - the first was a musical that I had never heard of - "It Happened in Brooklyn" - 1947 starring Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Kathryn Grayson, Peter Lawford and in a bit part the really wonderful Gloria Grahame. A nice film with some great music - if you like Frank and like musicals you should really check this one out - I was totally surprised!!! The second flick was "Varian's War" - 2001 - a true story brought to the small screen and starring William Hurt, Julia Ormond and Lynn Redgrave. A WWII story about an American, Varian Fry, who helps get refugee Jewish artists and intellectuals out of Marseilles and to America - he saves about 2000 people over a two year period before America enters the war. A moving story that I had never heard. Proving that a single person can change history and make a difference!! Some of the more notable people he saved were Marc Chagall, Max Ernest, Hannah Arendt and Jacques Lipchitz. The pacing was very good and the two hour movie just flew by.

Thanks for stopping by - I will not be here tomorrow so Blogging - I'll see you on Monday......

Have a great Easter!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A QFRR arrives from Canada

I received Rowyns QFRR from Wendy - I am the last stitcher before it goes back to Rowyn so I spent last evening focused on it alone. It is really pretty - the main floss is a NN colour called Bali Hai, the secondary colour is a coordinating DMC blue. I made some major progress and the needle was a flying. Since this RR has had its ups a downs and a restitch - I want to have this out really quick. No snap - yet.

The flicks last night were really interesting - two of them I had seen before, but a really long time ago and the third was a Netflix choice. Lets start with the two I had already seen - TCM was having a tribute evening to Leslie Howard - a matinee idol from the 30's - He died in 43 when his plane was shot down. The evening started off with what I think of as a Bette Davis film - "The Petrified Forest" - 1936 - starring a very young Bette Davis, Leslie Howard and Humphrey Bogart. I always think of this film as being overly message ridden and overly dramatic - but is is a great vehicle for all three of the principle stars and made a tough guy hoodlum of Bogart for the rest of his career. Good performances overall and worth watching. The second flick I caught was "Pygmalion" - 1938 - starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller - I love this movie and have seen it a bunch of times. Taken from the play by George Bernard Shaw with him also writing the screenplay - he won an Oscar for his efforts - Snappy dialogue and just an overall great film!! The third film of the evening was a very different from the first two - "The Happy Hooker" - 1975 - starring Lynn Redgrave and Jean-Pierre Aumont - the film is a very sanitized version of what I would presume is a very racy novel. The story follows a Dutch girl who comes to America to marry and finds out very quickly what a bad idea that was. She then finds a job and sort of falls into the worlds oldest profession. Lynn Redgrave is excellent as always but the movie falls far short of where it could have gone.

There you go - Thank you all for the great comments - I do appreciate them!!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super mail.....

Lets start off with the personal exchange that I did with Sylviane - mine has already arrived in Belgium and hers got to me yesterday - Here is a snap of the entire exchange -

She stitched a beautiful pyn keepe in a gorgeous green colour using a Belgian design. Included in the exchange was some really lovely floss', a Quaker chart and some really yummy chocolates - that got scarfed up- rather quickly!! I had never done a one on one exchange and it was lots of fun!!! Thank you again Sylviane.

I also received a PIF from Vee. Here is a snap fo the lovely package -

So beautifully wrapped and here it is opened....

Vee used part of a design by BBD and I just love it - I am such a sucker for birds!!!

I also got some linens that I ordered - some of it was on sale from Only One Ewe Needleworks

I am really liking that Dill......and the Purely primitive colours.....

I did have a couple of questions about the pieces from yesterday -

My conversion for the "Lo Rose" Sampler is the WDW suggested conversion - except for two which are - for the Sweetheart Rose I change that three times and finally settled on Chrysanthemum, and for Chablis I switched that to Williamsburg Red. I also know I consciously picked a darker dye lot if I one or more skeins in my stash - this holds for both Amber and Cinnabar as I had three skeins of each of these colours and the dye lots where each very different - I went darker each time.

Also - the charts I used for the pieces where...
Mail Art - was from Little by Little - "Counting Book Samplar" I used the designs but rearranged them to fit an envelope. The floss' used were various over dyed ones.
Jill's Ornament - came from the Christmas Booklet from Hearstring Primitives - the chart is called "O Christmas Tree" - I used the recommended DMC except for the flames on the candles - I used a golden metallic thread so they would sparkle a bit.
Pyn Keepe - I used a Barbara Anna Design called "Quaker Sampler" - I started off stitching the entire piece but it was really getting too big so this piece is the top half. I used over dyed floss'.

I need to keep better notes on what I stitch - maybe a journal is what I need to start - on my another thing to do, just what I need!! :)

The flicker last night was "The Duchess" - 2008 - starring Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes. A beautiful well crafted movie - that skims through the life of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. It is beautiful, it is interesting and it does hit some high points in her life, but it what it shows is a tip of the iceberg that was the life of this Duchess. I enjoyed it and can recommend Keira's performance as very good.

Thank you for the very kind comments, I do appreciate them!!
Thank you all for stopping by!!

Take care,

Monday, April 6, 2009

A bunch of stitchy things ....

so here goes..... I will start off with something I had thought was lost in the mail. I sent out my Mail Art for the HOE a really long time ago - this sucker has been travelling for way over a month in the US and then Venezuelan Postal Service. I heard it finally got to Nela in Venezuela - and here are my snaps ....

this is the back with the flap open - and here is -

the front - without the stamps and Postal ink. I was totally sweating bullets over this as I thought by now it had gotten "lost." I even was whirling around some ideas for a re-stitch, but it arrived and all is well.

The second piece to arrive at it's new home on Friday was the ornament for Jill. She was the recipient for March and had wanted all her ornaments to have a Pine Tree theme - here is what I stitched...

I actually stitched this up twice - the first time was 2 over 2 and I thought it got a tad on the largish side.... so I restitched it 1 over 1 and it came out the way I wanted it to!! I have not done too much 1 over 1 as I just thought it would be tedious or just plain out of my sphere of expertise - but in doing this piece I really think there is more 1 over 1 in my future!! It was a super piece to stitch and I so enjoyed the 1 over 1 stitching!!

The third piece to arrive was a One On One Exchange I did with Sylviane - we decided to do a Quaker Pyn Keepe - and you all know I am a giant fan of the PK so I jumped at the chance fort eh exchange!!! Here is a snap of the exchange I sent...

and here is the Pyn Keepe - by itself -

I was really happy with how it turned out and so was Sylviane.

Saturday Dale and I ran around to the "sales" and here's a snap of my finds...

As you can see I now have my third Christmas Plate - so I am now officially a collector - I can not believe that these are out there and priced at a couple of dollars a piece!! They are really pretty - this one is called "Christmas Rose and Cat." I also found another little Icon - another of my collections..... and a black frame for a drawing from Jaden of our sweet Hunny. His mom is Rico's 1st cousin and they are such a great threesome - Curt (or is that Kurt - I can never remember???), Nicole and their dear son Jaden!!! Now we have it out for everyone to see!!!!

After running around we stopped and had lunch at -

You just can't beat a hot dog with relish, mustard and cheese in a sourdough roll!!!

My stitching over the weekend was focused on a new piece, like I didn't have a bunch of other things to work on - I jumped on the wagon with the "Lo Rose" stitchers....
here is my Rosey sampler as of last night -

I am loving this piece!!!! I am stitching it on 36ct Barn Owl using WDW - I did start off with the conversion that is in the book for the WDW - but it was sooooo pink - I am not sure if it was the dye lots of the floss or just what, but I pulled out a lot of the very pink stuff and reworked sections in WDW colours I liked!!

There was also a bunch of flickers - but I have babbled on enough today.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Take care,

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday..

The computers were down for most of the day yesterday, but now we are much better and I'm back for an end of the week blab. Heaven forbid I actually blog at home - The rule I made for myself is that I will only get on the computer at home under great duress - Since I sit in front of one at work all day long I simply refuse to touch the one at home!!!

The only stitching I have done for most of the week is a little bit on the ongoing ABC SAL - here is a snap of the pitifully small bit I have done -

(could this be just a little more crooked!!!)

This is the decorative part of section 5 and the beginning of the box that will hold "O,P,Q and R." I just can't seem to get motivated to stitch - but I am sure it will pass. I am really feeling the startitus bug a gnawing away.... I may have a new start come Monday -

Flipping around looking at blogs I have seen a few glass jars with smalls inside - what a super idea!!! I looked around my house and found the prefect glass jar, It is one that I found in the attic of my Grannies house when we where cleaning it out. Here is a snap -

I have used it as a cookie jar and other such things but recently it has just sat empty on top of the fridge. I like what is embossed on the knob and screened on the side "Eat Tom's Roasted Peanuts" 5 cents. Now it holds many of the smalls I have received and looks great!!!

There were quite a few flicks over the last two days - On Wednesday TCM celebrated Jane Powell's 80th Birthday with a bunch of her films - that were just grrrreat!! Then Last night they had an Alexander Dumas Fest showing a few films made from his stories. Wednesday flicks were - "Royal Wedding" - 1951, "Two Weeks with Love" - 1950, "Small Town Girl"- 1953. These three films are simply great - Jane couldn't have been lovelier and the music was super de duper!! They showed one of her best movies very late "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" - 1953 which is one of my favs, but I just couldn't stay up to watch and I have seen it dozens of times already. Last night I caught two of the films from the Dumas Fest - "The Corsican Brothers" - 1941 starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Ruth Warrick - A really great adventure film - This was followed by - "The Man in Iron Mask" - 1939 - Starring Louis Hayward and Joan Bennet - I really liked this film and had seen it before.

I think I will leave off this week with a snap of our kitty here at work
- she has gotten very "boxy" this week.....

Thank you all for stopping by and for the great comments!!
Have a super weekend and see you next week!!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You think you are doing better...

....and then in the middle of running some errands the cell rings..... and it is the Vet calling to say that we can pick up Hunny. Living in apartment you are not really permanently settled and without and acreage and so we chose to have her cremated. We were told that it would be a couple of weeks before would be able to pick her up - and slam bang one week to the day and time we were skedaddling back across town to the inner Sunset. Hunny is now in a beautiful cedar box with brass accents and can go wherever we go. This only ripped the very thin scab that was forming over the emotions - but we have her back.

Of course I got a movie going - "Keeping Mum" - 2005 - a really enjoyable black comedy starring Maggie Smith, Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas. I would absolutely recommend this picture - very good!!!

Needless to say not a bit of stitching got done - I worked on getting my stash organized and into page protectors - then into a giant 5 inch black binder Rico got for me. I almost filled up this second binder. I already have a 3 inch one full of just PS charts. It is just amazing that I still have a gigantic box stuffed full of just charts. Not freebies that are in an overstuffed folder, but just bought and gifted charts...... I just don't see how if I am taking so much out of the box and putting into binders how the pile seems to be getting no smaller!!!!

That's about it for today. Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,

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