Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A QFRR arrives from Canada

I received Rowyns QFRR from Wendy - I am the last stitcher before it goes back to Rowyn so I spent last evening focused on it alone. It is really pretty - the main floss is a NN colour called Bali Hai, the secondary colour is a coordinating DMC blue. I made some major progress and the needle was a flying. Since this RR has had its ups a downs and a restitch - I want to have this out really quick. No snap - yet.

The flicks last night were really interesting - two of them I had seen before, but a really long time ago and the third was a Netflix choice. Lets start with the two I had already seen - TCM was having a tribute evening to Leslie Howard - a matinee idol from the 30's - He died in 43 when his plane was shot down. The evening started off with what I think of as a Bette Davis film - "The Petrified Forest" - 1936 - starring a very young Bette Davis, Leslie Howard and Humphrey Bogart. I always think of this film as being overly message ridden and overly dramatic - but is is a great vehicle for all three of the principle stars and made a tough guy hoodlum of Bogart for the rest of his career. Good performances overall and worth watching. The second flick I caught was "Pygmalion" - 1938 - starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller - I love this movie and have seen it a bunch of times. Taken from the play by George Bernard Shaw with him also writing the screenplay - he won an Oscar for his efforts - Snappy dialogue and just an overall great film!! The third film of the evening was a very different from the first two - "The Happy Hooker" - 1975 - starring Lynn Redgrave and Jean-Pierre Aumont - the film is a very sanitized version of what I would presume is a very racy novel. The story follows a Dutch girl who comes to America to marry and finds out very quickly what a bad idea that was. She then finds a job and sort of falls into the worlds oldest profession. Lynn Redgrave is excellent as always but the movie falls far short of where it could have gone.

There you go - Thank you all for the great comments - I do appreciate them!!

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  1. Petrified Forest, in my mind one of the first films to actually 'type cast' an actor, for life it seems. I think I've seen Pygmalion about 50 times, but I still had to record it this week because we were not going to be home. You'd think I'd never seen it before.