Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snap a crack evening.....

Nothing much going on around here - yesterday after work we visited our chiropractor - the first time in months!! She had closed her office here in the city and had now only has her San Leandro office - about 30 mins or so away in the East Bay - so we dragged ourselves over there as we really like her and she does a great job!! Let me tell you after the adjustment (a bunch of cracks and snaps BTW) I can really tell a difference!!!! Not so much tension in my neck and lower back - The tension builds up because my posture basically sucks AND I sit in front a computer all day... then get home sitting all hunched up at night stitching away - not very conducive to limber lumbars!!!!! Cindy also fixed the giant pain in the neck of Rico's. Let me tell you I had to hear about that knot in his neck till my eyes started to bleed!!!! So we decided to get over there once a month for adjustments - better that than the crumpled up grumpy trolls we become when unadjusted!!!!

I finished-finished up both ornaments for this and next months exchanges and will get them out tomorrow - one out at the very last min and the other out early - I guess together they sort of are going out on time???? I really rationalize way too much!!!!!!

I have a list of flicks to yap about but I will narrow it down to last nights flicker..... "Vibes" - 1988 - starring Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. They play psychics that are hired by Peter Falk to "find his son" who is lost in Ecuador - I have loved this film for a long time. I saw it theatrically when it was released and now that I know there is a DVD I may even have to buy it!!! It is a silly piece of fluff from the late 80's but a lot of fun!!!!!

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Don't forget about the drawing for the Book - only couple of more days to drop a comment here.

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  1. Check out the kneel chairs Edgar - I have one at my desk and it makes you sit in the right position - you can actually feel that your spine is straight! Go try one out at the store before you buy.

  2. I soooooooo need an adjustment. Maybe an attitude adjustment as well!
    Tell Rico I know about the neck thing. I've had on-going neck pain for nearly TWO YEARS! Glad you both are feeling better.

  3. You are right about Vibes being fluff. I think it got terrible reviews, but I think it is hysterically funny!

  4. LOL--I'm picturing you guys (because of the title of your post) as a couple of snap beetles! If they're on their backs, they snap themselves upright!

  5. Your brave Edgar, I am way too scared of back crackers and would never even fathom the idea of seeing one. Ouch!!!

  6. Edgar - can you now say you are well adjusted??
    Looking forward to some stitchy pictures soon!

  7. I can totally relate to the chiropracter. I have a monthly appointment and by that time each month, I'm ready to be put back into place! I also sit at a computer all day.

  8. Sorry, I had to laugh out loud when you said bleeding from your eyes over listening to Rico about the next pain, lol! I think my hubby must be bleeding from all the holes in his head then, cause I have chronic neck pain and am pretty vocal about it! I use this stuff called "BioFreeze" and it seems to help...getting massages help as well. Glad the snap crackle & pop doctor works for you all though. I have a fear of them!