Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super mail.....

Lets start off with the personal exchange that I did with Sylviane - mine has already arrived in Belgium and hers got to me yesterday - Here is a snap of the entire exchange -

She stitched a beautiful pyn keepe in a gorgeous green colour using a Belgian design. Included in the exchange was some really lovely floss', a Quaker chart and some really yummy chocolates - that got scarfed up- rather quickly!! I had never done a one on one exchange and it was lots of fun!!! Thank you again Sylviane.

I also received a PIF from Vee. Here is a snap fo the lovely package -

So beautifully wrapped and here it is opened....

Vee used part of a design by BBD and I just love it - I am such a sucker for birds!!!

I also got some linens that I ordered - some of it was on sale from Only One Ewe Needleworks

I am really liking that Dill......and the Purely primitive colours.....

I did have a couple of questions about the pieces from yesterday -

My conversion for the "Lo Rose" Sampler is the WDW suggested conversion - except for two which are - for the Sweetheart Rose I change that three times and finally settled on Chrysanthemum, and for Chablis I switched that to Williamsburg Red. I also know I consciously picked a darker dye lot if I one or more skeins in my stash - this holds for both Amber and Cinnabar as I had three skeins of each of these colours and the dye lots where each very different - I went darker each time.

Also - the charts I used for the pieces where...
Mail Art - was from Little by Little - "Counting Book Samplar" I used the designs but rearranged them to fit an envelope. The floss' used were various over dyed ones.
Jill's Ornament - came from the Christmas Booklet from Hearstring Primitives - the chart is called "O Christmas Tree" - I used the recommended DMC except for the flames on the candles - I used a golden metallic thread so they would sparkle a bit.
Pyn Keepe - I used a Barbara Anna Design called "Quaker Sampler" - I started off stitching the entire piece but it was really getting too big so this piece is the top half. I used over dyed floss'.

I need to keep better notes on what I stitch - maybe a journal is what I need to start - on my another thing to do, just what I need!! :)

The flicker last night was "The Duchess" - 2008 - starring Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes. A beautiful well crafted movie - that skims through the life of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. It is beautiful, it is interesting and it does hit some high points in her life, but it what it shows is a tip of the iceberg that was the life of this Duchess. I enjoyed it and can recommend Keira's performance as very good.

Thank you for the very kind comments, I do appreciate them!!
Thank you all for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Your exchanges look wonderful. What a fun thing to participate in! And keeping a stitching journal is a really good thing. I started one a while ago because I just can't trust the ole brain to recall stuff like especially when I can't remember what went on yesterday!

  2. Oh Edgar, such lovelies you have shared! I love both what you did and what you received!! Just fabulous exchanges!!

    Glad you like that Dill, really different, huh?:)

  3. What an awesome mail day!! You always make and receive such lovely things! Have fun creating with your new fabrics!! :)

  4. Wow those pin keeps are beautiful. I am a sucker for green so I love that DILL fabric.

    Take Care

  5. Beautiful exchanges! The linens you added to your stash need to be in my stash.

  6. I am glad you like my pinkeep !
    Your new fabrics are so beautiful : I want such ones !

  7. Beautiful exchanges all around!!!

    Edgar, i truly enjoy your movie reviews. Being that my 2 lovely duaghters are TCM fanatics i too enjoyy the oldie but goodie movies. It's always a greak break in my day to come over here and read about you and Rico.


  8. Lovely pictures! And such beautiful stitching! I loved the Duchess now have plans to read the book...somehow I always like them better!!!

  9. More beautiful exchanges! Both are so beautiful!
    and I LOVE the fabric stash!! YUM!!

  10. You've received two great gifts. I love both pinkeeps, they have great designs and are perfectly finished. Enjoy all the goodies that came with the them.
    Wonderful fabrics!!!

  11. I love those pin keeps !
    And belgian chocolates must have been delicious !

  12. What a lovely exchange, Edgar. Have you thought about using your blog partly as a stitching journal?

  13. The stitching exchanges are awesome. I meant to say on yesterdays's post that your mail art piece is quite stunning. I have a piece of fabric similar to your Dill and while I love the fabric I'm quite puzzled about something to put on it as it is such an off beat color. Let me know what you come up with. I'm not good at journalling so a stitching journal is not for me. But I am getting really good about putting all the necessary info in my first blog post about any given piece...so I can always go back and look it up.