Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You think you are doing better...

....and then in the middle of running some errands the cell rings..... and it is the Vet calling to say that we can pick up Hunny. Living in apartment you are not really permanently settled and without and acreage and so we chose to have her cremated. We were told that it would be a couple of weeks before would be able to pick her up - and slam bang one week to the day and time we were skedaddling back across town to the inner Sunset. Hunny is now in a beautiful cedar box with brass accents and can go wherever we go. This only ripped the very thin scab that was forming over the emotions - but we have her back.

Of course I got a movie going - "Keeping Mum" - 2005 - a really enjoyable black comedy starring Maggie Smith, Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas. I would absolutely recommend this picture - very good!!!

Needless to say not a bit of stitching got done - I worked on getting my stash organized and into page protectors - then into a giant 5 inch black binder Rico got for me. I almost filled up this second binder. I already have a 3 inch one full of just PS charts. It is just amazing that I still have a gigantic box stuffed full of just charts. Not freebies that are in an overstuffed folder, but just bought and gifted charts...... I just don't see how if I am taking so much out of the box and putting into binders how the pile seems to be getting no smaller!!!!

That's about it for today. Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. We recently watched Keeping Mum. Loved it! Very dark. But very funny.

  2. So sad, but a blessing all the same to have Hunny home with you forever. We lost two lovely kitties while apartment dwelling and we had to bury them "on site". I always feel that a part of me was left behind with them. But I have put up stones for Hobbes and Gromit in our little pet memorial garden where Alix now rests with several other of her friends.

  3. We also had Whiner cremated and he is back with us also. It's hard but time will make it all easier to deal with.

    What a great idea about the binders and page protectors.

  4. Edgar, it will get easier. not right away but it will. I remember when I went to pick my Maggie's ashes. The vet and I cried and cried and cried. :(

    I too have been trying to get my charts in some kind of order. HA! Maybe by my next lifetime. LOL

  5. Oh my....that's the exact same thing we said when we knew Ben was back in our home town, "well the harvest is over - He's back home now." Makes me cry just thinking about it. But I understand your feelings, just knowing they are "with you" makes it better somehow, more bearable.

  6. It is indeed a mixed blessing to have Hunny back.
    Organizing your stash - way to go there. How long does it take and how often do you stop and browse your charts thinking I want to stitch that one.

  7. My parents have had their critters cremated - with the exception of our first dog, our first 2 cats, and my mom's horse - and I will do the same with my animals. My mom has all the little boxes/urns lined up on a bookshelf with framed pictures of each animal. It's a nice little memorial shelf.

    My stash is in serious need of organizing as well...and some sort of inventory/categorizing. I need to have my computer geek hubby set me up some kind of Access file, I guess...

  8. Peace be with your heart Edgar..
    much love... I acknowledge your heartache and join you in it...

  9. I hope that having your Hunny back home brings you peace and comfort.

    By the looks of the mess around my desk, I could do with a little bit of trashing, decluttering, cleaning up, and reorganizing! A constant struggle. :)

  10. I'm sorry for your sadness. I am an animal lover too with many, many cats, and we do get so attached don't we? I hope soon your heart will be happy with the memories.

    Oh those charts can get way out of hand! Just part of the addiction! It's nice that you are getting things organized.

  11. Edgar and Rico, sending your heartfelt hugs from Texas:)

  12. I can empathize, Edgar. We had to put our beautiful, black schnauzer named Snowball to sleep a couple of years ago. I still can't bring myself to bury her ashes. Feel Better.

  13. Hi Sweeties!
    It will get better. Just remember all the sweet days that you had with her! I'm almost to that point with Brutus, he will be 16 soon.
    Hugs to both of you!

  14. Still thinking fond thoughts and sending cyber hugs for the loss of your dear little pet.

    Do you think you can post pictures of some of your organizing? I wish I could come over and see it all. For a brief time I loved in San Francisco and it was wonderful. Our address was: 2678 19th Avenue!!! Love the Sunset District!

  15. The emotions will get easier to bear as you begin to remember all the good times.

    Eventually you will get to the bottom of that stack and it is then that you will appreciate taking the time to fill those binders. I have 26 binders and am about to buy a new one, but it is really worth it, being able to find that one chart you know you have. It cuts down on the "do I have this chart" feeling when your at the LNS too. I think the act of getting that chart into a binder helps me remember it more solidly so I don't often purchase a duplicate.