Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's April 14th....

....and I am just getting my State taxes in the mail today. Since they are getting a cheque from me they are gonna have to wait to the last min for that sucker!!!! I did the federal tax stuff a couple of months ago since I was getting a cheque. I figured I needed it more than them!! I just blew that pittance away the second it landed in my hot little claw!! I am the worst money manager around ... and... I figure since the end of the world is a'coming in 2012 what should I be saving it up for???? :)

Thank you for the nice comments about the Lo Rose Sampler - it is a really fun and pretty quick stitch - in fact I got the two skeins of London Fog I needed yesterday, but I am now focused on an exchange piece so everything has been put on the back burner, for now - and that BB list would be - Lo Rose Sampler, ABC Sampler, VoHRH.... and I really am jonesing to start the BBD Mystery piece - I have the linen and the floss - but do I dare before finishing the things I have already!!!! Only the Shadow Knows - decisions - decisions!!!!

Like Vonna - that cut glass piece reminds me of my Granny also - my Gran had tons of brilliant cut and just loved the sparkle and flash of the stuff. In fact when the sun hit her china cabinet in the dinning room just right it was an explosion of color an reflection - kind of like a disco ball!!! I would guess that my love of the stuff would spring from that fount - I got a couple of her pieces and have added to the collection but I don't have any where near the quantity that she had.

Here is another snap of the Pacific from last Saturday......

I really like this picture as it could be any beach anywhere - the sea was beautiful and the waves and wind where rolling in from the north - these gulls are pointed into the wind.

Just a quick reminder that TCM is having all this week Fans as guest Programmers and the movies are really top notch. They started off this special 15th Anniversary week last night with "The Letter" - 1940 starring Bette Davis and Herbert Marshall. A super film and really worth seeing!!! Tonight 5pm PST or 8pm EST they are showing "Gone With the Wind" - 1939 starring Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable - a super film!! Then they are following up this with "Singing in the Rain" - at 9PST or 12EST.

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  1. HA! You sound like me with the taxes - if I owe them - they have to wait! Lovely beach picture. My sister lives in Palos Verdes and I wish I could see the water on a daily basis like she does. And thanks for the heads up on Gone with the Wind. My favorite movie of all time (and then there is All About Eve too... and then....) LOL

  2. Edgar,
    Thanks for the "heads up" regarding Gone with the Wind. This is one of my favorites - so, I have been hoping that the spring showing of this would be on soon. Love the beach photo; reminds me that it is time to get the family to the beach soon (either Half Moon Bay or Stinson are our two faves).
    Take care!
    Lisa in CA

  3. Hi Edgar,
    I wanted to ask you how you cross stitch. Do you use like a sewing motion, or the poke and pull method? You seem to sew so very fast! And also, your work is beautiful!

  4. Man, you lucky dog, I bet Rico was jealous with you having the day off! I know John always teases me when he's off while I have school. Pretty glass bowl. My Momma would probably knocked you down to get to it first! hahaha
    Have a great day Edgar!

  5. Hi Edgar, pleased you have your taxes out of the way. What a shame you have to pay :-( Love the photos of the beach (and of the stitching always) -that could even be New Zealand!

  6. Ahhh...my Granny LOVED Gone With the Wind...she always said we were really Southern Belle's :) LOL!
    She admired the gentility of the South, she always dreamed of being a "real" lady...but she WAS a real lady...

  7. oh i love the gone with the wind, also the jane austen film too.
    nice shot to the beach.
    here in madrid have a rainy day, with wind an few snow, where is de spring?.