Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Flicker Post

GR&DF thank you so much for your very kind comments for yesterday's post. I am enjoying the Alpha Sampler stitching. For the next few days starting last night I will be stitching and working on exchanges and the 3 Year Blogiversary Prizes - so there will be next to no stitching snaps - for now.

In the comments yesterday Cari mentioned the Pyn Keepe on the table next to the flowers - that piece was made for the Winter House Exchange on the HOE last year. It was made for me by Margie - in honor of Hunny who we lost last March. She stitches lovely things and has three bundles of pure joy as do we!! Go check out her Blog!!

Since this is a movie Post lets get to the flickers... I will take them chronologically - starting with "You'll Never Get Rich" - 1941 -starring Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. This cute little film is a nice vehicle for both leading stars but I think that Frieda Inescourt steals the picture and you just wait for her next line!! A nice early film and it is interesting to see Rita before the camera still in the throws of becoming the "Rita" she became. Next up would be "I was a Male War Bride" - 1949 - starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan - A very funny and entertaining film set in the aftermath of WWII - and Army Red Tape!! I liked Ann Sheridan in this film but I think she is much better in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" - 1942. In the comments Terri mentioned about seeing "Showboat" on Sunday evening on TCM - you bet I was watching. I always enjoy this film and Kathryn Grayson is just fantastic. So next up is "Showboat" - 1951 - starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ava Gardner, Joe e. Brown and Agnes Moorhead. I do love this film but I much prefer the 1936 version as it is far superior and much closer to the original stage play and novel by Edna Ferber - and all the leads do thier own singing!!

This scene taken from the '36 version is very much like it would have appeared on the stage - starring Helen Morgan, Irene Dunne, Hattie McDaniel and Paul Robeson.

The next film is "Shining Through" - 1992 - starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. This spy-thriller was really neither - as Griffith is completely unbelievable as the bilingual, resourceful spy and Douglas is almost barely believable as the International Businessman/military information, secret government agent, hero type. I did enjoy Joely Richardson's accent and performance and her turn at double agent was a nice touch. Soooo - If you want to see Melanie run around Berlin in the middle of the night in a Ball gown trying to escape from the SS - then this is the movie for you - if not the I would pass on this one.

There you go for today sports fans - thank you again for stopping by - do come again!! Don't forget to throw you name into the BOD for the 3rd Blogiversary Drawing - go to this POST to leave a comment.

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  1. "I Was A Male War Bride" is a fav of mine too. I always wondered why Cary Grant played a French man with a British accent. Oh who cares?! It's Cary Grant!

  2. Old Cary Grant films and stitching - sounds like heaven!
    Love the look of the Alpha sampler. Every time I see your stitching, I add another piece to my 'one day..' list.

  3. All excellent movies, in my opinion! I recently watched "I Was A Male War Bride" and laughed hysterically! I have "You'll Never Get Rich". If I remember correctly, Lucille Ball is in it and that's why I own a copy. She is my all-time favorite female comedian (comedienne) of that era. For men, it is byfar Jerry Lewis. Maybe it's the French in me, lol, but he was such a fun actor/comedian to watch.

  4. I remember "The Hunny House"! It's one of my favorite of the exchange pieces you've received! :)

    I didn't know you very well then, and I was thinking how cute the little dog was gamboling about on the lawn, and was touched to read that she'd stitched it as memento of your dear Hunny--stitchers are the nicest people. :)

  5. Oh I just love your post, all favorite movies of mine. The man who came to dinner is one of my very favorites, I am always jokingly singing, Durantes little song, did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to stay, had to go etc etc.. LOL and I was watching Showboat right along with you. What a great movie, and I agree with you about the older version. Nothing like those old movies, they are the best.
    Alpha Sampler is so pretty and I love that pan you got at the store, to make Madelines. I enjoy your blog so much. Happy Stitching!!

  6. I just love "I Was a Male War Bride"- great movie! Cary Grant was a phenominal actor.

    I tried to find the orignial Showboat on Netflix and Blockbuster to no avail. I'll keep searching.

    Enjoy your day!