Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday posting & stash getting

This weekend was a very low key weekend. All around the city there are signs of spring and even on my little street the trees are doing their best. Here is a snap right outside our door.

These trees are just beautiful this time of year and will probably only be around for another week or so.

I took Saturday off just for a break and we made a trek to NIAH to pick up some silk I had ordered. (I was going anyway, but the silk came in so I an excuse now!!) I have been meaning to take a snap of the place for the longest time and I finally remembered to take my here is a snap of the front with Mary unlocking the door.

So - here is the silk I was picking up - called Moss, by Belle Soie for the Beatrix Potter Companion Piece. I already had the hand dyed linen I wanted to use - here is a snap -

It is really hard to tell but the linen has some red blotchy places that will coordinate with the BP piece really well, I think.

I also picked up some other floss' for upcoming things.... here is a snap of the floss haul -

It is a bit obscene but two of the colours are discontinued and I really needed to get all they had left!! I got quite a few other things but am not able to show those as they are for others....

I took the sweet sheep pillow Su sent for the SBEBB exchange and everyone was so impressed with all those little knots and the great finishing!!!!

In honor of Passover this weekend I made some Matzo Ball soup.

I had never made this type of soup before and have always loved it so here is my first attempt! We really liked it and it tasted right to this Presbyterian!!!!

I will leave off with a snap of the my stitching angel -

It is often a race in the evenings once I sit down to stitch to see who sits up here.... the Peach is the usual suspect. I think she waits around to see if I will pull out some stitching and then scoots right up on my shoulder. Then at the end of the evening or when she hears me popping the q-snaps she wakes up (she will eventually lay down and fall asleep up there) and then runs on upstairs to bed. It is a nightly routine.

I can't show any of the stitching or finishing I completed this weekend as it is all for upcoming commitments and I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Thank you all for the really nice things everyone says!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Love that shop! Too bad I can only visit it on-line. They are the ones that have the "replacements" for Needle Necessities.

  2. Beautiful picture of the trees...I love this time of year!
    I am so envious of that shop...i would love to have a LNS! Very uncommon over here unfortunately. Everything i buy is from the internet.

  3. Wow....a great stash haul you got there...the threads, the fibers, and the did good. Keep up with your stitching and I can't wait til I see your finished.

    Your Dog looks so cute sittingt there too...

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  4. Peach is just the cutest! That tree is beautiful! So pretty! I wished I had a LNS close by to me!

  5. Edgar, what a great post. I love the pictures of everything. I think I need to go on a NiaH diet! Too much stash but I have all the supplies for my next 5 projects! I do need to go to Urban Forest though...LYM is almost done...only buttons left.

    Love those threads. What pretty colors!

  6. Lovely stash you have, the silk you have chosen for the companion is beautiful I have this and need to get off my kister and start can't wait to see yours! Love your pooch!

  7. Looks like a wonderful shop you have to visit! Its so much nicer to buy silks in RL than ordering. And you get the added bonus of being able to play with them ahead of time.

    Little Peach looks so sweet ~ I used to have one that looked almost the same.

  8. I love the shop and they have been very helpful on more than one occasion assisting getting threads and charts I haven't been ablre to find. I wonder if a trip there from Maryland could be justified some how?


  9. Great stash - that color will be beautiful for the BP Sampler.

  10. Here I am a day(s) late and a dollar short...but that Peach...I just love her and I don't even know here...and you need to show us more that a corner of your glasses and mustache of yourself Edgar! :)
    You have the fingers of a stitcher!