Friday, April 25, 2008

Super Exchange mail, working on BPC, a movie and a couple of hounds....

Lets start off with the super Exchange from Chris. The Exchange is from the SBEBB Spring House/Garden Exchange. Here is a snap of the entire package -

and here is a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

Isn't it just the sweetest thing!!! Chris included a lovely finishing piece of fabric, a nice cut of splotchy stitching linen, 2 skeins of floss AND a box of After Eight mints!!! What a super way to start off the weekend!!! Notice the pins on the Pyn Keepe, they are really interesting as they are a double headed kind I have never seen before. Such a wonderful parcel -
Thank you so much!!!!!

I once again pulled out the BPC and here is a progress snap -

I am going to hold off on any initials until the end and see how I feel about what should go where. This "Moss" silk is really VERY nice and works up a dream!!! On the lower unfinished motif I was off by one stitch so I had to pull the entire thing out up to the little leaf on the top right - if it hadn't been for that I would have been quite a bit further.
Vonna had asked what the linen is and I really do not know. I won it on eBay when I was going after an OOP chart and it was included in the lot. It was a much larger piece as there was some design being worked on it. I cut that off and had the edges surged. The only thing I can say is that it is 32ct, and splotchy, so I would presume it is hand dyed. I have been saving it for a really long time to work something large on it and that is how it came to be the BPC linen.

The movie last night was "Talk of the Town" - 1942 - with Jean Arthur, Ronald Coleman and Cary Grant. A really top notch movie and really worth the watching. Basically a movie about an escaped convict, mob rule, insurance fraud and justice.

We also watched both "Ugly Betty" and "Grey's Anatomy" - they were finally both new and not repeats and quite entertaining. Didn't Vanessa Williams look great last night!!!!

I will leave off the week with a snap of Pete and Hunny.
I am not too sure where The Peach was,
but I got the man dog and our "Frosty Faced" little lady!!

Have a great weekend, and Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. No wonder you were excited about this exchange - the Pyn Keepe is wonderful - love those pins and the fabric and floss too. After Eights are lethal - I adore them but can never eat just one - you have been warned!

    A good stitchy weekend to you and Rico


  2. What a wonderful Pyn keepe, those double pins are really neat.Always like to see pictures of cute little furbabies.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Gorgeous exchange, congrats Edgar! Those pins are cool, wonder where those can be found???

    And look at those babies...they look way too comfy ;) Have a great weekend!

  4. Great exchange! Interesting pins. Your wee ones are adorable!

  5. Oooh, that puppy bed looks so soft and comfy. I could just climb right in there with them and snuggle up. All my cats would be so jealous though, and I think my big butt would take up most of the space!

  6. That picture of the dogs is so cute!
    Great exchange gifts!
    Im ooking forward to Ugly Betty coming back on again

  7. lol that should have read "looking"

  8. hiya i thought the package yourecieved was great so dainty was the pinkeep and your dogs are so cute.. ahhhhh i agree with carol r you can never eat

  9. I love those double pins! Great exchange!

  10. Glad you were pleased with your exchange. I enjoyed putting it together for you.

  11. Fabulous exchange! You're right, those pins are wonderful!

  12. Well I am SO in love with that fabric! And your WIP is looking SO good on it :)

    The exchange from Chris is darling!

    And those "puppies" as Ellie just called them because I showed her the picture....are just cute as buttons...I think I'd like to have a big basket filled with comfy cozy blankies too :)